Join Rally to Stop TPPA–End Wall Street Rule

January 13, 2016

Join Rally to Stop TPPA–End Wall Street Rule

by Sivarajan A.
PSM Secretary General
Mobile: 010 2580 455


Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) will take to the streets on January 23, 2016 at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur, 2 p.m to oppose the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement. We urge the rakyat to join us in this final and most important rally to stop the TPPA.

Parti Sosialis Malaysia has been fighting against the US led Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement since Malaysia’s participation in 2010. Even since 2005, we have voiced our concerns to the then trade Minister Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz when US lured Malaysia into negotiating the US Malaysia Free Trade Bilateral Agreement.


The aspirations of the US Multinationals and investors are still prevalent in the TPPA, as they rush to secure their economic interest by side lining growing China’s influence in the region. It is clear how the TPPA will trample upon our rights for affordable medicines, job security, food security, affordable education etc,.

PSM is puzzled by the Najib led government persistence to ink the deal despite various studies and findings by scholars, economist debunking the so-called benefits of the TPPA. Recently Professor Dr Jomo Kwame Sundaram revealed that TPPA will only lead to unemployment, inequality instead of real economic gains for Malaysia.

Jomo KS

For the past two months PSM has been on a road show throughout the country educating the rakyat on the implications of the TPPA.  From the road show we gather that the people are not convinced of the benefits of the TPPA, being already burdened by the rising cost of living and GST and rampant corruption and abuses of power.

Thus we urge the rakyat to come out in force on  January  23, to express our opposition to the TPPA. This will be the deciding rally to make our voices heard to Najib Tun Razak that he is now making another big mistake in his leadership .

PSM will fully mobilise our forces to make this peaceful protest rally a success. The gathering will take place at Dataran Merdeka and PSM will lead a march from Maju Junction on that day at 1 pm. We welcome all grassroot organisations, unions and NGO’s to join us.  Stop TPPA ! End Corporate Rule !


7 thoughts on “Join Rally to Stop TPPA–End Wall Street Rule

  1. Guys in Malaysia here is your late chance to send a strong message to the Najib Administration and our Parliament that TPPA is hazardous to Malaysia’s economic well being. Stop being the economic lackey of the United States May the January 23 protest be orderly and peacful.–Din Merican

  2. Wall Street will rule no matter what or who because while capital is not everything, everything need capital. There is nothing else that come even remotely close and hence making it King.

  3. I am pleased with all these dissenting voices to the TPP. Once agreed, Malaysia has no way out but to surrender its sovereignty to the American corporations. I urge my fellows Malaysian to show up on the January 23 protest.

  4. Please stop barking at the wrong tree. Build the house first before you decide where you want to place the washing machine.

  5. A small number of English men with the collusion of some self serving individual leaders enabled the Indian continent to be colonized with hundreds of millions of Indians being enslaved by a few hundred English men. The same may have happened in the case of Moguls-French-Portuguese-Dutch.
    This has been the practice for centuries but only the mode differs. Now it could be economic domination.
    In many countries foreigners may have locals to convince their own that ‘enslavement’ will bring them better quality of life but the intention could be for self greed and not of the public.

  6. The strongest opposition to TPP is not in the dozen or so countries being set up to join, but in the US itself… and for good reason… the US working class stands to suffer yet another blow to add to the earlier one.

    We too should fear… until and unless the 5000-odd page document has been properly studied. Secret deals behind closed doors?? Does not sound right

    But PSM should change the venue of the protest and request permission to hold their rally in a stadium or an open field. I thought that we had already learned our lesson never again to have street rallies,,,

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