Politicians like Nazri Aziz must speak up for Malaysians

March 1, 2016

Politicians like Nazri Aziz must speak up for Malaysians

Saya suka bodek Boss saya, dulu Mahathir, sekarang Najib. Itu namanya, carma, bukan?

Asking and mandating our top leaders to account for, to explain and to come clean when there is alleged wrongdoing is very much part of democracy and our way of life. Without it, there is nothing left.

by TK Chua. http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com

Although he likes to label others as nobodies, to me Minister Nazri Aziz is a leader with a leadership role that he must take seriously. After all, he was once a youth leader and now an elected MP and has been a full Cabinet minister for many years. As such, Nazri must try to talk sense and logic, not just politics. He must remember it is easy to be a politician, but difficult to be a leader.

To Nazri, loyalty is absolute. Leaders can do no wrong. Worse still, if leaders do wrong, they must still be supported, regardless. This is the logic he holds on to dearly. This is the argument he used to support former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad during his battle with other UMNO leaders. The support is blind, regardless of the issues and the severity of the wrongdoing.

Many have argued that Mahathir is not blameless with regard to our present national malaise. So, based on Nazri’s logic, are we trying to create another “Mahathir” today? Is he trying to perpetuate today the same blind loyalty of seeing, hearing and speaking no evil as he did during Mahathir’s era?

Loyalty to leaders is never absolute or without conditions. If, in the past, we were stupid enough to support Mahathir despite his “wrongdoings”, should we be stupid enough to repeat that stupidity now when Najib is the Prime Minister? Perhaps that is the reason why Malaysia can never change – we want to do the same thing again and again and expect different results. Of course, we keep on trying, but will not succeed.

It is time for us to do things differently if we expect different results. Leaders must be evaluated and assessed constantly. We elect leaders for five years, but that does not mean that for those five years, we should do nothing about their performance. That is an act of stupidity yet again. Why do we need Parliamentary sittings, the media, the Auditor-General, MACC, the Public Accounts Committee, and the Judiciary to monitor and adjudicate governmental actions? Just hold elections once every five years and voila we have democracy. Democracy and accountability go together.

No one is advocating backstabbing or sabotaging our national leaders out of spite. No one is advocating violence. That would be wrong. But when there are complaints of wrongdoings, of malfeasance, gross incompetence and the likelihood of massive abuses of power as well as corruption, surely leaders like Nazri and others must ask questions and the rakyat be allowed to talk and petition for change.

Asking and mandating our top leaders to account for, to explain and to come clean when there is alleged wrongdoing is very much part of democracy and our way of life. Without it, there is nothing left.

TK Chua is an FMT reader.


12 thoughts on “Politicians like Nazri Aziz must speak up for Malaysians

  1. Just look at the drillings experienced by Hilary Clinton to make her accountable to her emails during her time as the US Secretary of State – that’s part of democracy. Why can’t the PM be drilled in similar manner?

  2. aliefalfa, democracy in the US is different. Look at the vacancy on the Supreme Court, the President is supposed to nominate a candidate but the Republican have threatened to block the appointment. The same goes for all Cabinet positions unlike Malaysia where what the PM says goes.

  3. “Why can’t the PM be drilled in a similar manner”?
    Who? Jibby? He cant even face parliamentarians to answer for the budget which he presents. He runs away at the slightest whiff of mahathir. He was shitting in his pants at the MH370 fiasco. And you expect him to be grilled like any civilized politician? First you have to put some semblance of bravery in him and some lead in his backbone. Lead in his pencil he has loads of, unfortunately that has led to a soft brain and habits that make him look like a simpering idiot.

  4. The writer must understand that what Nazri did or doing was and is for Nazri only.He doesnt care about Malaysia,Malaysians,Islam or Malays.He loves his posts and the goodies those positions brought him and that is all.Its only we the stupid rakyat that worry about those thins,silly us.

  5. I kinda of know Nazri and well…. I like him. He is reckless enough to dig himself into a hole but also smart enough to climb out. I do not consider him a threat like the numerous other UMNO lackeys.

  6. How do you make this moron? Start with a lemming, throw in some chameleon genes as well for good measure. Finally perform a lobotomy and voila you have Nazri.

  7. This is one idiot who will be with you when you’re the boss and the paymaster. Once you’re no longer in power and have little or no influence he’ll drop you like a sack of potatoes. One very disloyal follower, I must say. History is littered with people like him. Let’s see what happens when he’s no longer an Umnoputra.

  8. This Duh suffers from incontinence. Trenchcoats hide diapers, as associated symptoms include ‘poor stream’, urgency, frequency, dribbling and overflow..

    In any Political System built on Corruption and Patronage, such creatures are necessary. Guard dogs which include Rottweilers and Bullmastiffs, are difficult to train but eminently ‘loyal’ and territorial. But loyalty to the point of dishonor is sometimes despicable.

    Being ‘Nice’ does not mean ‘Good’ – i’m sure many of you know the difference? Conscience, civic virtue and honesty are the antithesis of gombeenism (hustling)

    “Behind a web of bottles, bales,
    Tobacco, sugar, coffin nails,
    The gombeen like a spider sits,
    Surfeited; and, for all his wits,
    As meagre as the tally-board,
    On which his usuries are scored.”
    — Joseph Campbell

  9. That is what happens when Personal Interest is transformed into National Interest and National Interest is transformed into Personal Interest.

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