Malaysia: Time to be your own Man, Mr. Prime Minister Najib Razak.

January 17, 2016

COMMENT:  I will re-title Jocelyn’s article “Forty Years in Politics–Time to be your own Man, Mr. Prime Minister Najib Razak”. 

Of the 6 Prime Ministers, Najib is the first chief executive of our nation to rely on his illustrious father, Tun Abdul Razak Hussein to bolster his much shattered image. His forty years in politics have come to nothing, given his performance as our Prime Minister since taking over from Tun Abdullah Badawi in 2009.

He let many people who pinned a lot of hope for change including me down. No matter what Jocelyn chooses to write to re-image the man, I do not see how Prime Minister Najib can recover from being perceived as a weak, dishonest and lying politician. He excited the nation with his 1Malaysia concept and other early initiatives, which I thought were consistent with the promise he made to me in 2010 at the Maybank Malaysian Golf Open held at the Kuala Lumpur Golf and  Country that he would make Malaysia great again.That is what a leader is expected to do. In stead, he became a politician of the worst kind Malaysia has seen since Independence in 1957.

Tunku Razak and Hussein

I do not know what motivated him to play dirty”Cash is King” politics and smear Malaysia’s image to the rest of the world right before our very eyes. Not for power. I think. Because he has awesome power which he inherited from Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. He used that power to outwit his political opponents from within UNMO including the  Tun and his faction, and  subdue his critics in the Opposition and civil society. Maybe it is greed, cynicism, and arrogance.

I do not need to defend my statement that Najib abused power with impunity since the evidence  is clear for all of us to see, despite all the cover-ups. Here is Malaysia’s astute politician who could have used the  power of his office for the greater good of all Malaysians and become a truly progressive leader. In stead, he has used race and religion and state coffers to divide and rule the nation and mismanaged the economy.

Jocelyn quoted UMNO leaders who are sycophants and cronies to praise him. Her article could have been more balanced and  accurate if she had interviewed ordinary citizens who are victims of his failed economic policies and divisive politics. It is true that Najib’s smart politics is working for him. He may be “UMNO’s marathon man and also the great survivor given the way he swam to shore after a ­tumul­tuous 2015.”But for how long?

Durability comes with competency and integrity, both of which are sadly lacking in Prime Minister Najib. If he possessed there qualities, he  could have been his own man and not depend on Tun Razak’s goodwill. Stop shedding crocodile tears.  –Din Merican

Najib’s Marathon Journey

Dato’Seri Najib Tun Razak will mark his 40th year in politics next month, a journey that he embarked on following the death of his father Tun Abdul Razak Hussein.

IT has been a nostalgic week for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.The media has been brimming with ­articles and documentaries about his late father and Malaysia’s second Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak Hussein.


Malaysia’s second Prime Minister was one of a kind. He rose to power on the embers of May 13, his policies were bold and impactful but the candle burned out too soon. He was only 53, in the hot seat for barely six years when he died of leukaemia in London on January 14, 1976.

Najib, the eldest-born, has been quite ­central in the string of events ­commemorating the 40th anniversary of his father’s death. His emotions bubbled to the surface and he teared up when paying tribute to his father at a seminar on Thursday. It was probably a combination of sentimental and filial feelings as well as a certain realisation of the journey he has traveled in his father’s footsteps.

At 63, he has outlived his father by a good 10 years. He has also outlasted Razak as Prime Minister. Najib will mark his own 40th year in politics next month.Razak’s death was an immensely sad and poignant junction in the lives of his wife Tun Rahah Noah and their children.It also pushed Najib into the world of ­politics. He was then only 23. It was unlikely he had politics on his mind but he was the firstborn and was expected to rise to the occasion. He took over as MP for Pekan after winning the seat without a contest.


February 21 will be 40 years to the day of the start to his political career. Politics can be such a ruthless game and it is amazing he has survived this long. His more visible contemporaries from back then include Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, 78, and Lim Kit Siang, 75.

Najib has often told his close political ­circle that politics is a “marathon run”. If that is so, then he is UMNO’s marathon man and also the great survivor given the way he swam to shore after a ­tumul­tuous 2015.

Every single one of those 40 years in politics has been spent in positions of some responsibility and power. He was immediately appointed a deputy minister in 1976. In 1978, he contested a state seat within the Pekan parliamentary area and went on to become the Mentri Besar of Pahang.

There had been a crisis between the palace and the then Mentri Besar who had to resign and Najib was a timely ­solution. His ties with the Pahang palace is still as smooth to this day and that says a lot about his finesse with regard to the Malay Rulers.

He first mentioned his four ­decades in ­politics at the UMNO General Assembly last December. “It was his way of telling us that it has been a long journey, with lots of ups and downs,” said Kapar UMNO division chief Dato’ Faizal Abdullah.

It was not a sentimental message but a pointed reminder to his ­audience and ­particularly to those trying to topple him that he is no pushover.As one political insider pointed out, Najib is a product of the system. It is in his blood, he knows where all the nerve points are, and which buttons to press.

But Najib has often pointed out that throughout his career, he has only contested a post when it became vacant. He has never tried to topple an incumbent.“He went up step by step. He knows the terrain, he is very experienced and he has seen it all. That’s why it is not easy for anyone, including Tun Mahathir, to take him on,” said Faizal.

It took Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim a mere 11 years from the time he became Permatang Pauh MP to become Deputy Prime Minister.Najib was born with a silver spoon in his mouth but it took him 28 long years to become Deputy Prime Minister and ­another five years to reach the top post.

But nothing in all those years could have quite prepared him for his annus horribilis in 2015. It was terrible being the target of attack by the once formidable Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad but he made it through.

There are basically two ways to remove a sitting Prime Minister. One is via his party and the other is through a vote of no ­confidence in Parliament.In Najib’s case, UMNO stood by him, the powerful division chiefs rallied around him and the endorsement he received at the party general assembly in December said it all. On top of that, he has the numbers in Parliament.However, Dr Mahathir and also the 1MDB issue have damaged him in a way that no one else could.

Although Dr Mahathir has backed off somewhat since the rationalisation plans for 1MDB were put into place, UMNO politicians think the elder man is merely waiting for the next opportunity to attack. The perception in UMNO is that Dr Mahathir no longer cares whether his attacks on Najib will also bring down their party or Barisan. The chasm between the two men is beyond repair.

Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who is a great admirer of Razak, was invited to speak at one of the events commemorating Razak’s legacy. But it is understood that Dr Mahathir was not invited to any of the events, which is quite sad because Dr Mahathir and Razak enjoyed a certain political bond in their time. Razak had brought Dr Mahathir back into UMNO in the 1970s and the latter had ­conti­nued Razak’s legacy of development ­during his premiership.

The irony is that surviving Dr Mahathir has also strengthened Najib’s hand in UMNO.“When politicians survive this kind of ­crisis, they come out stronger than before because they would have defeated or ­eliminated their key opponents and ­enemies,” said a former Putrajaya official.

The best example is Dr Mahathir himself. His political might grew each time he ­defeated or axed those who were against him such as Tun Musa Hitam, Tengku Razaleigh and Anwar.“Those who were predicting Najib’s demise last year did not realise he is such an ­experienced party man. He understands the UMNO psyche. At the end of the day, as long as the party is with him, he will be there,” said a long-time friend of Najib from his days as UMNO Youth chief.

Najib’s political longevity is also thanks to the political network he established during his years in the Youth wing. He continued to cultivate them even after he moved up the party.

Recently, he was seen visiting PAS ­President Dato’Seri Hadi Awang in IJN. But he had gone to IJN specifically to visit Johor ­politician Dato’Nasir Safar who was also hospitalised there.

Nasir is from his old UMNO Youth circle and he was one of those who stood by Najib last year. Najib is not a touchy-feely person but they held hands as they posed for a photo.“He remembers names and, without fail, he will have a buka puasa every year for our batch. Any of our friends who passes away, he is the first to go and he will find out if the family needs any help. The friendship is there even after so many years. He looks out for them, they go the extra mile for him,” said his old UMNNO Youth friend.

This network of friends and allies forms an important part of his support base.It is what the above political insider calls the “batch system”. They rise together as a batch and when he is in danger, they are there behind him.

Dr Mahathir and the 1MDB issue almost did Najib in but his 40 years of experience held up. Some of his friends in UMNO refer to him as the “tai chi master”, in the sense that they had not anticipated many of his survival moves. In any case, he outmanoeuvred the old maestro.

And now that the party is in calmer waters, some of the UMNO division chiefs joke that what Najib went through in 2015 was reminiscent of the movie, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

The title of the movie comes from a Chinese idiom in which the tiger and dragon refer to concealed danger and people with hidden skills, and the idiom is often used as a reminder to never underestimate anybody.Najib’s annus horribilis is over. The year 2016 will present a different kind of ­challenge as he grapples with the economy.

Forty years and a second lease of life – that is more than any tiger, dragon or politician could ask for.

15 thoughts on “Malaysia: Time to be your own Man, Mr. Prime Minister Najib Razak.

  1. The thing is Najib do not believe in the agenda of those he pander to. He is riding a tiger he cannot defeat. All that will happen is that tiger will break free and wreck havoc he will deny responsibility. Afraid the opportunity for Najib ” to be his own man” is over because all he is a passenger with the seat and his only option is to get off and run away.

  2. Hi Din, I liked your piece on Najib tremendously, and entirely share your disappointment in, and would only add my disgust with, Najib. As for Jocelyn Tan’s sycophantic drivel, it’s simply sickening, as usual.
    Cheers, DJ

  3. Wonder what tune this Jossie will sing when pinky lips and his consort are behind bars?
    Many are ashamed to have to pander to the powers that be especially if they know how crooked and dirty to the core they are. Not this woman. She loves washing dirty underwear.

  4. This goon will only go if he is chased off. Who can do this great feat, not the Mamak, not the next GE it has to be the people you me and the sane thinking Malays both in and out of UMNO most importantly the East Malaysians- the cowboys of Malaysian politics.

  5. Jocelyn Tan’s typical piece any day is to fill up space in her column about nothing of consequence and value other than to please whoever we care to imagine. She often sounds too agreeable and sycophantic. It is embarrassing! But seriously, do we expect her to sacrifice her job by writing boldly and critically in the current press environment? The root cause is due to the problems with political leadership and press freedom in Malaysia.

  6. Not an iota of trust for this King of donation
    There is still the1.83b which he has yet to satisfactorily explained

  7. Joceline?
    Umno best friend
    You wonder why star paper has lost so much lustre and credibility
    No need to look further than joceline

  8. Zaid got into trouble, you will be next. I admire your guts.
    Zaid is a politician. I am not; I am just an academic who tries to speak the truth to power. What I said is true. Najib should not use his father’s name in vain to get our sympathy. He should honour his late father’s memory by being a responsible Prime Minister and not use the power of his office for personal gain. It is people like Jocelyn who is spoiling him by rationalising his policies and actions.–Din Merican

  9. Najib Razak can do whatever he likes because of the indifference of the Malay-public. The “tidak-apathy” attitude and pretending there is no problem within the family is so clear. This is not to highlight the internal problems lest the entire village will know and shame the family. Just carry on as though nothing happened – thing will work out in the end….

  10. A great political leader is one who after leaving office, leaves behind
    a richer nation (Lee Kuan Yew), a more politically stable nation, a nation with citizens who have a strong sense of unity (Julius Nyerere). An even greater political leader is one who has helped the poorest citizens to be better off — e.g. President Lula da Silva of Brazil (a former shoeshine boy and trade union leader).

    What did this collection of opportunistic, unstable and corrupt politicians leave behind — Slobodan Milosevich, George W. Bush, Radovan Karadzich, Ferdinand Marcos, Suharto, Ben Ali, Hosni Mubarak etc ?

  11. The father built FELDA from zero base. What is happening to FELDA now??? The father was extremely careful on spending Government funds to the extent of insisting that his spouse pay for her own fares if she wished to accompany him as the PM on official visits. What is happening now on expenditures for PM’s official visits……. I won’t waste too much time to make more comparisons…..

  12. In a sense Najib has become his own man or at least the man Rosmah wanted him to become. He has set the bar extremely high for corruption, political malfeasances, racial and religious discord, sycophancy , institutional incompetency and hypocrisy.

    Najib is the logical conclusion of what every UMNO president unfettered by the rule of law, democratic principles and common decency would eventually become given the right circumstances.

    He is the heir of the UMNO system of patronage that was cultivated post 69′ as a means of political hegemony but more importantly endorsed by Malaysians as tangible manifestation of the so called social contract.

    Ca$h is King has always been the unspoken mantra of BN and lets face facts in lieu of any real alternatives offered by the Opposition, the political system here in Malaysia. Najib just said it aloud so Malaysians could either feign ignorance or contempt.

  13. /// Phua Kai Lit January 17, 2016 at 8:50 pm
    What did this collection of opportunistic, unstable and corrupt politicians leave behind — Slobodan Milosevich, George W. Bush, Radovan Karadzich, Ferdinand Marcos, Suharto, Ben Ali, Hosni Mubarak etc ? ///

    Kai Lit, lets just stick to the “M”s.

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