Strange Things are happening in Malaysia

December 27, 2015

Strange Things are happening in Malaysia –Report to Prime Minster Najib Razak on RM2.6 billion Saga



The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) will submit the findings of its investigation on former 1MDB subsidiary SRC International, and on the RM2.6 billion donation to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, next week.

In a statement today, MACC Special Operations Director Bahri Mohd Zin assured that the two investigations are being done freely, transparently, and professionally.

“As the Director of the Special Operations Division, I wish to inform that the investigation team has been given guidance and blessings from MACC Chief Commissioner Abu Kassim Mohamed that the team must record the recommendation regarding the investigation findings freely, whether there is a case or not.

“If there is a case, it is our responsibility to recommend for prosecution in the investigation report that will be submitted to the Attorney-General next week, and vice versa.

“MACC’s senior management is of the view that this is important to ensure that all parties would know that MACC has taken all actions professionally and freely,” he said.

TS Abu Kassim

MACC cannot reveal the name(s) of doner (s)

Bahri was responding to a blog post by former New Straits Times Press Group Editor-in-Chief Abdul Kadir Jasin, where the latter had expressed concern that Abu Kassim’s reassurances of MACC’s independence may be a ruse.

The RM2.6 billion issue first emerged in July when The Wall Street Journal reported that the money was channelled into Najib’s personal bank account close to the 13th general election.

Also channelled in Najib’s account, the report claimed, is RM42 million that supposedly originated from SRC International. Najib has since denied any wrongdoing. Meanwhile, responding to a call from Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli, Bahri reiterated that the MACC is barred by law from disclosing the identity of Najib’ donor. He said under the MACC Act 2009, the commission cannot divulge the details of its investigations until the case has been brought to court.

“MACC has no issues with disclosing details of its investigation if it does not run afoul with the law. However, the existing provisions do not allow MACC to do so…As a lawmaker, it is hoped that Rafizi understands this difficulty and recommends the necessary (legal) amendments to enable MACC to disclose the detailed findings of its investigations to the public,” he added.

Earlier today, Malay-language daily Sinar Harian had quoted Rafizi as urging the MACC to disclose the donor’s identity and investigate his background. Otherwise, he reportedly said, MACC’s credibility would be affected because the commission would appear to be too afraid to disclose the identity.

26 thoughts on “Strange Things are happening in Malaysia

  1. The MACC Act is an ass. What is the point of submitting the RM2.6 billion scandal report to the Prime Minister. Is that not a serious conflict of interest? The money was paid into the Prime Minister’s bank account. Stranger still is the fact that MACC Chief Commissioner cannot reveal the name of the donor. That makes me think that there is no donor. Or could the donor be 1MDB.–Din Merican

  2. Mari membangun bersama GST !

    1Malaysia – the only country in the world with singing/dancing
    customs officers ?

  3. Is the report to be submitted to the PM or the AG Chambers? Or are both the same thing. I would wait till after next week before jumping to conclusions.

  4. In the end we end we alone are responsible for what happens to us. The Constitutional Office Holders are all one of us. It is up to them to use their wisdom , but not as in cricket were the benefit of doubt goes to the batsman who has only one chance, in the interest of the higher loyalty to the state.
    NB The countries that have migrated from the Third World to the First World since the end of World War II can be counted by the fingers on one hand. This goes to show that wisdom of Constitutional Office Holders in the Third World has be used for the wrong purpose.

  5. MACC Chief Commissioner cannot reveal the name of the donor.

    Does the IRB know the source of the RM2.6B? If memory serves me right then pending the source of the funds the IRB may treat this amount as INCOME and thus be SUBJECT TO INCOME TAX if the recipient is subject to Income Tax.
    In this case how has IRB treated this RM2.6B. May be some Tax Expert can provide his/her expertise. But then which expert will provide the views?
    My apologies if my interpretation of the Tax laws is in error and withdraw my comment.

  6. The issue is Najib kept repeating the message even to Muhiyiddin and Shafie to “wait for the report”.. What is the point of waiting for THIS CRAP?? What was Najib’s point?

    What is really surprising is after Scorpene case, after Altantuya case, anyone expect any different outcome from Najib’s act of delay and diffuse. The likes of Abu Kassim, MACC and practically all other institution in this country continue to be actors in a tired story no want care to watch or listen anymore.. What is scary is that the rakyat is not angrier they continue to act the ridiculous theatre..

  7. This country is descending into a dark tunnel, and no light is expected, until and unless the kampung folks suffer hard, and the opposition can be united.

  8. This country has descended into a long dark tunnel, with no light expected, until and unless the kampung folks feel the real suffering, and the opposition firmly united. But will that day come.

  9. It make hell alot of difference, if this 2.6bil. transfer to my acc. No stone unturn. Every angle investigated. Lucky I’ll be drag to court. Unlucky, to the window learning how to fly. Everything will be reveal. No question of running foul with the law. One of the heaviest sentence that the crane could lift will be meted out to me.

  10. Is this for real or is it a joke of the year. Investigation report sent to the very person against whom the investigation was conducted. My sanity is challenged to the limit by these imbecils and lunatics running the country. Whiter Malaysia .

  11. Quote:- “….done freely, transparently, and professionally….”

    “……….As the Director of the Special Operations Division, I wish to inform that the investigation team has been given guidance and blessings from MACC Chief Commissioner Abu Kassim Mohamed….”


    Since the public, the members of Parliament or even the august Conference of Rulers will never get to see the “findings”, how would we know?

  12. I agree with bigjoe99 on “What is scary is that the rakyat is not angrier they continue to act the ridiculous theatre.” The kampung folks seem to be oblivious to the fact that their money has been robbed and stolen and gone into someone elses’ pockets and these people are getting away scot free with our hard-earned money.

  13. HRH Sultan of Johor has demanded the details from JAKIM. Similarly, should the Council Of The Rulers asks MACC on this matter?

  14. Dato Din, salam.
    Appears to have lost my earlier draft whilst in the midst of composing. So, as I have said, this article appears to have strong similarities to ” Probe 1MDB says BNM ” which you wrote on Aug 13. Sorry, I missed that article until now, as I was busy on another issue a hint of which I passed to you earlier on, as you left for Phnom Penh. Hence, I was not aware that you were waiting for my comments on matters pertaining to BNM inspection practices over banks and financial institutions in Malaysia.

    “Siang Malam”, ” Somu ” and ” Flyer 168 ” have in fact penned material queries over what had been aired in the said BNM press conference. I would hence add on issues which seriously question the validity of information fed on the issue by BNM.
    Zeti and Nor Shamsiah have clearly tried to hide behind the Suspicious Transaction Report (STR) for BNM’s inability to act positively over the RM 2.6 billion deposit issue. They claimed of unawareness until and unless the STR was submitted. Added to that, Nor Shamsiah maintained that BNM had no access to the conduct of specific accounts. Contrary to that, I opine the explanations nothing, but mere LAME EXCUSES.

    My reasons ? Firstly, a deposit of such size would have attracted BNM attention by the 20th of the following month, next to the date the deposit was banked-in. Its size would have made a big impact on the nation’s bank deposit level, or at least over that particular bank’s deposit position. For information, BNM monitors each bank’s Total Assets and Liabilities on monthly basis (during my times), and deposits, being part of the component liabilities, was among statistics called upon to be reported.

    I should add to say that the figures were not merely compiled, but significant movements had had to be brought to BNM Senior Officer’s weekly meetings and the Board’s monthly meetings. Hence, the excuse that BNM was not aware of the significance of the RM 2.6 million deposit is mere nonsense. It is not an everyday affair that bank’s deposit figure moves by the billion.

    Secondly, upon discovering a significant change, verbal inquiries were normally conducted as to the reasons for the occurrence. Depending on the reply, this may or may not be followed by Suspicious Transaction Report or STR. During my time, the STR was not pre-formatted since the questions arising depended very much on the nature of the case concerned. Hence, while STR is a BNM initiated formality, the claim that BNM relied solely on STR to act is nonsensical.

    Thirdly, Nor Shamsiah’s claim that BNM has no access to the conducts of specific accounts is only partly true. It’s true that BNM does not inspect a bank specifically to investigate a particular account. But, this does not mean it cannot call for explanations to account for the misconduct of suspicious transactions. If I am not mistaken, BNM even has the power to compound misconducts, in lieu of prosecution.

    Fourthly, in the case of the RM 2.6 billion deposit, the deposit came from overseas sources. Hence, it required the completion of certain Exchange Control forms. By its sheer size BNM had had a lot of questions to raise. What nonsense can BNM say they are not aware of it, or there was no STR, or BNM has no authority to look into the specifics ? If the required form was not submitted, the form was not correctly filled, or the information given therein were suspiciously incorrect, that itself had been a contravention of the Exchange Control Act. What other types of transgression is BNM looking for before it could act ? What happens to the compounding authority. can’t this be exercised ?

  15. either way umno is finished. come pru 14 malaysia will have a new broom. the useless bn corrupt greedy fat bootlickers will know their fate then. as for this useless son of razak hussein i hope no mercy will be given to him. pity the father.

  16. Perks, mega project contracts for the next of kin, new palaces, and fast tracking approval for southern coastal land development are the currency of the day, not the welfare of their subjects and the nation. Plese do not expect to change the priority of what privalaged elites are used to.

  17. /// Concerned citizen December 28, 2015 at 10:41 am
    This country has descended into a long dark tunnel, with no light expected, ///

    You better hope there is no light at the end of the tunnel – for when that happens, it would be the high-speed train bearing down on you at 300 kph!!!

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