Malaysia is a perfect example of how not to build and run a nation

August 18, 2015

Yes, Mr. Pascal, Malaysia is a perfect example of how not to build and run a nation

by Joe

The system has failed but political leaders and civil servants seem oblivious that the music has stopped for the game of musical chairs.

Moscow-based Investment Counselor Pascal Najadi has warned his former homeland in an emailed op-ed piece that while international confidence in Malaysia has plummeted, the powers-that-be are only worried about their own political survival, their offshore accounts and protecting their hoarded piles of cash unaccounted by the tax office. “The complete absence of leadership in such a situation is a novelty, arguably. We are observing the slow-motion crash of a nation, quite unique, especially in the case of Malaysia.”

pascal najadi2Keep Fighting for My Friend Hussain Najadi’s Justice

“Malaysia has a government that shines through by its absence and is confirmed defunct. The international community has totally lost respect and confidence in the Malaysian Government.”

What has been observed from afar, said Pascal, is a multilayered musical chair dance going on among the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition, particular UMNO its main component. “The music has stopped weeks ago and the silence is deafening.”

Pascal, to those unfamiliar, is also the only child of murdered AmBank Founder Hussain Najadi. He wants to bring those who directed his father’s “politically-motivated killing” to justice.

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, whose father and Second Prime Minister Abdul Razak was Hussain Najadi’s friend, has become his particular target through a faceBook campaign, #Justice for Hussain Najadi — AmBank Founder.

In an emailed brief Open Letter, adding to the op-ed, Pascal warned Najib that “your latest lie trying to make Malaysians believe that your AmBank Private Account credit in March 2013 of RM 2.6 billion was a donation by Saudi Arabia for the Malaysians fighting against the Islamic State (IS) was reckless and downright stupid”.

He pointed out that the US-led international coalition fighting against the IS started in the summer of 2014. “Malaysia has not been seen providing any troops,” said Pascal. “Your innuendo of changing dangerous state lies to the public and the world only makes things worse for you, your Cabinet, Umno, BN, and for all Malaysians. The ringgit and KLSE plunge continues. The bonds and markets plunge in Malaysia.”

“You should be ashamed in the face of God and yourself.” He reminded Najib that he has failed to address the RM42 billion 1MDB scandal, the unexplained RM2.6 billion in his personal banking accounts at AmBank Islamic private banking services before the last General Election in 2013 and various other financial scandals. “The scandals are threatening the financial system with their huge debt overhang.”


Pascal, resuming his op-ed, said the epic political and economic meltdown of Malaysia will make perfect case studies for universities all over the world to ponder for decades to come. “Bank Negara Governor Zeti Akhtar Aziz appeared in public, after weeks of absence, but only to put in a weak performance. She said nothing new except to express a determination to stay on.” She has failed to address and face the deep concerns on the part of international markets and partners in a time of crisis, he said.

“Malaysia is a perfect example of how not to build and run a nation, an example of absolute proof that a corruption-built and led sovereign society will ultimately fail,” he continued. “This also goes for a two-tier class citizen structure imposed by the government.”

“Apartheid, as a political and social system, failed terribly and was banned and criminalized under international law after it’s last official practitioner South Africa back in 1994.”

Moving forward, he said the time has to come to clean up and rebuild an ill-designed house and to let law and justice prevail through the front door so that all citizens, and foreigners in the country, can benefit from security as equals under the law.

“No one can be above the law,” said Pascal in a reference to Najib. “Those who break the law will have to face justice.” No VIP jets, no safe passage, but a protected escort into the courtroom to face justice, he summed up.

9 thoughts on “Malaysia is a perfect example of how not to build and run a nation

  1. Yes Mr Pascal and Mr Joe Fernandez. As you alluded to, we Malaysians are witnessing a train crash in slow motion,so slow that starting from the head of the engine, the parts are slowly collapsing and telescoping and distintegrating, It is so slow that the middle parts of crunched metal have not even crumpled. This is how we are governed. A shameful nation.

  2. Moral degradation of the country continues under kleptocracy i.e.
    shame on all the individuals who are given $$$ and who then come up with all kinds of arguments and excuses in defense of those running the country and its economy into the ground.
    Search your conscience — if you still think that you are a Malaysian patriot and want our nation to be a decent and civilised society we can all be proud of and are glad to live in.
    Think of the models that we can emulate (good governance, fluorishing economies) — New Zealand, Germany, the Scandinavian countries, Ecuador.

  3. Insofar as the 1MDB financial scandals and the $2.6 billion that transferred to Najib’s account in Kuala Lumpur, I simply put it that the two issues will quietly sink into the bottom of the ocean in view of the fact that those responsible behind such scandals are well guarded in many other ways.

  4. We have a government and the country we deserve.

    The one and only legitimate / tangible recourse for a political solution must lie with our Parliament and the parliamentarians.

    If the majority of these elected representatives of the people chose to continue to support the government of Najib, for whatever reasons, then the final solution can be had at the next GE.

    Armed insurrection can never be condoned.

    However, peaceful demonstrations and reasoned articulation by any interest group are recognized avenues under the hallowed banner of free speech without which no country can claim to be a democratic one.

    All the above presume that the government is helm by honorable men.

    Are the present crop of men running our government honorable?

    You be the judge.

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