BERSIH 4.0: A Pathetic Response from Prime Minister Najib Razak

September 1, 2015

BERSIH 4.0: A Pathetic Response from Prime Minister Najib Razak

by Anisah Shukry

Published: 31 August 2015 3:13 pm| Updated: 31 August 2015 4:48 pm

Von MisesAn Apt Message of Shameless Najib Razak

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s dismissal of Bersih 4 rally goers last night was pathetic and showed that he was in a state of denial over the extent to which Malaysians were unhappy with him, former diplomat Dato’ Noor Farida Ariffin has said.

The group of prominent Malays, or G25, spokesman said Malaysians turned out in full force over the weekend to demand answers from the government, and he would do well to heed them instead of shrugging them off as “shallow-minded”.

“It’s really pathetic. If they are wise, they would listen to the people.But instead, they are in a sheer state of denial and accusing us of all sorts of things,” said Farida, who had also attended the rally in her personal capacity.

“He made a speech so contrary to the facts of what was happening on the ground. They are just in total denial of reality.If I were him, I would listen to the people and really do something about accepting and instituting changes that the people are demanding.”

During his Merdeka Day message last night, Najib said the rally was unwise, shallow-minded and showed a lack of national spirit.

He said the government rejected any form of street protests that disrupted public order, adding that it did not reflect maturity.

But Farida said today that instead of insulting the protesters, Najib and his administration should have been grateful that the thousands who gathered near Dataran Merdeka were peaceful.

She said the rally yesterday proved Malaysians were not interested in a violent overthrow of the government, but were merely voicing out their views.

Farida added that reports of a low Malay turnout were far from the truth, even though she conceded the Chinese made up the majority of the rally goers.

“There were more Chinese than Malays, yes, but it’s not true there were no Malays at all. They came in full force. There were so many makcik, pakcik, youths – I took pictures with young Malay girls in tudung.”

She said that the absence of rural Malays should not be interpreted as a sign that the country’s largest ethnic group supported Najib. “Rural Malays couldn’t turn up because they couldn’t afford to. During previous rallies, PAS was involved, it put them in buses, brought them into the city.

“They can’t afford the trip to Kuala Lumpur on their own, the overnight stay. It doesn’t mean they are apathetic or don’t care.”

She said she was happy with the rally and the police’s restraint, and declared it a success. “What was so amazing was that people were so well-behaved and good-natured. There was very little police presence. In spite of the baking hot sun, people didn’t lose their cool. They cheered, the mood was party-like – it was more like a carnival.Many of us couldn’t even hear the speeches, but people cheered on anyway,” said Farida with a laugh.

bersih4.0xBersih 4–A Resounding Success

When asked whether her presence at the rally meant G25 wanted Najib to resign, Farida said she and other members of the group who attended were there in their personal capacity.

She added that she was there to demand answers from the government over the state of the country and the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) scandal.

“We want answers. We are very unhappy with rapid endemic corruption, allegedly by our leaders.We are fed up with the loss of confidence in the ringgit, what is happening with the economy, we are concerned about 1MDB.”

The two-day gathering, which ended last night, was not only to demand that Najib step down but also for institutional reforms. – August 31, 2015.

9 thoughts on “BERSIH 4.0: A Pathetic Response from Prime Minister Najib Razak

  1. Kudos to Dato Noor Faridah fot attending the Bersih rally and for this article which encapsulates all the answers for Najib and his henchmen. And it also nails the lies and imagined fears of that once esteemed UN diplomat Tungku Abdul Aziz in the New Straits Times today. I just cannot comprehend how a man of his stature can stoop so low as to make wild allegations and lies . But to Dato Noor Faridah I say, you and other Malays who are now leading the charge against this corrupted PM will be vanguard of a new Malaysia. Non Malays will never make any real progress without the full support of Malays.

  2. Let’s accept the fact that this Bersih4 rally particularly was attended preponderantly by the DAP Chinese & their supporters. The relatively minute presence of the Malays, though forming the majority in the country’s population, was practically overwhelmed or rendered insignificant. Rightly or wrongly Najib interpreted it as good news because he perceived that he still commands the majority support especially among the Malays. Recalling his Chinese Tsunami reference in the last General Election results, Bersih4 turnout in racial composition was not surprising to him, as probably he had written off the Chinese support entirely in the immediate future at least, if not forever. This might encourage the Malays to demand more special treatment & favours from the Government which might have to comply just to maintain their political support. If this were to be the trend, more Bersih rallies, or Parliamentary No-Confidence Vote and even the future General Elections will not change the situation. Najib might well be right by saying that once his ship has weighed anchor and set sail, he will not change his charted course. That being the case, if there is anyone on board not happy, he/she better think about getting overboard before reaching the open seas – he..hee…heee…..especially those who are not good swimmers……

  3. if the PM couldn’t be bothered to respond to the RM2.6billion that went into his private account, what does one expect of him to respond to the Bersih rally? I am not surprised on his words. Makes me laugh.

  4. “BERSIH 4.0: A Pathetic Response from Prime Minister Najib Razak”

    Childish Ahjibgor 300815 – What’s 20,000? Felda settlers alone can top Bersih 4 turnout, Najib say –

    The very disturbed look of the guilty…
    Beban dosa yang berat…


    “Master-stroke. Bersih has been slapped with a RM64,000.00 clean -up bill.”

    Hello, with all the Bersih 4 supporters helping with the clean-up, Marina Chin Abdullah & the committee should demand for the detail breakdown of the bill…!!!

    Wonder what next from childish Ajibgor & Mama…?

    Arresting Madey, Mahyuddin, the Bersih organisers & all the hundreds of participants…?

    Do they have the cell available to house all the above…?

    You be the judge.

  5. @TLM September 1, 2015 at 5:33 pm,

    No problem, Bersih4 had raised many times more than that from donations & sale of Bersih trademark items.

  6. Comparing to all the third world nations including 54 Muslim-majority nations, Malaysia is exceptional in its ability to conduct protest rally in peaceful manner. Not only protesters do their part, so do the policemen. Only our PM is lagging behind in recognizing the political maturity of Malaysians as a whole.

    Official Bersih 4’s demands are clear and straight forward. It is especially note worthy that the undercurrent demand for PM to resign is not made into Official Bersih 4’s demands. This shows that organizers of Bersih 4 are judicious in setting the direction of Bersih within the context of our constitution.

  7. Tsk..tsk, petty, petty, alie! Spoken like a poor merchant.
    Small-mindedness does not become you.
    2.6 bil or better, 46 billion (loaned from International AhLongs) might do the ‘trick’.
    Only problem is the repayment terms.
    Tanpa Wang Ganjaran is a very dangerous proposition! The Wang Ansuran will kill ya.

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