CD (Citizens’Declaration) is not to save Malaysia

March 13, 2016

CD (Citizens’Declaration) is not to save Malaysia

by Tay Tian Yan

Be it “Save Malaysia” alliance or the Citizens’ Declaration, the all-powerful implications of “country” and “citizens” have been applied. But the weird thing is, there are a lot of other things getting messed up inside this grand design in the likes of vendetta, frustration, opportunism, powerplay, interest, …anything but “country” or “citizens.”

The only real thing has come out from the mouth of Wan Azizah: “To free Anwar,” which has now become the primary agenda of the so-called “Save Malaysia” campaign.

I have to be honest with myself that Wan Azizah is indeed a marvellous wife that often deserves a lot of respect for her loyalty and undying spirit. Everything she has done she does it for her husband, from joining politics to running for elections, becoming an elected MP, state assemblywoman, the opposition leader, party president to the endless struggle to get her dear husband released.

All these constitute a hefty load on her shoulders that is slowly eating up her life, but she never calls it quits. Despite all this, her input may not be rewarding, as politics is a whole lot larger than a housewife’s kitchen.

If the campaign has been drawn up to free Anwar, then it shouldn’t have anything to do with “country” or “citizens” in the first place.

While many were compassionate with Anwar’s imprisonment, that was part and parcel of the Malaysian judiciary that proceeded from the initial prosecution to defence, trials, passing of judgment to come to this outcome.

And that case wasn’t even political in nature. It was a lawsuit targeting an individual’s personal behavior which unfortunately was not permitted under the country’s laws.

Wan Azizah’s determination to save her husband should gain the public’s sympathy, but that warrants some better reasons.

The response from a series of actions taken by Wan Azizah or her PKR in the past could best be depicted as “lukewarm,” attesting to the fact that Malaysians generally know how to tell national and family affairs apart.

As such, it would seem inappropriate to once again peg Anwar’s imprisonment to “country” and “citizens,” especially when the other protagonist is Dr Mahathir.

In 1998, Anwar was treated brutally by Mahathir, taken away by force from his shocked family and thrown into a lock-up cell with a bruised eye followed.

The sympathy and support Anwar received when he came out of jail were a powerful backlash on Mahathir, and this gave Anwar one after another opportunity to convert such a force into one that would propel the nation forward but which he unfortunately missed and abused to sell his personal agenda. Almost two decades now, and his family and supporters are now asking the public to save Anwar.

As for Mahathir, his agenda is for himself, his family and the interest group over which he presides. These motives have now been crudely packaged into a national and civic affair but how many will still believe in him?

Are we still going to allow Mahathir’s and Anwar’s agendas to continue dictating the fate of this country? — Sin Chew Daily

9 thoughts on “CD (Citizens’Declaration) is not to save Malaysia

  1. Sure, Mahathir and Anwar sucks.

    So, it is okay for the country and the rakyat to continue being pillaged and raped economically and morally by Najib and his cronies even as we “write”?

    No real alternatives and solutions are being offered by these noble people so far other than complain and write articles and blogs. Pray, share your alternatives with us.

    Don’t be Tengku Razaleigh wannabes. No wonder the country has gone to the dogs.

  2. There are a huge number of what I would call Logical Sequencing Errors floating around (“LSEs”, let’s call them, and I mean no disrespect to that august institution in London.)

    Let us examine PKR’s LSEs first.

    The standard bleat is:

    “Freeing Anwar is part of our reforms!”, or even worse, “we stand by Anwar as our PM candidate!”

    Why is this an LSE? Well, let’s go through the process step by step.


    1. Remove the current BN govt by legal means

    2. Appoint a new PM to head new govt

    3. Request new PM to examine the question of Anwar’s release

    4. New PM then uses powers under Art. 42 of the Federal Constitution to appoint members of Pardons Board (A-G must be one member.) Pause to appoint new A-G.

    5. Pardons Board makes recommendation to YDPA.

    6. YDPA agrees and Anwar is released.

    7. But Anwar is not an MP. So Anwar tells Wan Azizah to bugger off from Permatang Pauh (for the 3rd time) in order to trigger a by-election.

    8. Anwar stands as candidate for Permatang Pauh, wins by-election, and is elected as an MP.

    9. Anwar tells the new PM to bugger off.

    10. New PM vacates office. Anwar Ibrahim is now the new PM of Malaysia.


    Oh, but wait: the Pardons Board is a quasi-judicial body. Is PKR “guaranteeing” a favourable outcome in advance? How, unless it’s *nod nod wink wink* fixed? So PKR is going to usher in an era of good governance with an act of bad governance? And while YDPA is bound to follow the advice, isn’t it bordering on lese majeste to suggest his decision will be definitely “yes” or “no”, well in advance?

    CONCLUSION: Anyone pushing for Anwar to be next PM is plainly insane.

  3. To precis the above argument, PKR seems have overlooked a classic Catch-22. Or more than one.

    a) Only the PM can free Anwar. But Anwar cannot become PM unless he’s freed.

    b) Anwar must be an MP to become PM. The Federal Constitution says so:

    Art 43 (2) (a) “…..the Yang di-Pertuan Agong shall first appoint as Perdana Menteri (Prime Minister) to preside over the Cabinet a member of the House of Representatives who in his judgment is likely to command the confidence of the majority of the members of that House”

    c) If you put forward Anwar as PM-designate, that means he’s ready to angkat sumpah the day after you win the election in 2018. But he can’t – you have to get him evaluated by Pardons Board, pardoned, released, trigger a by-election, win the by-election, get him sworn in as an MP, and then as PM.

    What is the country going to do in the 6-8 months needed for all this to happen?

    Ah yes; the faithful long-suffering Azizah will be placeholder again. But if Azizah is your designated doorstopper with no guarantee that Anwar will be pardoned, then who will vote for PKR?

    Hence, Catch-22.

  4. Tay then says:

    “As for Mahathir, his agenda is for himself, his family and the interest group over which he presides. These motives have now been crudely packaged into a national and civic affair but how many will still believe in him?”

    Let’s reword this as:

    “Ohhhhhh, Mahathir wants to make his son and/or proxy the PM – and he wants to bring back Mahathirism and make Umno Baru Baru!”

    Why is this a Logical Sequencing Error (LSE)? Well, let’s go through the process step by step.


    1. Force Najib to step down in mid-term. Whoops. Realise it’s impossible.

    2. Seeing as 85% of KBU are rabidly pro-Najib and are bought to the hilt with “donation money”, engineer a global oil shortage and stockpile oil in Siti Hasmah’s hair. Then use the US$ one trillion to buy off the rabidly pro-Najib KBU. Plan does not work. Hair leaks oil. The KBU wall is unbreakable.

    3. Get expelled from UMNO as a rebel group, thus losing all voting rights in party. Arrest looms.

    4. Realise that without any position in the party, there is no way in hell that you can get past Zahid, Hisham and the pack of chasers like Nazri, Ismail, etc. who are now way, way ahead in the queue. And you are not even members any more.

    5. Tell yourself, “never mind, we’ll beat them in the Umno elections”. Realise that neither Sonny nor proxy can even stand, because they won’t be re-admitted by the group above, who are openly hostile to them.

    6. Realise that Sonny has not been an MP since 2013 and can no longer stand on an UMNO ticket.

    7. Realise that even if Najib throws in his letter before 2018, Zahid will assume the PM-ship as Timbalan Presiden UMNO (Moo is going to be booted very soon.) cf: Tunku – Tun Razak transition.

    8. Realise that without Sonny and/or proxy installed, you can’t “bring back Mahathirism and make Umno Baru Baru!”

    9. Realise that it was never the plan in the first place.

    CONCLUSION: Anyone who thinks Mahathir envisages Sonny as next PM in his short remaining life time is plainly insane.

    If Tay thinks he has an actual way to make it happen before 2018, he should e-mail Mahathir directly.

  5. “Are we still going to allow Mahathir’s and Anwar’s agendas to continue dictating the fate of this country?” concludes Tay, indignantly.

    But as opposed to whose agenda, Mr Tay?

    To repeat my earlier comment (and I stand by it, 100%):

    Najib Razak is a power-hungry slimeball.

    Anwar Ibrahim is a power-hungry slimeball.

    Mahathir is a power-hungry slimeball.

    Take your pick. Or is there a 4th alternative, dipped in liquid nobility and accompanied by stirring, epic music, that you know of, Mr Tay? Do share. I think not.

    The huge irony is that working with Dr M is not giving Anwar sleepless nights right now; rather, it’s the fact that Azmin was seated right next to Dr M. He will be consumed by killing off Azmin from now on, lest the unthinkable happens.

    I do not know how to comfort you, Mr Tay. We have no Mandelas or Gandhis among living Malaysian polticians. The nearest we have ever had was Tunku, but he’s gone. There are no Karpals left, either.

    Maybe you want us to choose the MCA, Mr Tay? But the MCA are merely commercial agents for Chinese towkays, to ensure that they stay close enough to UMNO to get the “Baba” parts of Ali-Baba arrangements. Someone has to do the work, right?

    So I think the MCA are slimeballs, too.

    What do you suggest, Tay? Well, I suggest you just get used to Najib Razak’s face. He’s only 62. In ten years, he’ll be only 72. And he’s been a far worse dictator in 7 years than the Kerala boy was in 22. And Najib Razak is dumb, to boot.

    What will he do in 17 years or more in power?

    You’ll find out.

  6. Tay Tian Yan and an increasing number number of writers these days do their best to walk on both sides of politics just to be safe. And some find reasons to be critical yet offering no alternatives. Of course Wan Azizah would fight for her husband’s freedom but that in no way dilutes her reasons for supporting the Citizen’s declaration and Dr Mahathir. Any sane and honest Malaysian can see and appreciate that half a measure is better then no measure at all. I confess that we will probably not know how this campaign will work out. But I do know that it is better than doing what Tan Tian Yan and others are advocating that we sit on our bums and do sweet nothing. And see PM Najib gallop his way to the winning post in the next election and beyond.
    at 7 p.m. ET

  7. Ferdi, this ‘Sin Chew’ Tay is not only practising LSEs’. He is what any discerning anal-yst would consider part of a “Cascading Failure”. Perhaps his opinions are the result of the insularity of Lap-Mongrel separation anxiety. Sunny (not Sonny, in your piece) will have something to say about this..

    These Apologists really must get rid of their superficial understanding of Triple Boiled Ginseng steeped in Cordyceps Macai Soup, if they want the Chinapeks to respect them. There’s a whole generation of worldly folks who still affectionately call Octo: “Loh Mah” – Old Horse. Why? Ali-Baba-ism..

  8. Yes, this is a classic Third World Conundrum. While the leaders of the Third World have successfully made their personal interest also national interest and the national interest also their personal interest the citizens have continued to pay the price of poor governance, poor education system, poor health services and so on the children of Third World Leaders have enjoyed First World status in their own countries and in many cases in the First World itself. We all can see what the migration issue is doing to the First World and it is only a matter of time before the right wing forces turn off the tap and restrict it to only those from the Third Word who seek political asylum based on incontrovertible evidence.

    At the moment they are not going for their pound of flesh of Third World Leaders who are responsible for these economic migrants. It is only a matter of time before this is done. Clearly, we have to think on our feet and stop these activities that are dragging down Third World Countries to level where they themselves will be held accountable. When that door for economic migrants becomes closed then and then Third World Countries will become internal combustion engines ready to explode.

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