No to Citizens’ Declaration: Mahathir Document

March 11, 2016

COMMENT: I supported Haris Ibrahim’s Peoples Declaration some years ago because I had my highest regard for this lone crusader for political change. I spent hours talking and listening to him. So I  shared his idealism and never doubted his sincerity .

The late Bernard Zorro Khoo (above)  who was a close friend and fellow journey man,  agreed with my views about Haris. Haris, Bernard, RPK and I together with like minded Malaysians (50,000 of them)  were  involved in Bersih 1.0 protest in November, 2007. Together, Malaysians brought down the Badawi regime in GE-12.

Tun Abdullah was replaced by Mahathir’s mentee, Najib Razak, who took a beating in GE-13 and  who has now become our nightmare. The difference is that the movement  now is being led by the man who supported Najib before. We do not want another UMNO Prime Minister in the Mahathirian mould.

I also supported all Bersih rallies since including Bersih 4.0 Maria Chin Abdullah organised  in 2015, which was marred by Tun Dr. Mahathir’s presence. If I had known that the former Malaysian dictator was going to be part of it,  I would  not have bothered to be there with Maria and Ambiga and their associates at Dataran Merdeka.

Bersih has since lost its focus. The leaders have become politicians. So I will no longer support Bersih (not that it matters to them if whether I did or not). I will not endorse Mahathir’s Citizen’s Declaration. Kit Siang’s  for support is also politically motivated. PKR is a lost cause,  while Mat Sabu’s new party  has nothing to crow about. All of them are parties of political convenience.

All that said, I have not changed my view that Prime Minister Najib Razak’s toxic administration must be removed through democratic elections. I also hold the view that UMNO cannot be a party of Tun Dr. Mahathir and his son, Dato’ Seri  Mukhriz Mahathir, not any more. The challenge is how?  We cannot do it if we allow Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad to lead the movement.–Din Merican

No to Citizens’ Declaration–A Mahathir Document

By Gayathry Venkiteswaran

Four reasons to reject this Mahathirian document done quickly and quietly, with little citizens’ input.

I expect political parties to make negotiations and compromises, sometimes wrongly, but they do have a constituency and I do believe in the power of the elections, through which I can tell them what I think.

Now, with NGOs, it’s another story. To whom are they accountable? How can they be effective checks and balances if they sit at the same table, not to discuss implementation of reforms, but merely to offer legitimacy to what I think is an undemocratic group? You can’t be leaders of influential movements and then claim to be only individuals in this political move.

Of course, I acknowledge that we are not forced to sign the declaration so why make all the noise: but NGOs cannot make political decisions and expect not to be criticised, especially if supporters feel they have acted with little accountability.

So my three background settings:

1) Bersih’s committee met to discuss their strategy; we know the outcome. I would like to know if there were dissenting voices, and if so how many? Did the wider community of NGOs discuss the declaration and the strategies post-declaration? I think the answer is no, but I would be happy to hear otherwise.

Hundreds of thousands of people have responded over the years to Bersih’s call: on the streets, online, in cash or in kind. I figure they and we are far more important than Mahathir.

2) The BN government, as well as its machinery, is rotten to the core. It has to go. Ambiga responded to a critic, who said that Mahathir has taken them for a ride, with: “We are not that stupid” – my response, to those who feel they have to lecture us on the bad situation of the country, thus justifying the move is: “We are not that stupid either.”

3) The Pakatan leadership has shown anything but leadership. They have done some good administrative work, but in critical political situations, they crumble. So I will not hedge my bets on them all the time.

And so, here are four reasons why I won’t be signing the declaration:

1) The main beneficiary is UMNO. By involving their stalwarts and using the language of reform (which was minimal in the document), they want to present themselves as the “reformers” or the conscience of the party.

Mukhriz’s statement just proves what they have really wanted out of this, and that is: to remove his nemesis, so he can be in power. For that, they could have organised a petition among the Mahathir-loyal diehards in UMNO and done what they wished.

What does the BN cohort bring to the table that has tilted the power equation for civil society? I care not for UMNO and BN and have always wished for them to self-implode. So I will not sign the declaration to give Mukhriz, Muhyiddin and Mahathir any legitimacy.

2) Where was the consultation, really? No, it’s not so urgent a matter that consultation had to be compromised. Many of us have put put voices and fingerprints on calls for reforms and I firmly believe the process is as important as the outcome.

To me the following Peoples’ Declaration is closer to what I think of as a united and representative voice, one drawn up collectively as a result of a Peoples’ Assembly, an open and consultative process. I support that.

Bersih’s demands were also a result of consultation and a determined campaign, which I fully support.

But not this Mahathirian document which appears to have been done quickly and quietly. I will not sign a declaration with little citizen input and which was not openly conceived.

3) The argument of “what is the alternative” is a false choice. It is not this or nothing at all: we have options and we can mobilise through different means. Yes, some people would rather not have demonstrations, but a demonstration is a legitimate form of political expression, as are campaigns and continuous political pressure. They all work in combination.

So I take offence at those who support the declaration initiative and retort that the rest of us are doing nothing, or that people who stake their claims on elections are not really empowered.

Belittling your allies and, worse still, fellow citizens, is not the hallmark of a strong civil society. This declaration may be a path for some but please do not present it as the only option available at this point. So I will not sign the declaration because I will take the other paths available to me.

4) A rather sensitive issue has also come up – the endorsement of those who have suffered in the hands of Mahathir and who have said they are willing to let go, to focus on the big picture.

I have always been inspired by the activists and politicians who fought, and paid with their freedoms. To forgive Mahathir and let the past be must have taken tremendous strength on their part. We admire them for that. But many have suffered in different ways and to different extents, as a result of an unjust system.

A face and a mechanism of accountability is needed, for those who have been wronged to seek justice. Letting-go needs to be turned into a proper form of holding responsible those in power. A formal reconciliation process is needed for so many of the ghosts of the past. That hasn’t happened and doesn’t seem to be on offer.

Mahathir has not been held accountable for his actions. It is not enough to hear a few say that they forgive him, to justify this Mahathirian declaration. So I will not sign it.

Gayathry Venkiteswaran is a former executive director of the South-East Asian Press Alliance, based in Bangkok.

36 thoughts on “No to Citizens’ Declaration: Mahathir Document

  1. Din, Din.., get real. Let’s not be Left Behind! Idealism is of limited virtue.

    The ‘People’s Declaration, or ‘Citizen’s’ whatever, will not be able to overthrow the System. All these do is to make somnolent folk wake up and take notice. Outright Anarchy is counterproductive, especially to Bolehlanders. Manufactured Anarchy, maybe – as it brought down TAR.

    UMNOb and their lap-mongrels will remain until the next GE (if there is One). Tell you what, if the Mahatirian C.D succeeds, it will be an internal putsch within UMNOb – despite arguments about the ‘Constitutionality’ issues brought up by Shiou. That’s the Way of the Bolehland – that doesn’t give two hoots about Silat/Tai-Chi, without the lethality. After all, we practice a bastardized version of Westminster Parliamentary Democracy, don’t we? Or are folks muddled up with the American form, which Jibros is practicing?

    Since no One has been able to come up with a better ‘Formula’, let’s concentrate on One Thing At a Time. Piracy and Plundering.

    In all honesty, if the unimaginable happens, MY with the microcephalics will lead. Even he will listen to reason. As for Octo’s youngest Fruit, i think he’s better suited than many of the Kooks from the Oppo. That does not mean that Octo’s methods remains intact in perpetuity, as Time is not on ‘hiss’ side. The Son is not the Father unless Quantum Physics lie.

    Mercy needs Time to Work. If you believe in a God, that is how Life is. We are all bit players but the Path is not always what we ‘Will’ it to be. Btw, was the journo above, asked to sign the C.D?
    Good luck, if you listen and get carried by all the bull that is coming out of both sides of the political divide. Everything Mahathir touches is toxic. I will have nothing to do with all that. –Din Merican

  2. “Btw, was the journo above, asked to sign the C.D?”

    I don’t know but I would be surprised if she did sign it.

    I know Gayathry Venkiteswaran and she is a good hand.

    Not prone to appeals to emotion, polemics or anything resembling the rhetoric Oppo types are fond of engaging in.

  3. Yup. So be it (Amen, in Hebrew). No disagreement to agree here.
    Actually, my luck sucks..! The Eunuchs are busting my cojones!
    Anyway, some side ‘snickers’ – Zeti’s replacement is another Wharton derived wart. Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) like.
    Take care, buddy.

  4. TDM has hijcaked the objective of Bersih 4’and destroyed the massive public support it (Bersih) once had with its call for the removal of Najib as PM at the rally, like how he had hijacked the people’ trust in largely destroying, disenabling or degrading the country’s delivery system with the entrenched culture of Money politics, Abuse of Power, Corruptions, Cronysm and Puppetry (MACCP=Mahathirism) that is largely responsible for the Mother ( BMF 2.5 billion Loss 1983) of ALL scandals, involving hundreds of billions that followed till this day,

    He also promised a “Bersih, Cekap and Amanah”in 1982 that he failed to deliver in his 22years of riegn and hidden ruine.

    All of which have essentially brought the country to this dire state of affairs, worse by cutting of viable leaders of quality as successors, with creating hatred and divissiveness within country and party for sustaining power in serving self-interest and wealth, largely at the pains and expense of people and the country.

    So, Can the people and the country ever want to trust this man and his ” Citizen Declaration “, again ?

    Saving Malaysia ?
    Hijacking Malaysia?

  5. “I will not endorse Mahathir’s Citizen’s Declaration. Kit Siang’s for support is also politically motivated. PKR is a lost cause, while Mat Sabu’s new party has nothing to crow about. All of them are parties of political convenience.

    All that said, I have not changed my view that Prime Minister Najib Razak’s toxic administration must be removed through democratic elections. I also hold the view that UMNO cannot be a party of Tun Dr. Mahathir and his son”.

    That is the crux of the dilemma, really.

    DAP/PKR /Amanah are about political convenience, and have the weakest possible leader who is parked there for Anwar’s fading agenda (and PAS are just confused), while Dr M is about political expediency. Or you could just be a KBU or MTU member and enjoy the millions at leisure. Most Malaysians writhe on the horns of the problem, and the hopelessness thus increases.

    Can Prime Minister Najib Razak’s toxic administration be removed through democratic elections? There may not be elections at all; there may be elections but why would a man who does not balk at sabotaging investigations for his billions in plunder, not just outright cheat? It’s just a fake donor letter writ large, after all.

    Of course you may have your election anyway, but under internet and real-world blackout of any form of dissent, bolder bribery, more violence, more racism, more arrests, and Oppo MPs decimated by criminal charges (17 ongoing cases, I think?)

    They will be far, far bolder this time.

    Criminals under probe in 7 countries have little time for ethics.

  6. So what then is this “Citizens’ Declaration”?

    For now, nothing.

    Signatures? Get 15 million and Najib will not step down.

    There is no signs of what in electoral terms this will lead to. And that is the only way it can have real impact, because Najib is man who feels no pressure, because stepping down means losing legal immunity internationally. So avoiding jail bars is the bigger picture now.

  7. “The argument of “what is the alternative” is a false choice. It is not this or nothing at all: we have options and we can mobilise through different means. Yes, some people would rather not have demonstrations, but a demonstration is a legitimate form of political expression, as are campaigns and continuous political pressure. They all work in combination.”

    So, Gayathry:

    a) Is it Bersih 5, 6, 7, or 8 that will be magic bullet? Will they be racially balanced? Will they be hijacked for PH speeches? Will the crackdowns be more brutal (the NSC may apply?) Does Najib care? A demonstration is a legitimate form of political expression, but in Malaysia does it work? Or do PDRM just pick off the politicians at leisure over the following weeks?

    b) What exactly are “campaigns and continuous political pressure”? Does Bangsarite activism make an impact? What in any case does “campaigns and continuous political pressure” actually mean? It seems as ineffective as a Citizens’ Declaration with 15 million signatures.

  8. It’s very nice and comfortable isn’t it to comment from the comfort of our air-con office, whether it be from Pnom Penh or KL. We are all just arm-chair critics looking at all those “naive fellows” sitting together with Kutty and the likes of LLS (or are they really that naive as we think them to be). What do you propose we go from here to break the impasse? Wait until the next GE? Nothing will happen. The same manipulation will go on. The same kampung folks will continue to be “get carried by all the bull” (to use your own words) and the same people will get back to power to continue plundering our nation. Those signatories to the CD, how many of them you think will forgive and forget the system which Kutty created which brought the nation to the current state of affairs.

    You think LKS is blinded by the new arrangement or maybe LKS has suddenly realised that now that he is in his twilight years he should start to cash in and get as much as possible for himself if eventually they succeed in bringing down Jibro. But I believe that LKS has tasted more “political salt” then anyone of us and he has suffered enough to fight for justice and fair-play. If that is not enough, despite having suffered himself under the system he even allowed his son LGE to join in the fight and eventually the son himself was imprisoned for championing the rights of a under-aged girl.

    In short we hope and pray for the best in the welfare of our beloved country.
    Where are Mahathir and gang and Najib and his people sitting? In some hut with no aircon? –Din Merican.

  9. Reading these and other negative comments on the Citizen’s Declaration I fear that the worse PM we have had will remain in office until the GE and even beyond that. This is exactly what the PM’s cyber troopers including RPK are committed to.
    Said Ibrahim, Mahathir and the opposition have no hope in hell to have their own man in the Chair. The idea is simply to draw enough public support and attention to the corruption involving Najib. With the hope that eventually he will be pressured to stand aside. And no, Mahathir’s nominee is not going to take his seat. DPM Zahid will, and that will be another ballgame. But for sure UMNO will be rattled by then and hopefully too, the opposition will be able to have a significant win in GE 14.
    But people, let us set aside our differences and begin with the first step. And remember that Najib is getting stronger all the time, destroying the opposition and solidifying his position. And if he is still there by the time GE comes along be sure he would ensure his victory with perhaps another billion dollar donation.

  10. Politics in Malaysia has gotten very unreasonable. So if one to stick to reason, its admirable and poentially it either is visionary or it will mean little..

    Again, you can try to reform politics or you can try to reform religion. If you do both, then life is just too short..

  11. //Ambiga responded to a critic, who said that Mahathir has taken them for a ride, with: “We are not that stupid”//

    Isn’t this like saying “yes, we are stupid, but we are not *that* stupid…” ?

    If you again get bitten by the same snake, in the same hole, what does that say about your stupidity?

  12. Datuk
    you disappoint me
    No problem, Hilmi, we can disagree. Both sides of the political divide are after power and therefore, they are opportunistic. Ganging up with Najib is the litmus test for the Harapan folks as far as I am concerned. –Din Merican

  13. Can we wait for 2 more years to kick Najib, Rosmah and his sycophant cabinet? We have to allow this momentum to bring them down. The people need to be reminded and engage in this subject always. I may not agree with TMM’s many previous actions but I am a concerned citizen who have enough of this present government’s antics and lying. Everyone who I know is sick to her or his stomach on this. Do we have a choice? Do we dare to shed our blood like the Philippines and Indonesians went through to bring about changes? Surely not. We are a complete sissy in this aspect.

  14. Very well said, Din and Gaya. The so-called People’s Declaration was nothing more than a written Mahathir’s wishes and dream. The Declaration is Mahathir’s statement of his intention to remove the scandal-ridden Najib and replace him with another umno man, probably his own son who will tow his line and biding. Thus making umno strong and acceptable by the Malays majority again. It has nothing to do with overhauling or throwing the old Order or Regime. It is surprising that the Pakatan Harapan pack swallowed hook and line at Mahathir game plan without prior study or consultation. The opposition coalition only realized they have taken for ride when they have already signed the document. Now they are pointing their fingers towards Mahathir, accusing the old man as weak and need the Pack’s support.A flimsy excuse in an effort to clear their own stupidity. It only shows the Pakatan Harapan leaders are politically immature and opportunistic and not to be trusted.

  15. This brouhaha over the so-called Citizen’s Declaration has only made me more pessimistic. It confirms for me that whatever good is left in Malaysian institutions/politics is beyond saving. 1) The great mass of the electorate are passive in the face of grand corruption by the country’s leadership. 2) Minorities have absolutely no say in major national political decisions, no matter how articulate or reasoned their views. 3) How easily the opposition and civil society are seduced with empty vague promises, i.e. why is there no detailed list of proposed institutional reforms in the Citizen’s Declaration? 4) There is little support for principled democratic governance.

    The Citizen’s Declaration has 37 points on it. 35 of them is about Najib or his policies or his ongoing corruption scandal. In my view it needed only 5 points – Repeal the National Security Law, Repeal the Sedition Act, Freedom of expression and the press, Equal constituency sizes for parliamentary seats, and Najib’s immediate resignation followed by a caretaker unity government of all major parties pending new general elections. If Mahathir/Mukhriz/TSMY will not sign such a declaration, what does that say about them and their aims?

    The great mass of Malaysians in my view, and even judging from the opinions expressed in this blog, have an incorrigible “Great Man” view of politics. What they really want is a Lee Kuan Yew, a benevolent strongman who will bring them development and prosperity. They don’t seem to understand that a political system that allows for a strongman is also a system that will not guard against an unbenevolent strongman. Moreover, a system that encourages strongman-style leadership will entice the power-hungry and ruthless to gain it. For every LKY, there is easily a Ne Win or a Mubarak or Mugabe.

    Is there an easy painless way to change Malaysian politics into an institutionalised democracy like what one finds in South Korea or Taiwan (let’s not even talk about the US or UK or France)? No, unfortunately I do not think so. Dedicated Korean and Taiwanese dissidents braved torture, prison and even murder for years before democracy could take firm root. There is no easy route.

    If all that happens is that Najib is removed, and UMNO-BN stays in power, nothing much will have changed in the end. The same crooked system will in time give rise to future (and worse) crooks. It is becoming clear that most Malaysians don’t really want democracy. And they won’t get it.

  16. Madam Gayathry Venkiteswaran with due respect please tell us, the simple folks, which democratic means are you thinking of removing Najib . Have you heard of powder blackouts? It was 1.5 billion spent on BN election , Pandikar has turned out to be thug of a gate keeper. Frankly you are out of reality, may well be batting for BN .

    It is by mass protests and civil disobedience that one has to look to for removing a dictator.. Every little protests adds cumulative to the end goal.

  17. Sigh*

    All these arguments for/against the CitizensD smell like roses to the BN.
    Good luck to you Din & Gang.

    We are back to square one if we feel we are larger than life….Dream on.

  18. yg belum dapat kuasa gila mau kuasa, yg ada kuasa gila mau terus berkuasa & yg dah hilang kuasa gila2 ingat masih berkuasa, kerana apa?

    harta rampasan perang.

  19. re,
    I also in the view that UMNO ,cannot be a party of Tun Dr Mahathir and his son ,

    UMNO also cannot be used and look as a party that support leaders wrongdoing ,no matter what the excuse be .
    UMNO problem should be corrected by it’s members , without outside intervention ,but since no effort was made ,the door is widely open ,because UMNO is a party that lead the government .

  20. Dear Dato Din,

    I don’t get upset about your stand, in fact you have a stand, just like Zunar’s pen. There is nothing to get disappointed. I salute you for expressing what you believe in.

    Thank you.

  21. “UMNO problem should be corrected by it’s members , without outside intervention …” tebing tinggi.

    PM Najib is the PM of all Malaysians including those who don’t like him or his actions. A Malaysian PM’s scandal in 1MDB is therefore a primarily Malaysians’ problem, not mere UMNO’s problem. If Malaysians fail to remove PM through election and parliamentary no confidence vote, then Malaysians must accept the fact – and UMNO internal politics must not be used to remove the PM unilaterally, or associated UMNO players must be brought to court to be tried for treason.

    UMNO must not be allowed to have a dog leash over the PM neck because our consensus as captured in the Constitution does not allow it.

  22. Charging treasonous crime on those who acts to remove PM outside election and parliamentary no confidence vote procedure is as just as charging murder crime on a mother who kills her baby (despite she claims the right to kill based on the fact she gives birth to the baby).

  23. This infighting within UMNO is a godsend to Pakatan.

    Instead of fanning the flames until the GE, Pakatan is helping UMNO to douse it.

    That is utter stupidity.

  24. Veritas has said it all and said it best. I have nothing to add to what he/she articulated so perfectly clear and well. Malaysians are quick to talk the talk about democracy but have never lived in one, because they are too chicken and always hoping someone else would walk the walk for them.

  25. Shiou,

    You and I have gone back and forth on this before.

    The worst thing about this whole CD nonsense is the horrible analogies that have cropped up. But really, yours is the worst. As far as I know, there has never been an occasion where a mother has killed her infant with the justification that she gave birth to it.

  26. “What exactly are “campaigns and continuous political pressure”? Does Bangsarite activism make an impact? ”

    Um, it broke the 2/3 majority. Realigned power in certain States and threw UMNO into panic mode. So yeah, it did have an impact. As did the ouster of Anwar Ibrahim.

    The impact of Anwar’s rejection by and off UMNO coupled with an Oppo that finally got its act together and the so called Bangsarite (sic) activism wrestled power away from the Najib Regime which you seem so deathly afraid off and go on about how nothing can change that.

    The failure of the Oppo as a cohesive force, the mendacious manner in which they carried out their cooperation and the power hungry nature of these so called forces of change in this country are just as blame worthy as the sycophants of keeping this Regime a float.

    You know what the difference between the alliance of civil society with Anwar and Octo is ? The former did enough of public mea culpas and worked at forming a broad coalition and paid lip service – which is a start – at reforming the System. The same can’t be said of Octo.

    And now those people who actually worked at reforming the system are mocked because they don’t want to get with the program. Well fuck that.

    Hell, this whole thing reminds me of those times when the DAP was in the wilderness and folks were mocking the Oppo or what it was as that time as dreamers, idealist and incapable of running a State much less a country, all the while prostrating themselves at the altar of pragmatism.

    You want to know what the price of saving this country by disposing of Najib is ?

    RM 10, apparently.

  27. In the meantime, the PM has taken hold of yet another lever of power in the country – Bank Negara.

    What are your thoughts on this, Din?
    This appointment is not unexpected. This man will be like Apandi Ali to protect Najib. The destruction of Bank Negara as an independent monetary authority is now complete. After Tun Ismail Ali and Tan Sri Aziz Taha, Bank Negara is led by politically correct Governors. –Din Merican

  28. /// veritas March 11, 2016 at 5:36 pm
    Moreover, a system that encourages strongman-style leadership will entice the power-hungry and ruthless to gain it. For every LKY, there is easily a Ne Win or a Mubarak or Mugabe. ///

    Why look so far away for example? The very problem here is due to that tin-pot dictator Mahathir, and his fast-learning disciple Najib.

  29. Najib has deep pocket. He will throw some petty cash around to divide and distract CD from presenting a united front. All those CD critiques please present your alternative and don’t give me the bullshit of following democratic process to unseat Najib.. It is myopic. The “democratic route” has been dismantled by the very power hungry dictator. All public institutions and regulatory instrument are bastardized. The brute force of fear on the rakyat has been unleashed by the PDRM. Majority vote does not count any more.

  30. Bangsarite? Haha.. One more for the Analects of Confusion..
    But i must say Ferdi, writes well, if in a very adversarial manner.
    Cajoling and Persuasion is an artform, not Whacking blue-black.

    The problem with immature politics, is the huge chip on just about everybody’s shoulder. Over here, it’s not about carrying your own cross – but a giant chocolate cookie. Obesity in mind and body.

    Well, let’s just say Octo is now interim Head of the Oppo. Main purpose being to get rid of the Hippo. How’s that for “semantic serendipity”?
    One either gets on board, or try to stay afloat as flotsam.. The Oppo being ambiguous and running around headless.

    Another piece of advice, for those who meet Octo for the first time – be yourself and don’t try to impress him. He’s scary (Mephistopheles-like) only to those who try to ‘impress’ or have a hidden agenda. He’s no Mugabe, but i can understand if you don’t believe me. Mind-piercing Petronas-less now.

  31. “All those CD critiques please present your alternative and don’t give me the bullshit of following democratic process to unseat Najib..”

    Okay. So what exactly does Mahathir bring to the table ? I know what a cohesive Oppo can do against UMNO but what exactly does this CD do as far as removing Najib is concerned ?

    So far, Cash is King is winning and Octo seems to involved in a one sided war of attrition. That “bullshit following the democratic process” weakened UMNO to the point that even Mahathir at one point – when he was campaigning for UMNO – was worried.

    Hey I’m all for solidarity but I would really like to know how this is going to remove Najib and when that happens how indebted his replacement is going to be to the UMNO system of patronage….which wait for it folks….is the definition of Cash is King.

    Is this CD going to stall the erosion of our democratic institutions ? Is this CD going to stop the electoral sleight of hand ? Is this CD going to make the fence sitters go “bloody hell, we’re all Malaysians now !” ? Is this CD going to make other Najib refuseniks step out of the closet ?

    Hey, I think that adding fuel to the UMNO internal fire is a good thing. I’m all for giving ammo to Octo in furtherance of his cause ? In fact I think some black ops style propaganda for the Original Scoundrel is something that should and could be collaborated on.

    If there were some concrete guarantees in the CD it would still not be worth the paper it is printed on but at least there’s a record of the willingness to slay sacred cows and this was an agreements by the Oppo and civil society getting the best deal for the country.

    But that’s just me.

  32. Given the impregnable situation that has been put in place, every single chink of protest adds cumulatively for desired outcome, and the temporary expedient united front will not bring about a Utopian nation state . It will at least remove the fortified evil and hopefully bring back the usual two party bickering political system and restore the integrity of the public institutions. It is a risk and gamble in the face of stark wilderness.

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