10 questions… with Din Merican

reeFebruary 26, 2016

10 questions… with Din Merican

 by FA Abdul

Fa asks one of Malaysia’s most famous bloggers 10 random questions about life, politics and what makes him happy.



Din Merican reminds me of Don Quixote – a chivalrous gentlemen out to right wrongs, and bring justice to the world. But Din, as he prefers to be called, does it a bit differently – he blogs.

Born in Alor Setar, Kedah in 1940, Din received his early education from Penang Free School and pursued his studies in economics at the University of Malaya. Later, armed with scholarships from the Kedah State and Bank Negara Malaysia, Din graduated from The George Washington School of Business, The George Washington University in the US.

Upon his return, Din served the Malaysian government as a Foreign Service Officer and in the Central Bank (Bank Negara Malaysia) before making a move to industry and commerce.

Many may not be aware that Din was among the many unsung heroes who made Bersih back in 2007 such a success. He is still involved in the political scene today, advocating the universal values of fairness and justice, sharing his thoughts and incisive views through his blog.

Attached to the University of Cambodia, Din currently resides in Phnom Penh with his lovely wife, Dr Kamsiah Haider. At 76, he might be thousands of miles away in a foreign land, but his heart has never left home.

I thank Din Merican for taking time to entertain my ten random questions.

Question 1: What are the three things that make you instantly happy?

Reading books on Politics, Economics and Political Science



Question 2. As a child, what were your most challenging moments?

Studying for examinations; beating a tough football team; pleasing my mom.

Question 3. If you could enjoy unlimited storage for one thing, what would it be?

Books (economics, philosophy, politics and great novels).

din-merican-at-tssQuestion 4. What is your definition of a perfect day?

One where I was able to accomplish everything I set out to do for that day well.

Question 5. Do you think Malaysian Muslims are undergoing Arabisation? If yes, why?

Yes. Because we are confused about who we are as a people.

Question 6. What are your thoughts about Malaysia’s dependence on foreign labour?

I think we should stop importing labour and make sure Malaysians work hard.

Question 7. What are the three biggest problems associated with Malaysian politics?


An incompetent civil service

Lack of quality leadership

Question 8. Personally, who do you think would make a good Prime Minister of Malaysia?

No one. We need a man of integrity and honour like Tunku Abdul Rahman. We have a leadership crisis today. Why? Because we have no one with character to lead us.

Question 9. If you were trapped in a lift with Prime Minister Najib Razak, what would you do?

I would lecture and scold him. Maybe even say to his face that he is corrupt and a liar.

Question 10. What would you do if given a chance to lead Malaysia for one month?

I will put Najib and his corrupt cronies in jail and replace all incompetent civil servants and judges.

16 thoughts on “10 questions… with Din Merican

  1. 3 biggest problem of politics does not include religion?
    Religion per se is not a problem. Misguided holy men are.–Din Merican

  2. Very practical and straight forward answers from a man of certain principals for the young ones to be leaders of tomorrow. I admire your courage, my dear Din. There is nothing wrong being straight forward to teach the younger generation.

  3. Bravo
    Your perfect day might include a nice day at the links !
    Scolding the PM – i luv that. Tut tut U have been a naughty boy…..
    Yes, pal. Playing golf with you and Omar or Zain Azahari, Karim Ikram, Sulaiman Abdullah and Taib Hamid at RSGC. Trust you are well.–Din Merican

  4. Misguided holy men are.–Din Merican

    depa paksa kita ikut – that’s the problem.
    Tak payah ikut. Kita boleh fikir sendiri. –Din Merican

  5. Dato

    Your answers hit the nail on the head. Answers to Q7 and Q8 top the list. If nothing is done to the problems it will only get worse.

  6. That’s Din, as I have known him since our good days at BNM under our well known mentor. May ALLAH continues to shower you and Dr K with all the blessings.
    Tak boleh ubah perangai dah. Alias, how can we forget Tun Ismail Mohamed Ali who always called spade nothing but a spade. People like us can never survive under the present regime.It was already difficult under Mahathir. It is more trying now. Thanks, Alias. Basir Ahmad is not around and I miss him. –Din Merican

  7. Malaysia needs men and women of courage at this critical juncture to save a nation that we knew of and cherish. Not far from a distant land – just down under- it is sad to see Malaysia morphing into full blown dictatorship, a visible process that some clown donning ministerial positions trying to hide the transformation with mosquito nets. Hilarious if not for its seriousness.

  8. “I would lecture and scold him. Maybe even say to his face that he is corrupt and a liar.”

    Them fighting words Mr. Merican 😀

    Hopefully the Twitter Marshal doesn’t come sniffing around. After all he is attracted to scent of anyone daring to dislike the Mandela of this country.

    Btw I don’t think Jibby uses a lift. He floats around on a cloud of sycophancy .

  9. I like this answer “misguided holy man” and the people just follow without looking for the truth..my late dad use to advice me..”pelajar dari banyak guru” supaya tidak sesat.say
    Guru2 zaman ayah dan saya tak pandai bermain politik mengunakan ugama. Itu bezanya. Salam, Din Merican

  10. I am glad I was not born a Muslim for the sheer reason I would have crumbled under the weight of sins I would be committing in breach of its edification. My flesh and senses are that weak that I would not have withstood the modern day temptations that surrounds me.Just an introspective sense of relief.

  11. Question 10. What would you do if given a chance to lead Malaysia for one month?

    If I were you, Pak Din, this will be my answer:

    I’ll ban Umno and Jakim and send some of the muftis for classes in democracy and good behaviour.
    These characters would be sacked as I consider them to be civil servants. Their bosses will be in jail along with the PM and the Cabinet.–Din Merican

  12. Q #11:- If you were trapped in a lift with Tun Mahathir, what would you do?
    The answer would be the same. Tell me why it should be any different.–Din Merican

  13. On this note it is timely to to take a moment to observe the 30 Annivesary of the departure of President Marcos. Yes. The yellow revolution got rid of President Marcos. While the they got rid of the flower they forgot to get rid of the pot. Hence, today after 30 years of that historic day the Philippines is still struggling on its knees to break out of its future so efficiently created for them by President Marcos. Since President Marcos left the scene 30 million new Filipinos have been added to the population. These people never met President Marcos but they have been destined to live under his cloud.

    I wish the people of the Philipines all the best and hope that some day they too will enjoy the High Income and developed status that the ASEAN Community is supposed to bring to all the peoples of The Group.

    All of us need the protection of God

  14. Errr …… answer to Q10 —- how about adding “I would immediately form a high powered, non-partisan, expert committee to deal with the ever worsening economic mess the country is now in, implement programmes to cushion the poor from the effects of the economic crisis, and I would get the political prisoner Anwar Ibrahim released from prison as quickly as possible” ?

  15. Dato Din, Q10, you should amend the Constitution and dilute the power of the PM and ensure better check and balances.
    You have a point. But get rid of the crooks first and the rest will follow. You can’t accomplish many things in a month.–Din Merican

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