Fond Farewell to Mike Shepherdson- Malaysia’s Sports Legend of My Generation

February 15, 2016

Fond Farewell to Mike Shepherdson- Malaysia’s Sports Legend of My Generation

1 Hector (fourth from right) seen with Malaysian team captain Prof Dr Alex Delilkan (sixth from left) who is flanked on his left by Sheperdson and on his right by Dr Jagdev Singh during this 1970 Saudara Cup match with Singapore2 Hector in action for Malaysia in the match against Hong Kong.

The Greatest Malaysian cricketers of my generation: Malaysian team captain Prof Dr Alex Delilkan (sixth from left) who is flanked on his left by Mike Sheperdson and on his right by Dr Jagdev Singh during this 1970 Saudara Cup match with Singapore.

In addition to the article below by Yasmin Ramlan, Dr. Kamsiah and I wish to convey our sincere and heartfelt condolences to Christie Shepherdson, my Subang National Golf Club golfing friend and a great sportsman in his own right, Aubrey Shepherdson, and family of the late Mike Shepherdson.

Mike, Christie, Dr. Alex Delikan,  Dato’ Yogeswaran, Ramalingam, Aman Karim and others of my generation did our country proud. It is sad that the standards of Malaysian sports have deteriorated over the years. Why? Politics, Racism and Favoritism contributed to it.–Din Merican

A Tribute to Mike Shepherdson

by Yasmin Ramlan

 My father was a great cricket player and a humble man, said the son of former hockey and cricket legend Michael F. Shepherdson, who died on Saturday.

RIP-Mike Shepherdson and Thank You

Michael, better known as Mike, was 85. He represented the country in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics and also in two Asian Games in 1958 and 1962.

According to his son Aubrey Shepherdson, he died due to old age after a bout of fever.

“My father had integrity as a sportsman and also in everything else that he did. I still remember there were younger cricket players who always said my father will always encourage them to play better, whether it was hockey or cricket,” he told The Malaysian Insider after the wake service at their home in Lucky Garden, Bangsar.

Aubrey, 54, has followed in his father’s footsteps where he too played cricket and hockey for Selangor.

“He was very supportive when I played both sports, and I was equally interested.But he was also very particular about education,” he added.

Shepherdson leaves behind three children, Brenda, Aubrey and Jacqueline. In 2011, he was inducted into the Olympic Council of Malaysia’s Hall of Fame for his sporting achievements.

Aubrey said that his father has also put high hopes that young Malaysian players would excel in the future.

“He was always encourage to young players to succeed in sports while reminding them that they had to make sacrifices.That is what he always said, if you want to excel, you need to work hard and sacrifice your time,” he said.

One of his close friends, former hockey player Dato R.Yogeswaran, 75, described Shepherdson as a world class hockey and cricket player in his time.

“He played both cricket and hockey to much higher standards that what we see in players today,” he told The Malaysian Insider.

A teammate, S.Rajalingam, 86, said that Shepherdson was a great Malaysian legend and icon.”He was a simple man who played gracefully and also funny,” he said.

His former teammates also regarded him as a great cricket player. Commenting on the standards in sports now compared to the old days, Rajalingam said that back in his time, Malaysian sports was made up of all races.

“We sat together, played together, slept together.Now, it is a race-based thing. It is not like before, then we were truly 1Malaysia,” he added.

Christopher, the deceased older brother and his former team mates spoke about their keen interest in sports which helped them overcome the difficulties the faced in the sports they played.

“Then we only had one pair of jersey, shorts and boots.We were not sponsored by different brands like we see today.At one time, we had a game in Ipoh.It was a Saturday and we were working till 1pm.So we drove to Ipoh and the journey took us three hours and we had to stay in a motel,” he said as he reminisced about the old times.

Christopher also said that back then, they were committed to playing sports. “We were very committed when we played.That is the difference between sports then and now.Times have changed,” Christopher said in a disappointed tone.

4 thoughts on “Fond Farewell to Mike Shepherdson- Malaysia’s Sports Legend of My Generation

  1. My generation is fading fast. Some of our sporting greats of that era have been forgotten. For example, what is so great about Lim Chong Wei compared to Wong Peng Soon and Yew Cheng Ho or in football, Abdul Ghani Minhat, Edwin Dutton, Ramadas Rao, Mokhtar Dahari, or Goalkeepers Yusof Bakar and Spiderman Arumugam, or Golfer Zainal Abidin or M. Ramayah. –Din Merican

  2. What is so great about Chong Wei…?
    He was once hugged almost to suffocation under the armpits of the FLOM. I believe the odors he picked up from that incident and that part of the anatomy itself made it seem that he was an invincible Viking battling in the war of the roses.

  3. Again the good old days is now. People like the Late Mike Shepherdson will always be remembered by Malaysians of that generation. He was good in what he did and that is why he was a household name. May His Soul Rest in Peace.

    Sports today has to be played at the professional level. And people like C W Lee and N. David have shown great determination in doing what the do best. No Malaysian has lasted this long at the international level when compared to these two athletes.

  4. As an office administrator in LLN Central Area (now TNB) in the early 70’s, it was fun to work with him. He has plenty of jokes under his sleeves and keep on inventing new ones. A wonderful person to work with and he delegates the work efficiently. May his soul rest in peace. Vimalasingam

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