Putrajaya reacts: Change via Democratic Elections

March 5, 2016

Putrajaya reacts:  Change via Democratic Elections


Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad should follow the democratic process and wait for the next general election if he wants a change of government, Putrajaya said today, hours after the former prime minister launched a new cross-party initiative to remove Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib Razak from office.

Responding to the press conference by Dr Mahathir, opposition leaders and civil society leaders earlier, Putrajaya said Malaysians had given Najib the mandate to lead the country during the 13th general election.

“Today, Tun Mahathir and his former enemies have demonstrated the depth of their political opportunism and desperation.There is an existing mechanism to change the government and Prime Minister. It’s called a general election. ‎And it is the only mechanism that is lawful, democratic and fulfils the people’s will‎.

“In 2013, the Malaysian people expressed their will and elected the current government, led by Prime Minister Najib Razak. If Tun Mahathir wants to change the government, he must follow democratic process and await the next election, in line with Malaysia’s laws and Federal Constitution,” a government spokesman said.

Earlier today, Dr Mahathir got together with his old political allies and foes to obtain the people’s support to sign a declaration seeking Najib’s removal as Prime Minister.

The Citizens’ Declaration, which among others calls for Najib’s removal as well as “those in concert with him”, is signed by 58 individuals, including Dr Mahathir’s wife, Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali.

Meanwhile, Communications and Multimedia Minister Dato Seri Salleh Said Keruak described the movement to oust Najib as a side show by a group of misfits with no clear agenda for reforms.

“It was basically a collection of misfits and a motley crew who are united by only one thing: their hatred for Najib. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad talked about removing Najib and then pushing for reforms,” he said, adding that those who attended the press conference were the same voices who had been most vocal in demanding Najib’s resignation.

Salleh also said that Dr Mahathir was careful not to go into detail on what kind of reforms he was referring to.

“He left it vague. The opposition’s idea of reforms differ greatly from that of Dr Mahathir’s.They are not united on the details. That alone ensures that this alliance is doomed from the start, just like Pakatan Rakyat was.Let us first hear what their full agenda of reforms is before asking the rakyat for their support,” he said.

He also questioned the movement’s next course of action as he said their one and only agenda was to oust Najib.

“After that, what? Dr Mahathir said the alliance is merely to oust Najib so that Malaysia can be saved.Saved from what? What he means is the 1MDB issue but he does not want to mention that because the matter has already been resolved and is no longer an issue,” he said, adding that even the RM2.6 billion donation issue also had been resolved.

He said those who were part of the movement realised that their attempt to oust Najib had failed and it was just a face-saving exercise.

“They need to be honest and not take the rakyat for a ride.It is a side show to give an impression that the effort has not ended, when in fact it ended months ago.”

28 thoughts on “Putrajaya reacts: Change via Democratic Elections

  1. The government is well advised to cease existing in a denial syndrome and start heeding the demand of the rakyat. This opposition movement against Najib will grow into a force of tsunami at a national level the longer Najib delays the General Election which should take place now or very soon in order to silence this growing opposition against Najib DEMOCRATICALLY as suggested by Kruak Salleh fellow. Kruak Salleh should advise his boss quickly before the tsunami takes hold of the situation.

  2. “In 2013, the Malaysian people expressed their will and elected the current government, led by Prime Minister Najib Razak. If Tun Mahathir wants to change the government, he must follow democratic process” – Putar-jaya.

    Well, please ask your Revered Leader, Al Jubor, what’s so democratic about the election process when everything and anything are in his favour. Pooorah.

  3. What can I say? There is no chance for change via democratic elections. This is because elections will not be free and fair. That is why Putrajaya is confident and arrogant. Najib controls the levers of power.

    The question is will there be a GE-14 or state of emergency? Maybe Mahathir, the architect of our flawed democratic governance, has the solution. Keep hoping guys. We are a bunch of suckers.–Din Merican

  4. What democratic election process are these UMNO goons talking about when the whole election machinery is loaded dice in favor of UMNO . Only by public pressure of the majority of the people can eject the UMNO and the Head for conduct that is unacceptable. Country cannot afford the luxury of time to wait for election. Thieves should not be given time to keep robbing.

  5. Better late than never,Dato. My only worry will there be another power’ black out’ during counting of votes.
    Hang Kebun, are you a relative of the mythical Hang Jebat? My good friend in Ipoh, Tok Cik, is an expert on the Hangs of Melaka. You might care to contact him so that he can complete the family tree of the Hangs.–Din Merican

  6. Getting rid of Al Jubor is not enough as his equally corrupt and inept deputy, Zahid Hamidi, will take over and the country will be no better. It’s about getting rid of Umno and instituting constitutional reforms, so whichever party that takes over has to abide by the reforms. That is the mantra.

    As about old foes sitting together for a joint declaration, I allude to Benjamin Disraeli’s famous quote:

    “We have no permanent friends. We have no permanent enemies. We just have permanent interests.”

  7. DAMN! Do also die, don’t do also die. Might as well do and die in a blaze of glory. Charge of the Suckers Brigade! will be remembered as taking the Hobson’s choice. Salam.

  8. When Mahathir campaigned for and succeeded in bringing Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi down and out of the then also democratically elected government, we did not hear a squeak, (from “Putrajaya” or Salleh Said Keruak), about following “the democratic process and wait for the next general election if he, (Mahathir), wants a change of government…”

    Najib just happily got promoted to PM from DPM. Any “change” of gomen? No, only a change of PM.

    If Najib resigns, Zahid just takes over until such time the incumbent Parliament, if thought fit, elects a new PM. Then we wait for the next election.

    And talking about waiting for the “next election”, Najib has been telling us to wait and wait for this and that report to come out before commenting and passing judgement on 1MDB. Well, the “Report” is out and promptly got classified under OSA.

    So what chance is there for the “next election” to happen if Najib continues as PM for the next two years?

  9. Pak Din, the only Hang I know, and probably the whole nation, is Al Jibor aka Hang Sapu. He’ll sapu anything that has monetary value so he could remain afloat and alive. How sad…
    Tok cik,

    Hang Sampah is the incumbent Putrajaya top honcho and Presiden UMNO. Hang Turut is the DPM Zahid and Hang Ampu is that Keruak fella. The Cabinet is full of all kinds of hangs and our nation has become, as a result, a hung nation. So Hang Kebun is not alone. The Family tree is already in place. Come to Phnom Penh for a good break. You can be sure that there are no hangs. The Hun(Hun Sen) is doing a great job for Cambodia.–Din Merican

  10. Right now, there’s too much politicking:
    The economy is tanking and corruption is escalating.
    Destitution is a Real and Present danger.
    Capital flight has escalated.
    Education is in nadir.
    The Judiciary is at best ‘patchy’, and depends on ‘Luck’.
    Race relations are divisive and Religion becomes a tool of Apartheid.
    The Civil Service is anemic and stifled-stymied by racist mediocrity.
    The Lawmakers become assiduously Lawbreakers.
    The Law Enforcers become Twitting Bird-Brains.
    Political Will has degenerated to ‘Cash is King’.

    So ‘Our’ Governance is literally Pokkai.. (whatever that means).

    UMNOb is in serious denial. Their motto seems to have devolve into FUBAR Gua-Lu-Tolongisms. Their ‘Malay’ Sabahan headhunters become the main Apologists defending their indefensible Bugis-Minangkabau Supremo. Yet their lapdog and chief Eunuch, MCA-lite is begging the recalcitrant Nons, to concentrate on ‘Other Things’. What other things, we cannot imagine. MIC is punch syamsu-drunk.

    The Green-Moon Ragheads are ‘confused’ and seeking the intervention of the Feudal Overlord Committee as the Third way – i.e Royal Commission for the Scandals. Silly ain’t it? Perhaps they have the luxury of ‘afterlife’.

    Meanwhile, Suntze Octo, Suntan Sunny and their mortal enemies strangely sit on the same table to denounce the Head Honcho. Their immediate agenda is One. Substantive Reform is secondary.. Meanwhile, MY and allies are grimly doing the Math, even though they can barely add or subtract. Putsch, being the overriding theme. They believe that day Jibros rides into the desert, will be the day of Rapture – not Rupture.

    So we have Cynics, Stoics, Epicureans and other Greek-like Philosophers and Theologians roaming here parts or creeping outta woodwork. Me? I prefer Kollywood prancing around the coconut tree. Because the truth is stranger than fiction.

  11. /// Hang Kebun March 5, 2016 at 9:46 am
    Hang Kebun, are you a relative of the mythical Hang Jebat? ///

    I prefer to hang Najib.

  12. M sure Dato if I ever meet Tok Cik I will go for Chendol Melaka..more Hangs Out I guess. Nice to visit Umbai too for ikan bakar..Have a great weekend guys.

  13. No point talking of Elections with all the ball careers and suckers of UMNO manning EC. Chairman of EC appears to be telling cock and bull stories recently. To put it plainly, he is no better than the former. Get rid of the culprit Najib leading the country to lay better foundation of all the institutions for better reformation for a fair play before you fuckers from UMNO/Barisan talk of challenging at the ballot box. Cowards!

    At this digital age why can’t the EC use better and effective system to conduct the elections? Even INDIA which was rated developing country behind Malaysia is much advanced in its system today in conducting elections by going digital. Imagine the population of each state and the population ratio of each constitution to man the elections of magnanimous workload.

    No transparency in our system and many are deprived of their right to vote due to bad management of EC. Even we can’t fight the cheating of vote buying in our courts because with a flimsy grounds the courts throw the case. We definitely need the change in our system failing which we shall forget of winning or changing the government.

  14. Meanwhile, the urban chattering classes agonise over whether they can “really” trust Dr M.

    Can I answer?

    No, you can’t.

    But you are about to be gang-raped by multiple laws that will take away any hope of removing Najib, ever.

    So….Joseph Heller wrote a book once…..

  15. Let us stop looking at the past. I am not for one who believes in impunity-but let us be pragmatic. Mahathir or Anwar Ibrahim will never say they were wrong, and their policies have brought us where we are now. Today, the older Malaysian speaks better English than the young-that shows how backward Malaysia has become. Even the police constable is on the take because the top down corruption is killing Malaysia.

    The BIGGEST LOSER is the Bumiputra that has been screwed by UMNO. If Malaysia had a Chinese Finance Minister as those days, as a Eurasian I will be very comfortable, because they know that saving is harder than earning. WE can learn from them, of course with safeguards. Today. Petronas is no longer the Bank for UMNO-“wang tidak ada, insufficent funds , account tutup”. Today, we see the Malay on the street has become the Non-Malays ( No special benefits mate), and trouble blooms.

    I believe in meritocracy, Non_Malays had no special loans, houses, jobs etc…but were resilient and better off that the majority of Malays. Many Malays and Non-Malays in support of the former in power have enriched themselves-system is wrong.

  16. “But you are about to be gang-raped by multiple laws that will take away any hope of removing Najib, ever.”

    Yeah, those laws were in play already and really Octo never really had any use for them, seeing as how he acted above the law.

    Do I think that throwing in with the wily old fox, is a necessary pragmatic thing ?

    Not really. But since he’s the only game in town, what with his plans to destabilize UMNO, why not.

    You don’t need a “citizens declaration” BS to express this because that’s just the fig leaf Octo will use when his plans come to fruition.

    The thing is not too get too excited about it or dismiss those who think it’s a bad idea.

    And seeing as how the chattering class, of late have been the Gondor to Najib’s Mordor, I would not dismiss them either because the rural heart landers have been so used to getting gangbanged by UMNO, so much so they go “please sir, I want some more” every time a GE comes around.

  17. Did England, Australia, India etc which have similar democracy as Malaysia always change their Prime Minister by the schedule 5 yearly election. Don’t they have democratic protest, no confidence vote etc like what we are having now? Did Najib replace Pak Lah by a GE? Was Pak Lah removed by protest etc and was Najib a party to the protest and beneficiary of the succesful protest? Why was it democratic then and not now? It is because Pak Lah is a Gentleman and Najib is a Pirate.

  18. Najib’s PR hacks claim that “there is an existing mechanism to change the government and Prime Minister. It’s called a general election. ‎And it is the only mechanism that is lawful, democratic and fulfills the people’s will‎.” That of course if totally false. Historically, in parliamentary governments around the world, Prime ministers have routinely resigned when political fortunes turn against them. More to the point, Najib became Prime Minister in 2009 because Badawi resigned; it was not the direct result of a GE. If you accept the false logic of Najib’s PR gurus, then Najib’s first term as Prime Minister was “unlawful and undemocratic’.
    Spot on, Ambassador Malott. I would extend that to include his first elected term ( after GE 13). There was massive vote rigging under the ever watchful Elections Commission. You may perhaps recall the comments you made at the East-West Center talk in 2013 which Kamsiah and I attended when we were in Washington DC as your guests at your lovely abode in Alexandria VA. As far as I was concerned–and I was denied the right to vote since my name was removed from the electoral roll (by mistake!)– Malaysians voted in the greatest crook to have graced the Malaysian soil. How tragic.–Din Merican

  19. If even a GE cannot dislodge Najib, in this case his party as well, from power – nothing else democratic can.
    He believes in CASH IS KING – lots of cash can make one a greater king who will buy everything & everyone around. If the majority Malaysians are directly or indirectly in favour of corruption and willingly allowing themselves to be bought, then they deserve what they get. What can others say or do???
    His party members support him and if his party wins the GE he will remain the PM. To oust him via a GE, his party must be voted out. Can DAP, PKR, PAS or Amanah individually or as a coalition replace the ruling party??? Can it happen and be acceptable to the majority of constituencies (not popular votes)??? THINK!!!

  20. /// dinobeano March 5, 2016 at 9:36 am
    What can I say? There is no chance for change via democratic elections. This is because elections will not be free and fair. ///

    Sounds like the situation in Thailand before Thaksin was ousted.

  21. What do you expect when the ruling elite to foster patronage had bribed everyone( Malay, Chinese, Indian & the indigenous ) population to support the corrupted government resulting in a group of rich bumiputras . The definition of bumiputras has been redefined to include those at BN component parties-the FAT CATS. Thanks to UMNO-the steward that protects Islam for Malaysian Muslims.

  22. But Malott, ktemoc will say that it’s all Madhater’s fault

    Who is ktemoc? Ask Raja Petra kamaruddin and Susan Loone, senior malaysiakini reporter la…….hahahahaha

    Seriously, it’s time to consider this instead……

    Divorce happened all the times. Separation perhaps is the best deal for Malaysia. Najib can have his own country and just leave us alone.

    Flashback………See! How Sinagpore super sucessful after separation. Not to mention how powderful USA is…….That won’t happen if the Yanks didn’t kick out the brits

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