Integrity Minister Paul Low: I’m not sleeping on the job

March 12, 2016

MY COMMENT–Din Merican: Minister Paul Low was once a respected head of Transparency International-Malaysian Chapter and a successful business man and as I remember, he was a very active Council Member of The Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers, before he was lured by Prime Minister Najib Razak to join his team of lacklustre 1Malaysia ministers in 2003 to spearhead reform  efforts with regard to governance and integrity issues.

A man of such boundless energy and credentials cannot be “sleeping on the Job”. The Minister is right. Eureka, I think he has just not been “doing his Job”. He has been free riding, earning his salary and perks at the expense of Malaysian taxpayers. I remember asking him to resign from his job a few years ago to save his face. In stead, he continues to give us the  runaround. He has lost his credibility and dignity.

A Malaysiakini reader, SusahKes, aptly sums it up as follows:

Minister, you are part of the cosmetic scheme that was put in place by the current administration; Botox to hide the ugliness caused by long-term effects of practically unhindered corruption. But just as when a bad plastic surgery fails and ends up revealing the true condition of its recipient, all the ornaments and beauty products that the administration has put in place has failed to mask its true nature. Sorry pal, but you were never designed to succeed in the first place.

Minister Paul Low, it’s mighty early for this year’s April Fool’s joke; unless or course you’re aiming for an advance submission.

Integrity Minister: I’m not sleeping on the job

Koh Jun Lin

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Paul Low has lamented that his efforts to combat corruption have gone unnoticed by the public.

He said this during his keynote speech at the annual National Procurement and Integrity Forum for Public and Private Sectors in Kuala Lumpur today, where he listed his efforts and achievements since he was appointed to his post in 2013.

“That is my report of my progress and my job. Whether you consider it as adequate or not adequate, definitely I am not sleeping.

“Our problem is, how do I communicate what I am doing to the public? To you professionals, it is okay,” he said at the forum organised by the Malaysian Institute of Corporate Governance.

Nevertheless, the minister in charge of promoting integrity and transparency in the government, expressed confidence that the people would eventually find themselves feeling that things have indeed changed for the better.

In his speech, Low described himself as being akin to an ‘independent director’ for all ministries in the government.Previously, he said, internal audits were submitted to a ministry’s Secretary-General and Minister.

However, this has been changed such that internal audit reports are now submitted directly to the Auditor-General or himself.

This gives the internal audits a greater degree of independence.

As for the auditor-general’s report, a townhall meeting is being held following each release of the report where the secretaries-general of various ministries are put under the spotlight and field questions about their ministry’s performance.

Integrity units

In addition, Low said, integrity units have been set up in many parts of the government.Among others, its officers oversee the procurement process and ensure that corrective actions highlighted in the auditor-general’s reports are implemented.

The integrity officers are also empowered to approch the ministers directly, without the presence of a Secretary-General, he said.

Mega-projects such as the MRT are deemed to be of high risk to graft, and gets their own integrity unit as well.This is comprised of three members – one each from the Integrity and Governance Division, the Auditor-General’s Office, and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

In another step away from the previous norm, Low said these units are to monitor the projects constantly, instead of conducting the audit only after the project is completed.

When asked by reporters after his speech, Low said Malaysia’s drop in the 2015 Corruption Perception Index (CPI) was merely ‘a blip’ because it was a ‘special year’.He expressed hope Malaysia’s scores on the index will improve from next year onwards.

Wars are not won by a single battle. Some battles we win; some battles we lose, but generally the trend is that we move towards better governance.

Some of the things I mentioned in my speech… These are some of the changes and I’m sure perception will change when some of the effects are felt by the citizens and felt by the businesses,” he said.


18 thoughts on “Integrity Minister Paul Low: I’m not sleeping on the job

  1. Yang Berhormat, Dengan segala hormatnya saya harap, “Trickle Down Integrity”, diberi keutamaan dalam usaha kami mengadakan pentadbiran Bersih Cekap Dan Amanah

  2. Who needs this fella to communicate his lip service to the public. He should instead communicate to his boss that the majority of Malaysians know how corrupt the government is and what is his boss doing about it. Oops I forgot, his boss is the head of the government………

  3. Dato

    What do you think about Tan Sri Irwan Serigar Abdullah as Bank Negara Governor? Has bank ever been managed by outsider before. Can this guy managed?

    He will not make a good Governor. He is being promoted because he is loyal and will, like Apandi Ali, help Najib. The Bank Negara 1MDB investigation will cease. Good luck. My alma mater is ruined by a bunch of Governors who were politically correct individuals. Tan Sri Aziz Taha who was my colleague and Tun Ismail Mohamed Ali were the last of the independent minded Governors.–Din Merican

  4. At least prostitutes are honest about their work.
    This low character should be ashamed that he is taking public money to bullshit the people with his false promises and sucking up to a bunch of tainted corrupt thieves. And pretending that his work matters.
    They must have something on him to have got him by his gizengas that he has transformed into such a creep.

  5. Tell that to the monkeys and chimpanzees in the zoo. You are just pretending to do your job Where is the positive effect if you have really delivered ? Where was your voice on 1MDB, SRC, Tabung Haji, Mara, Yapeim? Sleeping or instructed not to express your views? Why you don’t seriously consider resignation rather than trying to do something you cant really do or deliver

  6. Paul Low is suffering from narcolepsy. Enough said. For many this would be a problem. But in UMNOland it’s an advantage.

  7. Truth is Paul Low believes he reflects what most Malaysian, if not, most Chinese Malaysians are like – given the same set of circumstances, they would betray their fellows and selfish- serving. He believes he is just doing what most would do just most do not have the opportunities. Furthermore, he does not see why not, why do the average Malaysian character deserve his sacrifice rather we deserve his exploitation. In other words he looks down on us, our character, giving the excuse we are too divided and unable to fight back.

  8. Resign immediately, and resume criticism of the kleptocratic regime.
    Good for your conscience too. Thank you.

  9. We need people who are correct. The Parliamentary system of government based on elections every five years should remove the reason for civil servants to be politically correct and excuse to be correct. Third World Countries must learn and learn very quickly that citizens will be loyal to King and Country so long as the right thing is being done.

  10. This man has a disease
    He sleeps standing with his eyes open
    May God grant me this wish
    Not to bump into this shameless hypocrital society scum

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