Show us some Respect as we Malaysians are not Lemmings

March 8, 2016

Message to those in league with Mahathir: Show us some Respect as we Malaysians are not Lemmings

by Hafidz Baharom

The recently launched People’s Declaration which showed Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed joining hands with Pakatan Harapan (Harapan) leaders and activists from various NGOs in the hope of deposing Prime Minister Datok Seri Najib Razak has triggered a spectrum of reactions.

Some are happy, looking forward to what happens next, and even think this will finally be the undoing of Najib.Others are not so keen with this move. And the reasoning is simple. After 22 years of rule, and almost 20 years (come 2018) of vilifying Dr Mahathir to the point of branding him the Devil himself – and making this the selling point for general elections since 2008, the opposition and non-government organisations can just turn around and say “Oh, it’s okay. The past is the past, let us work on the future.”

I am sure by now it is obviously clear that Malaysians are not lemmings, nor are we serfs to just take the words of our supposed lordly political and NGO vassals and go forth as if nothing in the past two decades of Malaysian politics mattered.

Nor are we Malaysians a nation of Alzheimer’s patients to suddenly forget everything said by the political leaders involved in the recent press conference about each other and how Dr Mahathir triggered the rot.

And neither is the recently launched People’s Declaration supposed to be the Magna Carta – especially since it describes the issues limited to 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) as a trigger issue.

So yes, with all the above in mind, you believe that because those wronged worst than Mahathir can forgive, therefore we should be able to do so too?I’ll reply that with a two finger salute and a simple “(expletive deleted) you”.

Malaysians do not simply believe in a simple all is forgiven because of one reason – the Pakatan Harapan sold them wholesale that Putrajaya was corrupt because of that very man in their midst. And they pulled it off too well.

Similarly, the NGOs who decried freedom and electoral fraud, and a rot in the institutions also blamed that old man as well. Now you are saying it is all fine and dandy, that we should all join hands and sing Kumbaya?

Fahmi Reza is correct in his recent portrayal of clown faces yelling “we are all hypocrites”, because that is exactly what is pissing off the Malaysians who will reject this declaration – it is too hypocritical and irrational, as he himself points out.

But the greatest feeling of betrayal comes out of the belief that the opposition has broken their trust. See unlike us jaded and cynical Malaysians who just roll eyes and keep things to a simple sentence to describe this truly clowny affair, many Malaysians were trusting their politicians far too much.

They truly believed the DAP, PKR, PAS – now Parti Amanah Negara – coalition and their NGO allies would lead them to a better future without corruption, punishing the corruptors and their supporters.

Instead, now it is seen as if the so-called “clean” coalition is tarnished through a deal with the Devil – and that branding of the Devil was something that the coalition itself sold to the people.

You wish to point out that Najib censored The Malaysian Insider, The Heat, The Edge, Sarawak Report and even blogs, therefore the journalist fraternity should support this coalition.

Well, that Devil you branded shut down Sin Chew Jit Poh, Watan, The Star and The Sunday Star during Ops Lalang in 1987.Heck, he even whacked the people who initially supported Dató Seri Anwar Ibrahim in Malaysia Today.

So here is what will happen, as far as I can tell.There is now a break in the opposition supporting voter base while the government votes remain secure. The die hard supporters will remain true, but the independent vote is now fractured.

If a general election is called sooner than 2018, heck, even if he called for it today, the government has a stronger chance to win more seats in the urban centres simply because Malaysians will opt out of this election on the basis that a vote for Pakatan is a vote for Dr Mahathir.

And that will even be a selling point used by the Barisan Nasional (BN) to trigger either a switch vote or a low-voter turnout – since most would not vote Harapan or BN due to loss of trust in both.

Even the NGO support for Harapan won’t convince the Malaysian public to vote since it would be said that they too now suddenly back Dr Mahathir.

The outcome will be that BN will continue to rule Malaysia and the opposition will in fact lose a few seats where the non-Malay votes become kingmakers.

For the rural areas, the split between PAS and Amanah will make PAS become even more relevant in determining the government, especially if a deal is reached that UMNO will not contest against PAS.

The opposition loses all credibility and remain in political wilderness as it did in 2004, thus needing them to build up from scratch. If PAS sides with the government, expect an even more conservative ruling coalition in power.

And Malaysia wouldn’t have been saved, but brought to ruin by politicians who thought the ends justified the means.

12 thoughts on “Show us some Respect as we Malaysians are not Lemmings

  1. Franklin Roosevelt once said, In a moment of decision the best thing you can do is do the right thing, the next best thing is do the wrong thing and the worst thing that you can do is nothing.

  2. If I get it right, the author is suggesting that we should go from being or taken to be lemmings to being ostriches?

    We all know the problem, but what is the immediate solution, meaning right now, not 2 years down the road facing a manufactured “Emergency”? By then the author will probably say, shit, the bloody Opposition and that senile Mahathir sat on their hands, did nothing and now see what happens?

    If you are lost in the jungle and a headhunter is the only one who knows the way out, are you going to refuse his help for ethical reasons?

  3. If a ship is wrecked and damaged because a lot of wrongs had been done, naturally major repairs and overhauls are needed to salvage and save it from ruin. This is the central issue which us the ordinary “rakyat” are concerned about. These leaders who shared the same stage with Tun M at the occasion do so with the central issue in mind, and they are not foolhardy, rash or foolish. The ordinary folks and citizens of this country are lemmings insofar as they allow themselves to be sidetracked and distracted and lose sight of this central issue. DS Anwar Ibrahim had been wronged the most and in ways that are incomprehensible by Tun M in the past, yet even he could find the space in his heart to forgive and forget, and gave his support to this effort. This is the example of a man “yang berjiwa besar”. We should all take cue and not let ourselves be drawn away from the central issue afflicting this country of ours if we are to be true to ourselves because, at the very core, we the “rakyat” are already very upset and unhappy by the way things have turned up thus far for us. We are already up to our neck being patient for so long and enduring the hardships befallen us so much that we would welcome a change – any change – for the better.

  4. Maybe this is his last chance to do something right for the nation. I still don’t trust him, but should be given benefit of doubt.

    Acts of desperation force highly principled and idealistic leaders like Ambiga, Maria Chin Abdullah and their BERSIH supporters to deal with Tun Dr. Mahathir in the interest of saving Malaysia. Even someone I admire and respect like Lim Kit Siang is prepared to do a deal with the former Prime Minister, not to mention Azmin Ali, Khalid Samad and Anwar Ibrahim. The political opposition’s volte-face (vɒltˈfas,-ˈfɑ) will deliver power to Najib’s UMMO-BN at GE14 if there is one. Why don’t these people realise that Tun Dr. Mahathir has a limited objective, that is to save UMNO Baru and perpetuate Ketuanan Melayu? My friends Ambiga and Maria should explain their stand. –Din Merican.

  5. The situation is actually much worse than it appears. For what it’s worth, i feel that something needs to happen soon.. I had alluded to this even before CNY.

    Jibros is being whacked from all sides including by his own ‘blood kin’ within closed doors. He is clinging on with nails, claws and talons. No mercy is being shown to his lap-mongrels who have been reduced to beggars scrounging for scraps. That’s why they have been mouthing ‘support’.

    The treasury is in bad shape and whatever expenditure is mainly being used to prop up his sycophants. Certainly none of ‘donations’ are trickling down to help the dire economy. Frankly, we cannot afford to wait another 2 years. It either has to be intra-party putsch or parliamentary vote of no confidence.

    I don’t care whether this C.D is hypocritical, opportunistic, parasitic or incoherent. It’s one way of eroding whatever legitimacy remaining and cutting off the grassroot support. Look at what happened in Trengganu this morning!

    Lemmings do not shit bricks, neither do they commit mass suicide by jumping off cliffs, despite popular imagination.

  6. Najib may have misused US$700 million, Pakatan Harapan is the most incompetent opposition coalition in the world.

    If 1MDB scandal is truly an issue that the opposition can leverage to prosecute PM, then the opposition would have mobilized prosecutors to prosecute accomplices of the scandal. The fact, which many refuse to to face, is that we at the moment have no capability to prosecute accomplices of PM, much less the PM himself. Legal route is not viable.

    Parliamentary route for no confidence vote is also not viable.

    When legal and parliamentary routes are not viable, we pretty much have no constitutional routes to remove the PM. Removing PM from within UMNO, albeit done before, in unconstitutional. That is a fact for the moment.

    However, there is a way to repair the damage of 1MDB scandal. Why don’t negotiate with the PM: the opposition pledges to not bugging him with 1MDB scandal and the PM pledges to restore (some) co-equal status of judiciary branch. Simple acts such as second announcement of reinstating symbolically the judges dismissed in 1988 May Day and making judges serving for lives (no retirement date) will go a long way to repair long-term monetary and credit damage of the nation. We will recoup many times of the US$700 million and lost reputation when we have slightly better judiciary. Plus the joy of trashing the doctor in the house by undoing some of his legacy of making judiciary subservient to executive while he is alive.

    This incompetent Pakatan Harapan instead colludes with the doctor in the house. That is the most ridiculous political move in the modern politics. Lim Kit Siang and Anwar are incorrigible. New leaders should take over.

  7. The problem with the Declaration is not about working with Mahathir, its not enough. It does nothing about Hadi’s PAS who are now the biggest stumbling block.

  8. “I am sure by now it is obviously clear that Malaysians are not lemmings?”

    Of course you are. In fact, you’re worse than lemmings.

    You thought that Anwar Ibrahim was actually more than an overambitious drama queen and cheap 2-bit politician.

    You thought that Mahathir Mohamad was actually more than a Machiavellian control freak who has only one fixation – imposing his worldview on everyone else.

    You thought that Najib Razak was actually a breath of fresh air as he promised to build the “world’s best democracy”.

    But of course, Hafidz is a Melayu moden sitting in Starbucks with his latte, laptop and wi-fi. The wi-fi connects him, but ironically Hafidz is completely disconnected. The real “lemmings” who actually decide on Malaysian political power are very, very far away from him, in the interiors of East Malaysia and in rural Peninsula Malaysia. But “lemming” is rather an unkind term for these folks.

    So Hafidz keeps churning out his opinion pieces for online portals and urban readers, neither of which are actually germane to “change”, the “future” or any of those nice, overused words.

    Lemming suicide is a myth anyway:

    “It’s a frequent question,” he said “‘Do they really kill themselves?’ No. The answer is unequivocal, no they don’t.”

    Malaysians, however, do kill themselves by engaging in pointless debates and polemics and online anguish rather than going to the real battlegrounds; in the meantime, Najib Razak rubs his hands in glee and prepares to **** you all even harder. And he will, oh he will.


  9. Din.
    Those old politicians surely know what they’re doing with TM. Whether losing vote or winning vote, nobody know. One thing I know for sure. Those peoples are not paid with cash by TM.
    As for me, I don’t quite agree with this young writer. What he write is not completely out of sense. For me, chatting with peoples from difference races in the stall,market, pasar malam, coffee shop, tell me they agree the opposition joining hand with TM.

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