What PAS Wants Out of UMNO

December 30, 2015

COMMENT: Will this union of sorts happen in 2016? It may because Prime Minister NajibKamsiah and Din 2015 CNY Razak desperately wants to secure his position by rallying Malay support via PAS mullaism. To achieve his aim the Prime Minister is prepared to ignore the concerns of MCA, MIC and Gerakan and other secular parties in Barisan Nasional about Hudud. Fancy having a fanatic as Deputy Prime Minister No. 2 at the expense of his loyal Deputy, Dr. Zahid Hamidi.

For Prime Minister Najib, it is a small price to pay to remain in  power. With one stroke, Najib is able to dilute Zahid’s influence and keep him in check. For Ustaz Abdul Hadi, it will be his last attempt to be in Putrajaya, after failing to take control in 2008 when PAS was with Pakatan Rakyat.

Is this arrangement with PAS is sustainable? I wonder. Of  greater concern to me is: will there be a GE-14 given Najib’s unpopularity among Malaysians and factionalism within UMNO? If he knows that he may not win in the next general election, why must Prime Minister Najib have one in 2018? To me, the passage of the NSC Bill by the Senate after Dewan Rakyat had earlier voted in the Bill is a clear signal that the Prime Minister is has something in mind as back-up. Of course, I hope I am wrong about this. What do you, my blog readers, think? Am I like a little shephard crying wolf?–Din Merican

What PAS Wants Out of UMNO–Hudud and Power Sharing

by Dr. Lim Teck Ghee


Desperadoes shaking hands

We are seeing today the biggest happening to take place in Malay and Muslim politics in a long time. It has upheaval effects that can potentially reshape Malaysian politics and society. This is the courtship of PAS and its  enigmatic President Abdul Hadi Awang by the Prime Minister and UMNO President, Najib Abdul Razak. The seduction line held out: in bed together, we can advance Islamic and Malay unity.

The reason why Najib is doing this is clear. In addition to gerrymandering, vote-buying and other forms of electoral trickery, Najib needs an insurance policy to ensure that UMNO retains power in the coming election. Desertion by UMNO’s supporters alone could lead to a possible loss of power. Having Hadi by his side and a partnership with PAS could stem the UMNO haemorrhage arising from the 1MDB and RM2.6 billion donation debacles, and see the party’s rank and file refrain from abstaining or voting against the ruling government. It could also produce the bonus of having PAS supporters vote against whatever opposition coalition that finally emerges. In effect this is a double whammy against the opposition and a winning strategy for Najib.

But what is in it for PAS in what looks to me like a Faustian bargain for both sides? After all, they have been implacable enemies for much of the history of the two parties. An early episode of collaboration in 1973 following the restoration of parliamentary government proved to be disastrous for PAS. Since then the party – together with the DAP – has borne the brunt of the Barisan’s arsenal of dirty tricks weaponry, including arbitrary imprisonment of opposition leaders, and marginalization and discrimination of the electorate voting for the opposition.

So what then is in it for PAS’s present leadership that can overcome the history of ideological differences and bitter rivalry? Firstly, we should not be fooled by the light and sound show on hudud put out by Hadi Awang and his men. This is not the real cause of the breakup with Pakatan Rakyat and the DAP. Hadi knows that there is no prospect of hudud being implemented because the individuals and groups that will be affected most by the imposition of hudud law will come mainly from UMNO; and perhaps from PAS too.

Hudud was used as an opening gambit in getting out of the Pakatan coalition. It has served its purpose and is now being put on the backburner. Replacing it is the siren song of a purer and larger Islamic agenda that can help cleanse UMNO and national politics.

The prize that Hadi and his followers are after is not a backroom or advisory role as may be construed from his speeches and most recently in the interview he gave to Utusan which received front page sidebar prominence.


No More Above


In Hudud style after this with UMNO-PAS Tie-Up

Coveted are the positions of power, privilege and dominance that come with an electoral victory with UMNO. At the top at federal level we presently have one Deputy Prime Minister. Najib will provide for two to reward Hadi should the latter deliver the anticipated havoc to the opposition’s vote in the coming election. Along with the DPM-ship there will be minimally several deputy ministerships and political secretaryships for Hadi’s closest supporters. Especially desired too are the lucrative and well-heeled positions in the Islamic agencies and bodies which have proliferated in the civil service during the last two decades.

But it is at the state level where the electoral pact with UMNO could produce the most gains. PAS-led or UMNO-PAS coalition-led state governments would offer rapid upward mobility for many party members. The younger members have seen how UMNO’s ulama graduate followers have done well. Understandably they are impatient and hungry for their turn at access to power, wealth and fortune with an Islamic face.

Thus it is not surprising that PAS Youth has been one of the first groups in the party to react positively to Najib’s proposal of cooperation between the nation’s largest Malay-based parties.

Youth chief Nik Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz has noted that the offer of cooperation marks a new page in Malaysian politics, which will benefit the Muslim community. It will certainly benefit him and other PAS leaders. “We accept the Prime Minister’s offer because previously anything that was proposed by the opposition was rejected wholesale by those in power. We welcome the call for closer ties on condition that the cooperation is based on religious values as religion is a core part of Malaysian life. So we support what the government wants to implement as long as it is for the greater good”, he is reported by Utusan Malaysia as saying.

To justify his stand, Nik Abduh who is the son of the late PAS spiritual leader Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat has argued that PAS has already agreed with UMNO on various issues, including its stand against the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

It appears that the fruit has fallen far from the tree in him and the current party leadership since both have not taken any stand on the 1MBD, RM2.6 billion donation into the Prime Minister’s personal account, YaPEIM scandals, GST imposition and other scandals and controversies which have been much more costly to the nation than the groups condemned as sexual deviants.

Will all the leaders as well as the grassroots of PAS be easily seduced by the “cash is king” lure?PAS Deputy President Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man has continued to speak out against Najib and the Government in recent press statements issued in his personal name, so that apart from the Amanah outcasts, there is still some opposition within the party to Hadi’s dalliance with UMNO.

Will there be a generational split with the older members seeing through the proposed bridal bedroom curtains to reject a suitor that has consistently paid lip service to faithfulness and moral behavoir and has a long record of disloyalty, infidelity, cuckoldry and worse? These are tantalizing questions for which the answers should not be long in coming.

19 thoughts on “What PAS Wants Out of UMNO

  1. To both of them, in their eyes, they think they’re a winning combination. With the news and bulletins spreading everyday, they must be dreaming sure win. Week ago in one of post, I did mention out of 10 peoples 8 is scolding the gov. The others 2 I didn’t mention because 1 is bangla n 1 is indon. Out of 8, five is malays, 2 hindus, 1chinese.
    Untill now I have not heard one is praising the gov.
    All of them is blaming one political party for rising prices of goods. What I heard is dia orang makan habis, sapu habis. My job is buy n sell gold jewellerys. At the moment no partys is going to win for sure. I smell trouble in 2018.

  2. Desperate times & situations demand desperate measures – after all this is politics where there is no permanent foes or friends but only permanent interests. To hell with the “publicly perceived” interests of the rakyat, if any political parties fail to be or fail to remain in power then they will NOT be able to serve anyone’s interests including theirs.

    Stop making a mountain of the NSC Act, even without it, the PM, as the Chief Executive, is already a very powerful person and the Agong acts on his advice. The NSC Act IS NECESSARY to deal with situations like in Sabah’s East Coast.

    However, personally I feel PAS would do better to be alone till after the GE14 as it can do quite well in the rural areas especially in the Peninsula. UMNO appears to be publicly too tainted to be touched by any other non-BN parties even with a 10-foot pole. Let UMNO learn to understand the sufferings of the rakyat having to deal with the daily struggles of having to cope with the rising costs of living. Again, in my personal opinion, UMNO will be thrashed in the coming GE14 worse than in any other previous elections – that’s the only way it will change for the better.

    PAS must be smart, and prepare itself from now to contest all seats at the State and Federal levels especially in the peninsula. Don’t tarnish yourself cooperating with UMNO prior to the GE14.

  3. In this convenient “marriage of convenience”, each side obviously harbors the simplistic notion of taking the other for a ride, and at a most opportune time ditch the other and still maintains and retains whatever political advantage gained thereby.

    In simple terms, each side is playing with fire and hopes it’s the other party that gets burned.

    We’ll just wait and see, but my money is on UMNO simply because UMNO holds the purse strings and all the kitchen knives in this new household.

  4. Hadi likes to portray himself as a great religious leader and PAS as the party of Islamic values. If that is so, then why has he chosen to align himself with a leader (Najib) and a party (UMNO) that today betrays Islamic values at every step of the way? As the saying goes, “he who sups with the devil must have a very long spoon.” Hadi, the self-proclaimed religious leader and “man of Islam,” has chosen to align himself with the most corrupt leader in Malaysia’s history.

    So why has Hadi chosen to sit down with UMNO? He claims, lamely, that he is going to reform UMNO and the government from the inside and infuse them with Islamic values. Good luck on that! Do you really think that you can challenge 30 years of greed and money politics?

    Far from being a great Islamic leader, Hadi has shown that he is vain, power-hungry, and willing to betray every principle of Islam just to get in power. He also has shown that he is incredibly naive. Najib and UMNO will use him like a wet rag until GE-14 is over (assuming the elections are even held). After that Hadi and PAS will be one more of UMNO’s “useful tools,” just like MCA and MIC, and will be shunted aside. And if Najib doesn’t make Hadi’s life difficult, then Zahid will — just to make sure that Hadi never gets anywhere near the seat of power.

    Din points out, correctly, that Najib thinks that Hadi is a check on Zahid’s influence. But the reverse also is true. Zahid sees all the problems swirling around Najib, and Zahid is power-hungry. He thinks he is next in line, and that Seri Perdana is within his grasp. So he will make sure that Hadi is constantly on the defensive and will undercut him and PAS’s other leaders behind the scenes. As Home Minister, Zahid gets the political intelligence, and he will know the gap between the Islamic values that PAS’s leadership and ulamas proclaim and what they actually are doing — the gap between “what they practise and what they preach.”

  5. Agree with Din and Wayne. This is purely marriage of convenience. It will surely end in broken marriage and divorce. But it will produce lots of unwanted babies plus possible abortions. What are other BN parties doing about this?

    Hello MIC, MCA, Gerakan and other sleeping partners in Sabah and Sarawak. Wake up or it will be too late and you will be left with the consequences of faster and deeper islamization.

  6. Under capitalism, man exploits man.
    Under communism, it is the other way round.

    Under the 1PM, one unprincipled political party tries to make use of another
    unprincipled political party.
    Under the PAS political leader, it is the other way round.

    Ordinary UMNO and BN members better be careful as
    “clerico-fascism” may emerge out of the unprincipled
    wheeling and dealing of these two leaders.

  7. How does one differentiate the wheat from the chaff?

    PAS is an admixture of both. The late Tok Guru, known for his austerity, simple living and mindful of keeping a safe distance from power holding UMNO crooks, was life sustaining wheat whereas Ustaz Abdul Hadi is thrash of a chaff in religious garb. The former promoted an honest Islamic agenda for all Muslims. The latter is promoting a (concealed) self-serving agenda to become a 2nd DPM and enjoy all the power and perks – how more perverse he can be. You collaborate with crooks, you become one.

    Tok Guru’s son, the Youth chief of PAS, Nik Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz, a Hadi side-kick is also seemed to be infected with greed and power. He has undermined the legacy of his well-liked father by both Muslims and non-Muslims. The expression “there is no sinner like a young saint” fits him well.

  8. Two feudal lord cannot join ultimately. If they do, ultimately one will take over the other. THAT is the scary part. If Najib comes out on top, it would actually be a good thing but if Hadi’s PAS ultimately emerge winner, God help all of us. Given Najib’s track record, he or rather WE will be the loser.

  9. A desperate person loses his bearings and he can act abnormally when events turn against his wish. So to say, Najib has to have in hand a tool to use at the time when he becomes desperate so NSC will be handy for his survival.

    Ge14 could be the moments of truth for his true ‘statesmanship’. No matter with whom he allies, the people will decide unless BN elected to representatives to survive another term might put fear into the voters to get BN elected again. To help them beat their drums, EC will play a pivotal role by already gerrymandering boundaries of constituencies and the new registration of voters to serve their master for a good retirement handshake. Coming elections could be the battle of do or die for BN. Bersih MUST fight tooth and nail to get EC overhauled at all costs.

    Looking at the general view of our people’s comments, BN government under Najib has no way it can influence the urban and semi-urban and few rural voters through their tie with PAS. Snake like Hadi and others in PAS are taking Azmin and PKR for a ride. If Azmin and his gang did not solve their understanding with PAS, having 2 splits at national and state levels, they will be doomed.

    It is crystal clear now that PAS is with UMNO. Why do they in PKR have to listen to PAS in their state and national levels? Decide now to lay out your strategies for the coming elections. Why is Azmin too quiet when Hadi has come out openly to support UMNO?

  10. According to law of life the superior culture will influence the inferior culture.Initially money will play an important part in determining that balance. But over time the culture that thinks four time before making the cut is the one that will be in subtle way in a position to influence and win people. This is simply based on the assumption that in the long run we all show our true colours. Ability to change be inclusive and above all fairness will also be important factors. And we must be clear, consistent, continue with basic formula that works. And finally in public office one strike you are out.
    If one of our Ambassadors behaves badly while serving overseas the first think that will happens to him is that he will asked to return home and investigations will follow.

  11. UMNOb-PUS coupling?
    Them folks who are mooting this ‘chain-of-being’ are like lil ”arnab laut” in their mating ritual. If you can’t figure out this allegory, i present you with one of Mother Nature’s most profound ‘doctrines’:

  12. I grew up asking why do we have Gerakan, when we have MCA, or vice versa?
    This generation will grow up asking why do we have PAS, when we have UMNO, or vice versa😛

  13. It points out once again that PAS will be made use off by UMNO over their political image that might cause political damage in the next election. With PAS to lend support at this time when cost of living has gone so high that affects the people, I am of the opinion that cash king with a bigger packet can do. The fact of the matter was that PAS won some marginal seats in 2013 was due to Chinese support when they were in Pakatan Rakyat. In view of PAS progressives that have moved to join partnership with DAP and PKR under Pakatan Harapan, PAS being a smaller party,has no other alternatives but to link up with UMNO. Will the marriage of convenience last after having been divorced previously? In the final analysis, UMNO/PAS will win some and lose more in Sabah and Sarawak where BN depended on both states to hold on to stay in power.

  14. I recall having a conversation with a history professor (specialising in Malayan/Malaysian politics) many years back. He said UMNO wants the non-Malays to be split into many parties so that they will be politically weak whereas UMNO will be politically strong with all Malays rallying behind it.

    The UMNO-PAS tie-up is intended to close the gap in Malay solidarity and build a monolithic political force that will remain unassailable for years to come. Here the PKR will become an initial target to be attacked and enfeebled (with key leaders to be arrested, charged and jailed for whatever offences, whether real, technical or manufactured). With this job done, there remains only the DAP to be dealt with by the UMNO-PAS combine which could be relatively easy when the critical time comes, if at all.

    A weak DAP is preferable to no-DAP because the former does not pose any threat to Malay supremacy and also its existence gives semblance (along with other minor parties in BN) of functioning democracy in the country to outside world.

  15. It points out once again that PAS will be made use of by UMNO over their political image that might cause political damage in the next election. With PAS to lend support at this time when cost of living has gone so high that affects the people, I am of the opinion that cash king with a bigger packet can do. The fact of the matter was that PAS won some marginal seats in 2013 was due to Chinese support when they were in Pakatan Rakyat. In view of PAS progressives that have moved to join partnership with DAP and PKR under Pakatan Harapan, PAS being a smaller party,has no other alternatives but to link up with UMNO. Will the marriage of convenience last after having been divorced previously? In the final analysis, UMNO/PAS will win some and lose more in Sabah and Sarawak where BN depended on both states to hold on to stay in power.

  16. I dont think there is any marriage at all now or the future…UMNO is borrowing PAS
    Islam to temporary clean their dirt. It is up to Muslim to see who is the devil
    between PAS and UMNO…..PAS will be the eventual loser now and forever ..Too
    late to do any back drive…..HADI and some of its leaders are blinded with Hudud
    which will never happen. Hududland is only postpaid dreams.

  17. All this calculation will come to nothing say two decades from now when neither UMNO nor PAS will be an option for the young Malays. Even the steam engine only lasted for three decades after that it had to give way to electric engines.

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