Your Weekend Entertainment–Go Country

October 31, 2015

Johnny Cash

Your Weekend Entertainment–Go Country

May Go Country bring back memories of the good ole times. KennyKamsiah and Din in PNP Rodgers starts the session with his Vietnam War tune, Judy Don’t Take Your Love Town. Somewhere along the track you will encounter the voice of the great Slim Whitman singing his popular Secret Love.

Dr. Kamsiah and I hope you will be able to identify the rest of them. American music is about variety from native, Jazz, Blues, Rock N Roll, Soul and more. It reflects the richness of uniquely American culture.

The year 2015 is coming to an end as we welcome November, meaning that December is not far away. We get a feeling call the  Blues.–Dr. Kamsiah in Kuala Lumpur) and Din Merican (in Phnom Penh).

3 thoughts on “Your Weekend Entertainment–Go Country

  1. Yay……..Country Musics…….Yay…….

    Introducing the Scandanavian cowboy group

    Who shot JR Ewing……..hahahahaha! What a sensation. Next Alan Johnson……

    Who can forget this film…………Eddie Rabbitt

    Seems what Malaysians are having now……Every way by always lose…………What happen to the most beautiful girl in the world

  2. Dear Dato,

    There’s a new Bond movie round the corner. Which one is your favourite song or your list of favourite songs from James Bond”s movies?

    Howabout featuring some clips by Hoagy Carmichael, for which Ian Fleming reportedly based 007 look on 🙂

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