Hillary Clinton Vs Bernie Sanders at New Hampshire

February 13, 2016

Hillary Clinton Vs Bernie Sanders at New Hampshire

Hillary Clinton faces a credible challenge on the road to the nomination of her party for the right to be President. He is the new dealer of America, Mr Bernie Sanders. On the other side, Donald Trump is leading the race for the Republicans. Let us witness American democracy at work.–Din Merican

5 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Vs Bernie Sanders at New Hampshire

  1. It is natural for Americans to focus on domestic issues like health care, student loans, income disparity, affordable prescription drugs, quality education, and other matters. But they must remember that their country is a global power and whoever they eventually elect as President come November, 2016 will affect the rest of the world. The tough talking Donald Trump can, for example, make a huge difference if he puts his words into action. We could see the return of the Bush Neo-Conservative era and the exercise of military power in the Trump administration.

    Maybe, I am overly concerned when I listen to the election rhetoric and should know that whoever is in the White House, foreign policy will be driven by the imperatives of American realism, and in the making of foreign policy she will be guided by those professionals in the NSC, the CIA and the State Department and hopefully less by the Pentagon and the military industrial complex, which Eisenhower talked about decades ago.

    In a globalised world, American power can be kept in check, given the rise of new centers of power, particularly in Asia (India and China) and a resurgent Russia under Putin. I am looking for an American president who is enlightened in the crafting and execution of US Foreign Policy. But I know only Americans can decide on their next President.–Din Merican

  2. The Americans are just as stupid as Malaysians when it come to politic.We always end up believing political rhetorics by selfish group of individuals that crave power and with it ,the ability to accumulate material wealth.They are all the same in essence and the only difference between them are just how good they are with their rhetorics and their charisma in attracting the simple minded citizens to their sefish cause.

  3. Regardless in dealing matters domestically or externally , engagement policy rather dominance and unilateral interventionist through force is preferred(by establishment) because the latter has been proven to be quite disastrous in recent decades.

    Emphasis on free or easy access to education and healthcare are positive investments that would garantee progress and benefits.
    These are values that resonates not only with the 90% of Americans but the rest of the world.

    Money politics in any form, openly lobbied or covetted, particularly those involved special interest groups or individuals is corruption.

    Sanders leans more towards the above values, Hillary towards establishment.
    Either way a Democrate party presidency of Clinton-Sanders combination is much preferred with a caveat for a better world-America, –the vice president must be ACTIVELY INVOLOVED for any meaningful progress in the betterment of people’s welfare, domestically or worldwide.

  4. Watched the debate sent in by Phua, can anyone imagine this happening in Malaysia, if it does the participants next step is Kajang/Sg. Buluh to keep company with Anwar.

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