It’s Common Sense to speak up, says Azmi Sharom

February 22, 2016.

COMMENT: It is not just common sense; it is our duty as citizens to speak up against injustice, corruption, abuse of power and other issues related to governance, democracy, justice and human rights.  But it is Uncommon sense to be grateful to Apandi Ali, the despicable Najib crony Attorney-General, for dropping the sedition charge against him. In this sense, Azmi Sharom is exceptional, almost  like Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela who were able to put their bitterness  against their oppressors and tormentors behind them and move forward in peace and with honour.

Azmi is a hero and a public intellectual, someone who has the courage to speak the truth to power. Young Malaysians should emulate him and others like activist Adam Adli who was found guilty of sedition and fined RM 5,000 by the High Court some years ago and cartoonist Zunar whose fate still hangs suspended.–Din Merican

It’s Common Sense to speak up, says Azmi Sharom

by Sheridan Mahavera

Law lecturer Dr Azmi Sharom admits he was afraid when he was first charged under the Sedition Act two years ago, which could have landed him in jail.

The pony-tailed, 44-year-old vocal critic was afraid of losing his job at Universiti Malaya, a government institution which would have forced him to relinquish his post as a senior lecturer if he was convicted of a crime.

Yet, Azmi overcame that fear. Even after being charged, he continued to hold talks and participate in forums to give his views on Malaysian laws and human rights.

“Sedition is a crime. And I work for a government university, therefore a crime, no matter how unjust the law is, would have given them reason to fire me if they wanted to.”

But Azmi drew strength from his conviction that what he was doing – offering interpretations of the law and the Constitution and how it affects ordinary Malaysians – was correct and justified.

“I knew I was not breaking the law in the first place or UM’s regulations.The fact that they (the attorney-general) withdrew the charge proved that I was not breaking any laws.If I knew what I was doing was correct, then why should I be afraid?” Azmi told The Malaysian Insider, a day after his acquittal.

He was charged over comments in an article about how the 2014 Selangor Menteri Besar crisis could be resolved by using precedents made in the Perak government change-over in 2009.

Azmi was charged in September 2014 under Section 4(1)(b) and Section 4(1)(c) of the Sedition Act.

“The most important thing was that I backed up all my arguments. I always back up my points by using cases. I am always careful with what I say and I try very hard not to defame.”

He was discharged and acquitted on February 19, a week after the Attorney-General’s Chambers announced that it was dropping the case against him.

Although he was glad to have been acquitted, he said he could not fully celebrate until others charged with sedition like him were also free.

Azmi is perhaps among a handful of law experts and academics who are willing to weigh in on contentious legal issues. But Azmi, who writes a column called “Brave New World” in The Star, said he was not brave or a hero.

“If we live in a system which is oppressive, then isn’t it our responsibility to speak up? To me it’s just common sense. It’s not heroism.If you don’t do anything, then things will get worse. What about our kids? Are we supposed to just make money so that we can send our kids abroad? To me, why should I live my life in fear? If you have an opinion, voice it. Nothing can change if people keep quiet.”

So if pony-tailed Azmi did lose his job, did he have a plan B?”Yes. Shampoo advertising.”

9 thoughts on “It’s Common Sense to speak up, says Azmi Sharom

  1. Do you know what else is common sense? Asking questions. I get really riled up (sometimes a tad irrationally) when people, especially politicians, start their discourse with “Don’t question …”. In my experience, those who do that either are afraid of the question or don’t have the answers. Sometimes, even both!

  2. Actually, I never understood the whole charge. Azmi Sharon said Selangor can but should not follow Perak/Najib’s doing..What so seditious compared to all the crap they have done Azmi have said and could say?

    Let’s see what they will do if Azmi start talking about Apandi.

  3. If it is a crime in this country for a law professor to comment on any law or the interpretation thereof by the highest court of the land, then I suppose a physics professor could be hauled up in a Sharia court and charged for the crime of teaching physical laws which contradict or question the inviolable teachings of Quranic scriptures?

  4. Hi Wayne 5:01 pm

    (Astro)physics professor Galileo Galilei was hauled up for his heliocentric model of the solar system. Back to the future in 1Malaysia?

    P.S. Paid my respects to great Italians thinkers, creative artists, etc (Galileo, Machiavelli, Leonardo, Dante, Rossini) in Santa Croce church in Florence recently. Their remains are entombed there. The Italian equivalent of Westminster Abbey and the Pantheon in Paris.

  5. The motive is mala fide, driven by an infantile desire to exhibit power. Actually, it is Apandi Ali’s inferiority complex. This kind of personality enjoys putting people through emotional hell.

    Najib cannot govern because he is corrupt to the core. He is just toxic. He pollutes our national soul. We need ethical leadership of the Tunku Abdul Rahman type and that is why Tunku from my home state, Kedah Darul Aman and a fellow Old Free is sorely missed today. The foremost polluter is also from Kedah.–Din Merican

  6. Part of me was hoping that Dr Sharom would get fired, so that he could be a full time politician. Lol. I trust Dr Sharom much more than most of the existing opposition politicians. It would benefit the nation in the long run if Dr Sharom would consider starting an UMNO bersih.

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