Sharia Law in Aceh for Malaysia?

February 22, 2016

ASEAN: Sharia Law for Malaysia, Hadi and Najib?

Watch this. It is about Sharia Law in Aceh. Malaysia is heading in that direction if we allow our mullahs and JAKIM a free hand. Brunei is already an Islamic state with Sharia Law, but the Sultan and  the Royal Family are exempted. –Din Merican

14 thoughts on “Sharia Law in Aceh for Malaysia?

  1. Since we hardly hear any Muslims in Malaysia coming out to openly disagree with this type of law, we can safely assume that they all agree to it. So why complaint? Voicing disagreement over teh tarik, blogs do not count. It must be disagreement that is voiced to the powers that be.

  2. Anywhere where Islam or for that any other religion is used as a poltical tool the purity of that faith is bound to be corrupted and twisted for social engineering and mind control unless the enlightened and brave citizens rebel against the social control schemes.

  3. The Malays do not need help economically, they need leadership. The Malays need help with religion though – If Malay leaders had the real smarts and really believed in NEP, they would have a New Islam Policy of both opening up Islam to the world yet promoting its development.

    BTW, both things, economic leadership and New Islam, UMNO- PAS have absolutely NOTHING.

  4. Quote:- “It must be disagreement that is voiced to the powers that be”

    What if, as Capt Latif pointed out with a beatified smile, “the powers that be” is Almighty God? Which Muslim dares to even have a single thought, let alone voicing it out, that is remotely questioning God’s injunctions?

    And I like the proposition given by that woman enforcement officer that it is the woman’s fault, (i.e. showing off her body by dressing sexily and “provoke” lust in men), when a sexual crime is committed on her and therefore deserves punishment as well.

    If this legal argument is acceptable, that they should also punish the owner of an expensive car which was stolen because if he had not shown or flaunt his expensive car in public, the car thief would not be ‘provoked’ or tempted to commit a crime by stealing it?

  5. Before we go any further in discussing this, read “Why Islam is so different in different countries” by Aaron W. Hughes. It would give all of us a better insight about Islam and the various sects, mazhab and divisions and how the Quran is interpreted by the various religious leaders over time.
    Bottom line Malaysia needs a moderate form of Islam as Muslims comprise about 50-60% of the whole population. If the government should adopt the Sharia Law then there will be lots of confusion as Sharia Law only applies to Muslims and not to Non Muslims.

  6. Datuk, I say PTL for the statement you made:
    “Barbaric is a mild word to describe what you see. I am ashamed. Islam is not this kind of barbarism.–Din Merican”

    Can more right thinking Malays(UMNO/PAS/ or from outer space voice their real feelings on this matter, failing which “silence means consent”. I have a sneaky feeling there are more “consent” Malays in this case.

  7. If sharia law were to be applied to all in Brunei, the sultan would have been a eunuch an infinite number of times. Classic do as I say and not do as I do. The pinnacle of hypocrisy and from someone who professes to be pious.

  8. Pak Din, I don’t wish to add more than what you and the rest have explained.

    Suffice to say whatever is being done, in the name of Islam, by the so-called proponents of the religion is barbaric, uncouth and uncivilized. They don’t belong to the 21st Century but are products of a teaching that is devoid of feelings, sympathy, empathy and dignity.

    These people, like the moronic “captain”, should be given a taste of their own medicines. Crucifixion could be a good alternative. The sight of him alone makes me wanna puke.

    But it’s difficult to re-radicalize these devils, as they believe they are God-sent mullahs to the Muslim world to undo the wrongs and atone the sins committed by followers of the faith.

    I bet the people in Jakim are dying to emulate their Achenese counterparts, given half the chance. I rest my case.

  9. Silence does not necessarily mean consent… to say so means making the same mistake as in another fallacy : “either you are with us or against us”…

  10. But the good news is that in Malaysia Muslim men can divorce their wives through text message !

    Whenever I hear these Sharia compliant Muslim men talk about women, I’m reminded of the Khaled Hosseini quote ““Like a compass needle that points north, a man’s accusing finger always finds a woman. Always.”

    Someone tell me that this isn’t the most virulent of the Abrahamic death cults.

  11. What I don’t quite understand is why the “Zorro” mask for the executioner?

    Isn’t he proud of being sanctified to do God’s work here on Earth?

    And judging from the enthusiasm of the madding crowd, who are we to judge that these people are less civilized than us?

    I suppose also that Capt Latif could reply to all these criticisms by saying that if God disagreed or even disgusted as some of us here, He would have sent an Angel to stop all this nonsense?

  12. “What I don’t quite understand is why the “Zorro” mask for the executioner?

    Isn’t he proud of being sanctified to do God’s work here on Earth?”

    Slight detour.

    You should read the writings of Count Joseph De Maistre, a counter- enlightenment advocate much favoured by right wing Christians intellectuals.

    I enjoy some of his work for reasons too complicated to get into here (and probably boring too) but a couple of quotes of his I find very amusing.

    One of the issues he writes about is the fact that the executioner is a necessary component of society. He finds that peoples squeamishness of death and the death penalty points more to a moral indifference and fear rather that any strong personal conviction.

    Here are the two quotes which you may find amusing too.

    “All grandeur, all power, and all subordination to authority rests on the executioner: he is the horror and the bond of human association. Remove this incomprehensible agent from the world and at that very moment order gives way to chaos, thrones topple and society disappears.”

    “All pain is a punishment, and every punishment is inflicted for love as much as for justice.”

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