5 thoughts on “Democratic Primary Debate Miami Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders

  1. Just like you are asking if Jeremy Corbyn can win 2020 election………hahahahahaha. Ask RPK la!

    Will Jeremy stand if Labour loses horribly in 2020 UK election………Flash back 1983 election in UK…….

    History repeats itself! These people especially Conrad never read history…….properly…….

  2. []
    Economists are, of course, right about free trade, the dangers of protectionism, and the nihilism of a Trump trade war, but then again, universities do not usually fire tenured economics professors and import in their place part-timers from Chile or Serbia. Politico reporters are not replaced by English-speaking immigrant Punjabi journalists. Distill racial politics down to “white privilege” and the Trump divide reappears as well. Those with money, class, and influence can navigate around affirmative action and “diversity” concerns; not so the lower middle-classes. To add insult to injury, it is usually wealthy whites who abstractly apologize for their privilege to minority elites, a sort of penance that assume their stature ensures that they can be magnanimous with lives (deemed less important) other than their own.

    Because Trump anger is not about consistency on the issues, but raw emotion, refuting Trump by rationally exposing the myriad of his hypocrisies and vulgarities has not so far won over too many of his supporters. That might have been easily possible a year ago, had a candidate tried to infuse some passion into a workable agenda and shown some affinity with those who are otherwise written off as Ice Road Truckers or Ax Men embarrassments. Or had a candidate far earlier, as Rubio apparently is now, been willing to blow up his campaign by descending to Trump’s crude level and in kamikaze fashion trading repugnant Trumpian smears, blow for blow. Or had a Kasich, Carson, or Bush far earlier bowed out.

    But at least for a while longer, millions of Republicans and lots of Reagan Democrats would gladly prefer to be wrong with Trump than right with anyone else.


  3. ‘Tis the 12th presidential election I’m involved in. Primary debates have bored me. 2 types of political cleavage are always exacerbated in the process: identity cleavage revolving around nationhood, ethnicity, or religion; and income cleavage revolving around social class. Right-wing populists like Trump engage in identity politics. Left-wing populists like Sanders emphasize the gulf between the rich & the poor. In both there’s a clear “other” toward which anger can be directed. You can barely make ends meet? It’s the Chinese who have stolen your jobs. Upset by crime? It’s the Mexicans & other immigrants who bring their gang warfare into the country. Terrorism? Why, Muslims, of course. Corruption? What do you expect when the big banks are bankrolling our political system? What’s worse is the unprincipled opportunists like Hillary Clinton, a compulsive liar.

  4. Not with this big a lead by Hillary. Hillary Vs Trump and she has the better odds unless there is a terrorist attack. But it will still be close and pivot by Trump will be interesting to watch.

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