RPK says: Anwar Ibrahim destroyed Pakatan Rakyat

March 1o, 2016

RPK says: Anwar Ibrahim destroyed Pakatan Rakyat

by FMT Reporters


Anwar Ibrahim at his Political Peak in 2008

Controversial blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) has defended his attacks against Anwar Ibrahim, saying it was the jailed former Opposition leader who first declared war on him.

In an interview with the New Straits Times, Raja Petra said he had predicted that Anwar’s “agree to disagree” policy and his refusal to resolve many issues within the Opposition, such as hudud, would lead to Pakatan Rakyat’s demise.

“And for that he attacked me. And now have I not been proven right? Has Pakatan Rakyat not disintegrated?So why can’t I oppose Anwar when he is the cause of the disaster and when I had already warned him, and then he declared war on me because I had brought this matter up.”

He stressed that since it was Anwar who declared war on him, he had the right to respond just as Prime Minister Najib Razak could respond to the fierce attacks by former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

RPK  as I knew him–Din Merican

“So tell me, what is the issue here? Others can whack you, but you must just take it and not hit back? What is wrong with these Opposition people?”

He also said the Opposition had become a circus, and cited the outburst of Amanah President Mohamad Sabu at the Sungai Buloh rally recently and the meeting between Mahfuz Omar of PAS and Mahathir to remove Najib while the DAP was trying to destroy PAS and party President Abdul Hadi Awang.

He also mentioned the statement by PAS Deputy President Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man that the Islamist party would never work with UMNO because the latter refused to support the implementation of hudud.

“Is this the Opposition you are telling me to support?”He said only circus clowns would work for a circus and that he was not a circus clown.“I would like to believe I have better brains than that.”

Raja Petra left Malaysia in February 2009 and has been living in Manchester ever since in self-imposed exile, where he continues to run his MalaysiaToday website.



43 thoughts on “RPK says: Anwar Ibrahim destroyed Pakatan Rakyat

  1. In his obsession to become Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim destroyed Pakatan Rakyat and let Haris Ibrahim, RPK, the Late Bernard Zorro Khoo, I down and nameless others down. –Din Merican

  2. Don’t forget ktemoc, Raja petra kamaruddin’s sidekick

    This clown went even further to say that Anwar is a criminal and guilty for the education mess happened in the 80s

    I wonder what CL Flamiaris aka the Lupus going to say

  3. Well, RPK if you feel you are wronged and maligned come back and continue with the fight. Don’t hurl abuses from the safety of an English countryside.

  4. Get over it, folks! Don’t you folks feel tired carrying Anwar Ibrahim on your shoulders? I feel exhausted just reading this thing about Anwar Ibrahim again and again.

    Stop this obssession with him. What has happened has happened. Move on. Anwar will be an old frail man by the time he gets of out jail and part of the political history of Malaysia.

    Malaysia has many good young leaders among its 30 million people. Find the one that has the courage to stand out in the crowd.

  5. The criticism of Anwar may be legitimate but how does RPK explain attacking all and all parts of Pakatan? How do he explain his pro-UMNO/BN now against any change? Why does he NOT attack Hadi’s PAS? Its too convenient.

  6. And of course that angel who is now going around exposing “liars” had no compunctions about being a party to forgery, lying and whatnot himself…..

    …. I do know for a fact that they were the people behind the Israeli National Bank accounts ‘expose’ because I was present when they fabricated the list, which was then sent to an unsuspecting MGG Pillai for publishing.


  7. Dato Din is right. It is time to look beyond the past.
    I sound like a broken record. But now it is time for someone like Dr Azmi Sharom to fix our broken record.

    No Najib. No Mahathir. No Anwar.

    @LaMoy yes.. Jesus has spoken. “Let the first without sin cast the stone.” Dr Azmi Sharom with his background in law is the best clean “judge” to lead. Dato. Din: would you agree?
    Azmi Sharom is not a politician; Ambiga is now a politician, no longer a civil society leader and the worst thing she did was to associate herself with Mahathir. Tengku Razaleigh is the man, but alas he wants to the job of caretaker PM handed to him on a silver platter. I do not have anyone in mind. –Din Merican

  8. Ambiga is not a Malay…

    I never thought Tunku Abdul Rahman was ever a Machiavellian politician.

    But for all Machiavellian politician, he or she has better think twice.
    If we could bring down Najib (though a big if), we could bring down the next politician.

    That is the only reason for all politicians to stand behind a clean slate today.

    I am not sure we could find a clean Malay veteran today. A clean slate that all could agree on, the world could find hope on, a time and space to allow the nation to get a restart…

    Like what you have suggested Tengku Razaleigh does not want the job. I am not that old, but I must admit already tired of the old man.

    I don’t want to point fingers, but I could hardly imagine his hand could be that clean also. I could be wrong.

    Azmi Sharom is the change, just like a half white Obama could be a change. Azmi Sharom is not much younger than Obama. Obama was 44 when he became the President. Azmi Sharom probably borned in 1970? He would be 44 this year.

    Give Malaysia a chance? Skip a generation?

  9. Tok Cik,
    Furthermore, RPK is bullying a lady called Clare Rewcastle Brown. Bad Man indeed! Hence, I hate royalists such as RPK and his sickkicks, ktemoc……….There are far too many “princes” in Malaysia. Hence there must be reform in reducing these dependencies………
    Plus I do wonder why his side kick loves Najib so much………why?

    Guys and Gals,
    This is a very good article that you can look at……How Nixon won 2nd term presidency………I can accept Nixon…….but Najib? I hate prodigal son who was born with a silver spoon. If the last King of France was sent to the gallows, why Najib is still alive politically…….We should ask ktemoc……We should ask what favours Razak did to ktemoc’s uncles…….who were in the military. Perhaps, Tok Cik can help!
    Nah! The article


  10. Din, you said Ambiga did the worst by associating herself with Mahathir. For now, it appears that RPK has associated himself with Najib. As for Ku Li, he wants the job to be handed to him on a silver platter. DAP are locking horns with PAS. As fobr you it appears that there’s no love lost between you and Anwar. Is there anything left that we can associate ourself with? Rani Kulup perhaps.
    The country is in a political mess. I sympathise with Anwar’s plight and feel that he should be released from jail. But I do not think I will be working with him again. I have nothing further to add.–Din Merican

  11. RPK kisses HRH’s hand??

    For record, he mentioned HRH called him “gila” a few years back. That time when he whacked BN.

    I rest my case.

  12. By going against Anwar, this snake has been rewarded and now in the hands of the ‘cash is king’ to pay this opportunist for articles against opposition. We have fools like this worthless human shit to tell tales of others. Do you want us to believe?of this rouge?

  13. Can this be considered child labor?

    If it can, then we are all in terminal decline. If not, open thine eyes.
    The Three Ages of Man means different things to different people.
    But it sure doesn’t mean Never, Impossible and being Mercenary.
    Prostitution is also the Art of the Possible.
    Self-Flagellation is the Art of Disappointment.
    Forgiveness is Discernment (Wisdom).

    Btw, how old are you katasayang? Naive is too bland a word for thee.. Rahab was a sacred prostitute.

  14. RPK is a story teller, much like the 1000 and one night version. From a car wash guy at Champion Motors along Jalan Campbell, he has spun stories over the years that make him almost a king maker. Sad to see that many are still reading his trash. He seems to know all and have done all,mixed with the high and mighty as well as the politicians. If he knows all then he should be high up the political ladder or in some ways holding a position in one of the political parties.

  15. This is extremely fitting quote to say for this man called Raja Petra Kamaruddin……..hahahahaha

    “………And so I say to you on this occasion we leave, we leave proud of the people who have stood by us and worked for us and served this country. We want you to be proud of what you’ve done. We want you to continue to serve in Government, if that is your wish. Always give your best; never get discouraged; never be petty. Always remember others may hate you, but those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself…….”

    Same to ktemoc………hahahaha

  16. The problem with choosing a Najib replacement is the choice is limited to a Malay pool. And not many Malay politicians have both ‘ absolutely clean hands’ and talent. Now, if the pool is enlarged to all M’sians, we may have a leader. Perhaps, it is a bridge too far for Malaysia.

  17. “In his obsession to become Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim destroyed Pakatan Rakyat and let Haris Ibrahim, RPK, the Late Bernard Zorro Khoo, I down and nameless others down.”

    It was Umno who destroyed Pakatan Rakyat, perhaps. They were right about the glue theory.

    Seeing how quickly the alliance turned fractious, you have to admire how Anwar actually melded such a quarrelsome bunch into a formidable fighting force that dented BN not once but twice. In retrospect, an impressive feat.

    I will not comment on Anwar’s personal affairs (though the final Federal Court decision was legally unjust – he’d done enough to get past the “reasonable doubt” threshold, certainly.)

    But overweening ambition does strange things to people. Perhaps the least palatable part of the Anwar story is / was the use of Wan Azizah as a placeholder. The poor lady was never cut out for it. And from behind bars Anwar does not seem to realise that the game is up, and he no longer had the pull of yore, even before that unjust decision.

    Knowing that the possibility of jail time was always there, Anwar spent no part of 2014 preparing a viable Plan B. He still thought Azizah as doorstopper was the best ploy because she would obediently resign from Permatang Pauh a 3rd time, and the quest for the holy PM grail would continue, post-prison. It was a poor decision. Azizah is not superglue or even school gum when it comes to politics. He thereby killed the alliance he had led so magnificently for seven years. It is quite ironic.

    Will Anwar survive in Malaysian history?

    He undoubtedly will, as the spark for the thought that there is a post-BN future – and a testament to how utterly nasty Umno politics can be.

  18. RPK is all over the NST.

    His explanations are as credible as his blog, but in any case, why do they think he’s worth paying? He writes in a language that the most relevant voters do not read, and those who do read it believe not a word he says; so what exactly is the point?

    Whose mind, heart or voting pattern is he changing, exactly?


  19. I pity RPK – having ‘sold’ it, he’s soulless now.
    In his urgency to sell his ‘ware’, he doesn’t care for the truth anymore – it’s all about ‘cari makan’ now – pathetic …

  20. // Naive is too bland a word for thee.
    @CLF Thank you. I will take it as a compliment 🙂
    I am a gen-X. Too young to remember the good old liberal days of Malaysia. Too old to have to struggle through in understanding the pain before the days of google, and blogs.

  21. One may disagree with RPK, but strangely, the rumours or readers may considered ” as ” lies “he releases, often turn out to be correct and true over time and as events unfold.

    He should never be discounted for his unconventional, but well- weighted views in storey telling, although often ” cheong hey” but never short of ” yee hey ” as he always courageously own up on what he had written or said, and responded when challenged.

  22. Dato

    Would you care to lead? We all know we badly need a group of people to govern the country. I noticed a lot of our veterans are sick with currently situation. I would love to see ex-civil servants and veteran ran for office. We need from the 70s-80s technocrat run for office and not corrupted politician.



    Thanks for your compliments. Two reasons: 1) I am 77 and 2) if I am younger, I wont since I am not politician and I know that.–Din Merican

  23. There is more than enough blame to go around when it comes to the question of who destroyed Pakatan Rakyat. What I dislike about RPK is his unwillingness to acknowledge that he has changed sides. You can disavow PR but not embrace BN. That’s a morally tenable position.

    But he now shills for the Najib Regime and carries on saying that he is an objective observer. I mean he was always a bit of a charlatan but folks overlooked that because he was raging with them against the UMNO machine.

    But hey, a man’s gotta eat.

  24. /// katasayang March 10, 2016 at 4:58 pm
    @LaMoy yes.. Jesus has spoken. “Let the first without sin cast the stone.” ///

    I think this is arguably just about the worst injunction in that fairy tale written in the desert in the iron age. Does that mean we let all the crimes in the world go unpunished? Do we let Josef Fritzl go free because all of us are sinful?

    Most politicians, if not all, are crooks and liars – does that mean there will be no one worthy to lead the nation?

  25. And all this is subjective. What we need are people who think clearly and tell us what is wrong and how can we correct it within the framework of our constitutions. Time for the blame game is over and those responsible for it must wake up. If we’re persist we will remain a Third World Country and will find it difficult to become a High Income Nation or even a developed nation by 20/20.

    Our past can only serve as a reference point and it is little consequence to the man on the street to tell him that we are going to become a developed country and enhance their hope levels. Only what we do in the present will determine our future in a decade from now. That is how long it takes for government policies to show results.

  26. * “But hey, a man’s gotta eat.” Conrad

    True, true. But doesn’t mean one must swank or wank endlessly. He could still open a car-wash as alluded by my buddy Orang Malaya. Go back to his roots as it were. No need to open a capital intensive, eatery of dubious aperitifs..

    He’s an unmitigated disaster in existential terms. Not that he understands the meaning thereof. He claims to walk the Corridors of Power, but i think he slinks in the Longkang running beside.. The rumors that he puts out are stuff that the under-worked civil-service peon recites. Toldja, folks like DSAI, can’t winnow the wheat from the chaff.. (a bit about that, later). It’s a learned behavior.

    Does anyone here still go to MT, besides pain addicts and sadomasochists? Loosebrain perhaps.

    * “Most politicians, if not all, are crooks and liars – does that mean there will be no one worthy to lead the nation?” The

    Yup. But a good leader must have a strong sense of conviction, self-reflection and conscience, even if he/she is all those things. When it comes to wielding power, it’s not about whacking, welding or shielding, it’s more about yielding. Unless the bank accounts show otherwise.

    And katasayang, it’s not a compliment. It’s about how Gen X, Y and Z can’t seem to winnow the wheat from the chaff. Monomania is a term used by Dostoevsky in his “Crime and Punishment”. Din has said it many times. A ‘good’ politician cannot be a stoic technocrat or a mono-dimensional hack. He must be a Prostitute.

  27. Agreed CLF.

    But and this is so unlike me…. I just wanna’ punch him in that fat smug face of his.

    There are some words some people should not use, ever. Hypocrisy is one such word, and RPK is one such person. And he uses that word, a lot.

  28. @clf winnowing wheat from chaff… i guess best left for the next leader, whose name we could not agree on.

    But for now, let’s see if we have the following idea in common?

    We all agree that we needed a “wheat” material leader.
    To me, it is important that the next “wheat” material statesman knows how to incentivate the chaff to work for the nation when in power. Else, the next thing that happens is intensive capital flight, since we know many are chaff who have gotten rich from abusive power via rent seeking activities. Thus, a “whore” he or she this wheat would have to be.
    Yet, this “wheat” still have to continue to harness trust of the rakyat throughout.
    Ultimately, he is to be judged a wheat or chaff himself or herself for the capability to modify related laws and perform massive rebuilding of existing establisments before the end of his or her term.
    Yes, a wheat in my mind is one who understood the virtue of term limit.
    Yes, a wheat is one who could dish out justice not for his or her own gain when in power.
    Yes, a wheat is someone whose hand has not already been tainted when leading the pack of stone casters. We, the stone casters (aka political leaders, rakyat or ex rakyat) are an impatient lot.

    Heavy the burden this next coming wheat.

    I trust the brave new world of dr azmi sharom.

  29. The,

    // most politicians, if not all, are crooks and liars – does that mean there will be no one worthy to lead the nation?

    Exactly. So, I have suggested dr azmi sharom because he is not a politician. We have too many career politicians in this nation. Too many “my father is so and so” kind of politicians. That collusive power of olligarchy family from ex prime ministers is choking the growth of this nation.

    Brave new world it is. Platonic philosopher king who deeply appreciate the meaning of rule of law, supported by love and justice for all, he would be.
    A king who understood the blood on his or her own hand as he or she wields power. A king who knows the power came from rakyat through a fair election. A king who knows there is always potential for a better king.

    Should we, the rakyat, settle for anyone less? I say no. Else, we truly deserves the treatment we are getting today.

  30. Because Hadi`s is one of the only 2 hands he will kiss …

    “There are only two people whose hand I kiss — one is His Highness the Sultan of Selangor and the other is Hadi.”

    Make that three… Tun Mahathir

    “When Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad retired as Prime Minister on 31 October 2003, I stopped whacking him like I had been doing since 1998. In 2005, I went to Tun’s house for tea and hosted him to a dialogue session that same year at the Kelab Century Paradise. I even kissed his hand in the proper custom and tradition of how a Malay should conduct himself when he has an audience with someone much senior in age “

  31. Do you even understand how democracy works, katasayang? In Bolehland at least.

    A wheat kernel has to be willing to run for elections.
    Have you asked him? How well do you know the bloke? Or are you asking his wife?
    A lecturer in MU/UM is paid peanuts. Are they monkeys?
    What exactly is his vocation? Lawyer or Lecturer or Activist? Decide.. If all 3, you have a Trinity. Bleh..

    The husk is all those flurs who attempt ‘Change’ when nobody wants that. They prefer Cash.. What intellectual capacity would require these ‘asinine’ folks from delaying gratification in the name of ‘greater’ good? That is reality.

    The Goon system is Feudal and Corrupt. It uses the Law, not upholds the Law. UMNOb Goons are rotten chaff who believes they are above the Law! And they are, in case you have not noticed.

    Gimme a break. And i may not be as Old and Fuddy duddy as you think.

  32. @CLF You are young at heart. But, your wisdom and understanding of life seems to go beyond what a multiple life times, no matter what’s your age. You made me google. Reminded me of many things I have forgotten and ultimately learnt a lot from you.

    My hope and boldness merely lies in the knowledge that many have deep seated suspicion of each other in the ruling hierarchy in that they would hate to see the other holds the absolute power granted to the PM today. Pragmatic calculation to tolerate balance of power over incarceration is what would drive power brokers to want someone like Dr Azmi Sharom as PM.

    The next in Power will just get *whacked* like our today’s 1PM, if nothing is done to reform existing establishment, and rules. A cashless PM is best to put back the balance in the houses of power is what is needed. Democracy has always been the worst form of government. Yet, it is the only form that would last because of all the chaff that exists in the society.

  33. katasayang: Do you really believe “a cashless PM is best to put back the balance in the houses of power”? Has it ever occurred to you, instead of reforming the existing establishment, a ‘cashless PM’ may seize the opportunity to make himself into a ‘cashful PM’? Reform and cashless PM are mutually exclusive. Have you taken Logics in college? Conrad and CLF calling you naive. I have told you before, that I find your reasoning ‘interesting’, which is a polite way of saying it is a kind of wacko.

  34. Beaten, threaten, in out of jail. Knowing the third asshole drama will put him in jail again, did he ran away. Powerless, he stay put to fight the powerful evil. Endless framing, humilating him, n his families. Did he left behing his bolih cantik land. What more do u want a man in jail.

  35. lamoy, point well taken. In this case, tun m does have some cash(just my guess) also. Good luck to the next cash is king pm.

    Sigh.. melayu tentu akan hilang di dunia.
    In any case, we the pelanduk rakyat get whacked first. Sigh.. a page from LesMis.. a mother has to steal milo for son.

    Cash would do. This pendatang’s father’s father came for cash.. in any case. Why think so hard? 😋

  36. / a ‘cashless PM’ may seize the opportunity to make himself into a ‘cashful PM’
    @lamoy point well taken. One cashless candidate has been suggested, azmin ali. Your objection has a very good point.

  37. RPK greatest wrong and confirm his betrayal is that the simple reply to his criticism including the latest on Mahathir ( what has it to do with Anwar and pro- Najib??) Is how do you change what he complain without removing Najib and UMNO?

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