Don’t Make Kevin Morais a Hero, says Raja Petra Kamaruddin

November 27, 2015

Don’t Make Kevin Morais a Hero, says Raja Petra Kamaruddin

The bottom line is: Kevin was not a saint and hero as many are now saying he was. He was just one more slime ball and scumbag. And he served his masters in the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM), MACC, and the Attorney General’s Chambers to fix up innocent people on fabricated charges. And he was NOT murdered on the orders of the Prime Minister, as some are insinuating. He was murdered because he did dirty deals and those who do dirty deals normally risk that sort of retaliation and retribution. That is called payback.


Raja Petra Kamarudin


RPK and The Dilemma

Anwar Ibrahim was an  enigma to many of you people. Well, at least while he was in UMNO and when he whacked Chinese schools and Hindu temples and helped make many corrupt China men and Malays extremely rich. And then he became God’s gift to Malaysia and the person who was going to become Prime Minister and who will save the country from the very party that he tried to take over but failed — meaning UMNO, of course.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was a dilemma to many of you people. Well, at least when he threw Anwar into jail and detained so many people without trial and killed so many people in Memali and spent RM100-200 billion of the country’s money and destroyed the judiciary, etc. And then he became God’s gift to Malaysia and the person who was going to save Malaysia by ousting Prime Minister Najib Razak and replace him with a puppet who will rule Malaysia by proxy with a Council of Elders telling him what to do.


Kevin Anthony Morais was a scumbag to many of you people. Well, at least when he tried to fix up lawyer Rosli Dahlan on fabricated charges on behalf of the A-G and IGP who wanted to bring down the Director of the CCID who was investigating the shenanigans in MAS that led all the way to those who walked in the corridors of power. And then he became Malaysia’s latest hero because he was murdered for reasons we do not know yet but which everyone assumes must have something to do with the Prime Minister because that story sounds nicer than the other story even if the other story may be true.

Well, Malaysians have short memories, as Dr Mahathir is fond of saying. So they forgot what Din Merican wrote five years ago in December 2010 (READ HERE). Amongst what Din said were:

On Monday December 20, Lawyer Rosli Dahlan will be in the dock of the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court to be adjudged whether he is guilty or innocent of the charge brought against him by A-G Gani Patail using the MACC. That will be the verdict by a court of law.

I have attended Rosli Dahlan’s trial from Day 1 until it ended. I know the charge, I know the facts, I have seen the MACC witnesses in action giving evidence ,and I have heard the MACC DPPs delivering their submissions. I will now pronounce this verdict by the court of public opinion.

The accuser is Senior DPP cum Assistant Director of Legal & Prosecution MACC, Anthony Kevin Morais. He prefers to use his second name as his first and thus he is called Kevin rather than Anthony. Kevin regards himself as learned in the law with wide powers conferred on him by the MACC Act and its predecessor legislations. Kevin does not like to be questioned as to his decision making, a trait passed down from the Attorney- General Gani Patail himself. The philosophy of power that this higher echelon of the A-G’s Chambers subscribe to is that “We command, you abide”.

He looks rather youthful for his age. He is a dapper dresser and is very well-groomed, putting to shame some of the shabby looking lady DPPs. He powders his face, puts on mascara, rouge and lip gloss when he is in court with well manicured finger nails. With such attention to personal vanity, he looks even more attractive outside of office hours.

Kevin’s sexual orientation is unknown although Malaysia Today’s report out of London suggests that he has an older English boyfriend whom he spent time with last Christmas. He is unmarried, and it is doubtful if he ever will, at least not in Malaysia. As such, there is nothing to be said of his family values.

Although born a Catholic, his present lifestyle would invite ex-communication by the Pope in the Vatican. Because of the predominant number of Malays in the Legal and Judicial Service, his flair of the English language places him amongst the more competent government lawyers. Thus he interprets the law as he wants to, and not as how it should be.

Kevin hopes to be a Judge one day to fill in the vacuum left by another Indian Judge with an English sounding name, Justice Augustine Paul, whose eminence was in ruling every piece of defence evidence in Anwar Ibrahim’s Sodomy I as “Irrelevant”. Consequently, the Good Lord rendered him irrelevant by recalling him to permanent abode six feet underground.

Life was all sunshine and rosy for Rosli Dahlan – he had a good happy family, his firm had expanded, his practice was flourishing. Nothing, it seemed, could have gone wrong, that was until Rosli decided to defend his friend, the former Director of Commercial Crimes Investigations Dept (CCID), Commissioner of Police Dato’ Ramli Yusuff. Since 2006, Ramli was targeted to be eliminated from PDRM by former IGP Musa Hassan and by A-G Gani Patail.

Musa Hassan had to eliminate Ramli because Ramli had discovered his links with the BK Tan syndicate which was about to nationalise and corporatise the illegal money-lending Along syndicates. Gani Patail wanted to eliminate Ramli because Ramli had recommended that the former MAS Chairman, Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli, should be charged for various offences, whereas Gani Patail had already cut a deal with Tajuddin’s proxy – Shahidan Shafie.

You can read more about that case HERE, which Din Merican has laid out in detail.


The bottom line is: Kevin was not a saint and hero as many are now saying he was. He was just one more slime ball and scumbag. And he served his masters in the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM), MACC, and the Attorney General’s Chambers to fix up innocent people on fabricated charges. And he was NOT murdered on the orders of the Prime Minister, as some are insinuating. He was murdered because he did dirty deals and those who do dirty deals normally risk that sort of retaliation and retribution. That is called payback.



21 thoughts on “Don’t Make Kevin Morais a Hero, says Raja Petra Kamaruddin

  1. Who is Raja Petra working for now???

    This is the new RPK, not the one I used to move around with together withthe late Bernard Zorro Khoo, the late Tengku Wick and Haris Ibrahim. When circumstances change, people can change. He is now leaning towards Najib. I do not pass judgement. I have remained consistent. I was once excited about Najib when he launched his 1Malaysia concept, but when circumstances change, I became very critical of Najib.–Din Merican

  2. Even if Kevin was no saint and deserves to be brutally killed for all his past sins, at least we can say that if indeed he was preparing to charge Najib as alleged by his brother, it was unfair that Gani Patail was merely “retired”

    No way Kevin would dare to prepare any such draft charge sheets against Najib without specific instructions from Gani Patail. The sequence of events fit too well in time to be mere coincidences. The boss got “retired” suddenly without any prior notice and weeks later the right-hand man got brutally murdered.

    I hope RPK is prescient about the need to make paybacks.

  3. Only MACC is treating Kevin as a martyr. The rakyat is enjoying our popcorn. I am waiting for the next episode to see what is in a pen drive, and which brother would get out to be a winner.

    Alas.. only sad reality is that we the rakyat are on the losing end, no matter how it goes. Worse, neither RPK nor I would be at home any time soon.Bye bye, Malaysia. Melayu tentu akan hilang di dunia.
    The Malays are already a lost people. Despite being deeply religious (at least on the surface), we are unable to distinguish between right and wrong because we have become a hedonistic community as typified by Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor, and their UMNO supporters and Islamic bigots. Our young are educated yet they are uneducated.

    Our politicians have messed our education system to the extent that young Malays are unable to think critically and have lost the will to compete, thanks to a nanny state.

    Melayu sudah dimanjakan dan lemah berbanding dengan bangsa lain yang semakin maju. Smart Malays are leaving the country because they prosper elsewhere. So ,it is just a matter of time before the Malays will be confined to Malay reservations like the American Indians as cultural exhibits of a once great nation for tourists.–Din Merican

  4. I am upset that RPK now borrows Din Merican’s name in all this, in what seems to be an attempt to add strength to his justification of “payback”, which in turn looked like his attempt to exonerate one particular person.

    Some years back, it was through Din Merican’s blog that I first knew about Rosli Dahlan’s plight and how he was being wronged. Din Merican wrote ever so conscientiously about Rosli Dahlan’s (and Ramli Yusoff’s) court cases that no one who had read Din’s articles could fail to know who Kevin Morais was back then.

    RPK’s blog, despite being at the height of its popularity at that time, never gave a crap nor much column space about Rosli’s case nor Kevin Morais’ role in it, unlike Din’s one-man crusade to drum up support and awareness for Rosli’ and his case, so it’s really an irony that RPK is highlighting it now.

    No doubt the late Kevin Morais wasn’t exactly a saint, but it doesn’t necessarily mean he hasn’t done a single right thing in his career or life, and certainly at least some of the people he prosecuted in the past were indeed guilty people.

    No one deserves to go in the gross manner which he reportedly died in, so finding the real murderers is still imperative. In the old days, the task of finding the real murderers would not have been an issue.

    But in recent times when you read that the initially-suspected mastermind of the murder of Hussain Ahmad Najadi called Lim Yuen Soo was quietly released without being charged and no other mastermind found in his place and only the hired hand gets sentenced. The Sirul case is another one where the hired hands, with no identified motives, get sentenced (and even the sentenced does not have to be executed) but yet no mastermind found. With this kind of pattern, this is a big worry where the country is going.

    I read earlier a more humane touch from Din Merican a couple of days ago where he said: “I have been critical of, and wrote about Kevin’s role in the Rosli Dahlan case, but I am saddened that Kevin was murdered brutally, and we are now being kept in the dark about the motive and the real mastermind behind Kevin’s gruesome death.”

    RPK should also not just leave it at his convenient conclusion of “payback” where he could not identify the killers and mastermind, but yet very brilliantly manages to identify who was not.

    On the contrary, since he is the one who claims so, RPK should elaborate and substantiate with evidence, in what would have been his usual long-winded manner, on what “dirty deals” that supposed led to the late Kevin Morais’ death. This is the least one can do if one wants to talk bad about a dead person.

  5. katasayang is right. The only folks seeking martyrdom for Morais are the lapdogs of UMNO who are desperate for any shred of credibility. Of course the rhetoric of some Opposition politicians who can’t seem to resists any sort of spotlight – making a big show of being supportive of MACC in certain convenient situations – is nauseating.

    I despise RPK not because he “switched” sides. People are entitled to change their opinions and for whatever reasons RPK did so, would not be so egregious if he did not keep maintaining that his position has been consistent from day 1. I really despise this sort of BS.

    Furthermore, this particular post from him says nothing. As has been pointed out nobody is making Morais a hero except government propagandists. Reminding folks that the deceased was a douchebag really does not bolster ones argument that the Najib State had nothing to do with the deceased’s death.

    Not only would RPK piss in your ear and tell you its raining, he would also spit in it for added effect.

  6. This double tongued so called ‘RAJA’ believed to have died long ago and the one we see now is believed to be at the mercy of Najib and his sycophants so there is nothing spectacular to read about his bullshit.

    Didn’t he realized that we’re not talking about hero worshiping Kevin but about justice for the brutal killing of a man in the course of his duty.

    Dato, this type of stupid articles of this forked tongued ‘lallang’, if possible, please avoid polluting your web site. It boils down to read of this bald headed guy who camouflages with a cap while smoking piped picture to impress his personalty has lost all the respect and the integrity of his journalism from the readers. If any, he or she should be UMNO stooge(s). I stopped reading years back when this ‘snake changed skin.
    Like you, he deserves to be heard. By all means criticise him since it is the purpose of this blog which is devoted to reasoned discourse. I agree with him that Kevin Morais was up to no good. I wrote about him when I was reporting on the Rosli Dahlan case. We all will die, hopefully not in the way he did.–Din Merican

  7. I came across RPK only a few years ago and met him a few times, sharing a beer or two/dinners with him. I found him to consistent in that he genuinely loves and cares for an inclusive M’sia. His wife, Marina, has helped me in the past and RPK (together with his brother Raja Idris) has helped me to raise some fund for the Kelatan Malays during last year monsoon disaster.

    His main ‘fault’ appears to be he does not compromise with anyone (or anything). His directness and ‘fire in his belly’ frequently make enemies out of his allies. However, I do believe he is frequently misunderstood; the fact that he even care less of what others thought of him does not engender well with others. We all know he and his family sacrificed a great deal for his beliefs and behaviour.

    Whilst I am aware he hates Anwar with a vengeance, I have to admit I am not certain why he sides with Najib as much as he does now. I do not believe it is for economic reason as that would means he has destroyed everything he has ever work for and believe in.

    I think the truth will emerge when Najib, as a problem, is settled. I still believe RPK is a genuine guy.

  8. Somu, “This double tongued so called ‘RAJA’ believed to have died long ago and the one we see now is believed to be at the mercy of Najib and his sycophants…”?

    I beg to differ. From way back, when he then a high-flying Reformasi idol, with hordes of adoring fans gushing “Yang Mulia” at him, he has consistently been two things.

    1. A hardcore, self-promoting ego-maniac.

    2. A lying, cheating gun-for-hire mercenary.

    Back then, he was firing in the “right direction”, so those who already held these views about him kept quiet. WHo was paying him… speculation ranged from Ku LI to a certain once-well-connected crony who had to flee the country [and returned around 2008] to even folks like Mahathir. Speculation; what the truth is…I certainly do not who know.

    He most probably does have a good side to him, as what HT Low described about the help he offered seems to attest to.

    But the key point is RPK was prostituting himself and his Malaysia Today all along.

    We are all human, and a change in stance on learning crucial points is about par for the course. I myself was spectacularly wrong about Khalid Ibrahim. But RPK was not merely doing that. He was writing according to the wished of his paymaster, whoever that may be at that point in time. “Genuine guy”? Excuse me while I puke my guts out.

  9. hahahahaha……HT Low……..hahahahaha…..I know who you are…….hahahahaha

    One of RPKistas…….hahahahaha. Oh by the way, why not add ktemoc as well?

    Seriously I don’t give a damn towards any royalist. Hisham Rais would agree with me

  10. Dear HT Low

    Do you know that Mussolini was a Communist when he was young?
    And do you know that Stalin studied to be a priest in his youth?
    And that psychopathic political leaders can be very charming and soft-spoken in face-to-face situations e.g. Pol Pot.

    Just remember — “anything is possible in politics” and that there are many people with personality disorders such as narcissism in the world of radical politics (extreme left or extreme right).

  11. RPK is now sucking Najis’s dick instead of his pipe. Pity his family for having to put up with him. But unfortunately you cannot disown family!! Wonder how his wife feels about him, poor woman caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

  12. RPK has convinced me that he is a chameleon, who can switch sides for a bag of silver. He is a runaway bandit. He has wonderful command of English and can write well to rationalize any point of view that he wishes to advance. Do not be hoodwinked by this. I stopped reading his blog 2 years back and I still do. Some people are changeable and some are not. His DNA, in my view, is opportunism and gain. I have written him off totally. He is not worth being read.

  13. I started to follow MT soon after GE 2008 but sadly stopped about 2/3 years ago. A man must have his moral compass pointing north at all times.

  14. Whatever RPK was, is or will be…a chameleon, a narcissistic dick-sucker, a genuine guy, a hardcore, self-promoting ego-maniac, a lying, cheating gun-for-hire mercenary, etc, etc, I have no views as I do not know him personally, but one thing is certain.

    Even if he has done a 180 degrees about turn in his political views, I can still accept as he is like everyone else entitled to, BUT if he now says or imply that Najib is innocent of all the allegations against him, then one can conclude that he, RPK, is either deaf, dumb and blind or economic reasons are involved as a “Raja” man and his “Raja” family still needs to eat especially in an expensive heartless city like London.

    Paraphrasing what Albert Einstein said about stupidity and the Universe, I am pretty sure judging by his writings, past and present, it’s not the former.

  15. There is some truth in what RPK said about Kevin Morais. Kevin’s track record speaks for itself. The late Kevin’s gallant last act might have caused his demise, and if proven to be right, may well be his final redemption for past wrongs.
    People change sides in politics and life for whatever reasons. Our values, opinions and beliefs are also a work in progress. RPK is no exception.
    Only RPK knows why he has changed side especially in view of Najib’s obviously reprehensible actions and behaviour as PM. Rumours about his financial gains for doing so are of course just rumours. Maybe he felt sorry about his wrongful accusation against the PM and his wife regarding the Mongolian affair.
    There is one important point though. Politics aside, I wonder if anyone has noticed how lately, RPK has become abusive and downright rude to anyone who disagrees with him. He also comes across as someone who has deteriorated into a racist. I reckon he is a believer in ‘Ketuanan Melayu’. To borrow his own words, it is all a matter of ‘perception’ from where I sit.

  16. Rather than ponder about Albert Einstein and infinite stuff like human stupidity and the Universe… perhaps it is easier for simple folks like me to think about what driving a brand new BMW around the Oldham area in Greater Manchester means. As for the “Raja” man and his family “still needing to eat”… perhaps Gossip on Broadway [New Manston area of Manchester; the “Broadway” is likely more due to the road it is on, rather than the US entertainment hub] might be a good choice. Nothing like patronising one’s own establishment, eh? All the more so when it serves a very tasty range of Malaysian delicacies ranging from satay to roti bakar with kaya to fishball noodles to chicken curry to nasi lemak to ice-kacang. Opened on Hari Raya in 2013. One account mentioned that 160,000 Pounds was invested in it.

    But that may take us back to Einstein, and paraphrasing… and whether RPK, is either a fantastic, gifted and lucky entrepreneur, or has friends [anonymous Arabs?] with deep pockets who think nothing of offering support [donations?] very generously…

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