The Mukhriz Firing–It’s Personal for Mahathir

February 4, 2016

On Mukhriz: It’s Personal now for Tun Dr. Mahathir

COMMENT by Malaysiakini:

What goes around, comes around. So dictate the laws of karma.In the not too distant past, a politician in the upper echelons was unceremoniously removed, shamed, degraded, beaten and imprisoned.

Then too, many leaders in UMNO had toed the line, remained silent or lent their voices to the chorus of assailment.

And now, the architect of that poignant episode, which served as the impetus for the events that changed the Malaysian political landscape, has a front row seat to witness a similar scene unfold.

This time, it is his own son, Murkhriz Mahathir, who has been forced out of power while those in UMNO continued to remain aphonic. Therein lies the problem with Dr Mahathir Mohamad – it is difficult to feel sympathy for a man who exhibited little or no compassion in deposing his political foe.

Whenever the former Prime Minister points a finger at another accusing him of being unjust or abusing his position, he has four fingers pointing back at him.

One wonders if Mahathir is reflecting on his past deeds at this juncture, and coming to terms with how, over the decades, fate has dictated that he transforms from invincible to vulnerable. Then again, he is a politician to the core, one through whose veins course the art of Machiavelli, where statecraft is managed with cunning shrewdness.

Same strategies

And now, his successors are employing the same strategies to retain their grip on power. He has taught them well.

While he might be suffering from amnesiac spells that have disconnected his medial temporal lobe responsible for storing memories, the people, however, have not forgotten.

Hence, it came as no surprise that when a photograph depicting Mahathir’s wife Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali embracing their son following his forced resignation as Menteri Besar circulated on social media, some expressed sadness and sympathy, others recalled certain incidents during his tenure.

Furthermore, Mukhriz Mahathir is not Anwar Ibrahim. Charlatan or otherwise, Mukhriz is perhaps the most courageous politician to have emerged from the UMNO ranks in recent times. And it is ironic that his detractors with lesser testicular fortitude continue to harp on his real or fabricated sexual orientation to disparage his manhood.

Mukhriz, on the other hand, is nothing more than his father’s son. He ascended the political hierarchy due to his surname, which opened doors without effort on his part. The son of the former Prime Minister is not a fighter. He would not want to risk landing in prison or taking to the streets, let alone being dealt with a black eye.

However, Mahathir’s adversaries would be committing a fatal error in believing that the move against his son would bring the nonagenarian to his knees.They have struck him where it hurts most.

Mahathir is a predator, and such creatures are most ferocious when wounded. The killer instinct does not mellow with age. And the wound inflicted has left his heart bleeding.

If at all Mahathir was on the brink of relenting and ending his campaign to remove the current Prime Minister, the ouster of his son would renew his zeal for blood.For now, it is no longer about politics. It is personal.

18 thoughts on “The Mukhriz Firing–It’s Personal for Mahathir

  1. Would you be surprised a compromise has been reached, unbeknown to the spectators who had witnessed something ‘ nasty ‘ by his unceremonious ‘ removal ‘ in this episode of ‘ play-acting ‘ ?

    What’s the big deal ……?

  2. I think Mahathir must now finally acknowledge that Cash is indeed King.

    I recall two decades ago, when Mukhriz was still wet behind the ears, politically speaking, Anwar’s wife, Dr. Azizah, went to see Mahathir’s wife, Dr. Siti, when Anwar was sacked as DPM, hoping to salvage the situation, woman-to-woman.

    Perhaps now Dr. Siti knows how Dr. Azizah felt then.

    To Mahathir, I have this to say.

    You cannot win over Najib without destroying UMNO. You cannot have your cake and eat it. If you think Najib can be brought down and still keep UMNO intact and win GE 14 so that Mukhriz can ascend higher than he is capable of on his own, (as you have dreamed of for so long), you may as well give up now and save some energy to enjoy the last few years of your arguably eventful, some even say glorious, life.

    Looks like it is up to the presently young Malaysians, particularly the young Malays outside of UMNO, to take up the fight to keep Malaysia democratic. If Mukhriz really has it in him, without you around, to successfully lead these young ones, (even if while still inside UMNO), then your legacy is not only intact, but actually enhanced for you have not only brought great development to Malaysia, (critics of your methods notwithstanding), but also produced a son that saved Malaysia.

    It is no secret that you are both envious and jealous of Lee Kuan Yew for having Lee Sien Loong. Let’s see if Mukhriz can do you proud as well. He is still young and in politics nothing is foreordained. The ball is now at Mukhriz’s feet. He can heroically dribble pass Najib and score a goal for Malaysia, or be substituted and leave the field. Remember many matches were won or lose just before the final whistle.

    Sorry Mahathir, you are no longer much of a help both to Malaysia or your son. Many Malaysians, for the past one year, were hoping and wishing it was otherwise. Many who despised you when you were PM came around to support you. We all were hoping that though you loved UMNO Baru, you loved Malaysia more. But it seemed it was not the case.

    Najib and his “Vampire Team” has tasted real first blood and they want more. You have other businessmen sons don’t you? So expect more attacks to come, especially in this gloomy economic climate where the UMNO Baru warlords are hungry as hell.

    I wish you and your family well.

  3. /// Furthermore, Mukhriz Mahathir is not Anwar Ibrahim. Charlatan or otherwise, Mukhriz is perhaps the most courageous politician to have emerged from the UMNO ranks in recent times. And it is ironic that his detractors with lesser testicular fortitude continue to harp on his real or fabricated sexual orientation to disparage his manhood. ///

    Charlatan or otherwise, Mukhriz is perhaps….
    I think it should be Anwar instead of Mukhriz…

  4. “Whenever the former Prime Minister points a finger at another accusing him of being unjust or abusing his position, he has four fingers pointing back at him.”

    This is among the most oxymoronic rubbish that any thinking human being has to put up with. Can’t even get obvious anatomical rendering right.

    Is it lil wonder why i don’t subscribe to this rag? Karma as a law of retribution is fine – but the environment, circumstances and human unpredictability follows the Arrow of Time, which is basically the Law of Entropy.

    In other words, i had enough of ranting imbeciles who keep on eructing “Serves Octo right”. That never happens unless you believe in Circular Manifest Destiny and Magical Thinking – like Jibros. That’s why words like ‘Unprecedented’ – most recently uttered by H. Clinton, when flustered – are in vogue.

    Some ‘unnamed sources’ are asserting that the start of the Year of the Fire Monkey, will see the wobbling, tottering and shattering of the Water Snake and his elder consort, the Metal Tigress. The Wood Ox will pull them into the Abyss.

    How’s that for astrology? Don’t need no raja bomoh for that.

  5. The problem with this idea Mahathir still can find a way to topple Mahathir is that NO ONE, including those that support Najib, believes Najib. EVERYONE knows he is lying. Those that support him has decided to be part of the lie for power, benefit.

    NO TRUTH can topple Najib – even if Swiss finds him guilty, even if King Abdullah comes back alive to say Najib is lying. It does not matter what the truth is.

    So what can Mahathir do if facts do not matter?

  6. These last few days I have read how these 2 families have robbed Malaysia of miilions of dollars. How Dr Mahathir have squandered more billions than Najib has. How Mukhriz’s companies have more money than Kedah state.

    So, why am I still reading about their intrigues instead of their interrogation?

  7. This MalaysiaKini’s article lays bare the editorial vindictiveness disguised in the notion of Karma, a Buddhism concept. The teaching of Buddhism is that you assert the cause-and-effect for someone who is about to execute a deed so that he/she is fully aware of his/her action’s effect which may last even the doer’s lifetime. When someone receives the effect of bad action, the standard teaching of Buddhism is to emphasize compassion so that the receiver of bad Karma has a chance to change things around. After all, Buddhist’s Karma is preached along with no-self concept so that people is made to aware that the effect of Karma reaches to not just the doer and his family, but to all of us.

    The above article is a rubbish, which anchors its vindictiveness in the very first sentence. The authors put some perfume on the garbage by invoking “the law of Karma” in the next sentence.

  8. To a certain degree, I was very happy that Mukriz is ousted. Only to a certain degree. But to have Najib getting away with it and yet there are the so called intelligensia (whom I don’t give my respect supporting him). Heck, Nixon was not that lucky. And now I begin symphatise with Nixon……..Perhaps, God is indeed unfair and in this case, Lupus aka CL Flamiaris should explain why…….hahahaha

    Karma or no karma……..ultimately who suffer………Conrad, perhaps……….It’s the ordinary folks suffer……..

    When the present system does not provide any remedy, what’d be the logical next step? Called me reckless…..Called me irersponsible brat……Call me loosey…….Yes, judging from the happenings happening around, even logical folks can go insane……..

    P.S : Read before you decide to delete……But then you think I give a damn…….hahahaha

  9. Oh by the way, lupus aka CL Flamiaris……..It’s meaningless of saying this in this forum

    “In other words, i had enough of ranting imbeciles who keep on eructing “Serves Octo right”. That never happens unless you believe in Circular Manifest Destiny and Magical Thinking – like Jibros.”

    You are in Australia. Ktemoc is in Australia. You are an intellect. Ktemoc (Lifelihood a doctor) considered himself an intellect. Have a public forum, thrash it out. Be like Jon Stewart and O’ Reilley

    Be a man! Have a debate. You can always ask Susan Loone as moderator. I believe she knows perfectly well who he is………The man from Air Itam, Penang.

    Facts : O’reilley vs Jon Stewart debate is in George Washington University

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  12. Loosely, ha ha CLF is standing right behind you ready to give you a lobotomy without you realizing it. Don’t know what’s with you and your infatuation with Ktemoc. Ktemoc and CLF are oceans apart physically. Just be careful next time you visit a physician to seek treatment, you never know who is behind the surgical mask.

  13. /// Phua Kai Lit February 5, 2016 at 6:06 am
    UMNO (Baru) University offers courses in:
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    PKL – module No.8 has been withdrawn because of lack of enrollment. It has been replace by Mismanaging Race and Ethnic Relations – a highly popular course since its introduction by the then Education Minister Mahathir.

  14. Phua, KL

    To add to the UMNO Baru University course catalog:

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    In addition, it will save having to scout around for universities that specialize in burnishing the credentials of cretins, I mean leaders, with bogus degrees.

  15. ” And the wound inflicted has left his heart bleeding “. On a brighter side, the wound is almost like a bruise as compared to being jailed twice. Take comfort that mahathir still has his family intact, not broken. At worst, only his ego and pride are wounded. Still, they can enjoy life and entertain friends and families is relative comfort, unlike his nemesis in bamboo river. Why would mahathir gets personal ?. It’s business as usual.

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