Red Shirts Rally in Defence of Najib Razak

September 23, 2015

Red Shirts Rally in Defence of Najib Razak

by Dr. Lim Teck Ghee

So what did the Himpunan Maruah Melayu/Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu/ #Merah169 achieve? In the short term, it has strengthened Prime Minister Najib’s position as leader of UMNO and Prime Minister. But the cost to the nation’s social cohesion and race relations has been enormous and short of being  disaster.–TG Lim

Maruah M2What was the Red Shirts rally on our  Malaysia Day (160915)  Day all about and what did it achieve?

1. Did it restore Malay and Islamic honour and dignity?

The rally may have provided a day of catharsis for the participants and other supporters of the rally who were not there. But this public spectacle of the release of strong anti-Chinese emotions backed by posters saying “Chinese Immigrant Pigs Are Better Off Dead”, “Malaysia belongs to the Malays”, “Don’t challenge the Malays”, “Defend Malay rights” and similar threatening messages of hate was ugly, provocative and a stain on Malay honour and dignity, rather than a restoration.

The display of crass racism and hate mongering, and justification of racial supremacy by the speakers at Padang Merbok will be etched in the minds of young Malaysians especially. It will also go into the history books with future generations of Malays wondering how the community could have been so badly let down by its own leaders. How can it be otherwise when UMNO Supreme Council member, Tan Sri Annuar Musa, was proud to proclaim to reporters at the rally end: “I am racist but it’s racism based on Islam. Racism is allowed in Islam.”?

Tan-Sri-Mohd Ali RastamIn the 1920s, Hitler’s Brown Shirts was organized to free Germany from the enemies of the German race. It led to the Holocaust and the Second World War. The Red Shirts in Malaysia are marching the same route by waving the racial banner and making racism the central dogma of the Malays and Islam in Malaysia.

2. Was it a spontaneous demonstration of the Malay masses led by Malay NGOs?

The turnout for the Himpunan Maruah Melayu/Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu/ #Merah169 rally mainly consisted of Malay poor and middle class. The largely sponsored and rent-a-rally motley crowd of 40 to 50 thousand – certainly nowhere close to the million strong participants promised by the organizers – appear to have been enticed to Padang Merbok both as much by the free transport, free food and free accommodation as the opportunity to defend UMNO and its President against the ungrateful pendatang and other groups intent on stealing Malaysia from the Malays.

Red Shirts-PesakaMany participants were Felda settlers. These rural folk have long been UMNO’s fixed deposit. It is pathetic that they seem to have little concern or inkling that their livelihoods have been impoverished and their futures compromised not by the outside enemies displayed on their banners but by their fellow elite countrymen running Felda Global Ventures, another failed UMNO-driven enterprise. Similarly with the Malay NGOs that participated. It appears that they are in a different world from the one that other Malaysians are living in – such is their disconnect from the revelations of 1MDB and other recent financial scandals pointing the finger of treachery and guilt at UMNO and individuals from their own community.

3. UMNO played no part in this Malay rights rally?

The rally had UMNO’s finger prints all over it. This was visible right from the time a counter rally to the Bersih one was decided. On August 24, in a made for the press martial arts display in front of the Sogo shopping center in KL, the Red Shirt group led by Jamal Md. Yunos, the UMNO Sungei Besar Division Leader aka Ikan Bakar man, strutted their physical prowess by having five of its members beaten with pieces of wood and one member smash roof tiles with his head. This was intended to intimidate likely participants at the Bersih rally.

At that time Jamal claimed that his group would lead 30,000 people in red shirts to stage a counter rally on the same day as the Bersih one. He also stated that his followers were training with parang and swords for the Bersih rally. Besides demonizing Bersih, Jamal’s main message was to emphasize that the group would fight against any effort aimed at removing the Prime Minister from power.

Kulup NajibNajib and his Hooligans

When the first Red Shirt attempt to disrupt the Bersih rally failed, it was left to another UMNO higher up leader to mobilize the Malay masses in support of Najib’s leadership. Politically ambitious Ali Rustam, a former Chief Minister of Melaka, and presently UMNO Senator and head of Pesaka, the country’s national federation of silat associations, is no stranger to controversy. Found guilty of money politics when he ran for UMNO’s deputy presidency in 2009, he has been looking for an opportunity to make a come back. His organization provided the perfect Malay propaganda shield to persuade Malays to take part in a rally to defend Malay dignity and ‘protect’ the principles of the Rukunegara!

5. DAP is to be blamed for insulting the Malays and stomping on their dignity?

Bersih Malays

Bersih Malaysians

There were individual acts of political hooliganism that occurred during the Bersih rally. But these were isolated incidents. Neither the police nor the Malay media have been able to come up with any evidence that the DAP or Chinese were engaged in racial demonizing or guilty of any political vandalism that occurred in the Bersih rally.

One of the main objectives of the Bersih rally was the removal of the Prime Minister Najib Razak for his role in the 1MBD financial scandal. That objective has nothing to do with the dignity and honour of the Malays. It is one shared by many Malaysians, irrespective of ethnicity and including many UMNO members.

Perhaps one Chinese rather than all the pendatang and penumpang Cina vilified during the Red Shirt rally deserved the Malay crowd’s anger and scorn. Jho Low has been accused of a key role in the 1MDB fiasco and with the embezzlement of hundreds of millions of ringgit. There was not one banner that carried his image; not one chant condemning him for helping bring down Malay dignity and honour. But then, he, unlike DAP’s Lim Kit Siang, is close to the Prime Minister and his family according to the August 2009 photos put out by the Prime Minister’s Special Officer, Wan Shihab Ismail (see

What the Red Shirts Rally Achieved

So what did the Himpunan Maruah Melayu/Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu/ #Merah169 achieve? In the short term, it has strengthened Prime Minister Najib’s position as leader of UMNO and Prime Minister. But the cost to the nation’s social cohesion and race relations has been enormous and short of being a disaster.

Learn from Germany on Race Relations

September 23, 2015

Learn from Germany on Race Relations

by K K Tan

The Racist NaibThe Racist and  The Hypocrite

AFTER a break of several months, I feel compelled to write about the latest race-relations scenario plaguing our multi-ethnic country.

After all, I started a column for this paper writing about race issues in Malaysia and around the world, under the name “Beyond Race” in November 2008, just after the election victory of the first black president of the United States, Barack Obama.

I would like to quote several paragraphs from my first article to show its relevance in the current race debate.

THE election of Barack Obama as the first black president of the United States has inspired people not just in the US but also the world over on the issue of “looking beyond race”. Obama has been elected to represent not just his own “kind” but white Americans and other minorities such as Hispanics and Asians as well.

Our government leaders have welcomed president-elect Obama as someone who is likely to be more sympathetic to developing countries. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said any citizen can be prime minister of Malaysia while Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim added that Obama’s victory proved that Americans were able to look beyond race and religious beliefs in electing their leader.

Open and even rational debates on any race issue have tended to be muted. Even in this so-called modern civilised world, many people are still governed by their baser instincts of irrational fear and insecurity that a person of one race cannot be trusted to truly represent or look after the interests of other races. The use of race and religion in history for politics has tended to reinforce this prejudice till today.

More recently at home, when former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad condemned Zionism and its strong influence in the West at the 10th OIC Summit in October 2003 (just before he stepped down), there were many criticisms against him for being anti-Semitic, especially from the Western media. Hardly anyone came to his defence. I wrote an article in the local press to defend his stand and explain the history and ideology of Zionism (which the UN had even resolved to be a form of racism). I highlighted the terrible injustices against and sufferings by the predominantly Muslim Palestinian people since the creation of the state of Israel.

Dr Mahathir wrote to me to express his gratitude over the article, saying that “not many have done this or argued based on reason”. A non-Muslim friend had questioned me and found it hard to accept that as a non-Muslim, I could be so strong in my stand on what was perceived as basically a Muslim position. My reply was that I am a human being first, everything else next. Fighting injustices and oppression or defending universal rights or values should transcend one’s race, religion or nationality.

In our local scenario, excessive race-based politicking is becoming counter-productive, self-destructive and often plain stupid because they undermine the collective strength of our racial diversity and our economic competitiveness as a nation.

The winds of positive change are sweeping not just the US but the world in general, our country included. With much greater access to education and the freer flow of information and knowledge, the younger generations are also becoming more open minded, less gullible and smarter in looking at various issues.

With the recent changes on the local political landscape, our local race-based parties, which were created out of political expediency during the times of our Independence, will need to reform or even overhaul themselves by “looking beyond race”, otherwise they risk becoming irrelevant.

Red Shirt Poster

Now let’s look at the current debate of the red shirts’ rally versus the Bersih one. Based on reports, many statements (including banners and posters) made at the red shirts rally were rather explicit and if the police and public prosecutor were to strictly apply the Sedition Act, many bloggers, writers, politicians, extremists and social thugs would be charged in court for promoting hatred towards another race.

We have an ex-minister trying to justify racism in the name of Islam and another racial activist proudly proclaiming to be a “constitutional racist”. Such people have no idea what racism or racialism is all about and should learn from the Palestinian people or black South Africans how they have suffered under racism. The public outcry by many decent-minded people against such idiotic remarks shows that there is still sanity in our society. Everyone must realise that any racial conflict is bad for business, the economy and ALL Malaysians regardless of their ethnicity. It would undermine the very interests of their community that they (racial extremists) loudly profess to defend against unproven threats.


There have been no reports of the Bersih rally making any statements on race or religion. But they should have called a spade a spade and called it the “Anti-PM Rally”. Also, the rally should not have gone ahead if they knew that there would be a lack of participation from the Malays or that it would be dominated by the Chinese.

While the political leadership crisis was essentially a power struggle among Malay leaders, it could easily be exploited and manipulated into a racial conflict, which is the last thing our country and economy need. So the non-Malay leaders should not appear to intervene.

Sure, there are broad governance issues involved but many rural Malays in Peninsular Malaysia may not perceive the issues in the same manner as the educated urban middle class and it is so easy to play the race card in our country. It is a no-brainer that even an uneducated bigot would know how to exploit the situation. But we have some smart and educated extremists waiting for the opportunity to cause an ethnic conflict.

History has shown that it does not require many such extremists to cause or escalate any conflict into a racial one, often with the help of some writers and bloggers who are good at playing with words and human psychology to confuse, distract and deceive readers.

The response of the red shirts should not, therefore, come as a surprise. For every action, there is a reaction, the bigger the action, the stronger the reaction. So, the proponents of Bersih should learn how to deal with it in an intelligent manner, without being drawn further into the “race trap”.

I have also written on many occasions on the need to ban race hate speeches and tighten the laws against extremists and opportunists out to exploit or inflame a situation. Unfortunately, the policymakers do not seem to appreciate the urgency or need for such “no-platform” laws which are common even in the more developed democracies.

Germany probably has the toughest laws in the world in banning hate speeches and it has demonstrated that it has learned well from the race-hate policies of its fascist Nazi past. Unlike Japan, it has certainly redeemed itself and set leadership-by-example of a developed country, with its initiative to take in and warmly welcome hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees escaping from the violent sectarian conflicts in Syria and Iraq.

This refugee programme would cost the German taxpayers billions of dollars, even though they have no role in the conflicts in Syria and Iraq. These Muslim refugees are not welcome or turned away by the other Muslim countries, so why should the German government reach out in such a significant manner to help these people of another race or religion? This is the best example of looking beyond race when dealing with any crisis or issue.

The writer, CEO of a think-tank and strategic consultancy firm, believes that we have much to learn on how to treat people of another race or religion from Germany today. Comments:

Why Flying Blind Is Dangerous

September 23, 2015

The Decline of International Studies

Why Flying Blind Is Dangerous

Can Malaysia’s Najib Razak Pull Off a Trip to the UN?

September 23, 2015

Can Malaysia’s Najib Razak Pull Off a Trip to the UN?

by John

The Racist Naib

A trip by Malaysia’s embattled Prime Minister Najib Razak to London and New York is shrouded in mystery, with a London source saying the premier and his wife, Rosmah Mansor, are already in London, staying at the five-star Dorchester in Mayfair, and editors in Kuala Lumpur being told he won’t go until Sept. 23, after the weekly cabinet meeting. A source later confirmed that Najib had quietly left KL.

His overseas jaunt, which is expected to later include a trip to Milan with Rosmah for her Islamic dress fashion show, is scarred by spiraling investigations by international law enforcement agencies in New York, Switzerland, Singapore and London and domestic rumors of behind-the-scenes negotiations to replace him with a unity government — which seems unlikely now.

The multiple probes of the prime minister’s personal finances and the operations of the debt-strapped 1Malaysia Development Bhd., which faces more than US$11 billion of unmet liabilities that could trigger a national financial crisis, have delivered up disastrous international publicity in the US’s two most respected newspapers. The Prime Minister was hoping for a star turn at the United Nations General Assembly and a meeting with US President Barack Obama.

Hanging on

Conversations with multiple sources in Kuala Lumpur say the Prime Minister is determined to hang onto his job despite the adverse international publicity. The pressure increased on September. 21, when Zeti Akhtar Aziz, the respected central bank governor, broke weeks of silence to say the public deserves answers on the controversy surrounding 1MDB and the huge donation to Najib’s own bank accounts. She said she had submitted her findings to the Attorney General although others say the outcome is doubtful. Najib fired the former Attorney General, Abdul Gani Patail, just about as he reportedly was to deliver indictments over the cases.

“We hear nothing here,” said the head of an economic think tank. “All the news is shut out of the local press.” That was echoed by several other sources who say that if the scandals have endangered his premiership, information hasn’t percolated to the surface.

There is the question of who would succeed him if he were to leave office. There appear few alternatives.

Who can lead?

Dom P“There is nobody else with what I characterize as the wherewithal of experience, knowledge, integrity and ability to lead,” said Dominic Puthucheary, one of the country’s most respected constitutional lawyers, in a telephone conversation. “Go into parliament and look at them, not one has that capacity. Our electoral system hasn’t produced the best in the country. We are unfortunately in a state where the institutions are dysfunctional. Not one institution really functions – not the judiciary, not the police, not the parliament, insofar as making sure the interests of the nation really function. That gap is a very big gap and that is a result of years of mediocrity having become the ethos everywhere. ”

Ahmad Zahid Hamadi, the man Najib picked to replace Muhyiddin Yassin, whom he fired abruptly, is considered too mercurial and racist given the country’s delicate ethnic balance to take over. Muhyiddin, still the Deputy President of the United Malays National Organization, is considered too close to Mahathir Mohamad, the former Prime Minister. Mahathir has riven the party with his attempts to drive Najib from office. Muhyiddin, who has become quite wealthy despite a lifetime of public service, is also viewed as ethically challenged.

Tengku LiAllies of Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, the Anglophilic 78-year-old one-time Finance Minister, have been seeking to put together a unity government. But many observers believe he has been too long out of the political mix and has become irrelevant. “There has been movement but I can’t speak about it over the phone,” said a source.


One of the big issues is whether to grant Najib immunity from future prosecution over the many questions that hang over his head concerning the enormous amounts of wealth he and Rosmah appear to have amassed, much of it in foreign countries, a good deal of it in jewelry, handbags and other decorations adorning Rosmah herself. Questions also have come up anew concerning the 2006 murder by two of his bodyguards of a young Mongolian woman with whom he was rumored to have had an affair. A recent Al Jazeera broadcast regenerated the questions. Mahathir is said to want to jail both of them.

Given the plethora of controversies, it is unsure if the prime minister is actually going to New York although his ace in the hole is Malaysia’s pivotal position on a number of issues including the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, which US President Barack Obama wants to finalize before he leaves office. Other events in which Malaysia has an important part later this year are the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum summit in the Philippines and the annual ASEAN summit in Malaysia.

In any event, there is considerable confusion. Many observers point out that Najib ducked out as a speaker over embarrassment at the prestigious 16th International Anti-Corruption Conference and Transparency International gathering, held September 2-4 in the country’s political capital of Putrajaya. They question if he wants to face the possibility of similar embarrassment in New York.  If Obama meets with him, despite the fact that he previously showered Najib with praise, it will only be because of US concerns over the TPP.

No one answered the general telephone line at the prime minister’s office to confirm his travel plans. Najib had been scheduled to leave on September 21 and a source at the London embassy said Najib had scheduled a meeting with officials from the UK government for 9 a.m. Tuesday, September. 22. However, a local news editor said he had received assurances that the premier’s luxurious Boeing 777 aircraft would lift off after the weekly cabinet meeting on September. 23.

Najib reportedly postponed an earlier trip to London with Hishammuddin Hussein, his cousin and Defense Minister, to ogle military hardware for prospective purchases at the last minute. Hishamuddin went to the UK more than a week ago, with the prime minister remaining in Malaysia. Although there has been no official announcement in Kuala Lumpur about the current trip, the growing global clamor over corruption may have caused him to delay.

The clamor was renewed this week with a New York Times report on Sept. 21 that a federal grand jury is examining allegations of corruption over properties in the US that were purchased by shell companies belonging to the Prime Minister’s stepson, Riza Shahriz Abdul Aziz, as well s other real estate properties purchased by Jho Taek Low, a close family friend. Investigators are also said to be probing a US$681 million payment that floated through the US electronic banking system and into his personal bank account at AmBank in Kuala Lumpur in March of 2013.

Separate investigations are also reportedly being carried out as a result of information provided to law enforcement officials in Switzerland and London by Clare Rewcastle Brown, the editor of Sarawak Report, which on September. 22 reported that the US Justice Department’s Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Department and FBI members traveled to London earlier this year to collect evidence. 

Other reports were published in the Wall Street Journal that at least US$3.78 billion in payments that 1MDB said it had paid to Abu Dhabi’s International Petroleum Investment Co (IPIC) never got there. 

These are serious investigations being carried out by competent and unreachable agencies. Unlike domestic offices, which the prime minister nullified, intimidated or co-opted, he has little chance of influencing other countries. That poses significant dangers that can’t be swatted away with charges that unnamed “forces,” usually referred to as Israeli, are trying to bring down a democratic Muslim government.

Death of Kevin Morais: MACC should settle and let him rest in peace

September 23, 2015

Death of Kevin Morais: MACC should settle and let him rest in peace

by Din Merican

Mahatma-GandhiFreemalaysiatoday (FMT) and all the news portals reported about the effect of Kevin Morais’ death on the case of  abuse of power and malicious prosecution that my brave and brillaint friend Lawyer Rosli Dahlan had initiated against former A-G Gani Patail, Kevin Morais, Abu Kassim and 11 other defendants.

A case that can teach MACC to be humble


These are the people who did bad things to Rosli. FMT correctly asked what has become of the MACC and the key players that are supposed to combat corruption but instead was used as a tool of oppression against an innocent man?

It appears that the MACC is now almost decimated and its reputation in complete tatters. The MACC’s No. 1 and No. 2 are now nowhere to be seen since the 1MDB fiasco and RM2.6 billion found in PM Najib Razak’s Private Banking account.

MACC’s Adviser Tan Sri Rashpal Singh, Head of AMLA Jessica Gurmit Kaur, and prosecutor Ahmad Sazilee Abdul Khairy were arrested together with two MACC directors Bahri Md Zain and Rohaizad Yaakub, who were then transferred to the Prime Minister’s Department..

ts-abu-kassimMACC’s Tan Sri Abu Kassim (above) named as the 1st Defendant in Rosli’ suit is said to be recovering from a back surgery as a camouflage for MACC’s inaction. Many including me remain unconvinced and have called him a general who abandoned his troops in the middle of a battle. MACC officer Mohan Muthaiyah, who brutally arrested and handcuffed Rosli until his wrist bled, was himself charged for corruption and was convicted.

Rosli-DahlanA-G Gani Patail himself was unceremoniously sacked and has totally disappeared from public eye. And most recently, Kevin Morais’ dead body was buried cast in cement in an oil drum. Such a tragic and grisly death. So what happens to the case against them?

FMT mentioned about Rosli’s 2012 letter to Abu Kassim which is very prophetic:

“I implore you not to allow this sacred institution (MACC) to be used as tool of oppression and persecution in the guise of false prosecution against innocent citizens. Otherwise, you will one day see your own hands in the destruction of t‎his institution.”-Rosli Dahlan

Instead of settling, the MACC and Gani Patail chose to test their  immunity in court which resulted in Judge Wazeer Alam Mydin Meera delivering this damning judgement: “The claim of absolute immunity is anathema to the modern notion of democracy and accountability and against the Rule of Law.”

Kevin MoraisI wrote previously that at times I sympathise with Lawyer Rosli seeing him soldiering on with his case despite all the obstacles. The latest now is that Kevin’s death will force a substitution requiring Kevin’s Estate to be made a defendant. And Rosli was so magnanimous expressing deep sympathy to Kevin’s family and agreeing to give them as much time as is needed to sort out the technical issue of substitution.

On the other hand, MACC seemed unremorseful. MACC is still playing  the PR game using Kevin’s death to boost its image. MACC recently announced that it had named its moot court after Kevin in his honour. It is such a cheesy thing to do instead of doing something really meaningful.

A moot court is a play court not a real court. If MACC seriously wants to honour Kevin, they should not allow this case to drag on where Kevin’s estate will now be a defendant. It will be as if Kevin’s ghost lingers on without finding peace. It will be as if the ghost of Kevin’s past will not be allowed to rest.

This is one case that the forces of nature has not favoured the MACC and these defendant officers from the beginming. This is one case that God is showing His might and power of retribution. This is the case that Attorney-General Chambers  should not tempt God to show what else can happen. This is one case that the MACC should learn some humility by apologising to Rosli and settle, and let the ghost of Kevin Anthony Morais rest in peace! Let justice prevail.

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Khir Toyo, you belong in jail for Corruption

September 23, 2015

Gandhi quoteCOMMENT: The former Menteri Besar of Selangor Mr. Khir Toyo should be put in jail for corruption and other abuses. There are no ifs or buts and no mitigation. The Federal Court has no option but to do what is right.

All the reasons given by Mr. Toyo should be rejected. He himself knows the Law and cannot plead ignorance since ignorance as an excuse cannot be accepted. This arrogant man once thought he could do anything he wanted when he was in power and in a twist of fate, he shamelessly pleads leniency from the highest court in our land. Mr. Toyo should consider himself lucky that he is not a public official in China where officials who are found guilty of corruption like diseased chickens are put to their deaths by firing squad.

You may recall that at the height of  height of his power as Menteri Besar Mr. Toyo presented a broom to a senior government officer as reward for his department’s inefficiency. The civil servant was humiliated in public by this  now convicted man. So who is more humiliated and despised today, Mr. Toyo or the public servant?  Please read this Star Report.

Here is the picture of Mr. Toyo to jolt your memory.

Khir ToyoNo one  should be above the law. The only exception seems to be our present Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak  who is protected by the new Attorney-General, the Inspector-General of Police and the MACC. But we can take comfort that the long arm of the law will get to him eventually, even if the FBI and other authorities may not. If you do not believe me, ask Mahatma Gandhi. For his acts of corruption and abuses of power, Prime Minister Najib should be charged and be put behind bars. –Din Merican

Khir Toyo, you deserve to be in jail for Corruption

By  V. Anbalagan, Assistant News Editor

In his plea for a lenient sentence after the Federal Court upheld his corruption conviction today (September 22, 2015), former Selangor Menteri Besar Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo said he would provide free dental treatment if he was allowed to do community service.

“I will provide dental care in my constituency or in any part of the Selangor,” he said from the dock to the five Federal Court judges. Dr Khir said that he had been providing such care to his friends and relatives even when he was politically active.

The trained dentist was mitigating for a lenient sentence instead of a jail term after the apex court dismissed his corruption appeal earlier today in his purchase of land and a bungalow while he held public office.

The High Court had convicted and sentenced Dr Khir to 12 months’ prison in December 2011, and this was upheld by the Court of Appeal. Dr Khir was charged at the Shah Alam Sessions Court in December 2010, with corruption involving the purchase of two lots of land and a bungalow in Section 7, Shah Alam.

mr-mrs-khir-toyoHe belongs in Jail

He was accused of obtaining for himself and his wife, Datin Seri Zahrah Kechik, the plots and the house at No. 8 and 10, Jalan Suasa 7/1L, in Shah Alam, from Ditamas Sdn Bhd through one of its directors, Shamsuddin Hayroni.

He committed the offence at the official residence of the Selangor Menteri Besar in Shah Alam on May 29, 2007. The Federal Court, in upholding Dr Khir’s conviction, can also vary the sentence and the former politician now faces the possibility of jail for up to two years as provided by the law, a fine, or both.

His lead counsel Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, however, earlier suggested community service instead of a custodial sentence.

Dr Khir said he had no intention to commit the crime and that he was ignorant of the law.He said he did not utilise public funds to purchase the property.

“I declared my assets to the Prime Minister and the Selangor Sultan when holding pubic office,” he said. He said he had worked hard for eight year as Menteri Besar from 2000 to develop the state and raise living standards of the people.

“But over the last five years I had lived with the negative stigma when the corruption charge was framed against me.”

Shafee said his client, who is 50 years old, was a first offender and a role model to his six children.”This was a non-violent crime and he did not understand the situation when he committed it,” the UMNO lawyer said.

Shafee said the property should not be forefeited as it was charged to the bank.”He should be only allowed to pay for the difference of the gratification,” he said, adding that the bank would also lose out if the property was returned to the original proprietor.

Meanwhile, Deputy Public Prosecutor Masri Mohd Daud said the Court of Appeal had applied the correct principle of sentencing against the appellant and it should be maintained.

His colleague Dusuki Mohktar said the appellant had abused his position when holding the highest pubic office in Selangor.”A deterrent sentence must be imposed to drive home the message about the scourge of corruption,” said Dusuki

The bench led by Tan Sri Zukefli Ahmad Makinudin deferred sentencing to September 29 to give the court time to digest the submissions.

Earlier, Tan Sri Jeffrey Tan Kok Hwa, who delivered the unanimous ruling of the five-man bench, said Khir’s appeal was dismissed and the prosecution had proven its case beyond reasonable doubt.

“All the ingredients of the charge had been proved, including whether he was a public servant,” he told a packed court room.

Dr Khir is the second Selangor Menteri Besar to face corruption charges after the charismatic Datuk Harun Idris 40 years ago.