The Time Bomb that is Religion

January 29, 2016

The Time Bomb that is Religion

by Dr. Kassim Ahmad

Sultan Nazrin Shah of Perak

The title of this essay is not mine. I borrow it from HRH  The Sultan of Perak Dr  Raja Nazrin Shah’s warning in a speech to a three-day religious dialogue held in Ipoh recently. His exact words are:

“When religion is used for reasons other than to spread spirituality, what more when it is sensationalized politically, it becomes an explosive time-bom that could cause chaos and disaster.”

The erudite Sultan added that Muslims should not be judging each other’s level of faith, as the authority to do so lies solely with Allah. He could not have said it better.The warning is timely, as religious (read “Islamic”)  institutions in this country, like JAWI and JAKIM, are usurping the function of God in their overzealous performance of their duties.

Tawfik Ismail’s view that they should be closed down  has merit, as Islam is, constitutionally, under the jurisdiction of the Malay rulers and the Agong.

It is pertinent to ask, “Which Islam?”  On the one hand, there is the Islam of the prophet-messengers, ending with Prophet Muhammad, when God completed and perfected the religion of monotheism (Submission, Islam) for mankind. On the other, the inherited deviated religions of Judaism, Christianity and Sunnism.

Some Muslims are unaware that their “ulama”’s brand of Ahli-Sunnah Wal-Jama’ah (Sunnism) is as deviationary, as Jadaism and Christianity are. A deep study of history would reveal the matter.

Dr. Kassim Ahmad and The Mullah

The effect of Sunnism is to deify Muhammad against his will, which these deviationists would vehemently deny. Ask them why they would not be satisfied with mentioning God alone without mentioning Muhammad, as witness their syahadah.  Also ask them what does God mean when He says, “Do not worship two gods. There is only one god. Therefore, you shall reverence Me.” (Quran, 16: 51)

Muhammad also prohibits his followers from breaking into sects. Sectarian “Islam” is not part of his teachings. Another bigger effect is that their societies are universally blighted will material, moral and spiritual problems. The Muslims are currently at the bottom of the ladder of nations, when they were once at the top.

Do their leaders ask these critical questions? Tariq Ramadan, Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na’im and the rest of the reformers – what have they achieved?  The answer is sadly, “Nothing.” Why? They have not tackled the basic question. The basic question is to go back to the Quran and to understand it anew. Remember the Prophet’s one complaint to God is, “My Lord, my people have deserted this Quran.” (25: 30)

We have to explain why the Judeo-Christian West has overtaken the Muslims since the 16th Century on. There is no other answer except that in the main they have recovered their once-lost monotheistic world-view.

The Muslims must wake up. Realize where you have deviated from God’s teachings, as delivered by the last Prophet Muhammad. Stop deifying Muhammad against his will. Stop blindly following your “ulama” priesthood class. Go back to holding fast on to God and follow Muhammad ( read, follow the teachings of the Quran), and you will rise again.

40 thoughts on “The Time Bomb that is Religion

  1. Saudara Kassim,it is God that prohibits sectarianism in Islam as mentioned in 6:159 of the Quran and I wonder how you come to the conclusion that the Judeo-Christian west has recovered their monotheistic worldview.From what I can see the West and quite a bit of the East are all moving towards atheistic/agnostic materialism (a form of idol worship)while the Muslims are following the followers of older religions by becoming idol worshippers too by deifying Muhammad and obeying Imams instead of God.

  2. We were frightened as children that there were ghosts and jinns floating around especially at night doing their evil work. This became a problem as a lot of activities cannot be carried out without appeasing the jinns and the devils.
    Then someone had an inspiration. What if there is One God that is the master of all? All powerful. Everything can do? So if you just believe or pray to this Master God then you dont have to worry about all the small fry ghosts, spirits or whatever! Very neat and convenient. The inventors of this God then claimed that they heard the voice of this God. They will not do anything until they hear the command from this God. And so it came to pass. A whole class of people then claim that they speak to this God everyday and night. What if you the “others” cannot hear the voice? Then you are not the chosen ones. But to be safe, just follow me.

  3. Kassim Ahmad, accept that there is no god and you will finally find peace, with those you malign as “deviationists” and, more importantly, yourself.

  4. /// The Time Bomb that is Religion /// – Amen to this.

    Now, what do we do with time bombs? Do we keep on arguing until kingdom come (pardon the religious pun) that my bomb is the one true bomb? Do we keep on insisting that, no, once you strap on the bomb, you cannot take it off. Or do you get rid or all this silly bombs. Your choice.

  5. Huh? Non Denominational Muslims?
    Only allowed ‘legally’ in the -stans and some North/East African countries.
    Elsewhere its schism. Either you’re with us or you’re dead sorta thing.

    I think it’s not quite right to compare Islam and Christianity, or even mention words like ‘reformation’, counter-reformation’, ‘priesthood of believers’ or ‘sola scriptura’.
    After all the theology, Christology, liturgy and language are totally different. The architecture like the minarets which were initially bell towers and domes were somehow plagiarized, but God doesn’t care. The Salat may be identical to Early Judeo-Christian supplication or prostration, but again it’s just posturing.

    Yup. Religion and Politics don’t mix, even though mankind has been trying to gel together disastrously – these earliest of ‘professions’ (besides the other one – you know..) since civilization began. The American Declaration of Independence may be too difficult for us Manglish connoisseurs to digest – but we have the watered down version called Rukun Negara. Or is that Passe too?

    Better stop now, lest i incur the wrath of some warrior keyboard ulama..

  6. @farid, wayne, yes.. figuring out that there is no god is one way to find peace, and to kill all jinns and ghosts of the past, present and future. Hopefully, pm najib could share his experience with 1malaysia as he works on figuring out the next jinn closest to him that he needs to kill at the moment. for now, i still pray the same. May my God be with najib.

  7. 10 years ago I saw a televion documentary by Richard Dawkins of the University of Oxford, in which he argues that humanity would be better off without religion or belief in God. For those interested, go to You Tube and search under the title “Root of All Evil.” There are two parts (part 1 is “The God Delusion” and part 2 “The Virus of Faith”), each part runs about 45 minutes.

  8. “…accept that there is no god and you will finally find peace, with those you malign as “deviationists” and, more importantly, yourself,” Wayne.

    I may or may not agree with what Kassim Ahmad said above, I think it is important for us to affirm his right to say them. Affirming his right to say what he obviously honestly believe is important at this juncture where he is persecuted by a religious organization called JAKIM, funded by all of us. That is, each of us is funding his persecution through state instrument. He is a victim, not because he is robbed by a street gangster that is not related to us, but by an institution we pay for.

    After all, for an octogenarian who lives and has seen many things, we could certainly gain some from his view.

  9. The philosopher John Locke’s view that there should be religious tolerance is as relevant as ever in the 21st century.

    Otherwise we will see more killings and even wars resembling those
    between Catholics and Protestants in Europe in bygone days
    (or even between Protestants and Protestants over disputes related to doctrinal hair-splitting).

  10. I like something passe but still true:

    BAHAWASANYA NEGARA KITA MALAYSIA mendukung cita-cita hendak:

    mencapai perpaduan yang lebih erat di kalangan seluruh masyarakatnya;
    memelihara satu cara hidup demokratik;
    mencipta satu masyarakat adil di mana kemakmuran Negara akan dapat dinikmati bersama secara adil dan saksama;
    menjamin satu cara liberal terhadap tradisi-tradisi kebudayaannya yang kaya dan berbagai corak; dan
    membina satu masyarakat progresif yang akan menggunakan sains dan teknologi moden.

    MAKA KAMI, rakyat Malaysia, berikrar akan menumpukan seluruh tenaga dan usaha kami untuk mencapai cita-cita tersebut berdasarkan atas prinsip-prinsip yang berikut :


  11. “On the other, the inherited deviated religions of Judaism, Christianity and Sunnism.”

    Not kosher maestro. Not kosher at all.

  12. Problem is religion kills. It pits one sect against the other. Over in the Middle East it’s the Sunnis against the Shias. And this very same is happening here. One cannot say bad about the other. They are prepared to kill and be killed, all for the sanctity of their belief. And to those who are beholden to my belief, killing infidels is never a sin.

    While the West thrives and develops, technologically and economically, the Muslim world goes into a tailspin.

    To the believers it’s all about making good in the hereafter. So when Al Jubur and his likes steal, plunder and rape all they do is look and sigh. “Di akhirat esok depa jawap lah,” a standard answer that’s making me puke every time it’s uttered.

    When things go wrong in their country of abode they pine for the liberated West whose people they despise and consider as “kafir” and not in their league. Are we not hypocrites then? It’s sad. So sad.

  13. Personally I’ve find all this talk of “deviationists” teachings rather queer. Oh lord did I just say that.

    Take this Christian looney responding to a Josh Hong over at Malaysiakini.

    Josh Hong in responding to the apparatchik Superman’s homophobic comments wrote :

    “Being a Christian in a non-traditional sense with no church affiliation, I am accountable to the God that I believe in, and no-one else. If my view or argument is found preposterous, I will eat humble pie.

    Since a few months ago, Hew has been attacking relentlessly my sexuality just because I disagreed with much of his position and on several occasions retorted him on Facebook.”

    A chap by the handle , Lexicon responded – which I thought was a very amiable response –

    ” Josh Hong, keep thinking, writing and engaging the public. Your role as a public intellectual is to speak truth to power. It’s unthinkable that everyone will appreciate, or even understand, your efforts – just keep going regardless. You are a child of God, and I only wish more fellow Christians shared your courage and activism.

    This got Christian looney (Prudent by name) all riled up, enough to write :

    “Lexicon. How can a real child of the real God disobey the real God? How can a real Christian openly and blatantly disobey the written Word of his God? The Bible is very clear as to who is or who is not a real Christian. Those who are led by the Holy Spirit are the sons of God. And the Holy Spirit certainly did not lead Josh Hong into homosexuality against the clear and written Word of God! The devil did. And you, Lexicon, if you continue to encourage Josh in his homosexuaity and by extension homosexuals like Josh, are you not also deceived by the evil one? And how can one who disobeyed the Truth (i.e. Jesus Christ – John 14:6) speak ‘truth’ to power?”

    So yeah, we should always be sceptical when religious folk talk about “deviationists” teachings , even if we agree with some of the things they say.

    Apologies to the board. Sometimes I need to remind myself that skulking in the shadows are malicious Christians hearts, waiting for their place in the sun.

  14. The Time Bomb has been ignited by fuses such as the Mufti of Perak, the university lecturer Ridhwan Tee, Ibrahim Ali, and many other Muslim NGO’s which in spite of registering as an NGO are meddling in politics.

    The Time Bomb are further incinerated by agencies such as JAKIM, JAWI and the Minister for Islamic Affairs by focussing on trivial issues instead of looking at the Big picture or future direction of Islam in Malaysia. Instead they are pandering to Wahabbism and ignoring the Amman Contract.

  15. Don’t waste on religions
    Arabs said why their God the Allah did not come to help when USA and NATO bomb Afghanistan Iraq etc?
    Is Allah a figment of imagination?
    Or Allah came to help but was defeated by USA
    Either way, it is a waste of time, money in religion

    Religions had fought for centuries!!!
    We can live without religions
    Religion is definitely not the answer to problems to the world.

  16. I never really understood much about what Kassim Ahmad is all about since he and most comments about him relate to intellectual stuffs.

    In reading this article, I find that his argument about Islam rest on the deviation of “Judeo-Christian”, whatever that suppose to mean. If Islam is true, he does not need the “Judeo-Christian” to deviate to support his arguement. Truth is truth and does not depend on others to justify its truthfulness.

    It is getting tiresome for a so-called “intellectual” to put down “Judeo-Christian” in order to justify what he believe is truth. You want to believe you believe lah…

  17. @conrad skulking in the shadows #inside a church# are malicious hearts. My heart included. Could not agree more. 😢 cousins in faith. On lgbti, i would only quote from tim Keller’s suggestion.. grace did not find me because i have an opposite sex sleeping beside me every night.
    I judge not my father’s family who might disagree with me. Doing so and not doing so would not elevate my standing. But i did leave a church bcos the pastor spend too much time talking about men in the church not taking up leadership position. 💃

  18. C.L Familiaris

    Islam as per the Quran never claims to be unique but just a continuation of older religions .The word Muslim was coined by Abraham which means a person who submit to the will of God.The Quran said God promised salvation to all as per the following verse in 2:62 ;”Those who believe,those who are Jewish,the Christians,and the converts;any of them who believe in God and the last day,and leads a righteous life,have nothing to fear,nor will they grieve “.


    Even the believer of atheism based his belief on faith because science cannot explain what where there just before the Big Bang and the model of the universe according to it is just postulation and there are other postulations that can fit with what we observe in the universe.


    All the 3 Abrahamic religious scriptures forbade strongly homosexuality and described how God destroyed Sodom &Gomorrah and descibed this sin as an abomination.So while you may want to be a homosexual and it is your choice,you cannot claim to be a follower of these religions especially if you accept that you lifestyle choice is acceptable.

  19. Abdul Jalil, thank you for that reminder about the embedded bigotry of the Abrahamic faiths. Obviously you got my point.

    The difference between Islam or any State religion for that matter and religious nutters like Prudent, is that the latter can only rant and foam on the internet while the former can officially sanction their bigotry [which is what the latter really wants.]

    The greatest misconception about secularism is that it there to protect religious beliefs. This is clearly wrong. It is there to protect people from religious beliefs being imposed on them.

    Nowhere is this more evident in Europe but most elegantly articulated by the American Constitution.

    Here endeth the lesson

  20. /// Shiou January 30, 2016 at 2:21 am
    “…accept that there is no god and you will finally find peace, with those you malign as “deviationists” and, more importantly, yourself,” Wayne.

    I may or may not agree with what Kassim Ahmad said above, I think it is important for us to affirm his right to say them. ///

    Why the need to affirm? Nobody is stopping his from his right to say what he wants. In fact, Din is providing a platform to propagate his ideas. Or are you saying Wayne has no right to state his view? What is your point above?

  21. /// Abdul Jalil January 30, 2016 at 1:55 pm
    Even the believer of atheism based his belief on faith because science cannot explain what where there just before the Big Bang and the model of the universe according to it is just postulation and there are other postulations that can fit with what we observe in the universe. ///

    Abdul Jalil, your statements are wrong on so many counts. Atheism and science are not based on faith – they are based on evidences. Religion is based on blind faith. Science can now explain what is just before the Big Bang (see video below). The fact that science proposes hypotheses and postulations, and then go about gathering evidences to support or destroy those postulations show that science is interested in facts and not belief in something just because an iron-age book says so. Scientists are willing to admit mistakes when a new theory better explain what we are trying to understand.

    And scientists are ever so humble as to call their 99.9999% established fact as “Theory”. This scientific use of the word “Theory” should be differentiated from our everyday layman use of the word “theory”. The layman use of the word “theory” is what scientists called “hypothesis”. The Theory of Gravity is not just postulation – it is fact. And if Abdul Jalil thinks it is just postulation, he can go jump out of Petronas Tower and see if it is just a “theory”. Likewise, the Theory of Relativity and the Theory of Evolution.

  22. The

    What you are tring to sell as truth in the video you posted are just rantings of confirmed atheists who try to reaffirm each other conviction that there is no God.After going for about 46min,I gave up.The physicist in the video said its plausible that matter and space can be created from nothing but it cannot be proven.He said the same thing about the fact that the its plausible life can form from basic chemicals but its not proven.Therefore I can also say that its plausible that God started off the Big Bang that forrmed the universe and later planted life on earth though I cannot prove it.

    You talk as though the theories of science are absolute truth but the fact that even the laws of science which are higher in value compare to the theories were later found to be not the absolute truth.Thus Newton’s Law of motions used to be absolute but now just an approximate of the truth .Newton Law of Universal Gravitation breaks down whe measuring the precession of Mercury’s orbit.Now even Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is becoming shaky by theseveral studies in astro physic.In medicine they alot of so called knowledge that are under revisions as time progress and new findings that negate the old held belefs or theories.

    I am not adamant that my belief is the absolute truth and I will be the first to follow if you and you bretheres in kind are able to prove that there is no God not mere plausible theories and opinions.I am weak and helpless in this universe and marching relentlessly towards death.Belief in the God Almighty gives me hope when I am down and helpless and when I am on my death bed I hope it can give me peace as I journey to the unknown.

  23. the,

    Faith is seeing light when all one sees is darkness. Faith is hoping for a place where justice and love meets, when injustice and apathy rules.

    Faith is finding a reason for existence when all else is telling one to throw oneself off from high point.

    Religion is where I found answers to those questions. To the last one, which you have coincidentally mentioned, I found the answer in Jesus’s response when tempted.

    As per religion as root of many evil, I have hung my hope on the parable of the budding fig tree and Jesus’s promise that “this generation will not pass away until all these things (incident mentioned in the parable) have happened”, even though Jesus has said those words to an audience of many generations ago.

    Until the day of budding fig tree, many bad things would happen. Much of those bad things has been said to happen in the name of religion. Till then, Jeus taught me to hang on.

    The, I apologized that some Christians have claimed that faith is science. Just know that, at least one Christian, i. e. me, would agree with you that it is wrong. I would agree with you religion has been the root of many evil too. But, I just hope you would consider the possibility that killing religion might not be the answer. At least not today.

    Some societies have tried in recent past. There were no less evil in those societies, as per our recorded history.

  24. Abdul Jalil – one crucial difference you don’t seem to grasp. Science formulates a hypothesis, gathers evidence and prove it correct or incorrect. It then becomes a theory. When future facts refute a particular theory, scientists are honest and humble enough to admit the new evidence and adopt the new fact.

    Religion, on the other hand, asserts something as fact based on nothing but faith and the inerrancy of its book.

    Science looked at evidence and arrive at fact.
    Religion settled on fact, and look for flimsy evidence to support that inerrant fact. One good example – “Therefore I can also say that its plausible that God started off the Big Bang that forrmed the universe and later planted life on earth though I cannot prove it.”

  25. Wow..! A light minded discussion on Quranism has turned out to mired in that inane science vs religion rumble in the jungle. Ha ha ha..

    Since good ole Albert of special relativity fame was brought up, i suggest all you brainiacs look up Einstein’s address at Princeton Theological Seminary May 19, 1939 and Science, Philosophy and ‘Religion in their Relation to the Democratic Way of Life’, Inc., NY, 1941. Go google it. Heck, i wasn’t even conceived than..

    I basically think that most geniuses who yodel the most about these things, are those who understand Neither Science nor Religion intimately. Neither do i. I still can’t understand the Anthropic Principle, Observer Paradox or Mechanistic Darwinism etc. Neither have i been ‘enraptured’ or experienced theosis. Yoga? Too painful.. Religious? Perhaps not too much. Spiritual? A bit. God awareness? Always.

    As for A. Jalil’s rejoinder to a poor dog like me – if the word ‘Islam’ was truly coined by Abraham (or izzit Abram?), i would be willing to be circumcised fleshly. But it is said that we are to be circumcised in the Heart, not mere removing a ‘vestigial’ appendage for Grandma to see..

    You see our even our minimalist ‘vision’ or understanding of who-what-why-whence-witness of God is totally at odds to each other. So despite arguments for or against, The Melayu Muslim version of A**h remains your God not mine – even though many of my Arabic co-religionists and Muslims elsewhere say they are the same. Yeah, like water and ice.. Just like Grace, which is radical mercy is not part of your vocabulary.

    Btw i find it more ‘productive’ to talk of “Hell” – which i believe is at absolute zero degrees Kelvin, a ‘theoretical’ number. How about other absolute parameters like Planck Constant. No..? Yeah, it’s boiling lava lakes and sublimating sulfurous pools.. Already saw those.

  26. I just want to add one thing and that is, the Abrahamic faiths each claim they are sui generis – Dr. Kassim certainly asserts this – when they are clearly not.

    I understand and appreciate Christian apologetics [for example] – I mean I still revert to Aquinas for clarity – but ultimately and unfortunately these faiths are defined by their most vocal and sadly majority adherents.

    It’s pointless being reactionary but even more destructive is not acknowledging that the discourse needs to move beyond seeking answers in specific religious text and arguing about interpretative stances.

  27. “I mean I still revert to Aquinas for clarity”

    Edit for clarification :

    Would I revert to Aquinas for sexual ethics for instance….nah….and it a interesting point that Aquinas rejected ontological arguments because his take on sexual ethics is just as looney as those (with regards to this subject) who make such arguments.

    (Generally I have no issue with ontological arguments and think they are an interesting starting point for a variety of subjects)

  28. /// katasayang January 31, 2016 at 4:37 pm
    The, I apologized that some Christians have claimed that faith is science. Just know that, at least one Christian, i. e. me, would agree with you that it is wrong. I would agree with you religion has been the root of many evil too. But, I just hope you would consider the possibility that killing religion might not be the answer. At least not today. ///

    katasayang – spot on – my sentiments exactly. I respect your position on faith and that you don’t try to link faith to science. Faith by definition is believing without evidence. And yet that is exactly what Abdul Jalil is trying to do. He should do himself and everyone else a favour by saying that his belief in god is based on faith; period. I can accept that.

    The point about killing religion – not sure about that. Got to start somewhere sometime. As it is, religion is already poisoning a large swathe of Malaysian society, pitting believers of one fairy tale against another.

    There are billions & billions of worlds in this universe,
    incredibly vast and wondrous,
    inhabited maybe by a countless number of different civilizations…

    And people on our insignificant little planet spend hundreds of years fighting about which middle eastern desert sect scribbled down the coolest fairy tales.

    There are 4177 religions in this world.
    Some people do not believe in 4176 of them.
    Some people do not believe in 4177 of them.


  29. /// Abdul Jalil January 31, 2016 at 11:07 am
    Belief in the God Almighty gives me hope when I am down and helpless and when I am on my death bed I hope it can give me peace as I journey to the unknown. ///

    Unknown? Aren’t we being modest? Heaven beckons.

    That is probably the only slightly positive aspect of religion – hope. And even this is negated by religious parents who watched 5 million children died each year because they refused medical treatment and insist of god’s help or faith healers.

    Listen to Hitchens – he’s got news for you and your ilk.

  30. The

    You are not the only guy who is a man of science,I am too.I do understand the definition of hypothesis,theory and law in science.What I am saying sometimes what we observe and think to be correct may turn out to be wrong.Just like the physicist in the video said that 85 years ago astronomers thought our Mlky Way was the only galaxy in the universe but now we know that there are 400 billions galaxies in the universe and in a trillion years we may be back with one only.There are other scientists with different theories to explain the creation of universe but some are rejected not because of science but philosophically not attractive enough as an explaination.

    If you read my comments carefully you will know my belief in GOD is based on faith but I was trying to say earlier that even an atheist belief in the godless world is a faith because nobody no with absolute certainty how the universe come into being.As per being certain of going to heaven,one should not be foolish enough to assume that he is good enough for only God knows the truth.

  31. What puzzles me is why do we continue to have faith in a kind and loving GOD who lets women and children drown in the Aegean Sea?
    He must be powerful indeed..

  32. /// atheist belief in the godless world is a faith because nobody no with absolute certainty how the universe come into being. ///

    Abdul Jalil – one more try. What you said above is not faith. Nothing can be absolutely certain. Even the most eminent scientist will settle for 99.9999% certainty. That’s can by no mean of imagination be called faith.

    The beginning of the universe – we may never know with absolute certainty, but the Hubble telescope certainly gave much more details and evidence.

    Again, don’t use semantics to play with the word “faith”. “Faith” as used in religion is a totally different animal from the label you tried to put on atheist belief in the godless world. Yours is a blind faith – believing without evidence. Believing with evidence ( even in the odd chance that it may prove to be slightly wrong in the long run) is not faith.

  33. @aitze
    What puzzles me is why do we continue to have faith in a kind and loving GOD who lets women and children drown in the Aegean Sea?
    He must be powerful indeed..
    through you, S[H]e has spoken. Else, where does the power of your statement come from.

  34. The souls like energy cannot be destroyed but only transform to another form of energy.Thus the deaths in the Aegean were not the end of the journey for the souls affected but merely their transfomation to another state of being.

  35. Wow Saudara Abdul Jalil @ 8.25pm – ‘ No one dares to tread where even angels fear to tread….’

    A word of caution from my humble self, that Islam differs from Buddhism which talks of ‘ the never-ending cycle of life, death and rebirth for millions and millions of years BEFORE reaching Nirvana ( heaven) ….. – ( not so in Islam ) !

    For what you dare say , I will support your assertions of the journey of the ‘ soul ‘ in the following manner. We have to go through a few books…but here I would invite the one written by Yahya Ahmed ( John Herelihy ) in his Veils & Keys , he has done research extensively :

    ( what I gathered ) – this ‘ passage ‘ from the human reality into the realm of the ‘other’ reality , he describes , a journey crossing from our EPHEMERAL reality into a state of the INEEFABLE reality , which is abstruse…..

    Actually , no man can ‘cross ‘ this chasm between this world to the other, but Saints and Prophets ( awliyah & ambiyah ) has the potential to cross this barrier , by the transition of ” Energy ” , ie : from matter to non-matter……endowed by the grace and blessings from Allah SWT –

    To understand this phenomena of crossing the chasm between our ephemeral reality into the Ineffable reality , one has to first understand things relating to Energy and the Behaviour pattern of the Energy –

    This is the only ‘ matter ‘ (or wave ) THAT HAS TWO LIVES : IT WINKS IN AND OUT OF OUR PHYSICAL UNIVERSE , AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT. So Scientists say, they are unable to locate its precise position at any given time, because of its tremendous velocity : Now its here…now its not here , that’s its speed.
    Strange you might say, but no other matter has ‘two lives’ at one and the same time…..
    (Try and get hold of the book by Yahya Ahmed ) – caution : one has to distinguish this from Hinduism/Buddhism…..
    I wish you blessings on this……

  36. NB . I have tremendous high regard and reverence for His Royal Highness, Sultan Nazrin Shah , judging by His Highness writings in previous threads, so very enlightened…..
    Here, I am in total agreement with the Title in this topic, Islam is indeed an enlightened religion…..HRH’s caution must be adhered to….


  37. katasayang I mentioned de botton on this thread, in passing :

    “Funnily enough from own experience, most people got a taste of philosophy by reading Sophie’s World and not from Alain de Botton, who was much more of a hip young writer (at the time) with a great first book.”

    de Botton’s Atheism 2.0 is not new, it’s old. In fact my Jesuit teachers taught it to me when I was in my teens, those days, we called it “being a considerate and empathic human being” in other words, don’t be a dick about your religious beliefs or lack thereof.

    My atheism is not based on rejection of God but rather curiosity. This curiosity is shared by religious people as well. Finding common ground is not difficult when it comes to certain ideas , themes or even just that idea of fraternity that people have or want to have.

    If your atheism excludes you from any of this, excludes you from the deep wealth of culture, tradition and yes even knowledge that religion offers [at its best] than there’s something wrong with your atheism.

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