Down Memory Lane with Johnny Mathis for this weekend


March 19, 2016

Down Memory Lane with Johnny Mathis for this weekend

Yes, it is down memory lane for Din Merican as a teenager student in Penang in the late 1950s. He first heard Johnny Mathis sing A Certain Smile in a record shop on Penang Road near Prangin Road on one sunny Sunday afternoon in 1958. He was on his way to meet his wonderful friend, Lim Say Chong  (now a Dato’) who was staying in the government quarters at the junction of Lorong Selamat and Burmah Road. Wow, that was long ago, but his friendship with his Penang  Free School football team captain has stood to the test of time. Say Chong and his late elder brother Dr. Lim Say Wan stood by Din in good and bad times.

The MU Economics Class of 1963 with the only girl Aminah

For this weekend and with the agreement of Dr. Kamsiah, Din dedicates  these songs by Johnny Mathis to Dato’ Lim Say Chong, Dato’ Zain Yusuf, Tan Sri Mohamed Sheriff Kassim, Tan Sri Rahim Din, Goh Thong Beng, Loo Quek Shin,  Khoo Soo Ghim,  Khoo Soo Ghee, former banker Zainuddin Haji Din, Lanky Muthulingam, Judge Tan Sri Kadir Sulaiman, and Ali Ibrahim, and to the memory of our star centreforward Anis Isa Zubaidi and our English Literature teacher, D H Howe and  Headmaster J M B Hughes.

To all of his classmates, Din Merican says thanks for the wonderful memories of that early Merdeka period. They are the true 1Malaysians.–Kamsiah Haider and Din Merican

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