Kassim Ahmad: MAN–What is MAN?

February 6, 2016

Kassim Ahmad: MAN–What is MAN?

What a piece of work is man! How noble in reason! How infinite in faculties! In form and moving, how exspress and admirable! In action, how like an angel! In apprehension, how like a god! The beauty of the world! The paragon of animals! And yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust? Man delights not me – no, nor woman neither.                                                                                                    HAMLET,  Shakespeare.

Recently I promised my readers to write on Man. In the Bible, God said that He created man in His own image. In the Quran, man is His vicegerent on Earth (Arabic: khalifah). The meaning is essentially the same: ruler. Man is the ruler and the re-maker of the Universe. That has, of course been done. Man has created cities and civilizations, from ancient Babylon and Egypt, through ancient Greece, and Rome, through modern Arabian monotheism, and lastly through modern Europe and its extension in the United States of America.

In a beautiful allegory in the second chapter of the Quran, the angels protested against the creation of Man, saying that Man is a shedder of blood and spreader of corruption in the world. God simply said that He knew better. (See Quran, 2: 30)

The angels were partially right. Man did shed blood in the two World Wars. (God forbid that there will be a third!). After the Second World War, there was a period called “Cold War” when a strategic balance was struck between the American-led so-called Democratic block and the Soviet-led Eastern block. In the meanwhile, Man’s knowledge advance, slowly at first, then by leaps and bounce, and we are now at the threshold of colonizing outer space. In two generations we shall indeed be living in outer space!

So it does seem that God’s optimism about Man has been amply demonstrated. If I am not mistaken, more miracles are coming. Anti-aging, for one. We shall soon be forever young!

Public intellectual Kassim Ahmad or  Village Preacher Hadi Awang: Pak Kassim is my Choice by a Mile–Din Merican

There is no doubt that man cannot escape reaping the harvest of what he had sowed. He will be punished to the extent of his criminality, i.e. disobedience to his own Maker.  Unless my reading of the Quran is at fault, this means man will punish his own wrong-doing. What incredible beauty!

 In the end, man will have punished himself enough, and he will be freed from his own Hell, and enter Paradise. Such is God’s incredible power and wisdom. No wonder we are asked always to remember God’s graciousness and mercy.– www.kassimahmad.blogspot.com

10 thoughts on “Kassim Ahmad: MAN–What is MAN?

  1. Thanks, Pak Kassim. Your latest piece is educational and eye opening. I hear your call. Know thyself or you will not be lost.

    MAN is chosen by God to be His vicegerent (patih) on Earth; instead he chooses to be a degenerate, full of hate, rancour, and bitterness. I don’t blame Hamlet (William Shakespeare) for his dim view of Man.–Din Merican

  2. Delightful @ dinobeano …..

    Man is a combination of the Permanent and the Impermanent ……wow at one & the same time ! ! –

    Man is indeed the greatest Miracle of creation , but few believes it…..

    (The in-depth ‘study’ of this will unravel some of the greatest Mysteries of Creation…….and yet ……” Ya Ayuhal Kafirun …..” )

  3. The logic should have gone further. Secularity has been painted by Islamist and ignorant as arrogance of man over God – its simplistic. Fact is secularity means man must be responsible for his own affairs godly or ungodly. It’s actually humility before God – if he exist, or if he does not, then its man’s responsibility. It’s the same with liberalism, it does not mean irresponsible but freedom to be responsible. It’s difficult idea, can be abused in shirt term and opportunists but the challenge is for man’s social and personal responsibility and abilities.

  4. I read somewhere before that if we do not have a mind of our own, there will always be people most willing to share theirs and those minds may not be the right ones.

    Man gives all sorts of justification and when one does not have wisdom to discern, one becomes a supporter to even illogical justifications. I find that people who never truly understood the principles of their respective religions are the ones who will use it the most for their own motives and objectives and be most vocal about it as well as be most condemning of others because of it.

  5. In addition, Pak Kassim’s Historical-philosophical elucidations on the ‘ evolution ‘ of ‘ Man ‘ is admirable…..( concerning the historical developments of Mankind –

    May I say this : It is the Epistemological treatment in which ….’ the evolution , progress and advancement of humanity , with which , the Divine Will reveals and manifests itself more clearly and distinctly with passage of time , the Qura’n states that ” Man may know each other ” despite our Diversity….etc…. ( meaning that Man should not be conceited or beset with arrogance ) . Only the epistemological treatment , but the Substantive of each Faith is a different treatment )

    (Epistemology concerns with Philosophy of Knowledge itself , of what earlier 20 Comments rendered in the thread of Dr Azmi Sharom on Rape, Murder, Hudud dated 24th March 2015 , for recollection ) – great article by Pak Kassim

  6. In the Bible, God said that He created man in His own image

    Man has ‘created’ ‘GOD’ in his own image and that may be why man made himself supreme while the woman and other creatures subservient to serve him.
    Sadly the man does all and abuses the name of ‘God’ for his own ‘greed’ and ‘lust’ and equates himself to ‘God’ by claiming that what the man does is ‘dictated’ by ‘God’ and wrote all this in the Scriptures which he wrote but attributed to commands of ‘God’.

    This also may be common in many other religions.

  7. Once again some “intellectual” think they are so clever. I pity them.
    What’s your hang up about the word “intellectual”? I have met a lot of intellectuals from Noam Chomsky to Syed Hussein Alatas in my lifetime and they are the most humble people I have even met. Only people like Dr. Zahid Hamidi who pretend to be cerebral are are not. I expect substantive comments from people who comment on this blog. If you can’t, you are not welcome.–Din Merican

  8. Saudara Kassim Ahmad

    After reading the Qura repeatedly and contemplating about our creations,I have come to the following conclusions:

    1. The souls of men(use for both men and women)are actually part of the conscious aspects of God.Thus the Quran says in 15:29 “When I perfect him and blow into him from my spirit.you shall fall prostate before him”.In the bible,it says men are created in the image of God.

    2.Evils like Satan are created by God and thus God have both goodness and evil in the begining and God decided to remove evil(falsehood)completely from from Him and thus He created souls that have both goodness and evil in them.Thus the Quran says in 21:16 “We did not create the heavens and earth ,and everything between them as for amusement”.
    21:17″If we wanted to make an amusement,we could have done it on our own”.
    21:18 “But we want to set up the truth against falsehood,in order to expose it and render it obsolete.Woe to you from your claim”.

    3.Thus the souls that are able to purify themselves from gross evils will finally unite with God and thus find the true peace(balik kampung),unlimited knowledge and ability,i.e,they are in heaven.But those souls that become surrounded by evils will eternally be separated from God and forever be in turmoil,ignorance and weak,i.e,they are in hell.The discriptions of heaven and hell in the Holy Books are mere similitudes .Living on this earth eternally will be like living in hell due to ignorance,weakness and superficial knowledge about all things.

  9. “All people are like grass,
    and all their glory is like the flowers of the field;
    the grass withers and the flowers fall,”
    On days that I am pissed, I like to remind myself of this verse. I will leave out the second verse..since it is of personal faith. Hehe.. it did work when I was really angry and stumbled upon it the first time.

  10. /// Rusli Rashid February 5, 2016 at 11:03 am
    Once again some “intellectual” think they are so clever. I pity them. ///

    Would you apply this label to yourself? I am still trying to figure out what is your point, or what are you trying to contribute to the discussion. Different people have different take on life; the difference is especially unbridgeable between people of faith and those who need evidence to believe in something. Through Din’s platform, hopefully we can see each other’s viewpoints. Let’s argue the points rather than the person. Ad hominem comments are not helpful.

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