RPK on The Malaysian Insider Closure

March 14, 2016

The closure of The Malaysian Insider and other matters, as  seen by RPK a Pro-Najib Razak UMNO Blogger


And that was when they decided to close down TMI. But of course they are going to try to make it appear like they are closing down because of action by the Malaysian government that does not respect free speech and the independence of the media and so on. The truth is Tong Kooi Ong is not going to blow another RM10 million or RM20 million after already blowing RM10 million unless he can get something out of it.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

When The Edge Media Group (TEMG) bought The Malaysia Insider (TMI) in June 2014 (READ HERE), it was with a specific purpose in mind. And that specific purpose revealed itself soon after that when TMI spearheaded the attacks on Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak later that same year.

Tong Kooi Ong, Nizam Razak and Artist Latiff Mohidin

No doubt, the usual hype is that TMI is an independent news portal that will not take sides and will report the truth without fear or favour and all that usual nonsense that news portals such as Malaysiakini (a.k.a. Suara Anwar Ibrahim), Malaysia Chronicle (a.k.a. Suara Tian Chua) and so on spew out.

The truth is TMI is as independent as Adolf Hitler was a Jew lover and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is a democrat. TMI, at least after June 2014, existed for only one reason and for no other reason other than just that one reason — which was to serve the ANC (Anti-Najib Campaign) in its effort to bring down Najib.

It would have been very profitable for TMI had the ANC succeeded in ousting Najib in July 2015 like they had planned. By then TMI would have been a year in operation and the rewards for just a year’s work would have been very lucrative. And we would have seen that rich Tong  behind TMI get even richer.

Of course, it did not happen in July 2015 as planned. Instead, Najib axed those who were trying to oust him. So they needed to shift the date to October and then to December. But still Najib did not fall and Malaysia entered the New Year with Najib still as Prime Minister. And that was when TMI realised that Najib was never going to be ousted as planned after all.

By then TMI had blown RM10 million, according to their own admission (READ HERE). That, of course, makes sense since they have been operating for about 20-21 months at a cost of RM500,000 a month. And Tong, the one-time Anwar Ibrahim crony who became rich with Anwar’s help, did not see why he should continue with TMI and blow yet another RM15-20 million until 2018.

And what happens if UMNO-Barisan Nasional wins the 2018 general election and Najib remains the UMNO President cum Prime Minister after the 2018 UMNO party election? Does TMI then close down after blowing a total of RM25-30 million or does it go on and blow another RM6 million for every year it stays in business post-2018?

So, yes, as Ho Kay Tat said, it is a business decision and a decision that is necessary since they can’t sell off TMI and recover the RM10 million they have lost so far.

To Tong and Ho, at the end of the day, it is all about the money. RM10 million is nothing had Najib been ousted in July 2015. They can get back hundreds of millions in government favours and contracts on the RM10 million they had spent. But if that is not going to happen then why continue to spend more money?

Tong wants to sell TMI for RM20 million so that he can recover his RM10 million plus make a profit of RM10 million on the deal. So he approached UMNO to try to get UMNO to buy it.

UMNO, however, realised that what they would be buying would be an empty shell as all the staff would just resign and go set up another news portal called The Malaysian Outsider. So what is UMNO buying for RM20 million?

And that was when they decided to close down TMI. But of course they are going to try to make it appear like they are closing down because of action by the Malaysian government that does not respect free speech and the independence of the media and so on. The truth is that Tong  is not going to blow another RM10 million or RM20 million after already blowing RM10 million unless he can get something out of it.

You mean you really thought that Tong blew RM10 million so far because of his love for Malaysia and to help the country? If you really believe that then you probably also believe that 8 is a lucky number while 4 is an unlucky number. And what else do you believe: that red ang paus on Chinese New Year is good luck while white ang paus is bad luck?

Hmm…Malaysians so easily believe whatever suits them. No wonder many believe that the  March 4, 2016 launch of the Save Malaysia Campaign with the signing of the Citizens’ Declaration is Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s way of seeking redemption and paying back for his sins to the country.

I remember about ten years ago during the PKR annual assembly or party convention in Penang when Azmin Ali lashed out at all those who supported or cooperated with Dr Mahathir in his bid to oust Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Azmin stood on stage and said, “Semua yang bersekongkong dengan Mahathir boleh blah.” This can translate to mean all those who collaborate with Mahathir can get lost. ‘Blah’ would be the Bahasa Malaysia equivalent of…well, you know what it translates to.

That was about ten years ago. And when Azmin shouted that, Anwar Ibrahim was sitting beside him and was smirking, just like the cat that had swallowed the canary. Anwar made it very clear that Azmin had his permission to scold us, or maybe he even told Azmin to do it.

Anyway, ten years hence and now Azmin and Anwar both bersekongkong dengan Mahathir. In fact, they even accept Mahathir as the new de facto opposition leader to replace Anwar. How times have changed.

Ten years ago we were told that if we collaborate with Mahathir then we are traitors. Today, Mat Sabu says all those who oppose Mahathir are cowards (READ HERE). Actually, Mat Sabu used the word pengecut. And pengecut means more than just coward. Pengecut comes from the word kecut or shrunk. So figure out what Mat Sabu is referring to when he says ‘shrunk’. Apa dia yang sudah kecut?

And, yes, this is the same Mat Sabu who called Mahathir Mahazalim and Anwar Al Juburi.

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah (Ku Li) made a statement in reference to my interview in the NST recently. Basically, Ku Li denies that his chap had met me and had asked me to sign that Statutory Declaration in June 2008.

Nik Azmi a.k.a. Bul

Anyway, I do not want to say too much on the matter because those who are in the know would know what really happened. I just want to publish this photograph of the person that most likely one million Malaysians know works for Ku Li and is Ku Li’s attack dog.

Beware the Ides of March, Nik Azmi a.k.a. Bul. You can twist and you can turn but you can never avoid the truth finally being revealed. And make sure that people don’t start calling you Nik Azmi a.k.a. Bul a.k.a. Bull…if you know what I mean.




20 thoughts on “RPK on The Malaysian Insider Closure

  1. RPK may be pro-Najib Razak. But his version shows that there is politics behind the closure of The Malaysian Insider. If this is true, what a tragedy since the journalists and writers of this web-paper , some of whom are my friends, are victims of a big power game.

    The Malaysian Insider is a good web-paper with an excellent track of fair and impartial reporting. So it saddens me to see it out of action for commercial reasons.

    On the other hand, Tong Kooi Ong is a hard nosed, prudent, and very successful businessman cum investor who will not allow his money go to waste by continuing to fund a loss making undertaking. –Din Merican

  2. Perhaps they should have gone on subscription basis? To raise the funds.

    Ahhhh, I love RPK and his oral flatulence. Here’s a sterling example:

    “The most famous turnaround exercise in history was probably the one that Lee Iacocca did for Chrysler in 1979.”

    “And that made Iacocca a household name and the guru of turnaround exercises. Will one day economic students also be studying Arul Kanda Kandasamy like they are studying Lee Iacocca? I suppose geniuses are recognised as one many years after their time, like Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo Galilei were.”

    Wait, there’s more. Petra could’ve done it too!

    “And if you do not understand this then you know very little about what a rationalising and debt-reduction exercise is and should not be making comments. It is so fundamental that even I could have done it if Najib had given me the job — with due respect to Arul who I am not trying to insult.”

    That made me laugh for close to 3 minutes.

    Arul Kanda, RPK, Lee Iacocca – turnaround experts.

    Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo Galilei, RPK – geniuses.

    In the weasel words of the chubby little turncoat himself:

    “I did not say it was true, I only said that someone told me it was true.”

    I never said that RPK was a slimy little lapdog, I only said that someone said he was.


  3. Jeff tan March 14, 2016 at 7:59 pm
    “What of the writer, a “fugitive” of the country which pm’s thing he sucks.”

    This mongrel is not a fugitive . He is a British citizen on account of mixed parentage British and Malay. He chose to be UK citizen.

  4. This spin master is full of kaka. “Knowing the truth, seeing the truth and still believing in the lies” I don’t know why DDM is still giving space to RPK. It seems that he knows everything akin to having a crystal ball for all things happening in Malaysia. A credible person must have principles but for him he’s already mortgage his principles.
    So that you and others can take him on. As far as I am concerned, RPK is a good friend, although he may have gone to the “other side”. His Dad was a pioneer Malay Executive in a multinational company, Lever Brothers, who I admired. His grandfather is Tun Uda and his Uncles and auntie Raja Fuziah are also my friends.This blog will always welcome reasoned diversity of views.–Din Merican

  5. Media owner always have their own agenda. This is the same in US too (freedom of press). The government control media allowed to provide news or stories from their perspective. Why can’t others provide their views? If they are blatantly wrong then we bring them to court. I think we are not fool to believe the Malaysian Insider’s owner have no agenda? Just like Utusan have their own agenda too. This is the very reason we need freedom of speech and press. This allow the power on both sides check on each other using the media. And we as informed citizen will decide our own who is telling the truth. Ideally, police, court, etc will investigate the accuracy of news reported but too bad none of them can be trusted.


  6. What is amazing to see is that nothing more needs to be said about the top down corruption in Malaysia-we have abundant evidence of this for the last 40 years…now its reaching its pinnacle, may even go higher. AND YET…..Barisan Nasional component parties other than UMNO remain silent. What happened to evil prevailing when good men remain silent? Does not the government work for the people? Is there any good men in the cabinet who wants to resign? Even Thailand got rid of Thaksin, Suharto in Indonesia, Nixon in the USA …..in Malaysia -all in the payroll of Saudi Arabia?

  7. I have completely forgotten this turncoat double tongued chameleon because of his cowardice who went against human dignity just for the money. I don’t even read his false news being carried by other bloggers occasionally of his bull shit.

    He lives for money writing many of his imaginations on those who go against his paymaster Najib. Down grade human being he is so I hope Din should ignore by shutting you web page to this liar of this new century.

  8. RPK betray his sell-out because the online community is not obsessed with blaming unlike the Najib & Co which is overly obsessed with blaming others, their critics first.

  9. DDM coming from a distinguished family should have endowed him with better sense of justice and equality and also allow him to clearly see the wrong committed by Malaysian political government leaders. Yes the late Raja Tun Uda family is well known for their public service including Raja Fuziah at MARA. Don’t forget RPK’s brother is the head of a Selangor Govt GLC.

    I realize this is your blog and you reserve the rights to feature writings from across the board but for RPK, a reference line to his blog would suffice for those that are interested in reading his writing or to engage RPK in his thoughts. As you can easily notice many commenters on your blog are readers or former readers of RPK that have abandoned his site. The sad thing is RPK is trying to justify the actions and shenanigans of the present regime and just like the AG Apandi is trying to say that there is no crime committed by the present PM whereas there are clear evidence that there has been breaches of the law by certain individuals at the highest echelon of the government.
    Your point is taken positively and I value your comments. RPK is my friend. But of course, I am disappointed that he is not on the same page with me any more. That is his choice. That said, I will have a cup of coffee with him and his wife Marina, if I happen to be in Manchester and have a good chat. I love to hear from him face to face why he had a change of heart.

    I disagreed with Tunku Aziz, but I will have a meal with him. He was my colleague at Bank Negara and Sime Darby. I regard him as one of the best executives in our country. We are still friends. Kind regards. Din Merican

  10. Enough has been said and written about this Real Pariah King who does not a single ounce of dignity on him. People like him are a dime a dozen in UMNO.

  11. RPK is just a mercenary where cash is king and with cash he will be your slave, principle, ethic, moral are just garbage to him.

    I won’t be surprise if one day in the future when the wind changes he will go to a new employer or master who pays him to supply all inside information that he has gathered ( real or imagines or just created by him) while in the employ of the current paymaster.

  12. Artikel doesn’t say how much rm$ did jibby blown on RPK.. and also how long did RPK blow jibby. Anyway we need a blow by blow account of RPK…lol

  13. My grandfather who passed away at the ripe age old age of 89, had pretty good memory. But towards the end of his life, he was delirious and can hardly tell between day or night. But he was still able to recall many stories of his childhood and the later years of his life but with a different twist each time he told them. This is the impression one gets when reading RPK articles, same old stories but with different spins.

  14. Well, I won’t have nightmares not reading RPK’s articles. His blog was good once but having been jailed and his son threatened with imprisonment, he found it proper to forego his principles and seeks solace in an English countryside.

    It must be pretty expensive living it up in a Gentile society with nothing more but a battered ego. So sucking it up to his former foes comes easy.

    Like they say, “if you can’t fight them join them.” After all, Mr Cash Is King has plenty of loose change to keep this wayward blogger happy.

    You are right, semper fi, I am among the many who were once fans of RPK. But I loathe him now.

  15. The one sentence from En Din, that “The Malaysian Insider is a good web-paper with an excellent track of fair and impartial reporting.”, is a worthy tribute to the journalists at MI, and that one sentence is enough to wipe out an entire article from RPK.

    Whatever RPK had intended to imply about MI’s owners, nothing can be taken away about the respectable level of journalism at MI, and that, at the end of the day, is what matters most to the readers.

    One wonders why RPK writes of MI’s owners (not sure if the claims are true but, for argument’s sake, let’s just take it temporarily as face value) as though he himself does not have an “owner” now?

    And, for his part, is he justifying the investment his owner has been blowing on him? One might think not, if the present level of his owner’s reputation is any gauge. Despite a past track record showing an ability to produce on his blog site even the most unobtainable of documents, he has glaringly failed to produce any document containing evidence backing his owner’s claims, which would have helped towards restoring his owner’s name.

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