The Question I’d ask but Jahabar Sadiq did it First

January 3, 2016


COMMENT: I have just returned to Phnom Penh from a short visit to Kuala Lumpur. While I was there in the company of my dear wife Dr. Kamsiah, I was able to meet friends like Ambassador Deva Ridzam, Cmdr (rtd) Thayaparan, Tawfik Ismail, publishers Pak Chong and Rashid Azad Khan, Dr. Shahrin Merican, and Dato Zain Yusoff  and speak to others on the phone like Ambassadors Razali Ismail and Kamil Jaafar, Tan Sri Ramli Kushairi, Halim Rejab, Ahmad Zakie, and others. I also received a return call from my favorite Chief Minister of Penang, Sdr. Lim Guan Eng.

One of them told me bluntly that “we do not have any government, only a system operated by band of thieves who are squeezing blood out of their citizens”. Another buddy asked me,”Do you where is Najib?” I jokingly answered, “He has gone into hiding”. Yet another told me that “pressure on Najib will increase in 2016. He will be forced to take drastic action against his political opponents. Unlike his predecessor Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, he will cling to power whatever the cost to the country”.

Most Malaysians are frustrated and angry with our dishonest Prime Minister and his accomplices in the civil service and public agencies, but feel that there is nothing they can do about our racist politics. The system, which former Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir created to perpetuate his rule, is now being used by Najib to prevent Malaysians the opportunity to speak and stand up against the government. They hope that their chance will come in GE 14.

The question to ask ourselves is will there be a GE-14?  Who will hold elections if he knows he will be  voted out of office? Najib may be corrupt, dishonest, and incompetent, but he is not politically stupid. So far he has successfully resisted all attempts to force his resignation using all means at his disposal.

In 2016, when pushed in a corner, Najib will use the new NSC Law against his political adversaries and civil society critics. So I see uncertain times ahead for the Malaysian economy and more bad news to come. –Din Merican

The Question I’d ask but Jahabar Sadiq did it First

by Jahabar Sadiq

Cash is King

We’re in 2016. The question is, have we turned the corner or will it be the same as 2015 or worse, are we going to dig ourselves further into a rut? Will we be inundated further with asinine comments and ideas from politicians, get taxed further and hold it all before deciding at the ballot box? No. We must question and demand answers for everything being done and spent in our name from all sides of the political equation. Let’s make sure they are all accountable for their elections or face the boot when their time is up for another mandate.– The Malaysian Insider.


6 thoughts on “The Question I’d ask but Jahabar Sadiq did it First

  1. Force, even NSC will not stop Najib and UMNO continue decline in popularity. Najib has only been successful using force on UMNO. He can only CHEAT and buy his way. The question us how and how much he will CHEAT and buy. Its also not unlimited available to him. That is why he has to dance with Hadi – at our lost. In other words, he will hoist our worst dyfunctionality at us and deny responsibility..

    Two feudal lord cannot join stabily but they can maintain peace for a while with a lot of spoils. Watch, he will trade electoral pact with PAS for a lot of money. PAS go after Amanah and DAP for money, projects and Islamusation cover in return for electoral peace with UMNO.

  2. Din, regretfully I agree with you. Things are only going to get worse in Malaysia in 2016. Najib will never step down voluntarily, no matter what the cost to his country is as he clings to power. He will use every tool at his disposal to remain in power — money, fear, control over sycophantic IGP and Attorney General, and all repressive laws that he has at his disposal.

    I agree with you that he will never hold elections — either within UMNO itself or in the nation at large — if it means he will be booted from power. Holding onto power is important not only for its own sake, but because of the uncertainty of what will happen to him afterwards. He does not want to go to jail for corruption and other misdeeds, and neither does Rosmah. So like other corrupt leaders, he is afraid of what the future will bring if he loses power.

    So the question is, since he won’t go voluntarily, is there any scenario in which Najib can be forced to step down? Or is there a possibility that the situation becomes so untenable for Najib and the evidence against him so overwhelming, whether it is about 1MDB or one of the murder cases, that he has no choice but to step down?

    In other countries in the world, leaders have been forced out by the military, or by the pressure exerted by foreign powers, or by their own legislature. But that will never happen in Malaysia. In other cases, it is the overwhelming force of public opinion, but in Malaysia Najib controls the mainstream media. And as you and I agree, he will never hold elections if he thinks he will lose.

    Najib appears to be in good health. So he would not need to leave the scene for health reasons.

    Starting with Mahathir, the various Tuns – the elder statesmen of the nation – tried and failed to get rid of him. So I only see one scenario left, which would be unprecedented. That is for the Council of Rulers, who have the ultimate responsibility for the nation, to take action and call for him to step down. Would Najib dare defy them and risk his support from the rural Malay base? The current King must step down at the end of 2016, and the choice over who succeeds him also could be important.

    But even this scenario – the intervention of the Rulers — has a low probability, I think. The only example in the modern world that I can think of — again, highly unprecedented — was when Emperor Hirohito intervened in 1945 and told the military that for the good of the nation and indeed the country’s very survival, they would have to “think the unthinkable” and surrender. He said, ‘my ancestors will never forgive me if I allow the destruction of our country.’ So will Malaysia’s rulers stand by as Najib continues to destroy the political, economic, and social fabric of the country?
    Thanks, Ambassador Malott.

    The scenario you and I share gives neither of us any comfort, but that is reality. Najib is afraid of being hauled for corruption and abuse of power. But retribution will come. Just look at Peru’s Fujimori, Argentina’s Carlo Menem, and others. Najib and the mess he created is UMNO Malay responsibility and only they can remove him. Our Rulers can do nothing. Mahathir made sure our Rulers are just figureheads. Najib ignored their advice to come clean on 1MDB and they have remained silent since. Happy 2016. Stay healthy and strong.–Din Merican.

  3. Malott,
    I need to point out the fact that Hirohito has been tacitly supporting Japan imperialism in the Far East. Hirohito was never a puppet. Furthermore, some of his relatives have been involved in the atrocities in China and the south east asia.
    The best reference would be King George V. His insistence in asking Ramsay Macdonald to stay has been very remarkable. But still, what I am hoping for would be the intervention carried by certain military officers. One of the notable aristocrat called Stauffenberg. If only they succeeded.

    The germans are far more humane than the Japs who have never apologised for their war crimes.

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