Malaysia: A Shameless and Racist Nation under Najib Razak, but we Malaysians are fighting back

September 13, 2015

10th Anniversary Dinner & TCK Lecture

Leave the Red Shirts alone and let them self destruct. They are supporting a discredited UMNO Prime Minister, purportedly to redeem Maruah Melayu. Something else worthy of your support and generosity is happening in Kuala Lumpur on Malaysia Day, September 16. 2015.

So, not all are bad news since Malaysians are fighting back to safe their country from perdition. I am sorry that I am unable to be there in person. But I will contact  Dato Ambiga Sreenevasan on how I can support this worthy cause. Please give generously.

Listen to my good friend and fellow civil society activist, Dato’Ambiga  at Oriental Hearts and Minds Institute function to launch the Dr. Tan Chee Khoon Lecture Series and Fund–Raiser in honour of this great Iconic Malaysian and Model Member of Parliament, known during Tunku Abdul Rahman’s premiership as Mr. Opposition–Din Merican.

Here is  the OHMSI message:

Integrity, in essence, represents doing the right thing at all times and in all circumstances, whether or not anyone is watching. For the past 10 years, we have had a specific focus on ‘Integrity’ and constantly engage communities to support or initiate action on specific issues relevant to them.

To mark our 10th anniversary, we are pleased to announce the launch of our inaugural Tan Sri Dr Tan Chee Khoon Lecture Series cum fund-raiser to recognise the man and his contributions, and promote his ideals and legacy in political life.

Championing the local integrity scene today is Civil Society advocate and former Bar Council President, Dato’ Ambiga Sreenevasan who has relentlessly campaigned for cleaning out all forms of corruption, and mobilised society for greater transparency and election reform.

Dato’ Ambiga will deliver the inaugural lecture themed “Integration with Integrity… Without Fear or Favour” speaking for how the Federal Constitution remains our only hope for integration with integrity as a 1Bangsa Malaysia. The late TCK stood for these values.

Join our campaign on this Malaysia Day, September 16th at Connexion @ Nexus for greater integrity in this nation-state and enjoy the evening with good dinner, great company by supporting this very good cause to revive integrity in Malaysia. If you cannot attend, please take a table and we will fill up your seats with students from local colleges and universities.

 Malaysia: A Shameless and Racist Nation under Najib Razak

by J.D. Lovrenciar@

For how long more must we Malaysians suffer the torrent of shame? How long more must we live with all the tribulations? The political landscape is being riddled with allegations, scandals and expose after expose. The economy takes a beating unceasingly with no one able to say what the Ringgit will be worth tomorrow.

UMNO Red Shirt Goons

And the Prime Minister asks for another six months. How long more? That is the question on every citizens’ minds and the talk of the town. Why must the Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib Razak face so many monumental scandals revolving around him like a raging, stinking cesspool?

If the government’s sovereign fund, 1MDB was managed soundly like any other business entity or at the least resolved satisfactorily, would the nation not have been spared the global shaming? Over six years, since 1MDB was hatched in 2009, we knew nothing. The world knew nothing. But in the span of recent months all hell has broken loose and Najib, the captain of 1MDB, insists all will be cleared in six months.

And nobody knows how. He does not give credible reasons and justifications that can not only convince Malaysians but just as critically important, the global community of discerning observers and concerned investors.

Altantuya returns to haunt us


Now the mother of all murders has exploded: If guilty of 1MDB corruption, jail time awaits Najib but for murder – it’s the death row. That aside, the mother of all murders has been burrowed up again. The Aljazeera expose on its 101 is viewed by decision makers around the world.

Malaysians have also been paralyzed by the ‘documentary’ – not just a ‘news’ report mind you. Despite the Palace of justice having rendered the verdict, the questions keep coming back like a relentless boomerang. Why?

Surely Al Jazeera would not want to make a fool of itself and squander off its hard-earned reputation because of a murder story in a third world country, would it?

Aging before his time and why?

And to add to the derogatory impact on our national integrity and reputation, only now we learn that the reporter was thrown out of Malaysia for working on the expose. And if that is not enough, we are now threatening to go after the reporter who is not a Malaysian citizen.

When the Transparency International Council met here and sledge hammered Malaysia’s questionable and worrying state of graft in the full view of international media and about 1,000 delegates from over 100 countries around the world, we shouted back at them demanding that they did not respect the host country.

We did not scream at the corruption. Instead we trained our cannons on the highly credible leaders who spoke without fear or favor. Meanwhile the Ringgit is plunging but we stoically maintain that our fundamentals are string.

Mysterious disappearance of AT LEAST 2 key govt figures

Add to all these the mysterious disappearance of at least two key figures in government. Inevitably, the public is speculating since nothing is forthcoming from their leaders and especially Najib.

What we have are all the sandiwara distractions like the ‘red shirts’ and race bashing. We also have ridiculous allegations that Malaysians are trying to topple their government. We hear that some individuals are committing treason by peddling lies to ensure they can oust the sitting Prime Minister.

Indeed the country is being besieged not by any foreign power but by our sins of omission and commission. People are sharing similar sentiments at the work place, in the weekend markets, in neighborhoods and with every conversation – why is Najib insisting that he wants to remain in power?

And why are there some idiots willing to fight tooth and nail to defend him using only racial slurs to incite hatred and destroy racial harmony just to keep this dishonest and corrupt leader in power. Truly it is bewildering. Every night Malaysians end their shop-talk and go to bed with that insecure feeling of ‘what is next tomorrow?’.

Dr M a reborn hero

Ex premier Mahathir Mohamad has called for Najib to resign as well as demanded an investigation into Altantuya’s murder be re-opened. . The just released Al-Jazeera video claims that Najib’s close friend Razak Baginda had pulled the trigger, while Sirul and another cop Azilah Hadri used  C4 explosives to blow her body beyond recognition.

It is therefore not surprising why people are willing to throw their support for Tun Dr. Mahathir’s call for Najib to step down even though they may not regard Mahathir as a spotless leopard.

It is also not uncommon to hear street conversations stating that ‘at least Pak Lah (Najib’s predecessor) had the grace to quit in the best interest of the nation rather than fight for extended time behind the wheels of the nation’.

So how long more must Malaysia endure.  In any case it is a decision that Malaysians must make and if they fail to do so, they must take personal and collective blame. Meanwhile some media in Malaysia choose to survive by the philosophy of ‘see no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil’.

13 thoughts on “Malaysia: A Shameless and Racist Nation under Najib Razak, but we Malaysians are fighting back

  1. If najib ever learn history of China, he would have known that the China Emperor Dowager had failed to repel foreign forces with her solemn support towards the Boxers………What makes you think that Najib can do it this time? Especially there are so many international loan sharks lurking around

  2. Was it this type of leadership that may have resulted in Malaya being colonized in the past by a handful of foreigners who made sure that the locals become backward. The British and the other Europeans may have used this type of strategy to enslave locals in most countries in India, Africa, Middle East and other countries where a small number of foreigners corrupted the local leaders to rule and plunder the wealth.

    Today the strategy appears to be same but the players may have changed.

    Blindly following any leaders generally results in the whole country being ruled and plundered by a few with most of the wealth being taken by a few and little wealth by a few greedy leaders.

    When the Country is facing major challenges it is rumored that the leadership is said to be overseas at rakyat’s expense in the name of working trips but perceived more as ‘holidays’. ‘shopping’ or ensuring that the siphoned wealth is safe for future use?

    Wait and see!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. At 3.15pm today, Red-Shirts were roaring as a bike gang in town, a collection of blindly and mindlessly subservient bunch of people doing the bidding of corrupted leaders who do not even have an iota of courage to admit they had a hand in it. Lower than the coachroaches are these so-called leaders. Apologies for ranting, it,s just so exasperating!

  4. Quote:- “cry my beloved country”

    The Red Shirt’s message is….this is not your country.

    That’s why Bersih 4 was “insulting” to the real Malays who now need to claim back their rightful place.

    It is also interesting that Mahathir was invited and according to Jamal should attend if he considers himself “Malay enough”

    So the next message is Mamaks, and other “Constitutional Malays”, also cannot call this their country?

    Is Riduan Tee Malay enough to attend? How about the present Sultan of Johor who is actually half English having an English mother?

    Ah soh…..less man more share?

  5. Lest we forget-Its Malaysia Day !
    From the famous landmarks to the unnamed Malaysians (then and now) and the respective roles they played , and to the handful of famous faces and names in the video ,(that have emerged the last 50 years,) .

    All of which who have individually made some significant contribution to raise the name of Malaysia and the identity of being Malaysian , they are merely among hundreds if not thousands more Malaysian names that were not able to be included .
    Names that crosses all the ethnic/religo divides and collectively forged the singular identity recognised among the international community of what is uniquely known as Malaysian.
    Sometimes we can get reminded poignantly that it feels nice to be a Malaysian..!


  6. Not only is this a fully UMNO rally, that Najib deny it, but at the same time lecture everyone about it, shows the ALREADY NON-EXISTENT THIN LINE HE DELUSIONALLY BELIEVES HE IS ENTITLED TO WALK ON..

    Let them walk but everyone in Petaling Street and everyone concern should have their phone cameras out ready to record any incident which they should claim payment as quickly as possible and as much as possible..

  7. Hafidz Baharom’s letter in Malaysiakini points to the underlying problems of the race dialectic in this country.

    “Racism, xenophobia alive among Bersih backers”

    There is UMNO and then there is the rest of us.

    Malaysia has never really had an honest conversation about race. The racist policies of UMNO, the pragmatism (sic) of Malaysians, communal politics, the social contract and general apathy made it very easy to ignore the elephant in the room, which foreigners – outsiders- see very clearly.

    The title of Lovrenciar’s piece is unintentionally ironic.

  8. Let the red shirts march. These people are archetypal of Najib’s supporters- let the world see it, their shallowness and racism in full glory. It is just one more embarrassment to him and those in UMNO who blindly support someone because he is their leader and purports to champion Malay rights and dignity, regardless of the extent of his misdeeds.

  9. /// Frankie Leung September 13, 2015 at 1:31 pm
    cry my beloved country. ///

    Don’t cry for me, Argentina. Oops, that’s where Mahathir goes for his horse riding. Wrong country.
    You love your country, but does your country love you?
    Malaysia is crying, but whether you should be crying for her is another question.

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