In the Spirit of Merdeka, fast forward Bersih

August 31, 2015

COMMENT:  I disagree with you,  Mr Ng.  Bersih 4.0 on August 29-30, 2015 is not “the nexus of negativity”. It is a gathering of thousands upon thousands of Malaysians who demand free and fair elections, and good governance. They choose to express their discontent with the Najib administration in a mature, orderly and peaceful manner.

Din and Kamsiah at Bersih4.0We were among the many Malays who were at Bersih 4.0 with fellow Malaysians

It is not a Malay versus the Rest affair. That is what Najib and his cronies, apologists, sycophants and paid spinners would have us believe. In stead, it is a clear demonstration that Malaysian people power is alive and can no longer be ignored.

Malaysian democracy is very much in vogue. This is the most positive development from Bersih 4.0  and the significance of Merdeka 58, not the expensive display of meaningless pomp, arrogance and defiance, and pageantry which I saw on television this morning.

BERSIH'S demands

Those who were at Dataran Medeka and its surrounds want positive change; they want a responsible and accountable government. Read the 5 Bersih demands carefully. Because Prime Minister Najib can longer be trusted, they want him to step down. That is Demand No. 6. And it was a simple and clear message delivered in a resounding way.

Najib lacks credibility and there is a crisis of confidence and capital and financial markets are reacting negatively by dumping our stocks and shares and selling the Malaysian ringgit. Until this leadership question is settled,  we face uncertainty which can lead to the worst economic crisis we have witnessed in 58 years.

solat at Bersih 4.0The Malays were there. Make no Mistake about this

How can you expect us to lay down our arms and celebrate when we know that Najib is corrupt and incompetent and the root cause of current political, social and economic problems. He cannot be trusted to focus on his duties.

Our Prime Minister is only interested in remaining in power and will stop at nothing to ensure he survives politically. And if he has to go down, he will take Malaysia with him. So, this struggle for change must be relentless; it must not stop until we succeed in our mission. Fast Forward, Bersih.

IGP Khalid A Bakar

Finally, I congratulate Bersih 4.0 organisers and the Royal Malaysian Police for ensuring public order. To the Inspector-General of Police, Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar,  I say “terima kasih daun keladi, kalau boleh macam ini lain kali”. –Din Merican

In the Spirit of Merdeka, fast forward, Bersih

by Scott Ng

Tunku QuoteA Timely Reminder to our Current Prime Minister: Stop Playing Politics with Race and Religion

For two days, Dataran Merdeka, the place where Tunku Abdul Rahman declared our independence from the British, was the focal point of the nation. The place that celebrates our country’s greatest achievement became the nexus of this country’s negativity, expressed not by those who were against the government, but also by those who viewed the protest as unpatriotic. And the rhetoric has been ugly, to say the least.

The accusations levelled at Bersih by pro-government media and bloggers and the cries of “Where are the Malays? Don’t they care about this country too?” from the protestors defined the worst of us. They represent the basest, most repulsive urge we have, the need to blame and demonise those who are different from us. That’s ironical, for sure, given how much we harp on what it means to be Malaysian in our multi-cultural society.

Today, however, is an occasion for all Malaysians. Without Merdeka, none of us would be where we are today, in this beautiful, often schizophrenic country that somehow keeps a hold on our heartstrings no matter what is going wrong. Without the bravery of our forefathers – Malay, Chinese, Indian, Orang Asal it matters not – there would not be the Malaysia that we call home.

There is so much hate and anger in the air that we have even forgotten to celebrate Merdeka this year. This is not to say that the rakyat are angry without reason. There are indeed many reasons to be angry right now, but we must not forget that fateful day 58 years ago that our forefathers won the right to self-determination, the right to live in a way only we Malaysians can live.

Just for today, it is time to lay down arms. In the name of those who came before us, and those who sacrificed for us, this is a day to celebrate.

This day exemplifies the will of Malaysians to live a life as free as anyone else in the world, on our own terms. This day represents the end of oppression, the end of coercion, the end of having our voices ignored. It is a day of freedom and emancipation. If we do nothing else, we should be shouting Merdeka from the rooftops to reinforce the fact of our independence, and to bring to mind what we struggled against as a people.

If only just for today, let us be undivided by ideological, communal, or political lines. Let us just be a people who finds themselves on the cusp of something tremendous and who must reconnect with the same spirit that once made us great. As Merdeka leads to Malaysia Day, we must keep up our faith in what makes us who we are, and hold fast to the spirit of Merdeka, to the dream of a nation of equals, working together for the success of our grand experiment.

27 thoughts on “In the Spirit of Merdeka, fast forward Bersih

  1. The right to dissent, gather, demand etc … OK.

    Street demonstrations?… not here in our country… The current rallies proceeded peacefully, thank God… but let us not get carried away into believing that therefore street demos are OK…

  2. Nice essay if you’re shooting for an eventual Datuk or even Datuk Seri.

    There’s a grammatical error in the first paragraph.

  3. Still, the name “Scott Ng” seems familiar – reminds me of someone who coaches a certain sport. Hope he’s not the guy for I liked him when he was a young student at a KL school.

  4. Thank God….I am glad and proud that Bersih 4 rally demo has ended without any mishap or injury. It is a very successful rally to let all my fellow Malaysians awake and the world to know that Malaysians are kind, harmony, big hearted with peace in us. My warmest heartfelt gratitude to the organisers and mostly to all Malaysians on the street to demo on my behalf……..I salute you all with my whole heart.

  5. Picture this:

    you are a shareholder of a large public corporation. Allegations of corruption from reliable and respected sources have been PUBLICLY made against your CEO. He denies it and says it will be investigated by staff who report to him. He refuses or neglects to file a civil suit even though the allegations are serious and you advised him to sue.

    You tell him that he should temporarily step down to let the investigations carry on impartially. He refuses and ignores you because he has the support of the largest shareholder.

    The next thing you know is that some of the investigation staff were sacked, put in cold storage or promoted to other departments and the investigations have stalled. Your deputy CEO was also sacked for speaking out and asking questions. Morale of the staff, at least the conscientious ones, have dropped.

    Meanwhile you note that your external business continues to deteriorate and most of your clients, contractors and suppliers are not supporting the corporation and are pulling out. You understand that most are pulling out due to the corruption allegations. Your CEO denies that business is bad and claims that it is in fact healthy. But the slowdown in your external business is a worrying trend amid a global slowdown. There appears to be a loss in confidence towards the stewardship of your CEO. Business activity keeps spiraling downwards.

    Your balance sheet shows a worrying downward trend from a max of 155 bln clams to now a low of 97 bln clams. The reserves of your corporation have lost 30 % over the space of 12 months. While, on paper your business is still profitable, the signs are that it could slip into the red if not properly addressed.

    You send a message to him to explain. He says wait for the investigation to conclude and by the way, he’s too busy taking care of business to listen to your whining. Afterall, you’re a minority shareholder.

    The AGM is still months away and the crisis in confidence over the mismanagement of your CEO continues unabated.

    The major shareholder, who placed its trust in your CEO continues to support him in spite of fact that the business numbers show otherwise. You need to send a clear message to the other shareholders of your concern that the corporation is in big trouble if nothing is done. It is clear that feedback from your clients, contractors, suppliers say that a new CEO would restore some confidence in the profitability of your business. You are now convinced, and also shared by your fellow minority shareholders, that a change of a CEO will address this crisis in confidence and arrest that spiraling downward trend in the business.

    You also need an impartial and independent investigation to be quickly carried out to ensure that your corporation’s business has not been compromised by the allegations. It’s good business sense and also to assure your clients, contractors and suppliers that your corporation is well run, is CLEAN and corrupt practices will not be tolerated, just like our competitors. Our competitors’ businesses are well run, CLEAN and are considered blue chip corporations. Your CEO keep bench marking the corporation against other smaller companies, not the blue chip corporations.

    You need all your shareholders to be made aware of the situation. All your proposals for dialogues/meetings have been shouted down. No dissent allowed.

    You propose a peaceful protest at the office to ask for answers to questions and to request that this CEO temporarily step down to allow impartial investigations to proceed by the staff without fear or favour. All your proposals were shouted down, you were threatened and told not to come to the office and you are now accused of being a trouble maker shareholder, out to ruin the corporation.

    Nevertheless you, together with other minority shareholders, bravely came to the office to make your case heard, not only to the CEO but to the other shareholders and staff. Everybody has a stake and needs to make an insightful decision when it comes time for an EGM or for the AGM. You did this at your own expense, time and in spite of threats to your own personal safety.

    Needless to say, the CEO is furious as do some of the shareholders, but this needed to be done, for the sake of the corporation. You need to tell the staff and the whole world that there are still good shareholders around and that they are keeping an eye on this CEO who is clinging on to his position and appears to be abusing his power.

    Maybe nothing has changed or will change by your actions but you believe that TRUTH will prevail in the long run, that one day, this corporation will run on CLEAN principles again and will be counted with the blue chip companies, not the minnows.

    I salute you, the minority shareholders, because you care.
    I ask you, the majority shareholders, open your eyes, because you too care.
    I respect you, those staff who have the conscience to do what is right.
    I plead with the CEO, read the writing on the wall because more and more eyes will open. If you are CLEAN, the TRUTH will come out and you will be vindicated and the shareholders that you claim you will never let down will come out wholeheartedly to SUPPORT you.

    Blessed Merdeka Day, Malaysia!

  6. I rallied with my fellow rakyat, all in of twelve hours out there on the first day. My friend and I had taken the train 3 hours two -way. It was worth the journey. Wisdom and restraint come easier to senior citizens so we did not don the yellows that the newly-minted thuggish one threatened arrrest for. We did not want to be apprehended while boarding. Or on the way to the station. Malacca did that to her folks fyi. By the time we reached Kl Sentral and descended Nu Mall to congregate with the others, the sea of yellows that gteeted us took our breath away.

    All races were there. Cordial. Smiling. Level-headed. Bantering. Disciplined. Orderly. Well-organised. Peaceful. But univocal when we called out for decency, conscience and dignity to be restored to the way of life of this beloved land once not just beautiful physically but also in character.

    What rhetoric ? No rhetoric. The speeches and our shout-outs were all clear and simple resounding NO’s to lying, cheating, thievery, irresponsibility, bullying and abuse of power and position.

    After decades of increasing alarm, I was glad I made the decision to turun ke padang this round. We wished we could camp over like the younger ones. Who were bracing to the spirit with their courage, discipline, meaningful placards amd ribbish bags to clean up as we moved along the bursting streets..
    Negativity ? I guess Scott Ng you weren’t there. ? I am so proud to be Malaysian again. You would be if you were.

    Anything and everything can be exploited for political mileage. Bersih 4 and the ones before belong to the people. Right-thinking ordinaryrakyat who work hard for each day’s honest wages.

    Happy Merdeka Malaysia and fellow Malaysians. We will get there. We must Bersih on. It’s hard work but we ll get there. Who knows we may yet be the ones in modern times third millennium civilization to bring about regime change through peaceful and democratic means.

  7. “…we must keep up our faith in what makes us who we are,”

    Ok, Scott. How about in a follow up piece, you answer this question. Here’s my answer.

    Every day as Malaysians we battle with forces that attempt to divide us by class, race and religion. Everyday depending on which category you fall into, it’s a little bit better or worse than the day before. These days no matter which category you fall into, the little worse seems to be winning. I have the luxury of typing what I just did, most people , the ones who are really getting screwed don’t have the luxury or time, to answer the question.

    These state constructed categories are always present even when well meaning people like you call for a time out of the hostilities. You don’t get a sense of belonging by merely following platitudes. This involves a bit of work. You may think that this independence day marked the “day represents the end of oppression, the end of coercion, the end of having our voices ignored. It is a day of freedom and emancipation.”

    I would argue that it marked the day of a slide over the decades to a different kind of oppression .

  8. On the basis of its 5 demands, what has Bersih 4 achieved? Practically nothing with the exception perhaps of ‘the right to demonstrate’. We could see again that this Bersih 4 was hijacked not only by Mahathir but also by the Opposition political parties, the DAP especially, the PKR & PAS splinter group (Harapan Baru) which, unlike the PAS proper, has no solid grassroot support. That explained for the lack of Malay presence and the disproportionate numbers of Chinese rally goers in Bersih 4. This could well be the reflection of the voter turnout trends for the coming GE14 for the Opposition coalition without the PAS proper, which is rural-based, in the Opposition grouping. So, probably, Putrajaya will again be out of reach for the Opposition come GE14.

  9. In any society and more so in a multi-racial society the consistent application of Kedaulatan Undang-Undang is the lynch pin that holds the nation together. In this internet age there is no need for me to give you examples. In many societies the long arm of the law is reluctant to take action against their friends and relatives who come from the same root. Justice they say is blind, but the Courts must have their eyes wide open, and may I also add should be color blind in order to ensure that there is fairness in the consistent application of the law. In this regard Heads of Ministries and Heads of Department too should not abdicate their responsibility and pass on the problems that could be effectively dealt at their level to the jurisdiction of the Courts.

    Commonsense should prevail and those in positions of power must do the right thing.

  10. Of all that is said about Bersih, the one glaring fact did not get said – That accountability, transparency, the end of corruption, abuse of power IS THE ONLY VIABLE FUTURE – the old way is dying, stubbornly refuses to but it will..

    What should be shocking is Najib and his coteries DON’T GET IT. COMPLETELY CLUELESS.. It means, what they are doing now – “ignoring the non-Malays” can only end up in PERSECUTION after “ignoring” becomes unsustainable.. THAT is precisely what Bersih really is righteous – the old ways are NOT sustainable..

  11. “..we must keep up our faith in what makes us who we are, and hold fast to the spirit of Merdeka, to the dream of a nation of equals, working together for the success of our grand experiment.”

    What do you call mediocre ‘journos’ who love their own voice and write mind-numbing platitudes for their own self gratification? They are like glutinous rice stuck on the sole of your foot.

    And Isa, i beg to disagree – peaceful street demos are an excellent way to keep fit and to blow off excess angst/steam. Democracy is messy and troubling – but grow up, we must – and what better way than to let detractors speak their peace – otherwise what ‘freedoms’ can you have? Besides being a keyboard warrior, that is.

    Didja know that the Official Stand of KSN (and therefore all gomen ministries and agencies) was not to use the no. 58 Merdeka? Why? ‘cuz ’58’ (mm-patt) in Cantonese, sounds like Mm-Fatt – i.e. ‘Don’t Prosper’. Another Superstitious mumbo jumbo by Jibros, whose obsession with Numerology, has been taken to new flights of Fancy.

    How Not To Demonstrate?

  12. Quote:- “Putrajaya will again be out of reach for the Opposition come GE14”

    Looking at the situation now, especially after Bersih 4, I agree with you.

    Political adventurism among the majority of Malays is just not on at the moment, unlike in maturing Singapore where the DPM, finance, foreign and AG are held by non-Chinese, and the notion of a non-Chinese PM has been a mooted possibility.

    The fact that the Chinese made Berish 4 almost their own scares the hell out of the ordinary Malays. If I am Malay I would be too.

    If and when the PKR / DAP / Harapan combination takes Putrajaya will DAP be given too much power like the home or deputy PM portfolio, or, horror of horrors, finance or perhaps the foreign ministry portfolio where a “Chinese” represents a “Malay” country?

    DAP will never ever be a carbon-copy of MCA, and I believe this feeling prevails even among the Malay members of DAP. And where does that leave the “Rafizis & Amins” of PKR?

    They can’t even form a shadow cabinet.

    Ask any Malay you meet on the street how he feels about a Chinese from DAP given any one of the above portfolios.

    My view is that in this century, the Malays are not ready which is why “Ketuanan Melayu” does resonate well with the majority of them. And UMNO knows it because it was planned that way 50 years ago. And who can blame them? Politics is all about power, ironically, “people’s power” Hence Najib’s 1,000,000 “supporters” taking to the streets on 10th Oct. or thereabouts.

  13. ctlee,

    Your analogy of a company’s CEO is an interesting one. However a company differs greatly from a nation.

    A company operates within a nation’s laws which is external to the company and is enforceable by police and courts. An alleged crime committed by the company’s CEO can be prosecuted by public prosecutor with court arbitrating the case because the combined authority of public prosecutor and judges and laws is above the CEO, per the structure of the nation organized per the constitution.

    However, a nation is not operating within an international law in the same degree a company’s CEO is operating within a nation’s law. Seldom are nations’ leaders, except those from some very weak Africa nations, brought to so-called international courts. Even superpowers like USA can only occasionally exercise “world police” role – a role which is not popular and not exercised in a frequency resembling a law enforcement within a nation. In short, there is no reliably enforceable law to force upon a nation’s supreme leader.

    There is no, and should not be, an independent investigation team that can prosecute a sitting PM and send him to jail because it will not work in almost any nations, also as shown by investigation team setup by Najib. This is a disappointment for those who believe in Justice Pao’s justice or Islamic divine justice because of the lack of certainty and certitude.

    What we have in our constitution, which emulates another constitution created 250 ago in the form of US constitution, is check-and-balance between three branches of government. Opposition parliamentarians (and BN parliamentarians) are that counter-balance to executive power, but fail miserably to do their job. Even a fist fight inside parliament without major injury, as done by some nascent democracies as in Taiwan and Japan a while ago, is better than what we have now.

    Bersih 4’s effort is admirable and it demonstrates our political maturity by our peaceful manner. Opposition parliamentarians are letting us down because they fail to exercise political skills to advance parliamentary democracy. Don’t they have better brain than just calling PM to resign? How about getting PM to be queried under parliamentary inquiry committee? I guess opposition parliamentarians are too arrogant to compromise, especially to accused thief and liar, while they think they have the “TRUTH” in their pockets.

  14. “The fact that the Chinese made Berish 4 almost their own scares the hell out of the ordinary Malays”

    “DAP will never ever be a carbon-copy of MCA, and I believe this feeling prevails even among the Malay members of DAP.”

    There’s that dissonance again.

    The DAP has always contextualized their arguments against the MCA, with terms like collaborators, tokenism and Singapore as a role model state.

    They have never really made – for historical reasons – a serious effort into reimagining their party as a multiracial collective instead relying on Malay splinter groups and [recently] inserting themselves through religion into the Malay polity.

    The Sino-Malay discourse is a perilous road paved with bad intentions.

  15. Looking back, I think I tend to agree with aliefalfa , 31st Aug @ 4.59pm. , everybody joined in the fray to take advantage of Bersih – TDM with his personal vendetta, DAP looks like being the chief ‘ motivator ‘ behind Bersih’s clean image, but luckily significant absence of the Malay-base PKR & PAS , by now , have either been ‘ nuetralized’ by the UMNO-BN , or else not wanting to smear themselves with the non-Bersih motives….
    But, thank God , nothing untoward happened to mar the Independence Day festival joys, and the level of maturity displayed by Malaysians generally is to be applauded !
    Also, seriously , the Authorities should NOT have approved Bersih rally for two consecutive days, prior to the MAIN Merdeka event, and to do so gives the impression that ‘ Bersih event is paramount to the National Day Celebrations ‘ , and makes their Motive suspect….
    All is well that ends well…..good display of Maturity….

  16. It’s obvious that Mr. Ng does not know what he is writing even though he is a prolific writer. He is oblivious to the mind-set of DUMBO members. Can we have a scenario like in Singapore where the late David Marshal was appointed and he accepted as the ambassador to the UN. We all know that he was always at logger-head with Lee Kuan Yew. To David Marshal that was national service. Would DUMBO take the position that we should not be divided by ideological, communal, or political lines in the interest of the nation. Dr. Tan Kee Kwong, now a PKR MP and previously from Gerakan and and ex-deputy Minister, was condemned for helping out the Selangor Pakatan State Government in streamlining the administration of land matters in the Selangor State. He had to quit Gerakan in volunteering to assist the Pakatan State Government. Eventually he joined the PKR. There is another guy from Penang, also a Gerakan member, he was appointed to the state’s investment committee, and he had to resign from Gerakan to serve the state.

    Can Dumbo differentiate between loyalty to the party and loyalty to the country. If the whole country, regardless of political affiliation decides to celebrate our Merdeka day, would Jibro stand up and say “thank you” for your participation instead of claiming victory and say “you see, the whole country is behind me”.

  17. Thank you Shiou for your observations regarding the analogy of a large corporation.

    The point of the analogy was to drive home the message that the CEO is appointed rightly by the majority shareholders and he remains so until he has lost that support. Theoretically the minority shareholders should also support the CEO as the main purpose of appointing a capable leader is to steer the corporation towards greater heights in corporate governance, best corporate practices, entrepreneurship, etc., etc.

    You judge a CEO’s ability to lead and command respect by the fruits of his leadership. Is he a uniting force, a great motivator, a leader? Has the balance sheet improved and gearing kept within manageable levels? Is staff morale up and everybody in the large corporation ship rowing in the same direction? Even in times of economic crisis, is he still in charge, directing operations, having seen the coming downturn and already implementing measures to ride the storm.

    When the corporation is facing a tough operating environment, does he rally the troops and make every effort to propel the corporation to safer haven instead of largely blaming the minority shareholders for being divisive and ‘shallow minded’? Look at the CEO’s fruits!

    Most of the minority shareholders have woken up because they see that most of the fruits produced are rotten. Some good apples do not make the whole rotten barrel good!

    The only hope is for the minority shareholders to convince some elements of the majority shareholders that all is not well in the corporation and something needs to be done to change direction. The corporation does not exist in a vacuum, it is in competition with other companies, both large and small and the fruit you want to see is being sold in the global marketplace.

    No shareholder, whether in the majority or minority, wants to invest in a corporation that is not well run. ALL wants the corporation to thrive and take its place under the global sun.

    We can only appeal to all fair, right minded shareholders to wake up, do their own careful investigations about the corporation’s business and by sheer numbers, compel the CEO to do what is right to lead. Or smoothly turn the CEO position to someone else who can command the respect of the shareholders and more importantly, lead during these trying times.

    Very tellingly, the ex-CEO aligned to the majority shareholders, for reasons best known to himself, has come forward to ask that the incumbent CEO be replaced.

    Just like the minority shareholders coming in numbers to the head office to ask that their voices be heard, the ex-CEO has also asked to be heard. Both parties could have decided not to do anything because leaving their comfort zone may be detrimental to their own personal well-being. But they did! Wake up majority shareholders! The rotten fruit is beginning to stink!

    In the end, the power is in the hands of the majority shareholders to step in to steady the rocking ship, which is continually weighted down by the alleged shenanigans of the CEO. This situation will not go away until and unless the allegations are all rebutted and the CEO satisfactorily cleared of all perceptions that he is corrupt. This is not just internally within the walls of the corporation but crucially, in the marketplace too.

    Let’s hope the majority shareholders also share the aspirations of the other shareholders to invest in a corporation that can compete in the global marketplace. And it starts with a CEO who can command the respect of all shareholders, the staff, the clients, contractors and suppliers.

    Let’s all unite, instead of divide. WE ARE ALL SHAREHOLDERS!

    Thank you.

  18. Hundreds of thousands patriotic Malaysians; Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Dayaks, Orang Asal were at Bersih4 to protest against the kleptocracy.

    Compare that to the handful of mercenaries and macais who are protecting the kleptrocracy.

    The racial composition of Bersih4 should not be an issue. The patriots were there to articulate their concerns over issues that transcend racial lines.

    It is the line between right and wrong, good and evil, the righteous and the corrupt, bersih and kotor that should be heralded and triumphed.

  19. As good Malaysians, I would further persuade to take heed of what YM Tunku Aziz has voiced a strong & persuasive opinion in the NST of today’s issue. –

    It should be a Question of what we feel with Sincerity in our hearts as Malaysians – It is to do with Mutuality & Reciprocity :

    ” There is no Obligation without a Right, and conversely , there is no Right without Obligation ” – in order to be the TRUE Malaysians.

  20. Peaceful Street demos? I thought we had a sufficient debate prior to the first Bersih.

    A few days prior to the current rally one of the organisers was quoted as saying that “we must take to the streets to regain our country” or words to that effect. This is an irresponsible statement.

    Dissent, opposition etc can be expressed with equal vigour in a stadium or in an open space. If I recall correctly that is how one rally was conducted back then after which I assumed that the matter had been settled..

    If anyone should know it is us Malaysians… how a peaceful street celebration got out of control and ended up changing our history. That there still are Malaysians who propose street demos is beyond me.

    Dissent is an absolute right… to express that dissent on the streets is an abuse of that right.

  21. “Dissent is an absolute right… to express that dissent on the streets is an abuse of that right.”

    Dissent and the expression of dissent are not mutually exclusive. I would argue that curtailing the latter, is an attack on the former.

  22. No, Not curtailing…but matter of public order, Security forces need to maintain the Security, so all parties to the divide have to follow the Law & rules laid out –

    Application to the Police before the event , even if nothing serious occurs in the end, the PREVENTIVE part is extremely critical : Traffic control, and perhaps the incidental skirmishes that may trigger some mishaps & fights, AND, to thwart possible ‘break-ups’ which might Escalate , in order to remind participants of the gruesome of the 69 Episode , so that there’s not going to be a repetition…..

    Yes, the Venue has to be specified & confined , not street Protests….so that all or any dissent, done peacefully will become more persuasive.

    Street marches , before the Main event , is a motive which is insidious, meant to CAUSE Provocations, and latterly to BLAME authorities for Indiscriminate actions , is the mala fide ‘intention ‘ !

    These sort of Incremental abuses by Organizers , is to whittle down the public order and peaceable assemblies, are people who deliberately want to cause ‘ uneasiness ‘ or restlessness, is the reason for public demonstrations to be CONTROLLED , as the intention of the law….
    Creating suspicion all the time, is the art of clever politically-bent absurdities, to try & whittle down the Law, must be PREEMPTED at all costs….

  23. “No, Not curtailing…but matter of public order, Security forces need to maintain the Security, so all parties to the divide have to follow the Law & rules laid out – ”

    The security forces of a country are there to maintain public order by following and enforcing the Constitutional rights of it’s citizens. Everyone including the Security forces are subject to those provisions they are meant to enforce.

    In this country where they have been numerous provisions to curtail freedom of expression and assembly ostensibly because such acts are “provocative” has proven to be false by the numerous peaceful assemblies this country has witnessed.

    The only provocation have come from agents or proxies of the State in an attempt to intimidate, harass and threaten people from exercising their Constitutional and yes moral rights.

    The excuses that have been given, economic loss, public disorder etc has also been proven to be false and the state security forces have proven they can maintain public order when called or ordered to do so.

    The only people creating suspicion and uneasiness is the State which does so, because it does not want to face, public opprobrium .

  24. How about this scenario. If or when the Oppo does get the majority vote & forms the Government – if ever they do win in some future Elections – will there be no possibility that it will be MORE oppressive and Repressive in their Law enforcement , without a doubt they will not ?

    Any claim that they will be more fair and just in their conduct to protect and Secure the nation , could at best be purely ‘ lip service ‘ , because many rogue nations we have seen which claim to be adept in their mode of Governance , have in fact perpetrated greater crimes against Humanity with all their might and brutalities….?

  25. No claim directly, but only inferentially …..

    Its related to my earlier assertion, that attempts to whittle down the democratic structure by the Majority mode of governance ( though not perfect ) , ,,,needs necessary powers to enforce law & order , through the legal process as already provided for under our Constitution……
    Well yes, ‘abuses’ there may be , but please do not unnecessarily try to WHITTLE down legitimate powers through the democratic apparatus already in place after 57 years of grotesque Experience by generally all Malaysians – I concede we have suffered much too, in our growing up process…..

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