Kevin Morais was a mere Gurkha, not the Mastermind

January 19, 2016

Kevin Morais was a mere Gurkha, not the Mastermind

Just like in the Rosli Dahlan case, Kevin was merely the Gurkha, as the Malays would say. He did not plan or mastermind the conspiracy against Rosli or his client, the ex-CCID Director, Ramli Yussof. The masterminds were the ex-Attorney General, Gani Patail, the ex-IGP, Musa Hassan, and the (current) officers from the MACC.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Sarawak Report and Asia Sentinel have both said that the late Kevin Morais was the person who leaked classified Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) reports and information to Sarawak Report.

This, of course, makes sense because Kevin’s cousin in London, Brian Morais, who Kevin was in close contact with, is linked to Clare Rewcastle Brown. And that was how I, too, met Clare. In fact, they all meet quite often and Kevin used to go back to the UK every Christmas to be with his ‘partner’, an old Englishman.

But I do not think that Kevin was the mastermind or the initiator of the whole thing. As the Malays would say, he is too pondan to actually take the lead — and I mean this literally as well and not just figure of speech (after all, he is the ‘wife’ in his gay relationship with that old Englishman).

Just like in the Rosli Dahlan case, Kevin was merely the Gurkha, as the Malays would say. He did not plan or mastermind the conspiracy against Rosli or his client, the ex-CCID Director, Ramli Yussof. The masterminds were the ex-Attorney General, Gani Patail, the ex-IGP, Musa Hassan, and the (current) officers from the MACC.

Kevin’s job was just to be the hit man or assassin and to make sure that Ramli and Rosli both end up in jail on fabricated charges. The court, however, discharged Ramli without his defence being called. So, as the Malays would say, this was a case of buang kes (literally throwing the case out of court). And that was because the court saw that the charges were a fabrication and the figment of the accusers’ imagination.

And at that point of time Kevin should have also dropped the case against Rosli. I mean Rosli was charged for abetting Ramli so if Ramli was not guilt of any crime how could Rosli still be made to face charges?

Let me put it another way. I was charged for driving the get-away car that was used in the bank robbery. And you were the one who is alleged to have robbed the bank. But then the court says you did not rob the bank and was, in fact, somewhere else at that time. So how can I still face charges of driving your get-away car?

What makes this even worse is that the bank manager testifies and says that the bank was never robbed. That is it — there was no robbery. But then I still face charges of being an accomplice in a bank robbery that never took place.

And that is what they did to Rosli. And Kevin was the instrument in that entire episode. But he was merely the instrument, mind you. He was the hit man or assassin. He did not decide who to assassinate and how to conduct the assassination. All that was decided at the higher levels of the Police, A-G Chambers and MACC.

Going by this track record, if what Sarawak Report and Asia Sentinel confess is true, this would mean that Kevin was also the instrument in the leaks of the MACC classified reports and information. He was merely the courier or ‘postman’ of the information.

Those who allegedly murdered Kevin have been arrested. And, according to the police investigation, the murder is linked to another corruption case that Kevin was working on. However, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s critics still insist that Kevin was murdered because he leaked classified MACC reports and information to Sarawak Report. And they insist that Hussain Ahmad Najadi, the founder of AMBank, was also murdered for the same reason.

Well, there are some who say that President Kennedy was assassinated because he employed the Mafia to assassinate Fidel Castro and then refused to pay what was promised. If Castro had been successfully assassinated and if Kennedy had paid off the Mafia would Kennedy have been allowed to live to serve out his full term?

It is also alleged that Marilyn Monroe was murdered (1962) one year before President Kennedy was assassinated (1963) to keep her affair with the two Kennedy brothers a secret. And was President Kennedy assassinated as revenge for murdering Marilyn?

Or could it be that Castro doubled whatever President Kennedy promised the Mafia and they ‘turned’ and worked for Castro? And could it be that the Mafia killed Marilyn hoping that Kennedy would be accused of the murder but when that did not happen they had to get rid of Kennedy themselves?

Or could it be that Robert Kennedy murdered Marilyn to frame his brother so that he could take over as President and those who believed that President Kennedy was behind the murder assassinated him out of revenge?

Yes, the possible theories are endless when you have a fertile mind. And those who have feeble minds would believe any and all theories, especially when it is very sensational. And there are many feeble-minded Malaysians who would believe Najib is behind the murders of Kevin and Hussain Najadi — plus most likely the 600 other murders every year that have occurred for the last ten years since 2006 (note below).

So that would be 6,000 or so murders over the last ten years that we can pin them all on Najib.

[The Malaysian government provided the New York Times with criminal statistics. These statistics showed that homicide rates remained unchanged at about 600 cases per year for the last ten years. (]


15 thoughts on “Kevin Morais was a mere Gurkha, not the Mastermind

  1. Raja Perta , let me be candid . You are a subhuman specieis of a mixed mongrel type of Melayu for personalising the sexual disposition of a dead perosn in your snide remarks about Kevin. You arr living mongrel and you can defend yourxself as you would but a deceased person cannot. It for the descent living to respect the dead, whaterver their deeds or misdeeds. Malaysians no longer consider you a Malay as you have the worst kind of British blood in you . So think what you write about the dead . Show soime respect and restrraint yourself with some diginity, if you have any.

  2. Haha, I like the last few paragraphs of his article. They were not written in his typical fiery style. They were there to justify his pay from his master and were clearly not written with any belief and conviction at all. Is this a good or bad sign about Malaysia’s “Kylo Ren”? I don’t know. But for sure, there are bills that have to be paid every month.

  3. We cannot suddenly decide everything RPK says, we have to take them with a pinch of salt. The circumstances around Morais death is dubious. But that’s all we have.

  4. I don’t read this SUCKER’s news portal. What do you expect of this double headed opportunist who has no principals and morals to be a man. Don’t waste time reading his bullshit.

  5. It’s a game that is being played, and he who pays the piper, plays the song .
    Where the truth is ? Your guess is as good as mine

  6. Datuk, we understand that you are a fair man and like to give this slut some “air” time (yah its pure air and BS) but someone who makes blatent accusations against someone who cannot retort is, by my book sub low life to the extreme. Hey slut, don’t be surprised that Kavin’s rises and takes the male role in what the Malays call the pondan game against you. My advice, just mind your back!!!. Hey what is wrong in being gay? you were from MCKK or VI no?

  7. Sarawak Report’s rebuttal to what the despicable mercenary RPK’s rubbish is available at:

    Talkback – How RPK Traduced Murdered Kevin Morais. and Proved His Bosses’

  8. Just give this man another 10m he will sell for u whatever u wish
    Well bmw will also be history
    A Bentley will befit him
    Hope his daughter won’t be like him

  9. What is the point of rubbishing RPK when The Lupus aka CL Flamiaris does not have the cojones to crucify ktemoc in australia…….hahahaha


    Talking about being rude……how about people who constantly haranguing one Anwar Ibrahim……….over his sister’s cat……..

    Seriously, I can’t think of a better reason……….hahahaha

    As for RPK, I have always looked down on royalists……..La Fayette, a renowned officer, a royalist was looked down upon. Who the hell RPK is

    For those who don’t know who La Fayette is………Better have your head decapitated from the guillotine

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