Malaysia:The Malays must take the Blame for the Political Mess in 2015

January 4, 2015

Malaysia:The Malays must take the Blame for the Political Mess in 2015

by Dato’Ahmad Mustapha Hassan

(This article is published in on December 31, 2015)


As we bid farewell to 2015, a year with some dark chapters in the nation’s history, we Malaysians, especially the Malays, have to shoulder the blame for what had happened to this once beautiful and peaceful country.

Year in and year out, it seems that we have always chosen the wrong sort of leaders. We elect the incompetent to guide the destiny of the country. The Malays with their feudal attitude are afraid to challenge the leaders that they have chosen. Most accept that it is the privilege of their chosen leaders to be corrupt. That is the feudal makeup of a society which is based on fear of their leaders who may get angry if criticized.


UMNO’s Wise Man

At one time, former Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy UMNO President (Tun) Musa Hitam urged the Malays to be a little bit “kurang ajar” or impudent. I believe he was pressing the Malays to be “kurang ajar” or impudent to their leaders. They should not be overly servile, unnecessarily humble and unreasonably afraid of their leaders whom they had chosen.

In other words, they have to break out from that feudal prison which had cowed them into being non critical and simply accept all the evil antics of their leaders. This is a new challenging world and the old culture of servility must end.

UMNO has had its days and the Malays must no longer be tied to the traditionalism created by UMNO to dupe them in believing that UMNO is their savior. UMNO leaders, in fact, had abused and used the Malays for their own benefit. The Malays had been made the ‘kuda tunggangan’, the vehicle for UMNO to remain in power and to plunder the wealth of the nation.

Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak inspects the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) youth during the annual assembly in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia’s Corrupt Man of the Year

The hope for a better 2016? Not likely. The mess and the flith that had been created may in  reality be mounting. The 1MDB scandal remains unresolved. There was no sincere and rational explanation about the so-called donation amounting to RM2.6 billion which was deposited into the private account of the Prime Minister. In fact, the Prime Minister has lost public trust and investor confidence due to his failure to come clean on the matter.

The three-minute clarification by Deputy Prime Minister Zahid Hamidi in Parliament was a joke. Even the story of it being a donation from a very rich and friendly Middle East individual smacks of a fairy tale. The Prime Minister conveniently was not in Parliament to explain the mystery of this so-called donation. The only recourse for the people to know the actual situation about the huge sum of money is to charge those involved in this misdemeanor. But we know that this is not likely to happen since the new Attorney-General, Appandi Ali, is Najib’s lackey.

Never in the history of this nation has money presumed to be from a “foreign source” been made available to a Malaysian leader. This can be construed as an external interference in the political affairs of the country. A loan would have been more acceptable (if it is raised by the Prime Minister in his personal capacity),  but a donation from an external source is very dubious indeed. Nobody gives money, and such a huge sum at that, for nothing. So what is the deal and this we will probably never know.

Towards the end of the parliamentary session, the government introduced an enactment that gave tremendous power to the Prime Minister. Under the new National Security Council (NSC) Act, the Prime Minister has granted dictatorial powers. And this Act was completely unnecessary. There are adequate laws in the country that can be used to deal with threats to national security. This Act takes away the power of the King to declare a state of emergency when  a situation warrants it.

Red Shirt Poster

Red Shirt Malays

NSC's Najib

There is more to it than meets the eye. The ethnic and religious divisions had become more pronounced. The government had not acted to stop the spread of ethnocentric and Islamofacistic antics of some members of the Malay-Muslim community. Their brazen acts in belittling other religions were simply dismissed by the government although these acts were against the spirit of harmony and unity in the country.  The government just allowed the situation to turn into a complete mess.

The way I see it, 2016 is unlikely to see any change in this deplorable situation in the country. It is time for Malaysians and especially the Malays to open wide their eyes and their minds as to what is happening in the country.  We have to reclaim the Malaysia that was once the pride of the nation and the envy of our neighbours from Prime Minister Najib Razak and his UMNO kleptocrats.


8 thoughts on “Malaysia:The Malays must take the Blame for the Political Mess in 2015

  1. The greatest prodigality of Najib and Malay rule is that now that Najib, who, if he did not have to hang to power, personally would be completely opposite of the right- wing conservative he panders to, even willing sell all our future – just for his own decadent interest.

    What does it say, when the most powerful person in this country, with already vast wealth and already purchased loyalties of party machinery, is EVEN more hostage to the unaccountable, untransparent, potentially hateful, divisive, destructive politics of this country?

    What it is not is vision of the founders. What it is not is the thing called Malaysia. What it is not even is a nation, much less a potentially great one.

  2. We can solve the problem if we elect PAS to be in federal control at Putrajaya. That’s only my opinion – you are free to have your own.

  3. errr … last sentence in article should read
    “…. UMNO kleptocrats and the other kleptocrats from the various
    BN component political parties”.

    Remember that we have a multi-racial group of kleptocrats running the economy and the country into the ground, following the Marcos model.

  4. 2016 is going to be worse than 2015. Come this CNY Lunar New Year of the Monkey, more UMNO monkeys will be following the trail of their Chief Monkey as in monkey see monkey do.

  5. The late Lord President Tun Suffian once said Tun Mahathir is more powerful than George Bush. If Tun Suffian is still alive today he would have said Najib is even more powerful than Tun Mahathir. The question is what great power both Tun M and Najib possess that have benefited the malays and the country?

  6. With one political party playing race n religion, preaching front door n back door with cat n mouse game, without taking national interest at heart. To put the blame solely on the malay is irespondsible. All the various races component partys should take the blame for this mess.

  7. Sorry. You have left MCA and MIC off the hook. In the history of man if good people standby and say nothing then their silence will rightly to mean that you agree. There were so many issues on which they could have voiced their opinion but they chose to say nothing. Now the leader of the opposition too has taken that approach by saying that it is futile. They have missed the boat because they did not focus on facts in the public domain and did not learn the art of preventing themselves from being suspended from Parliament.

  8. u n din merican are last of the malay mohicans, may b zaid can join u two to try to talk some sense to najib for the sake of the country. an impossible dream? sad to say i think so.

    Great to bump into you at RSGC when I was in Kuala Lumpur last week. Sorry we could not speak long. I am now back in Phnom Penh. Nobody can knock any sense into Najib. He is beyond redemption. He blew every opportunity to emulate his late father and make Malaysia great again. In 2010, when he had just succeeded sleepy head Badawi as PM, I talked to him at the Maybank Maquis during Malaysian Open Golf championship at KLGCC in May. He said to me then that he was committed to rebuilding Malaysia. He broke his promise (and maybe he had other plans which I did not know about like pillaging the country dry). What is amazing to me was that he could look me in the eye and tell a lie. As far as I am concerned he deserves what is coming to him.–Din Merican

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