Time to Go Tan Sri Abu Kassim–Why hang on to a thankless Job

January 4, 2016

Time to Go Tan Sri Abu Kassim–Why hang on to a thankless Job

by FMT Reporters


TS Abu Kassim

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief, Tan Sri Abu Kassim Mohamed, might be replaced due to health reasons, The Malaysian Insider reported today.

Citing an unnamed source, the report stated speculation was rife within the Prime Minister’s Office and Police top brass that a senior police officer or a deputy public prosecutor from the Attorney-General’s (AG) Chambers could replace Abu Kassim.

The source alleged Abu Kassim’s health would be used as an excuse in an attempt to replace him.In August last year, the MACC Commissioner underwent surgery for a back problem and only returned to work in mid-October.

The source also said replacing Abu Kassim with a Police officer would lower morale and increase the negative public perceptions about MACC’s independence. Abu Kassim, who has led the MACC since January 2010, previously told Sinar Harian that his contract was due to expire in 2018, but expected to remain in office until 2020, upon reaching the mandatory retirement age.

The MACC hief is appointed by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong on the advice of the Prime Minister for a period, and on terms and conditions specified in the appointment letter.

On December 31, FMT reported that the MACC had submitted three investigation papers to the (AG), two of which were related to the probe on SRC International, and another on the RM2.6 billion political donation Prime Minister Najib Razak received in 2013.

In the statement, MACC said it had presented its findings and recommendations to an independent panel of five members comprising experts in law, banking, corporate and investigations.

7 thoughts on “Time to Go Tan Sri Abu Kassim–Why hang on to a thankless Job

  1. These appear to be inspired leaks from the Establishment.

    It has already been decided that MACC chief, Tan Sri Abu Kassim Mohamed has to go. To make the decision more palatable cite his health condition as an excuse. Almost all top-guns in public and private sectors suffer from all sort of health and mental problems mainly because of relentless work related stress and pressure. Any one of them, in the middle-age group and above, can, at the drop of a hat, get warded and even undergo surgery in a hospital, if he chooses to, because he and his brethren carry real condition of ill-health on their shoulders.

    The Government possibly uses the excuse to shield itself from accusations that it wants the difficult Abu Kassim to be replaced with a more pliant officer. Inche Kassim wants to give the impression that he is going out on his own volition. And ill-health saves the face of both the Government and Inche Kassim – that is how both parties seem to think. Will the public buy that?

  2. It’s time that our system be nominated for a Noble Prize for the year 2015. DPM Zahid would want Malaysia to win Noble Prize so it’s the best opportunity to grab that prize if they awarded one for ‘monkey business’ for the year 2015. There are too many to choose from the list in Malaysia.

  3. With your hand tied, u cannot fight without fear or favour for the nation from inside. Much better u let go n fight from outside.

  4. There seems to a positive correlation between health and position in the Bolehland government hierarchy. Especially in times of great national upheaval or when the chief thief seems threatened.

    I always thought that they were made of sterner stuff. Especially when they strutted around resplendent in their uniforms and berets and had their minions bowing and scraping before them. Or when their police outriders with sirens a-blaring shoved law-abiding citizens of the roads to make way for them.

    Well, pansies they are after all. Strip them of their position, and the kain pelekat and pagoda singlets seem pretty bedraggled. What an ugly bunch.

  5. It has come to a stage that nobody cares what the Government does as no amount of complaints or criticisms would make any difference. Let it go to hell and the VOTERS are to be blamed. They better think properly before they vote at the GE14.

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