Najib Razak: Malaysian Liars in Officialdom change their stories

February 10, 2016

Najib Razak:  Malaysian Liars in Officialdom change their stories

by John Berthelsen

What Obama will not do for his country–He  even shakes hands with Malaysia’s No.1 Crook

By now, the mysterious US$681 million (RMB2.83 billion at current exchange rates) that showed up in the personal AmBank account of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak in 2013 has been said to come from so many different sources and to be used for so many different purposes that the government can’t keep track.

The source of the money is just one of a series of questions dogging Najib, who has fought to stay in power by firing or neutralizing anybody who might get in his way, including Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin and a long string of others.

To reports that he is being investigated in Singapore, New York, Switzerland and France, Najib has blamed unnamed dark forces or political enemies. He has hinted that the Chinese are involved in a plot to take over the country from ethnic Malays. He has paid vast amounts of money, created make-work jobs or allowed rent-seeking from top UMNO cadres through dodgy contracts to keep himself in power. In his latest move, last week he ousted Mukhriz Mahathir, the son of the onetime Prime Minister, from power in Kedah after a bruising fight that sources in the northern part of the country said was won by payments to turn around the votes of state assembly members backing Mukhriz.

When the US$681 million was first made public in July 2015, Najib said it came from an unnamed Middle Eastern source whom he declined to identify and denied that it was for his personal use. He refused to go beyond that.

Then officials said the money had come from a Saudi source and that it was to be spent in the 2013 election to ward off Islamic fundamentalists, although there were none – a violation of Malaysian constitutional law, which bars donations from foreign sources from being used for political purposes – and that US$620 million had been returned to the donor.

On January 26, the Attorney General, Mohamed Apandi Ali, a longtime United Malays National Organization stooge, held a hasty press conference “clearing” Najib of any wrongdoing in the affair while at that time refusing to name the source. Then he told the Malaysian daily Sin Chew the money had come from a member of the Saudi royal family “out of a belief in [Najib] and his leadership on key issues.”

But on February 5, the New York Times reported the Saudi Foreign Minister as saying the money hadn’t come from the Saudi Royal Family, but that he believed it had come from a businessman who was involved in a business deal with Najib – although he offered no further details. In any event, in the intervening three years, there has been no evidence that Najib was involved in a business deal that would require that much money.

In fact, the only thing that is clear about the donation is that nobody knows where it came from or what it was to be used for. There has been no documentation produced to show the provenance of the money. Apandi didn’t produce a paper trail when he cleared Najib on January 26.

According to a July report by the website Sarawak Report, edited by Clare Rewcastle Brown from the UK, the money actually was sent to Malaysia from a British Virgin Islands shell company into the Singapore account of a private Swiss bank and from there into Najib’s personal account at AmBank in Kuala Lumpur. It seems unlikely that either a Saudi prince or a businessman would choose to channel that much money through a shell company from the BVI for legitimate business purposes, or to seek to ward off Islamists in a moderate Muslim country that has no problems with fundamentalists.

A few months after the 2013 election, the US$620 million was returned to the same account. Some reports have said the money has been frozen by the Singaporeans. The Singaporeans announced last week that they were investigating several Malaysian accounts although they didn’t name who the accounts belonged to. Mahathir Mohamad, who has become the most potent adversary against a man who was once his protégé, has demanded an answer from the Singaporean on whether they froze the money or not.

Story Keeps Changing on Malaysian PM’s Embarrassing Accounts

Apandi Ali–The Destroyer of The Rule of Law

The main informant for newspaper and television reports giving the Saudis as the source of the money appears to be a minor Saudi prince named Turki bin Abdullah, the late King Abdullah’s seventh son, who is known to have received US$70 million from a firm connected to 1Malaysia Development Bd., the troubled state-backed investment fund.

Turki has been linked to the renegade Malaysian financier Low Taek Jho, or Jho Low, as he is known, who collaborated with Najib in setting up 1MDB in 2009. The Swiss government has charged that 1MDB has been looted of US$4 billion, although it didn’t name Najib. Jho Low is currently keeping a low profile, believed to be living in Taiwan. The huge yacht he owns, the 91.5-meter Equanimity, is sitting at a dock in New Zealand, apparently for servicing.

In any case, the growing confusion over the explanations is raising further doubts in Malaysia and portraying a government in disarray, to the point where Apandi has threatened journalists with life imprisonment and 10 strokes of the cane under proposed amendments to the Official Secrets Act for being a party to leaking state secrets. Both Amnesty International and the Committee to Protect Journalists said they are “appalled” by Apandi’s statement.

In the past, “state secrets” have largely been anything the government says is a secret including criminal breach of trust and abuse of power. In addition, Khalid Abu Bakar, the Inspector-General of Police aka Twitter King, is warning the public not to comment on the 2006 murder of the Mongolian beauty and translator Altantuya Shaariibuu in the wake of reports in France that two top officials connected to the 1996 purchase by the Malaysian Ministry of Defense when Najib was Defense Minister, prior to becoming Prime Minister of French submarines have been charged with bribing Najib.

The purchase earned Najib €114 million (US$127.1 million at current exchange rates) in kickbacks that allegedly were transferred to the United Malays National Organization. Another €36 million, said to be for the personal use of Najib and his close friend Abdul Razak Baginda, was routed to a mysterious company in Hong Kong called Terasasi Hong Kong Ltd., which is nothing more than a name on a wall at a Wan Chai accounting firm’s office.

18 thoughts on “Najib Razak: Malaysian Liars in Officialdom change their stories

  1. Liars do not know what they say. All they do is to lie to get out of a trap quickly and lie again with different stories that contradict the previous ones. Their objective is confuse listeners. To me, there are no great liars, especially from Malaysia. They will be exposed very quickly, thanks to the power of internet and intelligent Malaysians.–Din Merican

  2. we need a conscience and seeking for truth to uncover all these shenanigans – glad that Din is playing his part, thanks and yoh man
    We have to work hard for change. I note from reading comments from my blog readers that they are demoralised or have given up about regime change. Mahathir and gang have been checkmated.But Najib is on the defensive now; so let us apply more pressure so that Switzerland, Singapore, France, the US and the UK will be encouraged to get on with their job. –Din Merican

  3. Just study the list of personalities the past US presidents have held hands and even invited them to the White House and you will be surprised.In diplomacy only your national interest counts. And to achieve that you must allow your opponent to have your right of way.

  4. I shall never trust Singapore in dealing truthfully with this matter which involves the top leadership of Malaysia from which Singapore has a lot to gain – do you think Singapore is an angel who would not blackmail or squeeze balls to gain advantages??? Good luck to those who look up to Singapore for respect of rule of law….

  5. aliefalfa – so don’t depend on Singapore’s testimony. Keep Singapore out of the equation. Depend on the Swiss, the US, the French and the HK authorities.
    Looks like Singapore is in a no-win situation. If they quietly investigate in the background and liaise with other authorities and giving the evidences to BNM, then people like alie would wonder why Singapore does not speak up. People like Mahathir would then drag Singapore in. If Singapore speaks out and throw all the books at Najib and BNM, you can bet the alies of Malaysia that Singapore is the devil and out to do Malaysia in. That Singapore is jealous of Malaysia’s progress and prosperity. Just look at how they demonize Sarawak Report, CRB, The Edge, etc.

    So yes, don’t drag Singapore in. Just deal with the other independent parties.

  6. “Their objective is confuse listeners.” dIN

    I don’t think that it’s possible. These morons are cretinous (thyroid deficient) creatures who have limited language command, insipid memory and therefore suffer from serious cognitive dissociation (aka ‘khayal’). Inbreeding takes many forms – in their case, it’s both ideological and genetically incestual. That’s why the Entitlement hubris and the unshakeable delusion that ‘Law’ is what they make it out to be.

    The Ethical-Moral fiber of any UMNOb hack has been denigrated to the Lowest common denominator: “Cash is Cow”.. Nothing hopeful or inspiring can come out from them. Comatose.

    They no longer care is they sound like Fools, nor do they care One hoot about all our criticisms. All they care about is Glamor for their Chief, Lord and Great Grand Master and Mouthing Inanities to fend off potential embarrassments. That’s it’s becoming an idolatrous mantra..

  7. hahahahahaha…..alie the cat…….hahahahaha

    Singapore is very pragmatic…….when it comes to a point that may jeopardise its integrity, Jibby shall be dished

  8. In Tamil they say that you tell a thousand lies to get two persons married in an arranged marriage. That is because when you tell one you have to tell a thousand to cover up the bride or bridegroom.

  9. CLF, your one comment about UMNO elicited the following…

    cretinous creatures
    thyroid deficient
    limited language
    insipid memory
    cognitive dissociation
    ideological incest
    genetical incest
    unshakeable delusion
    our criticisms

    You don’t like them, do you?

  10. Obama
    You are A hypocrite of the highest order
    Go look at the mirror
    U look horrible
    Won’t be surprised if it serves u
    Sleeping with Mugabe will be next

  11. “You don’t like them, do you?” aitze

    Hmm.., i haven’t really thought of it that way, my friend.

    You see, i had more than some unwelcome ‘interaction’ with some of these flurs at the highest echelons, but not ‘beyond the call of duty’. I leave that process to your fervid imagination(s), what that all means.

    Some of these blokes are actually quite nice personally – including the Village Headman and even his Consort. I thoroughly detest-despise-disdain their technique or methods, even though i’ve listened to their personal ‘confessions’. That means seeing the forest from the individual flora, that includes fungi and liverworts.

    I’ll put it this way – i’ll respect the Office, but not necessarily the Occupant, because i have to. But my conscience and loyalty to ‘We The People” is another matter.

    How many peasants like me, get invited to have lunch or tea with the “He Who Is Made Supreme Lord”? Can’t turn that down – can anyOne? Neither Disrespect nor Sucking-Up is in my vocabulary. I’m not by far stretch, a Crony, but my advice will fall on glazed expressions of incomprehension.

  12. A great friend once told me, the 3 important C’s in communication which Najibo has mastered, 1st Convey, 2nd Convinced and 3rd lastly Confused

    Nobody outside UMNO believes him anymore.This is because he has been able to convince them with his cash is king politics. I am not impressed and certainly not confused. Instead, I know that he is the worst Prime Minister in our country’s history. Unfortunately, UMNO members disagree with me.–Din Merican

  13. CLF “but my advice will fall on glazed expressions of incomprehension.”

    I must say I can’t blame them. Let’s face it, not many people can understand you.

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