Congrats, Tan Sri Dr. Samad Alias

September 8, 2015


Congrats, Tan Sri Dr. Samad Alias for doing the Right Thing

Nazir Razak

Reputable corporate figure Nazir Razak (above) has questioned what signal was being sent to government-linked companies (GLC) and agencies when state-owned 1MDB could deny information to its own adviser.

Nazir, who is also Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s brother, said this in response to Abdul Samad Alias who revealed yesterday that he had resigned from the 1MDB advisory board after his repeated requests for information, over six months, were denied.

“Respected, honest professional appointed by the government and welcomed by the (1MDB) chairman with fanfare.But denied access to information by management. If this is true and tolerated, what message does it send to other GLC/ agencies?” Nazir said in a posting on Instagram today.

TS Dr Samad AliasSamad (photo), who is also Malaysian Deposit Insurance Corporation (MDIC) chairperson, was appointed to the 1MDB advisory panel on January 25 this year. However, he resigned on July 29, after futile attempts to get a briefing on the state firm’s affairs.

“I waited for six months. Despite repeated requests, I didn’t get any,” Samad had said. Najib is also chairperson of the 1MDB advisory board.

In a separate Instagram posting, Nazir shared also shared some words of wisdom – politics and family should not mix. He said this after informing his Instagram followers that he had finished watching two seasons of the American drama series, Tyrant.

“Entertaining, violent drama about a crumbling Arab dictatorship. Moral of the story – politics and family is a toxic mix,” Nazir said.

15 thoughts on “Congrats, Tan Sri Dr. Samad Alias

  1. Where is 1MDB Chairman Lodin Wok Kamaruddin now? We have not heard from him in quite a while. He has probably gone into hibernation to avoid missiles crashing on him. At least Tan Sri Dr Samad has the courage to resign.–Din Merican

  2. As a long time personal friend of Tan Sri since 1974 I have advised him to disassociate himself from 1MDB I am glad he has done so to protect his name and honour.
    Hilmi, I know Tan Sri Dr. Samad well. he is one of the most outstanding Malay accountants. I was surprised when he was caught in the 1MDB storm. I am also glad he was able to get out this mess by resigning. –Din Merican

  3. Quote:- “Moral of the story – politics and family is a toxic mix”


    He wouldn’t be where he is today if politics and family didn’t mix in his favor.

  4. din let me refer to what the late Shekih Rahman who was in the NST said about UMNO melayus. ‘How do you make a Melayu a millionaire? Give him a billion and then wait.

    2. How do you get an UMNO Melayu to manage a SMI? Give him a public listed company…then wait.

    As to Lodin Wok the unholy alliance with the Navy and UMNO and UMNO and Boustead. I say how do you destroy a country give it to UMNO Baru and wait.

  5. This Commander sounds a wee bit anti-Melayu in most of his postings here. But it’s good that Tan Sri Dr. Samad Alias does not seem to represent the stereotyped Melayu – BRAVO to him.

  6. Dato Din, am I glad to hear that Tan Sri Samad had finally disassociated himself from the controversy. I was in fact quite puzzled as to how he could be implicated with such a company after having known him as a very humble friend for years as office mate. We shared the same beginning before you came along in that astute institution that had shaped much of our destiny.

  7. Alie the cat,
    Wait till you come to Sarawak…..You would be very surprised with what the dayaks got to say…..If I am not mistaken, Thaya is from Sarawak

  8. The Commander is not from Sarawak, Brickfield’s or Klang boy if I’m not mistaken. And the Commander did qualify his statement – UMNO Melayus.

  9. I’m getting tired of Nazir Razak’s veiled comments and above it all attitude. If ever there was a time to break rank and speak out – if he was so inclined – it is now. Otherwise shut the hell up.

    Nazir is difficult to pin down. We need to take his comments with a grain of salt. He has to be careful not to offend his blood brother and his notorious sister-in-law while he protects his interests in CIMB in the event of a change of government.This is a delicate balancing act. So far, he has been successful. His decision not to be a member of the Najib’s brain trust economic committee is, for example, a good one. If he were to accept the appointment, he would not be able to criticise the Najib administration.

    The Paul Low situation is a good example. For the sake of being a Minister, Mr. Low sold his integrity to the Prime Minister. One would have thought the former Transparency International Malaysia Chapter President would have been smart enough to see the trap.–Din Merican

  10. Always have admiration for this outstanding but humble professional of high integrity But his Tiger Lane junior school mates in Najib’s cabinet have failed to display any of these qualities.

  11. All people of integrity should dissociate themselves (e.g. resign) from
    any committee etc. set up to whitewash or cover up for the 1PM.

  12. It’s difficult to get these day people of honor and dignity. Tan Sri Dr. Samad should be congratulated for his courage telling Najib off.

    That Botak Arul is fooling everyone. Tan Sri has come out of the rut and at the right time to pave the way to others to have conscience in this struggle to rebut Najib’s fooling.

    Rakyat will definitely appreciate your good deed. Thank you Tan Sri.

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