Malaysia 2050–In Orwellian Style–A Halal Prophecy

November 15, 2015

Malaysia 2050–In Orwellian Style–A Halal Prophecy

by Ooi Kok Hin*

*Ooi Kok Hin is a research analyst in Penang Institute. He graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Political Science and Philosophy, and is also the author of the book, “Aku Kafir, Kau Siapa” , published by DuBook Press.

Malaysia 2050

The year is 2050. Exactly 30 years ago on this day, a grand council was held to discuss the next big goal for the nation after the expiration date of Vision 2020. It was proposed by one clever minister that the country must strive to be a “halal nation” by 2050. And here we are, Halal 2050.

It all began when an inconsiderate “kafir” customer brought her dog to a supermarket. Pictures of the dog allegedly peeing on the trolley went viral, some people were outraged, and caused the ministry to contemplate the idea of passing a law to make separate trolleys for halal and non-halal items. They have set forth the ship in that direction, and the wind will carry it much, much further.

The “separate trolley” idea was originally intended to separate the halal and non-halal items. For the first few years, it was acceptable for a non-Muslim customer to use the halal trolley, as long as he does not put pork or alcohol in there.

After years passed and the inevitable lapse of memory, certain righteous folks expressed their long-hidden suspicion, “How can we trust the infidels not to put anything ‘haram’ in those trolleys? Even if they do not, they must have touched pork and alcohol back in their home and maybe, they do not wash their hands. By touching what they touch, we are also guilty of their sins!”

Just then, at such an opportune time, pictures of two non-Muslim customers pushing the halal trolleys into non-halal section went viral on social media.The pictures did not show them putting non-halal items into the halal trolley, but the very fact that the halal trolley is pushed into the non-halal section sufficed for guilty judgment.

Several days later, the government announced that only Muslims can use the halal trolleys (coloured in white) and non-Muslims can only use non-halal trolleys (coloured in black).

Young Imams

What was originally a separation between halal and non-halal items has become a segregation between Muslims and non-Muslims.

Five years down the road, worries were expressed that not only we should separate the trolleys, but also the payment counters. The opinion was further reinforced by the views of several high-ranking clerics (never mind the views of the other professions in the society).

A few decades ago, the popular rhetoric was “I should not be labelled a racist because I defended my race”. Now, ambitious politicians and ulama will win the crowd just by uttering the words, “I am not afraid to be labelled an extremist because I am defending our religion”.

Thunderous applause from their audience, who don’t seem to notice that under the ostensibly pious statement, those people are praising themselves, much like those who publicise on Facebook, “I just got all As for my exam, with 99% score in all subjects. Am going to graduate with 4.0 CGPA.  Thanks to God!” The government conceded again. Separate counters then! That is how it began.

By 2030, whenever one walks into a supermarket, one can see the stark segregation in the checkout counter. People are queuing according to ethnicity! There is one line for Muslims, one line for the non-Muslims.

Of course it was done in the name of religion, but the ethnic consequence is unavoidable given the high correlation between ethnicity and religion in the country.

I was told sometime ago that Gandhi once said, “The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for anyone’s greed.” Greed can never be satisfied. You keep wanting more and more. It was so, that the future everyone has predicted arrived in 2035.

The government announced that supermarkets will now be separated. Halal supermarkets for Muslims and non-halal supermarkets for non-Muslims. This must be done to avoid “confusion” and any possibility of the hands of non-Muslims tarnishing the “halal-ness” of the products in the supermarkets.

Wanita UMNO

Changes do not occur in a vacuum. From the supermarkets, the wave of segregation crashed into every neighbourhood, drowning all neutrality and innocence. Restaurants are segregated into Muslims and non-Muslims corners.

Once upon a time, a group of buddies could sit together in a mamak stall. It is no longer possible now due to the fears that a non-Muslim may have touched a dog or consumed alcohol before they come to the mamak, thus raising fears that they will contaminate the plates, utensils, tables, and even the chairs they are sitting on.

Wan Azizah4

The Ultimate Muslim Woman–Leader and Professional

“It cannot be helped. What is haram is haram,” said the government whose ears are reserved for the religious circles. “What is haram is haram. We cannot help it. Whatever is touched by the haram, it is no longer halal”.

There used to be a clear distinction between halal and non-halal. But the phrase “non-halal” is gradually replaced by a more sinister terminology, “haram”.Last time, whatever was given permit is halal, and that was it. Now, whatever is not given permit, is haram.

Not only certain items are haram, even peoples are objectified as haram, just like how the self-righteous look down on out-of-wedlock children.

If the 1960s is celebrated as the decade of the hippies, and 1980s as the wave of Islamisation, the years between 2020 and 2050 are the wave of Halal-nisation. Or to be more precise, the years between 2020 and 2035 is Halal-nisation and the years between 2035 and 2050 is Haram-nisation.

Segregated neighbourhoods. White toilets for believers, black toilets for non-believers.No handshake between persons of the Faith and the non-persons of the Faith. Two individuals of different faiths, especially if they are of separate genders, found together in a car can be sentenced to jail or 20 strokes of rotan.

Severe punishment is necessary to remind everyone to preserve “natural order” and “natural separation”. The social fabrics must not be challenged, otherwise there will be hell, they said. The Halal industry is a big business too, so any confusion or disturb to social order will ruin the economy, they said.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. I don’t know who started this. Who allowed our country to end up like this? If enough voices speak out against this much earlier, could we have avoided this? Why are simple things made complicated? How far do we want to take this “halal and haram” logic down the road?

I haven’t had time to answer these questions before my alarm clock wakes me up. I don’t have time to think about that nightmare. I need to rush to work and I need to hope that nightmares don’t come true.

21 thoughts on “Malaysia 2050–In Orwellian Style–A Halal Prophecy

  1. Most of us won’t be around to see this come to fruition. Malaysia will be transformed from a fractured to a shattered nation with the Malays in a state of utter confusion between heaven and earth with a whole lot of the living on charity, selling the Koran for their meals. –Din Merican

  2. With the infiltration of religious extremists into universities is a sure precursor of what is to come.
    Today I see young girls fully covered – head to toe. Half baked and low IQ clerics are having a field day ditching out fatwas and prohibitions against touching dogs, hugging pop starts and wearing leotards.
    What befuddles me is that the ‘educated’ leaders and even the royalty looking the other way with the advance of religious fanaticism. Can someone tell me why the Perak Ruler can rein in his Mufti???

  3. I am glad it is a kafir (because he wrote a book, “Aku Kafir, Kau Siapa”) who wrote the above article and, quite fairly, he has his own reasons to be worried. He seemed to believe that “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” – as if, his road to heaven is paved by bad intentions. Not all Muslims are that stupid to allow that nightmarish drift to materialize – there are already heavy criticisms from Muslims themselves on this stupid trolley thing. Again it is misleading (perhaps intentional) for him to say that there is a “….high correlation between ethnicity and religion in the country”. We have many Muslims of Indian descents in this country and their numbers are growing – it is NOT only the Malays who are Muslims. And even these so-called Malays have Indian, Chinese, Thai, Arab and Turkish genes in their systems. Let’s NOT entertain any kafir implying or making suggestions that Islam is NOT inclusive in terms of accepting & welcoming other ethnicity into Islam.

  4. What is really scary about what happening in Paris is that the first reaction of most so-called moderate Muslim is fear of Islamaphobia. They don’t get it, ultimately the terrorists ARE THEIR PROBLEM.. Its the same with these “Halal” crazies – they don’t get it that in the long run, no movement can keep making THEIR problem, someone else – its UP TO THEM TO GET ALONG WITH OTHER PEOPLE OF OTHER FAITH, NOT OTHER FAITH TO ACCOMODATE THEM.. The more they look to make it other people’s problem, the more problem they themselves have and less they make contribution to others and themselves and their system will collapse eventually..

  5. Two thing you can be sure will not be touched by the “halal” and “haram ” issue. Money from income tax and custom excise – collected from the non halal population and businesses. These can be used for the betterment of the Muslims. The other is currency – the Muslims will accept them even if they have been collected from the pork seller.

  6. Quote:- “Not all Muslims are that stupid….”

    Of course not, but it’s the inelegant silence of the clever ones that allow the stupid ones to dictate the course of Malaysia’s future.

    So who is actually the clever ones after all?

  7. “Not all Muslims are that stupid to allow that nightmarish drift to materialize…”

    But the “not stupid” Muslims cannot become menteris and muftis. So how?

  8. “Can someone tell me why the Perak Ruler can’t rein in his Mufti?” Sam.

    Answer is simple, Nazrin is too indebted to the half-baked mufti. Period.

  9. Wayne,
    You are right! It’s the germans who are smart and industrious hookwinded into supporting Hitler’s murderous scheme, melayus can be easily manipulated.

  10. So it seems ‘halal’ and ‘haram’ trolleys exist only in Malaysia. And when these Muslims travel overseas, do they “bring along” their halal trolleys for shopping in the supermarkets abroad?

  11. Wayne @ “… inelegant silence of the clever ones that allow the stupid ones to dictate the course of Malaysia’s future.”

    The wearing of the tudung is symbolic of the above statement. I despair when supposedly clever women like Nurul Izzah cannot see the damage this has done to women’s fight for equality over the last 100 years.

    Now imagine ladies in China today having their feet bound, due to stupid peer pressure.

  12. When the Ceylonese came to Malaya they kept to themselves. They built up family links married among each other and sometimes among very close relatives. And maintained their purity using the “dowry system’, till today, I suppose.

  13. @ai tze November 16, 2015 at 10:58 pm,

    Surely having their feet bound, severely disabled those Chinese ladies of old physically. There was no added elegance at all in their shapes or movements. It’s not surprising that the “stupid peer pressure” practice was stopped. But the “wearing of the tudung” adds elegance and respectable posture to ladies even if they were to have some hair problems. The practice never restricts their movements as there are many variable designs to suit different occasions or activities.

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