A-G Apandi is an overzealous heck and should be impeached

February 7, 2016

The reluctant A-G Apandi is an overzealous heck and should be impeached

COMMENT: Malaysia’s Worst Attorney-General is unable to do what is right. Yet he claims to serve our King. Actually, he is just Najib’s apologist and henchman. He deserves to go down with our most corrupt Prime Minister. Our Parliament must move to impeach him.

I am also someone whose ancestors came from India-a mamak.But  I do not have the problem of wanting to be more Malay than the Malay. Anyway, who is a Malay? He is actually a constitutional construct. Even Ridhuan Tee Abdullah is Malay when he is a Malaysian Chinese. What is great about being a Malay who depends on UMNO’s handouts?  Only mamaks with tons of hang-ups like him, Chief Secretary Hamsa Ali, and Secretary-General to the Malaysian Treasury Irwan Sirega are prepared to sell themselves to the Malaysian political demon for status and name recognition.–Din Merican

source: http://www.malaysiakini.com

Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali dismissed his predecessor Abu Talib Othman’s opinion that he did not have authority to close the RM2.6 billion case, adding that all he did was based on what he had learnt from the former A-G.

“I am just following my master’s footstep. Now he said I couldn’t do that. I am confused.I hope he can come to see me so that I can offer my explanation,” he was quoted as saying by Sin Chew Daily in an exclusive interview.

Last week, Abu Talib slammed Apandi alleging that the AG had no authority to order the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to close its investigations into the RM2.6 billion donation deposited into Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s personal accounts.

“Under Article 145 (3) of the Federal constitution, the A-G has power only to institute, conduct and discontinue any (criminal) proceedings, but has no authority to order any investigation agency to close its investigation papers.

“This is a case of public importance that has attracted worldwide attention. The AG must help the MACC to collect evidence as the source of the fund is outside Malaysia,” said Abu Talib.

Didn’t request Swiss AG to close 1MDB case

In a related matter, Apandi also insisted that he never requested his Swiss counterpart to close the European nation’s own investigations into 1MDB during a meeting last September.

“I never said that… That’s a lie. I never mention any 1MDB cases. It was a courtesy call… If the Swiss needs any help, I will provide…The meeting was about mutual legal assistance. We could help at any time, that’s it.”

Apandi said the meeting between him and Swiss Attorney-General Michael Lauber was also attended by Deputy Solicitor-General Tun Abdul Majid Tun Hamzah and an officer from Lauber’s office.

He said the office of the Swiss Attorney-General had requested the help of the AG’s Chambers through the Foreign Ministry, though the official request they filed only reached him on February 4.

However, Apandi said he has yet to read the Swiss document.The A-G’s Chambers, he added, will extend its help to the Swiss under the mutual legal assistance protocols, though he refused to disclose details as it is “top secret”.

Last week, Reuters reported that a Malaysian official strongly urged Lauber to drop his 1MDB-related investigation during a meeting last September.Prior to Apandi’s decision to close the cases against Najib, Lauber through his office had reportedly made a request to Malaysia for assistance in his country’s 1MDB probe into possible violations of Swiss laws related to bribery of foreign officials, misconduct in public office, money laundering and criminal mismanagement.

Lauber also reportedly said that Najib was not a suspect in the Swiss probe.Apandi subsequently said he would take all possible steps to assist Swiss authorities but clarified that the investigations into the RM2.6 billion donation made to Najib were entirely separate from those into 1MDB.

Gani only worked two days a week

Apandi also said that his appointment to the nation’s top legal office is valid and constitutional.

He said the health problems afflicting his immediate predecessor, Abdul Gani Patail, is an open secret. Abdul Gani, he added, needs to have dialysis three days a week, which rendered the former A-G capable of working only two days each week, minus the weekend.

In contrast, Apandi said he has been working tirelessly since taking over from Abdul Gani.”You see, with the workload of the A-G, I could not take leave after I assume office. I work 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“I even have to work from home (after office hours),” he said, adding he has to maintain communications with his officers via email at all times.For example, he said, he has to work until one in the morning if a case is urgent.

Sacrificed wealth to join public service

Apandi also said he made “financial sacrifices” when he left his private legal practice to join the public service. Nevertheless, he said he was honoured to serve the country and the Agong.”I never ask for this job (AG). I was offered to be made A-G.”

Previously, Apandi said he could earn RM15,000 a case when he was in private practice, excluding the additional legal consultantation fees.”At that time a judicial commissioner could earn a basic salary of RM17,000. For me, that is nothing. Add on other allowances, it would only reach no more than RM20,000.”

He said he has invested money earned from his private legal practice into property, including Wisma Apandi which was build in his hometown of Kota Bahru.

The building, he said, has given him good rental income. Apandi was appointed A-G after his predecessor Abdul Gani was let go purportedly due to “health problems” last July, which coincided with a cabinet reshuffle which saw the deputy prime minister, who had been vocal on the 1MDB scandal, removed.

In late January, he cleared Najib from criminal wrongdoings in the RM2.6 billion donation and RM42 million SRC International cases.

16 thoughts on “A-G Apandi is an overzealous heck and should be impeached

  1. Don’t say that one sacrifices private practice income to become a civil servant. That is not the attitude. Once one comes a civil servant one is held to a certain standard and a code of ethics.

  2. Tun Suffian in his book ‘The introduction to the Constitution of Malaysia’ said if a civil servant is appointed as AG, he can only be removed in the same was as other civil servants. And in the civil service before you can terminate the service of an officer on medical grounds, there must be a medical board to certify that he is incapable of discharging the duties of his office by reason of infirmity of mind or body. Then he has to leave service after such certification.

    Not only there was no medical board certification, Gani was allowed to be in service until his retirement date. A false representation was made to Agong so that a servile person like Apandi could be illegally appointed to stop Najib’s prosecution.

    Macc shld just investigate for his corrupt and criminal acts in clearing Najib and stopping investigation. A person like Apandi, like his boss, should be flushed out of the country’s criminal justice system. Go outside and practice and become counsel to Najib. Then you can defend Najib in court with your tall tales which no one believe.

  3. The Saudi revelation CONFIRMS that the AG has been DERELICT IN HIS DUTY – a prosecutable offense. YET he is more concern with persecuting whistleblowers. It’s the definition of PUBLIC MENACE – A SECURITY THREAT no less.

  4. I am not sure if “overzealous” is the right word applicable.

    But I do know that AG should immediately stop calling the Saudi Foreign Minister a LIAR by continuing to refer to the “donation” (which the Saudis have denied). His insidtence drags the Saudis and perhaps make them culpable to the BN Govt`s scam(s). I doubt very much they want to be dragged by the FBI, Swiss, Hong Kong, Martians and the Good Lord knows who else.
    Warships have been known to sail for less.

    By right, the MACC should pounce on him for “corruption”. Invade his office and seize his files and place him under arrest for subvertingoffences and “harbouring offenders”.

    It is nearly the same as, if not worse, than when Anwar Ibrahim called on the IGP to “speed up investigations”…for that Anwar was about 7 years in prison…..for “corruption”.

    This AG might be dying in prison…which wouldn`t be so bad after all.

  5. Impeach Apandi? The enforcment agencies are under the rule and thump of Najib – the subject matter. Parliament is housing a flock of non-bleating black UMNO/BN sheep. The ZZZCouncil of rullers and Sultans are in their own fifedom awed and by their own grandeur detazcshed from the woes of their subjects, the judiciary playes the tune called by the subject matter. Now how and who to bell the cat.
    To entrench their poistion it may be a life sentence and rotan to those who leak documents to reveal criminals .
    Until the rakyat , mainly the rural malays, takes to other measures the country is doomed to live in despair lawlessness.
    Outsiders and Malaysians living offshore can only do so much risking their own safety but change has to stem fom whithin.

  6. It’s merry-go-round the mulberry bush. NUTS running the country. What type of a judge he could have been charging people without wanting to know the motive for charge. So, you cannot charge Najib for the mega donation for not knowing the motive for such donation.

    Hei Pani, We don’t have to know how hard you have been working for Najib. May be Najib might have agreed to ‘donate’ substantial sum for your hard work without even going on leave. Keep spinning people and impose laws to your advantage to save Najib. What a caliber of an Appellate court JUDGE to become AG.

  7. Words like ‘impeach’ and ‘rule of law’ etc apply to first world countries where modern civilized means of governance applies. Too dignified to be used in countries where all the institutions of government have been debased and used to keep thieves in power.

    Bolehland has slipped into sewage status in this regard and creeps like apandi, bashah, najibus should be given the anwar-treatment. Arrested, thrown in a cell and beaten.

    Thats the third world mugabe-style way. Bolehland fits that category.

  8. or by the apathy of thiose who have the power to intervene but remain silent in their Palaces . The future generation will bear witness to them that have failed in their duties for having remined distanced.

  9. Ask the Lupus or Conrad to persecute that fella la………Under the present system…….hahahaha

    What future generation? Like I say so many times, perhaps it’s time to follow Scotland or Catalonia’s style………

  10. I am not sure if I will get into a situation of “Les Majeste” and be nabbed and charged… but I have a question for the King i.e. the Agung and the Council of Rulers… and I say this with no intention to disrespect but out of sheer frustration:

    They are constitutional monarchs. All they can do is to advise. It is up to us to create a mass movement for change. –Din Merican

  11. Do I detect a high degree of stress in AG? Did it build up after sieving tonnage of “fact and evidences”? I could write five lines of decorum with dignity and he’d find to prosecute me.

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