Mukhriz Mahathir–The Remote Control Menteri Besar, Kedah Darul Aman

January 21, 2016

Mukhriz Mahathir–The Remote Control Menteri Besar, Kedah Darul Aman

by Md Izwan

Dato’ Seri Mukhriz Mahathir’s failure to bring about change, and his poor ties with UMNO warlords in Kedah, are among the reasons they now want him out as the Menteri Besar, say party leaders and observers.

The administration under him also lost focus because Mukhriz spent too much time in Kuala Lumpur and could not provide the leadership needed to run the state effectively, they said. As such, they said UMNO warlords feared the state was ripe for the opposition’s picking at the next general election due in 2018.

UMNO liaison secretary, Datuk Othman Aziz told The Malaysian Insider that two years after the last general election, many promises in the manifesto remained unfulfilled.

“We have to do a lot of things which we promised to the people in our manifesto.The promises have been raised by the opposition in the past. After two years of UMNO leadership in the state, the opposition concluded that we have not achieved much. We are worried this failure will be played up by the opposition at the next polls and this is going to cost Umno,” said Othman, who the Jerlun MP.

He said the people and state UMNO leaders had high hopes that Mukhriz would develop the state and improve the quality of life, but this was not achieved.

“People had high expectations of him, he had an aura about him and we hoped we could make up for the five years that was lost during PAS rule of the state.We hoped we could achieve something big under him but it did not happen,” he said, adding that the administration lost focus as Mukhriz spent too much time in Kuala Lumpur.

“Everyone at the press conference just now want to move forward and fear if nothing is done about the state of affairs, we will not be ready for the next general election,” he said, referring to the press conference yesterday by 14 Umno division chiefs, assemblymen and MPs who urged the party leadership to remove Mukhriz as Menteri Besar.

Othman added that Mukhriz’s function as state liaison chief was no longer tenable. “In UMNO’s structure, the liaison head is appointed by the Prime Minister as the UMNO President, but the appointment is supported by the divisions in the state. So if the divisions no longer support you, you no longer can function, it is as simple as that,” he said, referring to Mukhriz’s position as Kedah Umno liasion chief.

Former Pokok Sena UMNO division secretary, Ramli Yunus, said Mukhriz failed to develop and maintain good working relations with the division chiefs. “I feel he has failed to work with them. If he had, it would be impossible for 14 division chiefs to come out, seeking his ouster,” Ramli said.

Othman, who had given way to Mukhriz to become the Jerlun division chief at the last party election, said deputy state liaison chairman Dato’ Seri Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah  was the most suitable candidate to replace Mukhriz as menteri besar.

“We have to pick from the existing field of leaders. I feel it would be Ahmad Bashah. Ahmad Bashah is a grassroots man and savvy in the way of village politics,” he said.

Universiti Utara Malaysia academic Dr Mohd Azizuddin Mohd Sani said the latest development could be traced to Mukhriz’s failure to engage UMNO warlords in the state. “This clash started at the last general election when there was a last minute change in candidates. Rightly, Ahmad Bashah should have been appointed MB but Mukhriz was appointed.This in turn triggered unhappiness among the state’s warlords when many were sidelined by Mukhriz,” he said.

Azizuddin said party warlords saw a window of opportunity when Mukhriz’s father Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad started attacking UMNO President and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. “They too launched their attacks against Mukhriz,” he said.

But he cautioned that it was too early to predict if Mukhriz would be removed as Menteri Besar, as it must get the consent of the Sultan. “At best, Najib can remove Mukhriz as Kedah state liasion chairman but not Menteri Besar.There are many stages to go. It would be different if Mukhriz chooses to fight back. That would complicate matters,” Azizuddin added.

Meanwhile, several Kedah UMNO leaders contacted by The Malaysian Insider declined to comment on the current crisis.Among them were Langkawi MP Dato’ Nawawi Ahmad, Guar Chempedak assemblyman Dato’ Ku Abd Rahman Ku Ismail and Kubang Pasu MP and Deputy Defence Minister Dato’ Johari Baharom. “Leave it at what was said at the press conference,” Johari said.


22 thoughts on “Mukhriz Mahathir–The Remote Control Menteri Besar, Kedah Darul Aman

  1. Murray Hunter from Facebook:

    “I lived in Perlis next to Kedah and for a long time I heard discontent about DS Mukhriz. They called him the weekend MB. Never around. I also know many people in the Kedah Public Service and it takes a good leader to keep them involved and loyal, i.e., not skeptical. He failed on this count also. So the revolt. It is not any surprise, something expected”.

    To the above comment, I add. I knew that too. His wife refuses to live in Kedah. She is uncomfortable being in Alor Star. How can he run a state like Kedah by remote control? His father’s anti-Najib rhetoric may not have anything to do with the move against him by Kedah UMNO leaders. –Din Merican

  2. Wah..! So many negative comments wrt Mukhriz ah.. Sure or not..? All third party gossip perhaps.

    Luckily, i don’t know him so well. The remark about the Weekend MB i’m not so sure, but i’ve met up with some of the State Exec Councillors, who sing high praises of him – while the average Kedahan (who lives there, not in an adjacent state) seem quite contented – even if nothing earth-shattering ever happens except for a few tornado like gusts in the padi fields.

    As for spousal imbroglios, i think even the two Tuns (his parents) weren’t initially too enamored with her too. But they have come around over the years.. See, i know a lot too, as i hear a lot – being a domesticated doggie.

    Now when is it possible to remove an incumbent by holding a ‘Press Conference’? These blokes don’t have the numbers okay? Act of desperation.

    I think Mukh should fight back – hard, fast and furious. How? Tanya bapak. Just don’t go planting padi on the rooftop.

    Johore, Sabah and now Kedah sounds like a cabal. Jibros may have bitten off more than they can ruminate.

  3. Hope you are not being biased. There is always 2 sides of the stories, and people tend to believe what they like to hear.
    I have no reason to be biased. I seek nothing from Mukhriz and his father. I have friends in Alor Setar and I was from there too.They tell me Mukhriz tak guna. He is just anak bapak who is pampered.He can’t even tell his wife that they should live in Kedah to serve the state.–Din Merican.

  4. No matter how bad or incompetent a MB is, (and how many MBs can you count who are truly competent?), he is seldom removed mid-term for incompetency for that would imply the PM made a bad misjudgment something which any Ketuanan Malaysian PM will never admit to.

    In any case who dares to try and ask Mukhriz to step down without instructions from the Boss?

    If not incompetency, some other excuse would be cooked up.

  5. It is said that behind the downfall of every man is a woman (his wife). A retired Singapore Permanent Secretary once remarked that even if any young Minister wants to speak out against a policy or resign, his wife would stop him because of his one million dollar salary.

    All is not lost for Mukhriz. He has a good support base and the people in Kedah seem to like him. He should seize this opportunity to convince his wife to shift the family back to Kedah. Do so right away and then go on the offensive against his opponents.
    Mukhriz is not a political infighter. I think it is too late. I am from Kedah. Kedahans are a patient lot but when they are disgusted ( rasa meluat), they act. UMNO Kedah has decided enough is enough. The question is whether Najib will act against the incumbent Menteri Besar.–Din Merican

  6. “The real tragedy of it is that it benefits PAS ”

    Yup me thinks that Jibby is offering Kedah to PAS. No doubt this should inflame Octo. Inflame yes but maybe enough for him to torch the UMNO house of cards.

  7. Now the attention is focussed on Kedah. I think it worked cos SPRM investigation papers with 37 recommended charges have evaporated in the thin air. By the way, if incompetency is the real cause of rebel, Adnan Yaakob should be the 1st to go followed by an entourage of other Umno MB or Ketua Mentri , do you agree Din?
    Osman, welcome. Why single out Adnan Yak kop? All should go to a special prison for rogues. In China they would be treated like diseased chicken. The PRC has a special way of dealing with them.–Din Merican

  8. who cares where his wife is. did she ask for diamonds and birkin handbags? anyway mukhriz is the MB. not the wife. unlike the bloody fool who quakes on hearing his wife’s footsteps.
    I disagree. She must be with her husband and he must stay in Alor Setar and get the job done.–Din Merican

  9. I am surprised he doesn’t work in Kedah. How can you serve without physically been there? It is a shame he is different from his dad. Maybe another Tun Dr Mahathir kid should run for office, Marina Mahathir would be an ideal person for everybody. Sadly, she is not interested to run for office.

    Marina would be ideal. Unfortunately she is not interested in being a politician. Furthermore, my state Kedah is a very conservative one and is not ready to have a woman as Menteri Besar.–Din Merican.

  10. All the sounds and furies of the ex-dictator have helped his son to set up his stage. Will Mukhriz Mahathir seize the tide to rise with the ocassion? I do not believe he will. He is too much of a Adou from the Three Kingdoms period of China. The name “Adou” is today still commonly used in Chinese to describe incapable people who would not achieve anything even with significant assistance. In fact, look at the upper echelon of UMNO, it looks like a private club for the “Adous.”

  11. a gentleman leader would dissolve the assembly and see what the people want. using his baruas to further his ends is cheap gangsterism. but then najib is no gentleman. he is a pondan.
    I note Siti, you are angry. Just stay cool, will you? You should be explaining what is happening in our country to people around you. Marah saja tak berfaedah, penat saja. Conserve your energy since this battle for change will take a long time. Best wishes.–Din Merican

  12. /// Wayne January 21, 2016 at 2:47 pm
    No matter how bad or incompetent a MB is, (and how many MBs can you count who are truly competent?), he is seldom removed mid-term for incompetency for that would imply the PM made a bad misjudgment. ///

    Wayne, misjudgment (bad misjudgment would be good, would it not? – double negative) is not the reason for non removal of MB. The real reason is already contained in your comment in parenthesis. If incumbents are removed for incompetency, the whole lot of UMNO politicos would have to be removed.

  13. The focus is now on Kedah and since it has to do with Madhater’s son it’s an opportune moment to get back at the “devil”, so think Jibby. But the real devils are the monkeys swinging in the woods of Putrajaya. If we can remove or cull these “wild’ primates, the country will be saved. The country means more to me than the lame and the “selaq tak da” MB of Kedah. Period.

  14. ” She must be with her husband and they must stay in Alor Star to get the job done “. – Din Bloghost

    I have learnt that in life , we have to make our choices . We cannot have it all our way just because you are a crooked man’s son and this crooked father is after another crooked man whose wife is looking for a pasar malam store to sell her yellow and blue diamonds bought using stolen pubic funds.

    So if you wanna be in KL with your wife and your children , so that your ” ration ” is regular, let somebody else manage the state lah!

    Alas, sometimes morons think too highly of themselves and want it both ways . Thats when trouble brews.

  15. Living in this land of milk and honey I still am searching for an answer. The foreign worker who washes my car tell me when I complained that it was very hot, “uncle in Malaysia morning till 3PM Malaysia very very hot. But come 5PM you have rain. Now very cool. In Bangladesh when hot, hot for two months and no water to drink. When rain come rain for 2 months and all country flooded and water cannot drink. I like Malaysia. I want Blue Card.”

    A Country without natural resources and two thirds covered with rocks, has become a developed county in one generation. May be Third World Countries are resting on their laurels. And, by the way if that is the case they are wearing their laurels the wrong way.

  16. Surprising Murkriz was ahands on leader when in business . Not just my observation but a few hard nosed businessman have told me so. So i did rate him more cluely. If he does not stay at alor setar than that alone be a huge disqualifier

    So another one bites the dust.

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