Imam Apandi Ali says Najib is OK, we Malaysians are not

February 29, 2016

A Parody: Imam Apandi Ali says Najib is OK, we Malaysians are not

by Iskandar Dzulkarnain


Not only is he (Najib) a democrat, he is also a pious religious leader who upholds Islam and will not hesitate to invite a respected religious party like PAS to form a unity government with UMNO.–Iskandar Dzulkarnain

Attorney-General Apandi Ali recently cleared Prime Minister Najib Razak of all charges relating to the RM2.6 billion donation and the RM42 million from SRC International that he received in his private bank accounts in 2013.

Instead of rejoicing at Najib’s good fortune as we get back to the daily grind, Malaysians are still speculating like stock market remisiers about his innocence. So what more do Malaysians want?

Why isn’t anyone apologising to Najib on social media or congratulating him for his innocence and honesty? Why is the Opposition still hell bent on implicating him and 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) on the misappropriation of funds?

Way before these developments, Najib hinted of an Anti-Najib Campaign and an international conspiracy to unseat him, and now it is horribly clear countries from the four corners of the world have reared their ugly heads to do precisely as he indicated.

Hong Kong… USA… Singapore… France and Switzerland are all jointly investigating 1MDB for purported fraud and money laundering to the tune of USD4 billion although the Swiss have quietly hinted that Najib is not being investigated.

Everyone knows that America is an enemy, while Switzerland should investigate their own corrupt citizens like Xavier Andre Justo, instead of meddling in other country’s affairs. Hong Kong is China’s stooge while Singapore should be thankful to Malaysia for its very existence and France would do anything to sell their military arms like submarines and nuclear power plants.

Less than three days after AG Apandi cleared Najib of all possible criminal charges, these evil governments started to accuse 1MDB of the misappropriation of funds without any concrete proof. Even France has revived investigations into the Scorpene submarine commissions deal and Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibu.

Malaysians should learn to call it a day. Now that Najib has been triumphantly vindicated, we should be thankful for having such an innocent and honest prime minister who will lead the country to greater heights if we just allow him ample room to do his job.

Even an Arabian Prince who was mistaken for the late Arab King trusted Najib so profoundly, that he willingly donated RM2.6 billion to our Prime Minister’s personal accounts. But instead of blowing the whole sum on the 13th General Election and to combat the waning Muslim Brotherhood threat, our prudent Najib only used up a measly RM62 million of it.

An instead of pocketing the rest like other ruthless and greedy politicians would have done, our prime minister promptly returned the balance or 91 per cent back to the King with an open heart. Such tall tales of chivalry are what fairy tales like the Arabian Nights are made of.

Barisan Nasional leaders can vouch for a fact that Najib is a righteous man who is incapable of corruption, money laundering, swindling or any other hurtful accusations levelled at him by the Opposition.

This is why so many BN leaders are willing to pawn their reputations to protect his impeccable character and sacrifice their careers to ensure no harm befalls dear Najib. This is what true sycophantic friendship is all about.

Everyone including Royalty knows that Najib deserves another chance. AG Apandi should be highly commended for his virtuous actions and for not buckling under the tremendous pressure brought on by the onslaught of negative public opinion.

Meanwhile, a courageous Najib can only smile at all the unthinkable accusations being levelled at him, knowing full well that in the end, the truth will set him free.

Najib has always come across as a moderate world class leader compared to the likes of Robert Mugabe or General Idi Amin. His suave, dashing good looks and charming demeanour immediately impresses anyone he comes in contact with.

For the past six years Najib has done so much to unite the nation with his 1Malaysia slogan, 1MDB and BR1M, and we should be thankful for his contributions.

With the untamed energy of a Bugis warrior, Najib is ready to take the country to the 21st century. He single-handedly abolished the ISA, replacing it with more effective laws like Sosma, Pota and the NSC Bill. He also saved the nation’s economy by implementing the highly popular GST.

With Malaysians getting more and more racist by the day, such laws are heaven-sent to divide and rule the nation, and to save Malaysians from themselves.

Not only is he a democrat, he is also a pious religious leader who upholds Islam and will not hesitate to invite a respected religious party like PAS to form a unity government with Umno.

Therefore, Malaysians should stop believing in the Opposition lies that one man could single-handedly bring an entire nation’s economy to its knees but heed instead the advice of our ministers on getting a second (or third) job instead to ride out the economic downturn.

Be thankful that the GST has saved the nation from getting stuck in an economic rut so that we can look forward to the next BR1M handout.

Lastly, let’s give Najib a big hand for being found innocent, leading Malaysia into first world nation status and restoring democracy and the rule of law to this beloved land of ours.

Tour consultant, sports pilot and naturalist Iskandar Dzulkarnain has been writing for a few years now, especially satirical articles like this. He is an FMT columnist.

13 thoughts on “Imam Apandi Ali says Najib is OK, we Malaysians are not

  1. ” Iskandar Dzulkarnain has been writing for a few years now, especially satirical articles like this. ”

    Oh dear, in case we didn’t get the satire, huh?

  2. Frankly, forget Apandi Ali. Najib’s biggest defender and excuse maker is Hadi Awang and Adenan Satem. Of the two, Adenan Satem may be worst – all wraped up in defending desperate for development Sarawakian for defending Najib. But it’s difficult to counter ignorance.

    Hadi Awang has made it clear he is already part of Najib’s team. Even in Iran, the Ulamas are being rejected. Who says conventional wisdom is right about not attacking Islamic statist party. Hadi can say he is not against UMNO people but against UMNO, opposition is even more legitimate to say they are against PAS not Islam.

    There is a brewing wind in middel- East as oil price rise will be limited for a long long time with shale oil tech. It means the middle East must open up, modernise as their cost is unmanageable. When they do, Islamic statism and Ulamas politics will be marginalized,.

    Now us the time to deal with both UMNO-PAS at the same time for the country future.

  3. Under your list of ‘ARABIAN TALES and MYTHS’, you have missed out the tales of ‘ALI BABA AND FORTY THIEVES’.

    Your article to read this morning is simply amazing. Please keep enlightening us with more ‘Najib and his CABINET of Thieves’ to the glory of our truly Malaysians to enjoy the Malaysian Tales of our government.

  4. I hope the monkeys in Putar-jaya understand what a satire is supposed to be before they start heaping praises on Iskandar led by none other than their chief moron, Ahmad Maslan.

  5. Zeus

    There is a Tamil Movie titled ‘Ali Baba and Forty Thieves’ which was based on legendary tales originated from the Arab World. The leader with a magic wand opens the door of the hidden cave using his magical words > “zim boo bah or sort of that to rob the treasure hidden within its underground cave.

    Nevertheless. your version is more towards the living thief and his cahoots to go merry in sharing the loot. Good idea too!

  6. /// With the untamed energy of a Bugis warrior, Najib is ready to take the country to the 21st century. ///

    Looks like Najib just woke up from a deep slumber – we are already into the 16th year of the 21st century. Looks more like he is ready to take us to the 6th century.

  7. It’s absolutely appalling how the name of our great nation has been dragged through the mud by foreign superpowers hell-bent on defaming our beloved PM, who has been cleared of all wrongdoing by the pillars of virtue on our shores, such as our very own AG. We, the people, should take a case against foreign media and independent portals that continue to persecute our beleaguered PM: and once and for all, let the truth shine bright and clear. The timing is perfect, for as Tun Mahathir has more time on his hands, perhaps he could lead this clarion call.

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