New Menteri Besar Kedah likely

January 26, 2016

Goodbye Mukhriz–Kedah will likely have a New Chief Minister

by Sira Habibu


It looks like the end of the road for Dato Seri Mukhriz Mahathir.His detractors are confident that if their move to oust the Menteri Besar goes according to plan, Kedah may get a new head today.

The group that initiated the revolt against Mukhriz, which is headed by Kedah UMNO Deputy Chief Dato’ Seri Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah, has managed to secure the support from the majority of the Barisan Nasional assemblymen in the state.

“As of late this evening, 19 have each signed a statutory declaration (SD) stating their support for the removal of the Menteri Besar. “All of them have endorsed the SD saying that they have lost confidence in Mukhriz,” said a source yesterday.

Of the 19, 17 were from UMNO while the other two were from MC A.Among the last to ink the SD were Dato’ Suraya Yaacob (Sungai Tiang), Datin Nor Sabrina Mohd Noor (Bandar Baharu) and Kota Siputeh assemblyman Dato’ Hasan Sarif.

It is learnt that Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak had met several assemblymen in Langkawi yesterday. Another source said the final hurdle for the group was to get the nod from the Kedah Palace.

He said the swearing-in ceremony would take place the moment the Palace gave its consent.

He said Ahmad Bashah was the leading candidate to replace Mukhriz but the palace had requested that more names be included in the proposal.Other names that have cropped up as possible replacement for Mukhriz included Tanjung Dawai assemblyman Dao Tajul Urus Mat Zain and Bukit Kayu Hitam assemblyman Dató’Zaini Japar.

It is learnt that the swearing-in ceremony is being rushed to resolve the Menteri Besar crisis immediately. One of the UMNO division heads who was present at Wednesday’s press conference urging Najib to replace Mukhriz said the group met late last night to discuss their next move.

The Member of Parliament, who declined to be quoted, said the meeting was held late as Ahmad Bashah was busy hosting his daughter’s engagement party in Alor Setar. Hundreds of people, including many Barisan Nasional politicians, were present at the function.

There are 36 state seats in Kedah and Barisan holds 21 of them. The only two Barisan assemblymen who did not sign the SD were Mukhriz (Jerlun) and Jitra assemblyman Dato’ Aminuddin Omar.

11 thoughts on “New Menteri Besar Kedah likely

  1. How will Tun Dr. Mahathir react to the end of his son’s rule in Kedah? Najib has hit him close to his heart.There is, however, a consolation. Mukhriz can now be with his wife in Kuala Lumpur and enjoy the parties. The Kedah crisis could pave the way of new state government come to GE14. I wonder.

    Read this

    What goes round comes around. That is the irony of life. Mahathir of all people should know that, or does he not? He did it to my relative, Tan Sri Osman Aroop(his son is married to Dr. Kamsiah’s daughter) to promote Sanusi Junid who grew rice on roof tops and planted chilies and lemon grass in Alor Setar roundabouts). –Din Merican

  2. To make the change quiet and without any incident what will the UMNO President offer in return for Mukhriz to go away peacefully?

    Mukhriz said that the rakyat elected him. Politicians should realize that the position is based on leadership and the loyalty of party members.

    Want to be in power – be loyal to the leadership – voters have little say!!!!!!!!!

  3. Most of all, looking forward to see this as impetus for Tun M and team Perkasa working with DAP, and Bersih! Praying for old rich Tun Daim to re-appear. We love Mukhriz also!

    yippee! Niebuhr, the Christian pragmatist is at work! God is at work!

    Niebuhr has given us the knowledge that political organizations would always only coerce. But, modern day pragmatic political theory reminded us that 2 other forces, that is the force of distortion and subjugation, are always at work. The force of distortion happens whenever princes fight amongst themselves vying for ‘Ketuanan’. The force of subjugation from the rakyat wishing to get their rights represented gets the princes work for their good.

  4. How will Dr Mahathir react to the ouster of Mukhriz? TMI published a report at about 7pm last night with the title, “Removing Mukhriz will doom BN at next polls, warns Dr Mahathir”. In the report, he was quoted blasting at those moving against Mukhriz: “They caused Barisan to lose to PAS (in 2008). So if they take over, the likelihood is that they will lose the next election.” A similar report was published by Bernama at around 5pm yesterday.

    But the old fox’s fury is not unexpected. Not only is the much-speculated plan to push Mukhriz up the power ladder stymied, at least for now, but there is the (perhaps worse) loss of face that his once-awesome kingbreaker power is now shown to have become apparently impotent.

    But my mind in on other angles.

    Will whoever who takes over from Mukhriz a better option for the good of Kedah, the good of nation? That person will likely be Najib-allied, and with that pedigree, will be just as “good” for the state/nation.

    Will UMNO-BN lose Kedah come GE14? Perhaps, but that will probably mean PAS retaking the state, given Pakatan Harapan’s wobbling, Amanah’s still fledgling machinery and PAS’ long history of strong influence over the northern states. But with madcap Hadi at the helm of PAS, will PAS be a good thing? I personally think it will be just as bad as with UMNO-BN. Forget not Azizan.

  5. Ordinary people in 1Malaysia and its deteriorating economy and
    ugly, divisive right-wing politics are getting angry too:

  6. A Dr. having to taste his own medicine surely is the most bitterest of all?

    Does anyone remember the old Dr. once proudly said that as a Dr. the way to treat some illnesses is simply to amputate the deseased part?

    Well, he should now approve of Najib’s methodology?

  7. Many old timers still believes that Mahathir still has ammunition to bring down Najib despite the fact he has said that UMNO is now Najib’s party and has really not shown any momentum since UMNO meet.. Clearly Najib feels good enough to twist the knife in further. If Mahathir has more ammunition, he has to let it off soon or it will not matter..

  8. ” Do not do unto others as you would not want them to do unto you “. Mahathir’s poison is Najib’s meat. Will have to wait for Najib to taste his own medicine. What goes round comes around.

  9. In life one should not live in the past. Because if you do you will be thinking all the time about taking revenge. You also cannot live in the future because the future means endless possibilities with the sky as the limit. That leads to plenty of “IFs” and “BUTs.” As they say in cricket if you depend on that you will only end up with pots and pans.

    As Shakespeare himself said when he was in a playful mood, that what is to come is uncertain so come and kiss me sweet and twenty.(Sic). Only what we do in the present can we determine what our future will be. Just going to school at the age of seven is insufficient. You will only get a perfect certificate of attendance. From day one you have to prepare for your classes and then execute your primary task in class and then when you go home do your home work and repeat the cycle on a daily basis. And those students who will get ahead are those who continue to observe that cycle when their friends are playing during the school holidays. It is 12/7 day job and may be I may give you Saturdays off.

    Moral of the story. we should deal with what we are faced in life in the present. What is past is past and only what we today with a keen eye on tomorrow counts.

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