Malaysia: Grave concerns among academicians, intellectuals (G-87)

August 10, 2015

Comment: It started with G25, followed by G33 (and God knows what else that joined the herd)din-merican-and-dr-kamsiah1  and now G87.  My wife, Dr. Kamsiah and I were signatories to the G33 statement.  On this, I was approached a few days ago via email by my respected young academic-civil society activist  and friend at the University of Malaya . Having read it, I informed him that the statement was a weak one. So, I politely declined.

I wanted a very strong message to the Prime Minister. For example,  I expected the statement  to ask for his resignation, and not repeat the political opposition’s suggestion that Najib Razak should go on leave to enable investigators to work without  interference from the Prime Minister’s Office or be intimidated by his presence in the country. In his reply, the academic told me   that if the statement was tough, nobody would sign it.

In my view, the 4-member Task Force has almost completed its work. The PAC is also getting close to getting at the truth behind the 1MDB scandal based on the Auditor-General’s Interim Report and other documents at its disposal. When it became too uncomfortable as the noose was tightening, the Prime Minister reacted swiftly with the Cabinet reshuffle which saw the removal of Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin for daring to speak up, the illegal sacking of the Attorney-General,  the harassment of the Governor,  Bank Negara Malaysia and her staff, and the dismemberment of  the MACC team which was  investigating the SRI-1MBD link and the rm2.6 billion “donation” that went into the Prime Minister’s personal bank account.

Calling the Prime Minister to “come clean” is utter waste time and effort.  We know he will not. If so, why call him to account for all  the shenanigans in 1MDB and his administration. It will be asking him to commit political suicide.

The G87 statement  cannot be taken seriously. It will not change the Prime Minister’s DNA. In stead they should reflect on what an intellectual is. He is somene who has the courage to speak the truth, no matter how inconvenient, to power.  And I quote Edward W Said as follows to let you decide  if G87 fits the bill:

 “The intellectual is an individual endowed with a faculty for representing, embodying, articulating a message, a view, an attitude, philosophy or opinion to, as well as for, a public. And this role has an edge to it, and cannot be played without a sense of being someone whose place it is publicly to raise embarrassing questions, to confront orthodoxy and dogma (rather than to produce them), to be someone who cannot easily be co-opted by governments or corporations, and whose raison d’etre is to represent all those people and issues that are routinely forgotten or swept under the rug.”― Edward W. Said, Representations of the Intellectual

In stead, these academics and intellectuals should get off their high horses and join the forthcoming BERSIH 2015 Merdeka rally. Please get out of your comfort zone and do something more substantial and meaningful. –Din Merican

Malaysia: Grave concerns among academicians, intellectuals (G-87)

najib-and-muhyiddin-new-cabinet-300x168Muhyiddin and his ex-Boss

We, the undersigned, note with grave concern the allegations of financial abuse and corruption against 1MDB. We note that these allegations are directed at various forms of wrongdoing and have been raised by multiple sources, some of which have made public numerous documents to substantiate their claims.

We also note with increasing alarm that various individuals entrusted with the responsibility to investigate these allegations of wrongdoing, in particular the officials at the MACC, have now become the targets of harassment and a probable witch hunt.

Other incidents of significant concern include the sudden replacement of the Attorney-General, barely a few months before he was supposed to retire, and the abrupt dismissal of the Deputy Prime Minister.

The ensuing reshuffling of the cabinet has led to the paralysis of the Public Accounts Committee that was investigating 1MDB, further damaging the credibility of the multi-pronged investigation authorised by the Prime Minister himself.

Apart from these criminal allegations, we also note with alarm how 1MDB is currently burdened with a huge debt. Finance Minister II Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah has estimated the amount of annual loan interests serviced by 1MDB as between RM2.4 billion and RM2.7 billion.

Millions of ringgit in daily interest repayment!

This means that its daily interest repayment amounts to millions of ringgit! The government owes the people a clear explanation as to how a state-owned company using public funds has come to incur such an astronomical debt, which continues to drain the wealth of our nation. The government must investigate and reveal those responsible for such gross mismanagement.

The issuance of a mere statement thus far, based on the Auditor-General’s Report that there has been no wrongdoing, is clearly unsatisfactory from the point of view of transparency and accountability.  It is equally a matter of public concern that, even though a denial of any wrongdoing has been issued by the Prime Minister, it has been officially revealed that there was a deposit of nearly US$700 million into his personal bank account and he, somehow, does not see the need to justify or provide further details about this massive amount.

We wish to state that, short of coming clean about the problems 1MDB is saddled with, no amount of counter-allegations of conspiracy to oust the prime minister from his office will be able to clear the air and the names of those involved.

We therefore urge:

1    The Prime Minister to go on leave, temporarily,  pending the investigation by the various agencies to ensure the credibility and integrity of these investigations;

2    The government and law enforcement agencies to exercise restraint and discernment and desist from carrying out repressive actions that could be construed as attempts at obstructing investigations and muzzling freedom of the press;

3    The government to make public all interim or preliminary reports produced by various agencies investigating 1MDB; and

4    For all persons exercising functions of public office and involved in the investigation to do so with impartiality and integrity.

We strongly urge the relevant authorities not to ignore the wide-ranging international and domestic implications and consequences – both in the short and long term – of a failure to address the serious allegations of corruption that arise from this series of events.

We believe the aggressive police interference with the work of the MACC, ostensibly to investigate  an alleged conspiracy to overthrow the government, will have a huge negative impact on Malaysia’s international anti-corruption reputation, and affect bilateral and multilateral foreign relationships in transborder anti-crime cooperation efforts.

The total disregard towards openness and transparency may deter and dissuade further foreign direct investment into Malaysia, and any resultant capital flight will seriously jeopardise the international financial rating and reputation of Malaysia. The government must be advised, and act, accordingly.

This note is signed by 87 people, ranging from students to academicians, researchers, people in various professions, social activists and retirees. It was coordinated Professor of Media and Communication Studies Rom Nain and Associate Professor Dr Helen Ting.

19 thoughts on “Malaysia: Grave concerns among academicians, intellectuals (G-87)

  1. Thank you DM for not joining the herd of ‘let’s-play-it-safe’ academics.

    I would have been very disappointed if you had signed this ‘me too’ statement by fellows who are continually calculating the odds on how it may all turn out for them.

    In any case, I do not believe anyone in that Putrajaya sewer broke into sweat after noting their concerns.

  2. There are G25, G33 and now G87.but where is G25 now? It was to be a forceful group of eminent people including prominent senior civit servants, diplomats, Dato’s. etc. who could get some results through polite and gentle means. Instead it has become ineffective and now silent too. Do you think this group of intellectuals, academics and students can get anywhere? I doubt it.
    CT Lim, Edward Said in his collection of his Reith Lectures titled Representations of A Public Intellectual to speak the truth to power, not to suck up to corrupt leaders.

  3. G87, Dato Din is right. I strongly suggest you guys demand this skirt chaser to resign. He’s beyond hope & corrupted to the core. So stop wasting time by asking him to go on leave. Do you guys think he will listen to your requests anyway?

  4. Din
    Totally agree with your statement.
    Now the two MACC officers reinstated.
    They should wrapped up the SRC investigation

    I think the $42m SRC money went into Najib that really worry him.

  5. “I think the $42m SRC money went into Najib that really worry him.” Nora

    Yup. That One was definitely Sapu, by the Fat One.

    The RM 2.67 bil ‘Donation’ also has a paper trial as long as the Flight of a missing plane, which MAS (Monetary Authority Singapore) and all the hoitty-doitty private banks in Zurich, New York, London and BVI etc have hard copies of. Yet they prefer to their filthy paws at that alleged Swiss blackmailer, no end.

    Imagine.., this ‘donation’ would give each man, woman and child in this benighted land something like RM 88. A very auspicious Chinese number, but can only buy 6 pkts of my favorite smokes.. In fact, each UMNOb member (assuming there’s 3 mil of them), would receive RM 880 – more than BR1M. Ada-ke?

    Worse still, the Morons can’t multitask nor compartmentalize the Crime-Scam-
    Laundering properly. Pure Ballooning Camel Shit! Even the MITI minister (I) has started comparing the Forex market of our woe-begotten Ringgit as an analogy to prices at the Pasar Borong.. Then, we have the Minister i/c EPU timorously saying absolutely insensate things. And the Sec Gen of an Ape face going it’s Normal!

    The whole Cabinet of Curiosities, must resign Immediately and their Chief held in Contempt of Parliamentary Democracy..

    Er.., why am i echoing Octo, my favorite dysllectual?

  6. Lupus,
    Rather like Humphery Appleby in “Whiskey Priest” and “The Tangled Web”, these agencies just decided not to tell Malaysia. Simply it’s purely Malaysia’s problem. Kapish!
    Frankly speaking, Lupus, why not include the Secret Service (US) and FBI……..Hahahaha.
    By the way, before you ask the entire cabinet of Malaysia to resign, BE A GOOD DOG. DO THE RIGHT THING. JUST BITE KTEMOC

    Watch from 8 minutes onwards

  7. ” grave concern” is rather twee don’t you think ?

    Why not, “gravely vexed” or maybe “horribly put out” .

    Personally I think these academics should go on strike. Nobody is learning anything at these universities anyway and perhaps when the students finally realize after a couple of hours that nobody is actually teaching them, they will go out for some fresh air and notice that foul stench emanating from Putrajaya.

  8. Degrees of ‘tie the horse where you boss wants you tie it’ has been with us for the better part of our independence. The country from which this saying originated- Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia-is there no more.

  9. UMNO will do itself a great favour by throwing Najib out and charging him. People will start believing that UMNO has reformed itself.The country will feel more confident of the future if for example MCCC dares itself to charge Najib because for once the Government servants will show that they serve the country and not just as serfs to the politicians.This Najib’s episode has the potential to change the country for the better.At least Malaysians of different races are united in wanting him to step down.

  10. Din please tell this YOUNG umno tainted academic “when the going gets tough the tough get going’ TELL THESE MORONS OF 87 to read DARK CLOUDS BEFORE DAWN and MEMOIRS OF A POLITICAL STRUGGLE.
    these 87 morons should speak to the vice president of the academy of sciences and former Uitem vice chancellor Tan Sri Dato Dr.AHMAD ZAIDEE who would have drafted a much better sycophantic and cringing plea.

    You see these guys with blancmange spines are crawling out of their slime only now as they see the writing on the wall. Then they will say we too played a role. PAH! to you gutless wonders. WHERE WERE YOU WHEN JACKBOOTS WERE TRAMPLING ACADEMICS AND STUDENTS???

  11. Ah yes busy lining up for your titles, collecting your allowances. and yes criticizing female students for their attire with that gleam in your eyes YOU CLOWNS WERE BETTER OF BEING SILENT THEN WRITING THIS DRIVEL. And silent when your counter part in the NDU Ridwan Tee was going viral about race and religion.
    If herd got conj ones you will withdraw and show turn up in your gowns for BERSIH 4

  12. /// C.L. Familiaris August 10, 2015 at 5:40 pm
    The RM 2.67 bil ‘Donation’ also has a paper trial as long as the Flight of a missing plane, which MAS (Monetary Authority Singapore) and all the hoitty-doitty private banks in Zurich, New York, London and BVI etc have hard copies of. Yet they prefer to their filthy paws at that alleged Swiss blackmailer, no end. ///

    You left out the key one – Bank Negara and Zeti. Instantaneously with MAS and SWIFT, BNM would have the same soft and hard copies.

  13. Can you imagine RM2.6 B held in trust for UMNO in an account which was closed in 2013, the beneficiaries are still kept in the dark that there is trust money for the party. Moohidin didnt know, Shafie Apdal didnt know. What would have happened to the so called “trust money” if WSJ had not reported the money trail.

  14. “Bank Negara and Zeti..”

    Yes The, i left that out – deliberately. The problem is constipated acquiescence (if not accessory) with the prep. It is also called ‘testicular torsion’ in silence. For you:

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