Wake Forest University Honours Arnold D. Palmer

January 17, 2016

Wake Forest University Honours Arnold D.Palmer


Arnold D. Palmer (born in 1929) was responsible for making me a golfer with “Go for Broke” golfing style. I started playing golf when I was a graduate student at The George Washington University in 1968-1970. I had the opportunity of meeting him during one of his visits to The White House. My classmate, Guy B. Meeker, who went on to be a very successful Investment banker in New York City,  encouraged me to play the game.  And I have been hooked on the game ever since.


Guy Meeker and I admired (and we  were also inspired by) Arnold Palmer, the handsome and charismatic golfing friend of President Dwight David Eisenhower, who was on the way to being named Player of the Decade for his contributions to the game of golf and American sports.  It  is the indeed appropriate that his alma mater should  honour of this outstanding athlete and pride of Wake Foresters. My rather belated congratulations to the “King”and his family.–Din Merican

2 thoughts on “Wake Forest University Honours Arnold D. Palmer

  1. Well deserved honour for this outstanding Golfer and multiple US Masters Champion. He is also a very successful golf architect and businessman. –Din Merican

  2. Arnie Palmer the King deserves all honor of recognition. He is responsible of putting golf on television. He is one of the greats in the history of golf. His golf swing was funny and ugly looking, but annoyingly effective. What can I say? The name of the game is to get the little white ball into the cup. Arnie Palmer had been very successful in doing that.

    Like Palmer, I go for broke in golf. It is about risking and extricating oneself out difficult situations and putting well. Palmer is a powerful hitter but hooks a lot. So his swing attempts to block those vicious hooks. I adopt the Sam Snead swing combined with Ben Hogan swing. My iron shots are ala Hogan (The Fundamentals of Modern Golf). I was 6-handicapper and now I have a 14 handicap. –Din Merican.

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