Doing Malaysia Proud

February 26, 2016

Doing Malaysia Proud: A Malaysian Dentist who Learns, Unlearns and Relearns

Friends and associates,

I am naturally proud to feature my dear wife, Dr Kamsiah Haider who was recently interviewed by Dr. Howard Farran, a Dentist with MBA on his program Dentistry Uncensored. She tells us about her dedication to the practice of dentistry and what it took her to be a successful one.  You need passion and strong commitment to be respected by her patients and admired by those who know her.

Her dental ethos is summed up in these 3-words–Learn, Unlearn and Relearn.In terms of her attitude towards her profession, I consider her as one of a kind in Malaysia. For her, earning a decent income is the consequence of doing the right thing for one’s patients. –Din Merican



2 thoughts on “Doing Malaysia Proud

  1. Read interview with Malaysia today. 3 biggest problems with politics and it does not include religion even though you said Malays are Arabising?
    Problems arise when we have no bearing with regard to our identity. Being in Arab is not necessarily being a Muslim since there are Christian arabs. An Arab is a member of a race.It is wrong to think that being a Muslim is the same as being an Arab.–Din Merican

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