Happy 58th Birthday, my Country

August 30, 2015

Happy 58th Birthday, my Country

Din and Kamsiah at Bersih4.0August 31, 2015, Malaysia, my country, turns 58. I congratulate fellow Malaysians. I pray that we remain free, strong and united as a people, that we will no longer in the coming years be identified by the color of our skin, our ethnicity and religion, and that we will live in peace. We must not just call ourselves Malaysians, we must think and act like Malaysians.

We face difficult times in the months ahead. The politicians like  Prime Minister Najib Razak want you and I to think that our economic fundamentals are strong. Economists and pundits have been paid to endorse that view. If we believe them, we do so at our own peril. If you want to know about our economic health, please talk to small businessmen and the ordinary struggling Malaysian workers, and they will  tell you the truth.

The performance of the Ringgit against the US dollar and other major currencies including those in ASEAN is good indicator of loss of confidence in our government led by Najib Tun Razak.  I was with my wife, Dr. Kamsiah at the Bersih rally in the Dataran Merdeka and Jalan Tun Perak area this afternoon and was privileged to have the opportunity to a number of Malaysians who had spent the previous night sleeping in the open space. They showed great courage and determination, not despair because they know change is coming because they want change.

Our Prime Minister cannot connect with ordinary Malaysians like I was able to do. I am one of them. Like these Malaysians, I know what it takes to make our country great again. It will require commitment, hard work and self belief.  So my fellow Malaysians, Malaysia is you and I, not brick and mortar. You and I as free individuals can determine its future. When politicians let us down, we remove them. Prime Minister Najib can no longer be trusted.  And that is  why thousands upon thousands of Malaysians at Bersih 4.0 want him to go.

Congratulations to you all, my fellow Malaysians on Merdeka Day. Let us resolve on this special day to do our best for our King and country. –Din Merican

Farewell, Bersih 4. We shall meet again. READ THIS:


13 thoughts on “Happy 58th Birthday, my Country

  1. Happy Birthday Malaysia!

    I was there to see lowering of Union Jack and raising of the Malayan Flag in 1957!
    We have come a long way to let the umno goons spoil the soup now!
    Fellow Malaysians, lets celebrate again after we have thrown out the parasites asap!

  2. Yes, Happy Birthday!

    We liberated ourselves from the British in 1957 and 1963.

    Will we join hands and hearts together and liberate ourselves
    from those the British helped to put into power when they left
    (to protect their economic interests) i.e. the politically conservative
    UMNO-MCA-MIC “Alliance” and now, the increasingly far right
    UMNO Baru-BN ??

  3. !. I am completely with you, Pak Din, in wishing Malaysia, “Happy Birthday!”
    2. Although I was not able to be at Bersih 4, I salute them for their peaceful rally. I am completely with them in their demand for our Prime Minister to be accountable.
    3. In his speech marking the National Day, our prime minister did not at all touch on the issues the people have raised against him. In this he automatically disqualifies himself to be our leader.
    4. Dear Mr. Najib, please be honorable! Call an UMNO General Assembly (that you have shamefully postponed) and resign. Let them elect a new more responsible president and prime minister.
    — Kassim Ahmad

  4. On the 31st August, today we celebrate our country 58 Merdeka…my family and I are proud to be the great Malaysians like you Datuk and your wife. Our pride have been hurt with the current unsavoury incidents of corruptions, liars who supported the top leaders in order to hold on their ministerial posts and Governments’ positions. I feel ashamed to meet my foreign friends who very often asked about the shameless PM involvement in 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion channelled into his private bank account. However, truth must be exposed much to my dislike. Like you, Datuk, I pray we live a Malaysian life without discrimination of any nature. God bless our country.

  5. Two days of rallies with such big crowds and not an incident… that’s the best birthday present we could have hoped for.

  6. Happy birthday Malaysia. Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! From the UMNO/ BN governance. We need to be free again from the cesspool of corruption, nepotism and cronyism. We need to be proud Malaysians again regardless of race and religion.

  7. “Happy 58th Birthday, my Country”

    Yes indeed,

    True passionate celebration with Bersih 4 & all Malaysian people.

    Just like what I had also personally witnessed in 1957.

    Malaysians still have more follow-up work to do…

    Merdeka – not from the Colonials but from our own iMDB Cabinet & their Ketuanan UMNOputras…

    Zahid: Dr M’s mere 6 minutes at Bersih don’t mean support – https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/310461#ixzz3kLzkYujA

    Zahid vows action against Bersih 4 mastermind – http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/310457

    The man that knows no shame…

    Najib claims only 20k at Bersih, others ‘with the gov’t’ – https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/310459#ixzz3kLzAwfDU

    I am staying the course, vows Najib – http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/310501

    You be the judge.

  8. As’Salam… Mr Din n Fellow3 Malaysians semua..

    “AhJibGo – The EXclusive PM”

    -Its a FACT that AhJibGo will do ANYTHING to maintain power..

    -He doesn’t care apa Rakyat FIKIR.. apa Rakyat CAKAP.. apa Rakyat RASA..


    “By Hook or By Crook… By Any Means Necessary..”

    -IF dulu he resign nicely, he won’t be SO HATED macam skrang ni…

    -BUT STILL AhJibGo MASIH boleh buat “muka selamber” aje..

    -MUKA TAK MALU tahap Mega!!!

    “U Reap What U Sow”

    -Hari2 kita Rakyat dihujani dgn LIES, LIES n more LIES, this has to STOP..

    -U CAN fool some people for some time… -BUT- U CANNOT fool all the people ALL THE TIME..

    -Now Rakyat DESAK U resign… but still U refuse.. U ni “tak faham bahasa” ke apa?!

    “Lead By Example” -atau- “Kepimpinan Melalui Teladan”

    -Pemimpin3 kita dah jadi ‘BIADAP TERHORMAT’… Guna macam2 ‘KATA KESAT’..

    -Lepas satu ‘BAD WORD’, keluar lagi satu ‘bad word’, lepas tu satu lagi..n then satu lagi..

    -Kita nak didik ‘Generasi Muda’ jadi ‘BIADAP’ ke? Jadi ‘CELUPAR’?? Jadi ‘SAMSENG’???

    -Ini TAK ELOK for ‘Generasi Muda’… IbuBapa pun tak ‘sebut/guna’ words like this..

    -“Nilai2 Murni Malaysia” akan ‘PUPUS’ seandainya sikap ini berterusan.. CONFIRM!!!

    “The Malaysian Dilemma”

    -Hari ni ‘Hari Merdeka’, tapi kita Rakyat nak sambut pun rasa SEBAK, SEDIH, SAYU…

    -Now kita DIJAJAH DARI DALAM.. AhJibGo dah ‘CENGKAM’ Kita.. Tapi masih ada lagi yg ‘TAK SEDAR’ kita telah dijajah semula.. “Cash IS King” kan???

    “Biar Buta Mata -JANGAN- Buta Hati”

    Allah AWJ berfirman…
    Wahai UMAT manusia! SESUNGGUH-NYA Kami telah MENCIPTAKAN kamu dari lelaki DAN perempuan, dan Kami telah MENJADIKAN kamu BERBAGAI bangsa DAN bersuku puak, SUPAYA kamu BERKENAL-KENALAN (DAN BERAMAH-MESRA antara satu DENGAN yang lain). SESUNGGUH-NYA semulia-mulia kamu DI SISI ALLAH ialah orang yang LEBIH TAQWA-nya di antara kamu, (BUKAN yang lebih KETURUNAN atau BANGSA-nya). SESUNGGUH-NYA Allah MAHA Mengetahui, LAGI MAHA Mendalam Pengetahuan-NYA (akan keadaan dan amalan kamu).
    (Surah Al-Hujurat ayat 13)

    “Saya hadir sebagai SOLIDARITI kepada rakyat” – Tun Dr. M 🙂

    -Moga Allah SWT sentiasa lindungi ‘Semua3 Veteran2 Malaysia’


    “Sambut Kemerdekaan Dalam Kedukaan” (Tema Peribadi Official)

    “The AhJibGo Factor”

    “Discussion Is Dead”
    “Diplomacy Is Dead”
    “Democracy IS Dead”

    Oh MalaysiaKu… Tanah Tumpah DarahKu..

  9. Tunku shouted, “Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka”.

    One idiot, many years down the road, cried, “Mau duit kah? Mau duit kah?”

    Well, you and I know who the idiot is. He has RM2.6 billion to give away.

    Happy Merdeka Day, guys…

  10. Selamat hari jadi tanah air ku
    Patutnya ku rasa teruja, bangga dan gembira
    Tapi jiwa ku and minda ku dilanda rasa ayu
    Kenangkan impian tak kesampaian tapi masih membara

    Ku impikan kau bagai pelangi yang berwarna warni
    Di mana anak ku dan mitranya yang Melayu, India dan yang Serani
    Bermain, belajar, makan and berjenaka dalam harmoni
    Aku doakan terbitnya sang suria pada hari yang sebegini

    Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan kepada semua warga Malaysia.

  11. O Malaysia. Tanah tumpah darah ku.

    This day has become a day of mixed emotions for me. It saddens me that on this day of commemoration on which we should be celebrating joyously the birth of our nation, we are instead still struggling to achieve our freedom and independence, this time, from the clutches and chains of a corrupt neo colonialist regime……:(

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