The Ides of March: The Malaysian Insiders are signing off

March 15, 2016

The Ides of March: The Malaysian Insiders are signing off

But they will back in another form. You can’t allow this group of journalistic talent go to waste. A White Knight may be on the way, who knows. But their business model has to change. Good luck.–Din Merican


6 thoughts on “The Ides of March: The Malaysian Insiders are signing off

  1. Daring Team of TMI and I wish you all he best to enter into a new venture to continue your excellent team work to convince your readers that you mean business. We miss you guys!

  2. This group of journalists should consider crowd funding.
    Also, consider basing themselves in a nearby country that respects
    freedom of the press, with special correspondents within 1Malaysia.

  3. “Even as we at FMT continue in our struggle to bring you the news, the demise of TMI weighs heavily in our hearts. Jahabar is right in saying that now, more than ever, Malaysia needs more clarity, transparency, and information because the rakyat needs the truth from the media. It is not our job to sugarcoat things, or to play fast and loose with the facts. It is our job to report the truth as far as we can ascertain it and to provide a variety of opinions on current affairs so that you can make an informed decision at the polls.”

    Sadly we can see what direction we’ll head, with the Minister Of Blogging saying that laws will be passed to make “slandering the national leadership” an offence.

    So Najib reaches demi-God status, but he’s still really incompetent as a liar.

    And why did the Minister Of Blogging allow more than a dozen conflicting explanations to come out about the “donation”?

    “…..slandering the national leadership”?

    What leadership?

  4. Do what is right n report the truth. Not for youself or any political partys. Just for our cantik land. Wish u all the best.

  5. The US has censured Najib’s Government for the closure of TMI. It may take sometime longer before the Government trains its gun on other troublesome blogs.

    Paradoxically one blog’s closure is another blog’s gain. This should push up the readership of Dato’s blog invariably . But still one needs to guard the flanks, for you will never know, when one’s turn comes next.

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