5 thoughts on “President Barack Obama–State of Union Address, 2016

  1. Najib would be well advised to listen to Obama on “A better Politics”. Our Prime Minister’s politics right now is the worst of its kind. It is bigoted and racist. Najib’s politics is exclusivist and divisive and, in my view, it is not sustainable. But he is not listening and as a result, Najib deserves what is coming to him sooner or later.

    I want him to resign his office for the sake of our country. He is too toxic for our great and wonderful country. He must go together with those in his corrupt Cabinet, the civil service, the military, the Police and in the Judiciary. Our system of governance and the Judiciary are dysfunctional.So what the mainstream media is putting out about the Najib administration is “pure fiction” ( to quote Obama). –Din Merican

  2. @Dato Din: ditto, for PM Najib’s sake also. Almost all dictators didn’t end up well in South East Asia. (I am just still wondering if PM Lee Kuan Yew is a dictator. If he is, he and Brunei Sultan are probably the only exceptions. But then, I don’t know too much about Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Laos history without some serious google effort. :P)
    LKY was a tough Prime Minister. Let his legacy speak for itself. I have always admired the man–a true philosopher-king, if ever there is one as articulated by Plato and a confucian mandarin.

    On Cambodia, I can say that Prime Minister Hun Sen is tough but the country is moving forward in peace and stability under his watch. I judge leadership by results.–Din Merican

  3. I was glued to my tv watching the President’s Final State of the Union Address. President Obama has always been an eloquent speaker. This time he focused on aspirations rather than ambitious plans. After seven years of work, he knows he may have to be satisfied when he leaves office with a sluggish economic recovery, a not fully rooted healthcare law and a foreign policy that still faces a generation’s work of challenges. His final State of the Union Address was a chance for reflection and a bit of self-congratulation. It was an opportunity, too, for a last summons on issues which still rest on the incomplete side of his presidential ledger. But more than anything, the speech was his effort to have a say in who follows him into the Oval Office. This is a man of great integrity and belief, not motivated by money. With the US Presidency on his resume, he will be more effective outside of the Oval Office than he was in. He does not have to play partisan politics now. He will find his voice with us the people!

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