Happy Birthday Singapore, Happy Birthday Rosli Dahlan

August 19, 2015

Happy Birthday Singapore, Happy Birthday Rosli Dahlan

by Din Merican in Kuala Lumpur

RD 198I just came back from Cambodia for a short visit two days ago. As I landed in KLIA after a very nice and comfortable MAS Flight 755, I felt a sense of longing (rindu) for my home country. For all my criticisms of the kleptocratic UMNO government led by a dishonest and lying Prime Minister,  I love Malaysia. As I look around, I see only beautiful Malaysian faces, which adds to my sense of longing.

Then I got into a taxi with my wife, Dr. Kamsiah and almost immediately the taxi driver talked about a topic that he must have spoken about to every passenger who sits in his taxi. He talked about 1MDB. He spoke of Prime Minister Najib Razak’s RM2.6 billion bank account. He was agitated by the Prime Minister’s family displaying opulent wealth during their daughter’s wedding. He mentioned the Prime Minister’s stepson, Riza Aziz, living the high life in New York and bankrolling Hollywood films of greed, sex and debauchery (he must be referring to Wolves of Wall Street) that could not even be screened in Malaysia.

Then he told us about about how difficult life has ‎been for him and other ordinary struggling Malaysians since the implementation of the GST and the con job of BR1M in making the people feel grateful to Prime Minister Najib whereas the Najib government that declared itself as a government that cared for the people in its slogan “Rakyat Didahulukan” (People First) is actually a betrayer of the people when all its actions are actually “Rakyat Dimangsakan”  (People Oppressed)and “Negara Dikorbankan” (Nation Plundered).

He spoke about how the  Deputy Prime Minister and the Attorney-General were sacked, the MACC officers and Deputy Public Prosecutor arrested, the Public Accounts Committee of our Parliament disbanded, and the Task Force outlawed. He spoke about all these matters with such detailed knowledge and then finally said “Kita rakyat awam malu, Malaysia malu. Apa dah jadi dengan negara kita?” (We the general public are ashamed, Shame Malaysia, What has happened to our country)  with such great despair that I felt sorry for him. I felt sorry for myself as a Malaysian. Indeed, what has happened? Or do I just cry for my beloved country?

DM and KAM LaksaI asked the taxi driver to stop by a roadside laksa and cendol stall and invited him to join me. As we ate our Kedah laksa and cendol (local delicacies), the same topic was discussed by every one eating at the stall.

Then one lady said “Nasib baik ada juga pegawai berani macam Governor Zeti Bank Negara dan‎ Pengarah SPRM Bahri”.( Luckily we have brave officers such as The Governor of BNM and MACC Director Bahri ) And another quipped ” Ada juga orang awam berani macam loyar tu….apa nama?”. (and there also brave layman like that lawyer… what’s his name ?)

My wife immediately added “Lawyer Rosli?” and they all answered “Haah, betul! Loyar Rosli Dahlan!” (That’s right, that lawyer Rosli Dahlan) and they spoke loudly about some of the things he did and said and then hurled insults against IGP Khalid Abu Bakar as a running dog. What extreme comparisons.

Hearing all these reminded me that just last week I wrote out of Phnom Penh about my young friend Lawyer Rosli Dahlan offering to help the MACC officers and all other government officers who have been victimised as a result of the 1MDB investigations. About Rosli saying it’s about principles not personalities.

I wrote about how MACC Bahri vowed to seek justice against his oppressors Till Kingdom Come!‎–Read HERE

I wrote about Rosli’s plea and warning in his letter of 2010 to MACC Chief Commissioner Abu Kassim‎ that the MACC will one day be destroyed for the things they did to him, and today the MACC is in ruins and tatters. Rosli prophetic words were:

 “I implore you not to allow this sacred institution (Institusi Keramat ini) to be used as a tool of oppression and persecution in the guise of false prosecution against innocent citizens. Otherwise, you will one day see your own hands in the destruction of t‎his institution.”

Today, Rosli’s prophecy is fulfilled. Gani Patail who had fixed Rosli and Dato Ramli Yusuff has been removed in the most humiliating manner and the MACC is as good as destroyed. What goes around comes around- the law of Karma. God’s retribution to Gani Patail and the MACC, especially Abu Kassim for not standing up for the truth by feigning illness. Abu Kassim has totally lost my respect, a general abandoning his army when they needed him most. Shameless man!

DM and Kamsiah at Spore ReceptionHappy Birthday, Singapore

Last evening I attended Singapore’s 50th National Day reception at The ShangriLa Hotel hosted by HE Ambassador Venu Gopala Menon, Singapore High Commissioner to Malaysia. The topic of discussion among guests at the reception was the same as what I have described above.

50 years on after Separation and Singapore has grown into a strong and dynamic city state proud of its nation building achievements. 50 years on and Malaysia is sliding down the slope to becoming a failed state. What a sharp contrast considering that Malaysia has oil and gas and other resources but Singapore has none. But Singapore has brain power and a hard working and united people, and a government that practises good governance.Today Malaysia is lagging behind, only marginally ahead of Robert and Grace Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, while Singapore forges ahead in the big league of advanced nations.

Rosli ans Sing Friend2Then I remembered that Rosli has strong roots in Singapore. He schooled in Singapore and trained with the current Chief Justice of Singapore, Sundaresh Menon, who is an outstanding lawyer and was also the former A-G of Singapore. I begin to understand Rosli from researching about and now knowing his background. Then I remembered that Rosli’s birthday is 10 days from Singapore’s National Day. That his birthday is today, August 19, 2015

So, in a hurried manner I penned this as a tribute to my outstanding friend whom I had known and become close under very strange and unlikely circumstances. I will say this to Rosli, I am proud to be your friend and I hope you will continue to be a role model and a beacon for truth and justice.

Happy Birthday, Singapore, Happy Birthday, Rosli Dahlan.

18 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Singapore, Happy Birthday Rosli Dahlan

  1. The performances of airlines MAS and SIA are indicative of the opposite development path of 2 countries 50 years after Singapore being kicked out from Malaysia. 50 years ago, the airline MSA that served both Malaysia and Singapore split into MAS and SIA. Malaysian Govt clamoured for the 3 alphabets MSA and turned it into MAS, while SIA started anew with its SIA. 50 years later, the performance of these 2 airlines MAS’s last price on the Bursa Malaysia was about RM0.25 cents before delisted (after 3 bailouts) while SIA share price now at SD$10 or ~RM30. Of course SD$1=RM3.00 is a foregone conclusion, achievable before Merdeka 31/8/2015

  2. Yes, these are sad and troubling times for Malaysians. A question on many minds is where are all the good people, Din. Excepting for some good words of conscience from the south. You take care.

    And I’d join you in wishing lawyer Rosli “Many happy returns of the day!”

  3. Datuk, I have never met Datuk Rosli Dahlan nor known him personally but read many times on your blog about him and his perseverance in fighting for his rights albeit being humilated by the MACC and the AG. I salute a righteous man who single handedly took on the devious authorities and has successfully defended his rights. Allow me to wish a belated Happy Birthday to Rosli Dahlan and may he continues to celebrate more birthdays to come…..always remember, the more birthdays he celebrates the longer he lives. Interesting to note of your conversations with the cab driver and the talks from the ” pak cik and mak cik ” on the current issues. Someone whispered to me ” the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew said, I did it for the Nation. ” Our PM…I ….for Donation.

  4. May you have the best birthday present which you and your loved ones deserve, Rosli you are”justum et tenacem propositi virum” HORACE
    (a man upright and tenacious of purpose) and “kalos kagothos,kalokagathos’ ( a good and honorable a perfect gentleman)
    Your faith in God, your family and in yourself during those turbulent times is an example all of us should emulate.

  5. It’s very interesting how Dato Din has weaved history past and present to show the contrast in people, country and the values of man. In Rosli Dahlan is an example of how Malays and Malaysians should be but are not. Is it his Singapore roots or is that we have lost our roots that we as a nation and people have lost our moral compass?

    Happy Birthday Rosli Dahlan. You epitomise what we our leaders should be but are not.

  6. Rosli Dahlan, ultimately you will be judged by history, not the manufactured history that this Regime propagates but the history that finds expression in the free spaces (however limited or assailed) of this country.

    That history , the factual history, will tell of a decent man, who fought the right fight and this history will be an inspiration to others. The fight unfortunately never ends. Happy birthday, Mr. Rosli Dahlan.

  7. Juat like the legendary karpal singh was under the tutorship of tommy koh. I believe that lim knew who Tommy Koh is
    Ambassador Tommy Koh was a brilliant law student at NUS who went on to serve his country with distinction. For all achievements, he remains a modest and friendly man. I admire him for all his qualities.BTW, Ambassador Koh is an authority on the Law of the Sea.–Din Merican

  8. AG sacked, DPM sacked, Minister sacked, PAC disbanded, Task Force outlawed, ACA Chiefs forced on leave, ACA Directors transferred to PMO, SB chief forced to retire and replaced . Latest yesterday, Depty SB chief transferred to PMO. When is the destruction of Govt institutions going to end? When will it stop?

    All the above are obstructions of justice. The PM, KSN, DG PSD, IGP, Cabinet and all those who caused the above have committed crimes. If no one can stop them, then the Rakyat must stop them, Umno must stop them, Parliament must stop them, the Rulers must stop them. Please stop them before God punish the whole country for not stopping them.

  9. I am fortunate to have Tuan Rosli Dahlan as my lawyer too. Happy birtday and many happy returns! Live to fight for truth and justice, and you will prevail. — Kassim Ahmad.

  10. Happy belated birthday and Best wishes to Lawyer Rosli Dahlan. I got to know him thro’ Dato Din’s blog, and am indeed hopeful that this beloved land will raise up again with many more Rosli Dahlan, righteous and always ready to fight the odds. I will continue to pray for righteousness to prevail and save the poor and innocent from the evil.

    Welcome back Dato Din and wife to your homeland and happy holiday, and thank you for having this blog for us all to read and share our frustration and grievances.
    I am back to be with my wife who I miss a lot and for University of Cambodia business. I should be back in Phnom Penh soon.–Din Merican

  11. I don’t wish to be a party-popper. I have seen one too many people, on whom I had high hopes but who had disappointed me ultimately. Inche Rosli had fire in the belly and took on the mighty as an underdog back then. There was nothing done to turn him around. But today, will he wilt and compromise his principles if induced by offer of money and position from powers-be? I doubt he can be bought. But others, who were no less promising than him like Khairy and Nur Jazlan had fallen by the wayside. They are nothing short of being lallang or rank opportunists.

    Tommy Koh is a highly cultured and polished man and I heard of this incident that took place some years back. Whenever he was in London he had the habit of bringing the fruit basket from his hotel to the Singapore High Commission there for the staff to share and eat. On one occasion a new young intern was at the reception counter and getting to know that she majored in English and English Literature, both of them got into casual banter talking all about English and American literature. At the end of it he asked her what was her favourite fruit and she replied ‘pineapple”. But pineapple, unfortunately, was not in the fruit basket. About 3-4 days later, pieces of cut pineapple, beautifully wrapped and addressed to her, was delivered to the reception desk. What a thought, what a gesture and what a gentleman!

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