The Political Chameleon Backs Former Boss Mahathir

February 4, 2016

The Political Chameleon Backs Former Boss Mahathir

by The Malaysian Insider

The Same Difference-Two of a Kind

Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim today (February 3)threw his support behind Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, dissident UMNO politicians and opposition leaders to push for Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib Razak’s resignation.

The jailed politician expressed his support for his former mentor-turned-nemesis who will lead a movement tomorrow demanding Najib resign over alleged financial shenanigans.

“I support the position of friends in civil society, political parties and individuals including Tun Dr Mahathir, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and others to build up strength and common understanding together as articulated by the leader of the opposition recently.

“This understanding will focus on the demand for Dato’ Seri Najib to resign as Prime Minister as he has clearly failed to lead this nation. He is responsible for continuing to engage in selfish political acts, wreaking havoc upon administrative institutions, and burdening the rakyat with continued economic crisis,” Anwar said in a statement released by his party PKR.

But he said the call for change must involve reforms at key institutions, which he said “have been badly damaged under the administration of Dato’ Seri Najib”.

“All this while, in representing the voice and conscience of the rakyat, we have pledged to fight to return the rights of the rakyat in an independent and sovereign nation.In line with this commitment, the rights of the rakyat must be returned through free and fair elections as well as an independent judiciary and free media,” said Anwar.

He also called for economic reforms with a new focus on economic growth and equitable distribution of wealth.

“The 1MDB (1Malaysia Development Berhad) scandal involving the prime minister is the most severe scandal in our history and has badly damaged our nation’s image.

“This can only happen when power is centred in one individual such as the Prime Minister, as well as the failure of key financial, judicial and enforcement institutions to perform their tasks independently without fear or favour,” he said.

Anwar said history showed that any meaningful transition of power demanded a systemic change.”Therefore, I urge my friends and the rakyat to stand together in this effort without limiting it with personal agenda or personal vendetta.We must together chart a new way forward to save our beloved nation,” he added.

Both Dr Mahathir, who left UMNO earlier this week, and Muhyiddin, who was suspended as the UMNO Deputy President last week, had called for reforms in their campaign to remove Najib.

Following his departure from UMNO, Dr Mahathir reportedly held discussions with several opposition leaders.

Earlier today, The Malaysian Insider reported that Dr Mahathir was expected to lead a movement against Najib, following his meetings with politicians and activists.

It was learned that Dr Mahathir would lead some 40 leaders to sign a declaration tomorrow (February 4) seeking the removal of Najib as Prime Minister.

The declaration will be symbolically presented to a people’s representative, followed by a news conference.

However, Pakatan Harapan today said it was not part of the event tomorrow.

30 thoughts on “The Political Chameleon Backs Former Boss Mahathir

  1. Anwar Ibrahim and his daughter Nurul are devoid of principles. Anwar also needs attention since his stay at Agong’s hotel denies him the attention he badly needs. He knows that backing Mahathir is just endorsement of the status quo. Getting rid of Najib, that is what we all want, but do not expect Mahathir to be a reformer. The former Prime Minister’s interest is to protect his political legacy and ensure that his son will be the next PM.

    It is tragic we have to depend on Mahathir today to bring change. But change won’t happen if UMNO members are behind Najib. Money walks but bull only talks. –Din Merican

  2. /// Anwar Ibrahim and his daughter Nurul are devoid of principles. ///

    Reminds me of this witty exchange (best insult in history):

    Earl of Sandwich: Sir, I do not know whether you will die on the gallows or of the pox.

    John Wilkes: That depends, my lord, on whether I embrace your lordship’s principles or your mistress.

  3. The Political Chameleon Backs Former Boss Mahathir

    There are no permanent friends or permanent enemies in politics or where power or wealth or love is involved.

    So nothing different in this case.

  4. In politics anything can happen today. Even if Mahathir would want his son to be the next PM, be it that way if his son could prove the worth. We need an immediate solution to this money swindle and corruption debacle to come to an end because it’s causing negative impact on our economy and the livelihood of our people in their daily lives becoming bad from day to day.

    Come the next GE14, the right leader could be elected if things are paved for the right atmosphere and can mend the weaknesses to call for reformation and institutional changes because many are anticipating to happen after getting rid of this corrupted government.

    The focus today should be getting rid of this ‘king’ of money in Malaysia and let every right thinking citizen join hands to bring down this unscrupulous government of UMNO / Barisan. Our children’s future is at stake today. I wholeheartedly support this move to start the ball rolling for there isn’t much time left for bickering.

    It’s clear of PAS and their loyalty to UMNO so leave Hadi and his religious ulama bigots to go to GOD seeking for their victory in heaven and return to earth to preach others to follow the wishes of Allah the mighty. Hadi is godly to many PAS culprits to follow their leader like what Nazri said that he had to follow the leader Najib even if he had done wrong and his perception is never back stab your leader. Another ‘monkey’ business minister speaks for people to understand his logic.

  5. Dato.Din: You have commented the following 7 years ago, in response to the link on this page from Wong Chin Huat.
    You have changed!

    // If he is not an idealist and he is a not Machiavellian, how can we classify Anwar? I hate to pigeon hole anyone. But if I were asked to do it, I would say that he is a humanist with universalist Islamic values and strong doses of pragmatic and practical politics. For this reason, I does not agree with Chin Huat that “[T]he Pakatan Rakyat is actually the embodiment of two Anwars”. Pakatan Rakyat is a partnership of equals with PKR, PAS and DAP forming the 3 stands of a tripod. Anwar is the man they collectively chose to be the de facto PR leader and future Prime Minister. He represents the aspirations and political objectives of the 3 partners. Period.

    I think I have changed also. 7 years ago, I was always sceptical on DSAI. The reason being is because I grew up learning the DSAI, the Education Minister, then Deputy PM.

    Yet, today, I still think it is a good thing that Nurul and DSAI can work together with Tun M.

    Sigh.. just confused, I am.
    When presented with new evidence, what do I do? I change my mind.But I have always maintained that both Mahathir and Najib put Anwar behind bars on trumped up charges of sodomy.Yet Anwar is prepared to join hands with Mahathir now. What an angel he has become now.–Din Merican

  6. When Nazis are on the rise, the Social Democrats and the Communists (KPD) should stop fighting each other. This is the lesson from the Germany of the 1920s and 1930s.

  7. Chameleon? That’s a reptile that changes color according to the environment and moods.
    Octo also does the same and much more vividly than any terrestrial species.
    The only difference is in the Medium.
    Both are the same at the Core – Cold-blooded.

    Okay lah.., enuff insinuations. Pragmatism dictates that tactics, compromise and so on, are more concerned with a desired end result. While many of you will hentam me kaw-kaw, i suspect that Octo had always ‘loved’ Anwar as a protege. Politics besides the art of the possible also requires the sorcery of ‘accommodation’. After all, doesn’t the internal politics of PKR, resemble somewhat the patronage system of UMNOb? It’s just that they are too poor to be utterly corrupt. Now.., don’t get me started on their partners..

    If Anwar is willing to forgive and work with Octo – who are we to judge? If only to get rid of a malignant carbuncle afflicting our beloved nation, While i respect Anwar’s commitment to his cause and Octo’s street-smarts, i ain’t stupid enough to be enamored unconditionally. Octo obviously willing to use any resource, incarcerated or not – as long as there’s Charismatic – to perpetuate his incorrigible belief of “The Malay Dilemma”.

  8. Najib Razak is a power-hungry slimeball.

    Anwar Ibrahim is a power-hungry slimeball.

    Mahathir is a power-hungry slimeball.

    Yes, really, children. This is true.

    Now that we’ve parked the platitudes, who right now is most dangerous slimeball?

    Najib Razak.

    Even the other two slimeballs never sabotaged the MACC, AGC, SB and BNM, all in less than 2 weeks, or arrested more than 250 under the Sedition and other Acts in one year plus. And they’re not under active investigation in 7 countries.

    So in order of priority, I think getting rid of Najib is at the top.

    So I back the other two, as a last-gasp effort, to try and get the job done. I think any sane Malaysian would, except maybe the semi-literate Chinamen in Malaysiakini who think The World Is Ara Damansara and the DAP can win solo in GE14 (if there is one), and that Uncle Lim is actually Batman in disguise.


    This is Malaysian politics.

    This ain’t cricket, old chap, and complete rogues play cricket nowadays, anyway.

  9. This is really a battle for the Malay heartland.

    An UMNO alternative needs to be forged – a new Malay front. Screw the corrupt KBU and MTU, they are wrapped in stolen Bugis money and out of touch. The Bugis moron himself has about 30% Malay support. Not good.

    It’s now about whether PKR & Umno Team B & maybe (undercover) some of PAS can wrest enough Malay support away from Umno. At least 1/4 to 1/3. And that means that in GE14 (if it happens) there will be enough votes for  a “Barisan Baru” (i.e. PH, a new Malay party, and whoever else joins) to unseat the current BN. The comatose MCA, MIC and Gerakan are taken off life support, and die (good riddance.) The new Barisan Baru centres around one Malay superparty, the DAP do the Cina market, and the Indians try and stay sober while the room spins.

    I think Adenan brings Sarawak into the new party later.

    And we all live happ(ier) ever after. Maybe.

    The DAP and Amanah and PKR have the urban areas covered. Just hold on to what you have, or increase it slightly. The battle is NOT in urban areas. UMNO has lost those already. The battle is NOT in urban areas.

    Let LKS and no-one else take the lead in setting the “terms & conditions” for the DAP. Trust me, the UMNO rearguard action will paint this as Tun “selling out to the Chinese”. LKS has enough sense and experience to manage this. Keep LGE and the other “rougher edges” (mulut celupar types) away.

    If this works, then Najib is going to be on the back foot for the next 2 years.

    If it doesn’t, trust me, this country is a goner.

    And so are we all.

  10. Dato, Anwar is a politician and will remain one till his last breath.
    He see things which Dato as an academic is not able to do so.I never like TM but if working together can bring down najib and perhaps BN, why not.
    Politicians are of a different breed. What is so special about Anwar? A Demi-God or what? Let us face the fact that he is in jail. Do you think Mahathir will get him out of his Sungei Buloh Dungeon? I am not politician,yes. But I am able to see that this coalition of the movement to oust Najib will not work. Why? Because Najib is just a symptom of what is wrong with our politics and our system of governance. The man leading this strange brew of political types is solely responsible for that. –Din Merican

  11. Din…

    Being a forgiving person is no crime. He takes the high road cos the objective is larger than any person. You are hitting a person under the belt, after the belt.
    You are no RPK, Dato. But it still surprises me.
    How dare you even mention me alongside RPK? You are a new commenter on this blog. –Din Merican.

  12. This World Countries have over the past three decades been shouting but the the cows have not come home for them yet. For all of them their future is really in their face. Some have already seen it while for other it is still a work in progress.And it will be sealed if they do not take the bull by the horns and fix the system which has been emasculated not just by one person but by instalments over the years by every leader who managed to get rid rid of his predecessor by fair or foul means. It was mission creep for most of them.First citizens could park their cars where they liked depending on their connections. Then like that Ambassador of a Mission they found out that those working for the Head of Mission not only jumped when he asked them to jump but became smart and asked the Ambassordor how high he wanted them to jump. So you can replace the Head of Mission and the results will be the same.
    We are all products of our environmen. If we are allowed to do what we want without any road blocks we will do it. All the time we are pusing the laws that govern us to its limits. That is why investors look for the three Cs when they make investment decisions- Clarity, Consistentcy and Continuity. To achieve that kind of environment power within a system must supervised at all levels and all the time. If The Embassy has stomach pain the Ambassador must have the wisdom to get the right medication and not try to administer medication for head pain.

  13. There are no angels and no saints in politics. You cannot even find them in the houses of holy any more. DSAI is being practical, it gets him out of the Hotel, and Malaysians could potentially benefit if there is some changes. We cannot of course expect all the turds to turn into teals of gold, that would be too much to ask. We can at least hope that the turds will be flushed down the toilet, but how much is flushed down really depends on how much water we are willing to put into the flush – so lets all give buckets. Din, time to forgive and understand that we all have our black marks, and politicians have much more because they are in the theater where what counts is what common good that will be done, in the midst of some lies that must be told which is to be expected. Just look at the level of lying now in US politics, and the number of people that would support the con man Trump, and how well Hillary lies. Its part of the political circle and it is the tipping point where the lies becomes economically crippling which we should be concerned with, and that is where we are much beyond now in Malaysia. What other choice do we have? Unless of course Uncle Din is driving the show, but he is too happy with his lovely wife. ( i would too, of course)
    We all have choices to make. I have made mine. I write speak my mind and I have been doing that all my life. I am not about to stop. –Din Merican

  14. Politics is the art of the possible. When you make cunning strategic moves to achieve your goal or objective you can be a chameleon in a positive sense. If you are an outright unprincipled man and you twist and turn you are an unmitigated chameleon in every sense of the word.

    I always think highly of opinion writers and opinion shapers but now it looks like you cannot just take everybody for granted. Blogs can also display chameleon instincts in imperceptible ways. In what looks like wanting to curry favour, one wants to be unblocked and the other does not want to be blocked. Are they any different from Anwar, if at all? Just a thought.

  15. Dato, in my opinion, Anwar is a special person, a specialbedition if u like
    Otherwisecwhybwoyld peoplevlike LKS, Karpal LGE besotted by him. For a Chinese to acceptva Malay as their leader is a big thing.
    I m a Bumi but i never accept Najib as my leader?
    Why? Becoz he simply cannot lead. He want respect but he forgot that respect is to be earned.
    If 52% Msians believed in PR, then thry too agreed that Anwar is indeed a special person.

  16. Anwar is a politician. He is certainly not a statesman. A politician may have beliefs, but he tends to be flexible and grounded in the political sphere. A statesman stands on a platform of fundamental truth. He believes in certain core values and doesn’t change beliefs to get ahead in politics.

  17. Someone mentioned something about Batman earlier on. I reminds me what the Joker asked, “Have you danced with the Devil in the pale moonlight?”

    Mahathir, Anwar will answer no, but no harm giving it a try, we may like it, or at least learn to, for a while.

    Mahathir at this moment will dance with anyone to bring Najib down. It’s his very last political mission to save his children and by the way Malaysia as well.

    Anwar will dance with Mahathir if it means possibly escaping Hotel California.

    We’ll just have to see what happens when the music stops and the party is over, and those here can then say, I told you so.

    The question to ask is does bringing Najib down change UMNO / BN. Some may answer, don’t care, bring Najib down first then take the next step. I suppose things are so bad that we have no way or stamina to even plan beyond next week.

    We as people with no power to chart the course of this nation, we can only chose between two or three evils. The immediate evil appears to be Najib who can and will derail GE14, and that is something worth fighting against.

    So, since there are no angels in sight, I suppose we all have to dance with a less devilish Devil to get rid of a more devilish Devil.

    Some people may hate Mahathir or Anwar or both, but I suppose they hate Najib more?

  18. Dato.Din,

    I learned about this from Niebuhr.

    // Niebuhr has given us the knowledge that political organizations would always only coerce. But, modern day pragmatic political theory reminded us that 2 other forces, that is the force of distortion and subjugation, are always at work. The force of distortion happens whenever princes fight amongst themselves vying for ‘Ketuanan’. The force of subjugation from the rakyat wishing to get their rights represented gets the princes work for their good.//

    I know you are faithful to the rakyat and the nation. Lead us [the rakyat] to continue discussion on what “subjugating” the new alliance mean?

    Unite us the non-Muslims to help out a topsy-turvy Tanah Melayu?
    Guide us to pressure the new alliance to be different? Continue discussion on what would Reforming Islamic Reform mean?

    I am beginning to see the wisdom of your reservation.

  19. Well when Donald Trump was accused of being a conman by the other candidates in the debates, the latter said that they will support him nevertheless if he was the candidate selected to take on the Democratic party. Maybe that may help -with why Anwar Ibrahim supports Mahathir now. Anyway, what else can Anwar Ibrahim do?
    UMNO is already well known as a corrupted party-money trumps! It is no longer the party that represents the Bumiputra, Malay or Islam.
    The number of latter members supporting Najib are many, so are the other component parties in Barisan Nasional-MCA, MIC, Gerakan etc. They all are benefiting as a result of Najib being in power. Until the Malay community become united ( not through Islam) but through wanting a genuine country founded in meritocracy, Malaysia is on that slippery slope. Now that Oil is a bunkus commodity, people will be taxed more and disaffection will bring about many diseases, and I am not talking about germs.

  20. What can we do if opposition and NGO don’t support Tun Dr M? We let Najib continue destroy Malaysia. We cannot deny the whole government is corrupted. I doubt we can do anything about it. Have anybody wonder why certain companies connected with royal family get lots of government projects? Malaysia is so corrupted and I am not sure if we can even save Malaysia. We are doomed.

    Headmaster takes bribe from supplier

    Police ask kopi duit from refuges.

    Bomba ask for kopi duit.

    Forest dept ask kopi duit for logging rights.

    Immigration officer steal illegal immigrant money during raid.

  21. Forget about the grand coalition. What matters is the Pa’chiks and Ma’chiks in the rural areas. Unless these Malays rise up against Najib and UMNO as it is, nothing will change. Having demonstrations in the cities where the majority if not practically all the demonstrators are non MaLays only benefits UMNO who will use these demonstrations to instil fear into the Malays to support UMNO. I have not read of any good strategy formulated by the opposition to win over the rural Malays. Najib knows how to control them. Cash is king! Come the next GE, my bet is that the BN will still win with the help of the rural Malays, Sabah and Sarawak.

  22. Kids, these days.

    Pragmatism and compromise, got us into this trouble in the first place but it won’t get us out of it but maybe it will get Jibros out.

    Octo said that Sarawak is its own thing so why concern them with our thing. The wily old fox’s stratagem is simple. Destabilize the UMNO power structure in the Peninsular, so that the only thing keeping the gravy train running is Sabah and Sarawak. When this happens the warlords, will go apeshit.

    There going to be internal sabotage a plenty and the Prime minsters men – including Azalina, hahahah – are not up to the challenge. So all these shiny news laws are going to be used against political opponents.

    I am completely digging the fact that Octo got them all to sit at the table after the whingeing that he has not “acknowledged” his past sins. A man like Octo does not commit any sins because he has moved beyond the duality.

  23. Back to the dark ages. Only the leader counts. He Like like that eternal lamp that shines 24/7. That means no time for wrongdoing. The eyes of the citizens is 24/7 on him. That environment alone means you have to do the right thing all the time and citizens too have to do the right thing. Seeing the good example citizens will be forced to follow the lead. No amount of milk poured into a tank of milk with Nila in it can take the Nila out. You can have all the enforcement in this world and the citizens will bend the rules if the can. Hence, there is only one way. Systems, procedures and rule of engagements should be put on a higher pedestal that anti corruption agencies because using the latter means that prosecutions will be selective and there will be accusations of more corruption. And for those of you who argue that when you swin in the sea of corruption you too will inevitably take in salt water just be reminded that the living creatures in the sea have not absorbed the culture of salty sea water.

    Mengatasi Masalah Tanpa Masalah Baru

  24. “ priority now is to get rid of Najib & his corrupted UMNO led BN government.”

    Okay. Then what? Kingdom Come?

    Look, most of us would agree with the first part. UMNOb with all it’s lowlifes and their lap-mongrels still have serve out their term, no matter whether we like it or not. Whether led by MY or that Bangang Flur, MM will dictate, comprendo?

    The fractured, conflicted and msturbatory Opposition must work out their hubris and come to terms with themselves. Only by sheer goodwill and support of the ‘People’ can we anti-establishment types hope to perpetuate the Nationhood of our wet-dreams.

    That’s democracy – no matter how gerrymandered or corrupted it was and will be.

    Or you idiots prefer Anarchy or Anachronism (i.e the wet-dream of Ragheads)?

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