PAS -Ikatan Link is a sideshow, thanks, thanks Mr.Hadi

March 20, 2016

PAS -Ikatan Link  is a sideshow, thanks Mr.Hadi

by Scott Ng

The tides of recent political events have left PAS as an afterthought in the grand picture of Malaysian politics. Having refused to officially back the Citizens’ Declaration, Abdul Hadi Awang is left adrift as the anti-Najib forces begin realigning along Mahathir Mohamad’s new battle lines.

As an opposition party unwanted by most of the people in Pakatan Harapan, PAS has been forced to turn to the virtually unknown Parti Ikatan Bangsa Malaysia and renounce its hudud drive in the hope of getting the non-Malay vote.

Hadi’s pride must have taken quite a beating from this. One must remember that the new alliance was announced after the PAS grassroots had unequivocally told him that an alliance with Umno was out of the question.

Hadi’s current approach of “opposition through advice” as far as the Najib government is concerned will not resonate with voters in the run up to GE-14. As Mahathir’s new movement crystallizes into force, there will be little left for PAS and its new ally.

The formation of Amanah filled the vacuum for a moderate Islamist party, and given that Amanah’s leaders are more comfortable with mature, thoughtful discussion of issues, PAS’ scramble back to the centre will not compare well with its splinter’s position. For one, PAS’ almost histrionic tone throughout the Pakatan Rakyat breakup was off-putting for many supporters, and even fewer are inclined to support Hadi’s pro-UMNO stance.

Most of us can agree that PAS will inevitably run back towards fundamentalism, and this new alliance with Ikatan doesn’t represent a paradigm shift for Hadi and his ulama cohorts. If anything, this appears to be a marriage of even greater convenience than the original Pakatan coalition. PAS now claims to have the partnership of a multi-ethnic party without having to deal with all the squeezing for space that it had to in Pakatan.

To assume voters will fall for such a facile move is to invite ridicule. Hadi will have a lot more work to do on the ground to convince his people that this is indeed the better direction to take before he can begin impressing an agenda upon the party. And if this new coalition is seen as too BN-friendly, the grassroots may decide that between the devil and the deep blue sea, perhaps Amanah is the better option.

What a change a year makes. A year ago, Hadi was at the height of his powers and he could use his will to bring to end the strongest opposition coalition in Malaysian history. Now, as greater rumblings happen below the surface, Hadi finds himself a bit player in the battle between Najib’s government and all the forces arrayed against him. He’s looking for one last shot at relevance.


6 thoughts on “PAS -Ikatan Link is a sideshow, thanks, thanks Mr.Hadi

  1. I think there is far more to this than meets the eye.

    Parti Ikatan Bangsa Malaysia (Ikatan) president Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir, Hadi’s new partner, for example:

    In an interview with Utusan Malaysia’s Sunday edition Mingguan Malaysia, Abdul Kadir pointed out BN currently enjoys the support of the majority in Parliament.

    “If it’s not two-thirds, then at least almost two-thirds of MPs support BN to continue being the government, this means almost two-thirds of the rakyat throughout the country support BN,” he said.

    Hmmmmm. Not a smart statement, but one dripping in sycophancy.

    I would still suspect that Hadi & UMNO have already worked out a nefarious plan to divide the spoils. There will be money and Cabinet posts for PAS involved, and de facto control of certain states will pass to PAS.

    Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir’s merely hoping for a free ride back into a Najib cabinet.

    I only wish he would remove the image of Tunku from his party’s logo; it’s a grave insult to the memory of a great man who still remains our most morally upright leader of all time.

  2. Ikatan`s Abdul Kadir & his sons are heavily involved in Property/Hotel Devt. through ASEANIA group and SAZEAN. There should be some interesting developments in both.
    My fellow Kedahan and friend Kadir Sheikh Fadzir should just retire from politics. Working with Hadi’s PAS is an act of desperation. –Din Merican

  3. PAS and Hadi us neither a sideshow or afterthought. They are the singular reason for opposition disarray and biggest supporter of UMNO/ BN. Just they are foolishly and materially wrong, collosally so. PAS will lose big – to UMNO but ultimately UMNO will embrace them.

    UMNO does not object to PAS agenda, they just oppose PAS holding power. UMNO will execute PAS agenda but with UMNO in charge. They will do Hudud, but a version which UMNO leaders are not subject to.

  4. Hudood Hadi and coterie are singing this, but don’t believe it:

    Ikatan Kadir Nymuk is singing this, but please remember they need the cash injection – desperately:

    The fact that this “High Priestess of Soul” is the daughter of a Methodist pastor is purely coincidental. She suffered from a serious bipolar disorder, but was nonetheless brilliant.

  5. From hero to zero, that’s the status of Hadi after u-turning his support for Pakatan. With Ikatan latest announcement that they support Najib, PAS is back where it was. Hadi is like an ostrich with its head stuck in the sand, directionless and refuses to recognise what is happening around him. He’s the biggest obstacle to PAS’s progress as Najib is to Umno’s.

  6. Nah………Lupus…….or is it canis lupus flamiaris……….Al Stewart’s rendition is better……….

    The wands of smoke are rising
    From the walls of the Bastille
    And through the streets of Paris
    Runs a sense of the unreal
    The Kings have all departed
    Their servants are nowhere
    We burned out all their mansions
    In the name of Robespierre
    And still we wait
    To see the day begin
    Our time is wasting in the wind
    Wondering why
    Wondering why, it echoes
    Through the lonely palace of Versailles

    Inside the midnight councils
    The lamps are burning low
    On you sit and talk all through the night
    But there’s just no place to go
    And Bonaparte is coming
    With his army from the South
    Marat your days are numbered
    And we live hand to mouth
    While we wait
    To see the day begin
    Our time is wasting in the wind
    Wondering why

    Wondering why, it echoes
    Through the lonely palace of Versailles

    The ghost of revolution
    Still prowls the Paris streets
    Down all the restless centuries
    It wonders incomplete
    It speaks inside the cheap red wine
    Of cafe summer nights
    Its red and amber voices
    Call the cars at traffic lights

    Why do you wait
    To see the day begin
    Your time is wasting in the wind
    Wondering why
    Wondering why, it echoes
    Through the lonely palace of Versailles

    Wondering why, it echoes
    Through the lonely palace of Versailles

    Guys and Gals,
    Time for history’s lesson

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