To University of Nottingham : Do the Right Thing

March 13, 2016

To  University of Nottingham — Do the Right Thing


COMMENT: I am not a graduate of the University of Nottingham. So I am not able to sign this petition to remove Malaysia’s most corrupt Prime Minister Najib Razak who received a Bachelor’s Degree in 1974 from your Roll of Honour. However, if the University wishes to still remember him, then by all means do so by creating a rogues gallery where his portrait can be prominently displayed.

HRH Sultan Raja Tun Azlan Shah graduated with a law degree in 1953 from The University of Nottingham, UK. A year later, he was admitted to the English Bar at Lincoln’s Inn. In 1986, he was conferred with an honorary degree from The University of Nottingham. Family ties with Nottingham were strong and his son, the late HRH Raja Ashman Shah was also a graduate of the University, from the School of Economics.   

For the sake of  your Malaysian alumni, please consider this petition. Please don’t worry. The future of your branch campus here is secure.

If I may suggest, The University of Nottingham should honour the memory of Malaysia’s Lord President, The Late HRH Sultan Raja Azlan  Shah (above), who is a truly distinguished alumnus.–Din Merican

Asian Correspondent logoMalaysians petition to remove Najib’s portrait at the University of Nottingham

DISSATISFIED with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak’s response (or lack thereof) to allegations of corruption in the ongoing 1MDB scandal, Malaysians are now sharing a petition calling for the removal of his portrait at his alma mater, the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom.

The petition proposes that the university’s Malaysian Society lobby to have the 2-meter tall portrait of Najib hanging at the King’s Meadow campus taken down.

The University of Nottingham lists Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak among its famous alumni.

The petition was set up by Cassandra Chung, a Malaysian law student at the university, who said that the move was “a collective act of disagreement on the Prime Minister refusing to answer for the suspicious circumstances surrounding the transfer of the RM 2.6 billion into his account”.

“The government’s response to this fiasco has been less than desirable. As regular lay-people, many of us may feel helpless against holding Dato’ Seri Najib Razak to account … [But] collectively, we hold more power to speak up against this than we realise,” she wrote on the petition’s page.

Chung added that she believed the removal of Najib’s portrait would send a strong message that it was time for him to answer the allegations truthfully and clearly. She also said she intended to submit an official motion to have the portrait removed at the Malaysian Society Annual General Meeting on March 16.

The petition, which targets 5,000 signatures, has so far garnered 2,936 supporters at the time of publishing.The University of Nottingham lists Najib among its notable alumni, as he had graduated from the university with a bachelor’s degree in industrial economics in 1974.


14 thoughts on “To University of Nottingham : Do the Right Thing

  1. “Chung added that she believed the removal of Najib’s portrait would send a strong message that it was time for him to answer the allegations truthfully and clearly.”

    The 2 Aussies just arrested for having the temerity to ask the empty Bugis vessel about his numerous scandals would agree.

    Nothing2Hide? Hardly.

  2. Thanks, Tony Eu. This Prime Minister has a thick face and black heart. The Nottingham University cannot put Najib alongside DH Lawrence and HRH Sultan Raja Azlan Shah. Let us wait and see what can happen next.

    Oxford refused to grant Baroness Maggie Thatcher an Honorary Doctorate because the academic staff disagreed with her policies. Looking back, I think Oxford was hard on her. But Najib deserves what is coming to him.–Din Merican

  3. Leaders of respect with good morals and integrity should be displayed to remind us their good ideals and for the young to follow.

    With all the rot happening in the country under Najib’s rule, do you think it is justified for Nottingham Uni to honor him ? He is neither Mahatma Gandhi nor the Nelson Mandala to deserve this honour.
    I can’t answer that since it is for Nottingham Uni to decide.–Din Merican

  4. At least, we would have an honest impartial trial of Najib to judge him on record. The details of discussion should be available, those who present their case should be given every detail and argument by professional to make it as close to a real legal as possible.

  5. I wonder if the debate resembles this………

    RPK vs Clare Rewcastle Brown or better still
    ktemoc vs CL Flamiaris………hahahahahaha

    Perhaps, we should have additional motions :

    Is the Malaysian Dream at the expense of the Malaysia Non Malays? Is Malaysia concept still viable?

    Under present system, Najib would rule forever and ever due to number game. Time to learn from Irish nationalists

  6. Such is the craving for recognition despite all the ill-gotten wealth amongst the bolehland elite. Even the first lady has paid for accolades from so many illustrious universities that they hang like birkin bags around her well-endowed neck.
    Lets hope the Sheriff of Nottingham does the proper thing for this turd world version of Robin Hood, the Prince of Thieves.

  7. I agree that his portrait should be removed. I am a graduate of Oxford and Birmingham Universities in England and Gray’s Inn.

  8. There are many famous graduates,
    and then there the few infamous graduates.
    But they don’t belong together. Najib belongs in jail. –Din

  9. Unfortunately for Cassandra Chung, with a name like hers, no one would believe her. 😦
    What is in a name. Cassandra is a nice name. She has guts and strength of character to initiate this move. Now it is up to University of Nottingham to decide whether Najib merits to be in the company of D H Lawrence and other luminaries who did their alma mater proud. As I said, Najib’s portrait belongs in a rogues gallery.

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